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One of your Earth types has posted a summary of and commentary of Arron Banks's book, The Bad Boys of Brexit here. Because it is quite long, we shall pick out some highlights in a THREAD. /1 rainbowsandlollipops.net/bad-boys-of-br…
"an all-warts study of an irredeemable crook massively overstating his role in a disaster"

"If a normally proportioned man waved his wang this hard, he'd take off." /2
"If you've ever wondered what Hannah Arendt meant by the phrase 'the banality of evil', look no further than this book."

"the sheer malice that the anti-EU crowd bear towards each other ...
They block each other on Facebook, snipe at each other in the press, /3
hire private detectives to spy on each other. It’s like a boring, R-rated version of the Borgias."

"The 'ordinary people versus the elites' shtick that the likes of Darren Grimes are still breathlessly spurting in a bid to whip working-class white men into a murderous frenzy" /4
"This isn’t the Ordinary Man against the elite; this is one dodgy, illiberal, corporate elite, narked at having to pay taxes and give its staff paid maternity leave, trying to oust the liberal elite that champions those things." /5
"Putting hundreds of thousands of people out of a job, taking away citizens’ rights and opportunities, driving carers and nurses out of the country and wrecking the country’s global standing is all just a jolly Beano wheeze to Arron Banks." /6
"Banks is desperate to be seen as a sort of Robin Hood figure; if so, it’s a Friar Tuck-shaped Robin Hood, who lives in a castle bigger than the Sheriff of Nottingham’s, and who instead of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, steals from everyone to give to himself" /7
"There’s no smoking gun here. But there are five used rounds, a receipt from a gun shop, and a set of grubby fingerprints a few inches lower than you would expect on the wall." /8
"For all his boasting that he single-handedly won it for Brexit and Trump, it’s clear even to the casual reader that both campaigns succeeded in spite, rather than because of this malevolent gnome." /9
"The book’s title is apt. Sure, being aged between 52 and 54, the protagonists certainly aren’t boys by the dictionary definition. Nor are they “bad boys” in the cuddly, idiomatic sense.

"There’s no Will Smith or Martin Lawrence in this line-up, /10
and there’s certainly no George Michael (although Wigmore could serve as a passable cunt double for Andrew Ridgeley).

"They are, however, truly execrable human beings." /11
"In any other reality, Banks would by all rights have been a knock-off DVD salesman or a promoter of illegal bareknuckle fights. It’s only in our universe – curse our luck – that the stars aligned perfectly to elevate him to dull James Bond villain." /12
"xi. Both Banks and his literal partner in crime, Andy “Wiggy” Wigmore, were expelled from school for theft." /13
p.15 “[David Cameron] should really be aiming for associate membership that leaves us with free trade but no political or economic integration with the eurozone – in other words, what people voted for back in 1975.” /14
p. 17 "Banks spends £1,800 a month on health insurance. The monthly premium for comprehensive cover for a 49-year-old smoker supporting a family of six is £330 tops. What the hell is wrong with him? Does this explain his cavalier attitude to the future of his country?" /15
p 18. “A rightwing thinktank in the States called the Heritage Foundation has promised to find us a couple of red-hot interns”. First mention of the shady network of corporate-backed climate-change-denying fake thinktanks trying to influence UK politics. /16
p 22. Billionaire property tycoon Richard Tice: “I’m in. Whatever. Needs. To. Be. Done.” Why the disturbing zeal? It certainly doesn’t feel as if it comes from a passionate desire to defend the working classes. /17
p 26. Banks admits he’s “worried” about the Electoral Commission, because “they will be overseeing the legalities of the referendum campaign”. /18
p 31. Matthew Elliott to Banks: “When we win the referendum, we’ll both have invitations piling up, and people saying they were with us all along.” HHLLRRLLHH x A MILLION. /19
36. “The big question Remainers will ask is what Britain will ‘look like’ outside the EU. We need an answer.” Banks goes on to give a brief summary of Richard North’s “Flexcit” idea – the one actual plan that any believer in Brexit bothered to concoct - /20
involving a slow, managed departure from the EU – and seems broadly supportive. And now here we are, 31 months later, with all such “Brexit lite” options jettisoned, and no new suggestions beyond unilaterally dropping all our tariffs to zero and crossing our fingers. /21
38. Banks fervently hopes Corbyn is Labour leader by the time of the referendum: “Everyone knows Corbyn’s a Eurosceptic.” /22
40. Banks hires polling firm Goddard Gunster, which specialises in polling for referendums and social media. GG's previous campaigns include blocking taxes on sugary drinks and plastic bottle deposits in several US states, defeating Hillary Clinton’s healthcare programme, /23
and thwarting Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban oversized sugary drinks in New York.

40. Another wizard idea from the PR geniuses: a Brexit concert. Suggestions for a name include BRock Around The Clock and BPops. Read the full amusing story here.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bpoplive /24
41. Farage is pleased about the announcement that the wording on the referendum ballot paper will be leave v remain instead of yes v no or in v out. “He thinks it’s the best question we can get.” /25
44. Banks believes someone has hired a private detective to spy on him, and thinks VL's Matthew Elliott is the culprit. He writes to Elliot threatening to retaliate by deploy his own security firm: “It’s called precisionriskintelligence.com.” /26
48. The sole mention in the book of any of Banks’s five children: one paragraph about his son sustaining an injury in a rugby match, and Banks going home to look after him. What a salt-of-the-earth family guy. /27
79. “Andrew Neil’s asked me to speak at an event for the Addison Club, his very elite private dining society.” /28
84. “We’ve hired Cambridge Analytica, an American company that uses ‘big data and advanced psychographics’ to influence people … They devise psychological profiles of the electorate, using thousands of pieces of data to filter the population into 150 personality types. /29
"With this information, you can tailor campaign material to particular groups … It may sound a bit creepy, but these days it’s how most political parties work.” /30
92. “Liz’s ‘pop star’ Antonia Suñer launched the Brexit song.”
Let the River Run currently has a shade over 5,000 views on YouTube, most of which resulted from a tweet mocking how few views it had on YouTube.
96. Banks and Wigmore meet the Russian ambassador. “We’d been invited by a shady character called Oleg who we’d met in Doncaster at the UKIP conference.” He neglects to share what they talked about. /32
97. “We shook hands and promised to meet again.”
Banks originally told the Electoral Commission he only met Russian officials once.

It has since emerged that he met embassy officials as many as 11 times before and shortly after the referendum. /33

100. Strong insinuation that Tory MPs Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove are homosexual lovers. /34
103. Banks blames the EU’s open borders policy for the terror attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015. Rather than, say, the terrorists. Or hate preachers, or inequality, or mental health provision, or disaffected youth … Twat. /35
103. Banks's dodgy charity, Love Saves The Day. Since wound up after the Charity Commission discovered irregularities Read more here: /36 opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocra…
132. “It’s a shame our competition for the best essay on what shape Brexit should take never really took off. We didn’t get the quality of entries we’d hoped for.” /37
137. Banks observes boldly that Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Rolls-Royce, General Motors and Jaguar will never reduce investment in or leave Brexit Britain in a million years. /38
141. “I reckon [Brexit concert BPop will be] the biggest political rally since the war.” If you’re after racing tips, Arron might not be your man. /39
145. “We’ll keep the Airbus wings, which we make here.” Oh, Arron, truly. You are spoiling us. /40
156. Four months before the referendum, Banks spends nine days “checking on the mines in South Africa”. He provides no details as to what this involves. /41
189. Now he’s skiing in fucking Meribel. Anti-elitism can be such a drag. /42
190. LeaveDotEU spends £3.2m on targeted leaflets brimming with half-truths and lies, which are delivered to 8.1 million homes. (The infamous Remain “propaganda” leaflet was sent to all 27 million UK households at a cost of £8m. /43
191. Banks whines that the BBC, in selecting the lineup for a Brexit debate at Wembley, is “trying to make Brexiteers look like a bunch of grumpy old men”.

192. “Wiggy and I like winging it.” No plan? No shit. /44
206. Matthew Elliott and Bernard Jenkin “were putting it about that I’m a racist homophobe and misuse personal data to boot”, so he serves Elliott with a writ. Rule of thumb: if Arron Banks serves you with a writ, you’re on to something. /45
212. “Let’s play the ball, not the man.” Banks’s entire modus operandi is playing the man. Dirt-digging, smear campaigns, playground insults … If he ever makes contact with the ball, it’s purely by accident. /46
216. Now he’s in Miami, a crucial swing state in the Brexit vote.

217. All bar one of the acts booked to appear in their mega-BPop concert pull out, leaving them with a bill of Phats and Small. /47
218. Now he’s in the British Virgin Islands. That’s a must-win constituency for Leave.

219. “We have comprehensively overspent on the campaign anyway.” /48
230. Describes Jeremy Corbyn’s campaigning efforts for Remain as “useless” and “half-hearted”. “Everyone knows he’s been a lifelong opponent of the undemocratic EU.” /49
234. Negotiations with Martin Durkin, maker of Brexit: The Movie, which Banks is part-funding. Banks is worried it will just be a puff piece for neoliberalism, and wants more anti-immigration material, and clips of Farage. More funding oddness. /50 cityam.com/233485/eu-refe…
235. Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove are caught paying themselves out of Grassroots Out funds. Banks calls them “second-rate nonentities”. /51
243. It feels odd, from our 2019 vantage point, that this marks the first appearance of Jacob Rees-Mogg in the book – and even then, he only has a bit part, on the Treasury Select Committee, rather than any significant role in a referendum campaign. /52
246. Apparently being called a racist all the time gets Farage down. In that case, we have some top-drawer advice for him. /53
251. More worries about breaking spending limits, and contortions to try to pacify the Electoral Commission.

253. More complaints about the Tories busting spending limits at the 2015 general election: “We’re supposed to be Great Britain, not a banana republic!” /54
253. On seeing rushes from Brexit: The Movie, Banks bleats that it contains no reference to Isis terrorists infiltrating the migrant caravans into Europe. Maybe that’s because no one has the tiniest scrap of evidence of that happening? /55
Not far to go now.

257. David Cameron’s “world war three” Mansion House speech. Nothing much of note, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to link to this debunking of a Brexiter staple. /56
258. “The Electoral Commission should wind their necks in.” Gosh, all this checking-that-people-aren’t-breaking-the-law stuff is such a *drag*, isn’t it? /57
261. Banks gets all high and mighty about the “blatant lie” about £350m on the side of the Vote Leave bus. An only superficially different version of which he included in the Leave.EU leaflet two months previously. /58
266. Banks jokes about killing Dominic Cummings. Ha ha, tres drole.

267. Another “humorous” reference to killing Dominic Cummings. /59
268. Believing himself the victim of an “establishment stitch-up” (Farage pulled from a debate at Wembley), Banks doxxes everyone involved. Yup, he sends the personal details of five Vote Leave staff and the director of the BBC to tens of thousands of people on his databases. /60
270. “The truth is that a post-Brexit economic boom will bring thousands more jobs.”

271. An entire new tranche of acts pulls out of BPop Live after finding out that it is promoting Brexit. /61
279: Banks praises Michael Gove’s “People in this country have had enough of experts”. Of course he does. Of course he fucking does. /62
“We will do whatever we need to get people talking about it [immigration]. Today, that meant exploiting a dreadful incident in Orlando, Florida, in which 49 people were murdered in a gay nightclub by a Muslim with an assault rifle.” /63
292. The murder of MP Jo Cox by white nationalist Thomas Mair. “Wiggy, Tice and I agreed we should suspend campaigning immediately.”
Funny; that’s not what your emails on the day said. /64
302. Banks and co go to Italian restaurant Zafferano for their Referendum Day lunch. Zafferano was financed by Claudio Pulze, who began his career opening high-end eateries in 1975, having moved to the UK to exploit the opportunities afforded by its membership of the EEC. /65
303. More snippets on the dodgy diamond operations. If you fancy delving further into this particular mineshaft, there’s more info here /66
And here
308. “This decision has started a potential domino effect across Europe, with other countries facing referendums.” Bang on, except for the small point that the UK’s Brexit convulsions have sent support for the EU rocketing to unprecedented levels across Europe. /67
308. Email to Christopher Hope at the Telegraph: “The use of big data for the first time in any election the UK left LeaveDotEU with a massive advantage over both official campaigns … LeaveDorEU had 100,000 followers on Twitter and 800,000 supporters on Facebook. /68
"Weekly posts often broke 20 million … a broad range of content designed to appeal to different types of voter … We updated this material in real time … Goddard Gunster was able to mine this database to conduct demographic polling and recommend precision target messaging.” /69
310. A rise in racist attacks follows the vote. Banks dismisses people’s concerns out of hand like the sociopathic little shitpiece he is. /70
312. “It’s unlikely that the Chinese or the Russians are hacking our website.” How can he be so confident that the Chinese and the Russians have no interest in attacking his operation? /71
314. What Arron Banks wants: “Immigration cap of 50,000, with a £5,000 deposit. The economy would explode. Singapore on steroids.”
Singapore’s spectacular economic growth is almost entirely attributable to the open migration policy it embraced until 2011. /72
315. Tory leadership contest: “The only two I trust with carrying out the people’s wishes are Andrea Leadsom and Liam Fox.” You just can't get enough win, can you, Toad of Toad Hall? /73
321. “[Corbyn] is our greatest ally. Long live Jezza!”

What to do next with the infrastructure and power base they have built? Banks fancies setting up “a rightwing Momentum”. /74
325. The gang meet Roger Stone, since indicted for witness tampering, obstructing an investigation, and lying to Congress about his communications with WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. /75
325. The gang meet Donald Trump, who has since … sorry, jumping the gun. /76
327. Farage’s aide George Cottrell, is arrested for fraud at Chicago airport. How soon we forgot this. /77
340. “Nigel’s old friends Steve Bannon and Jason Miller …” You’ve no doubt heard about avowed white supremacist Bannon. Here’s the low-down on Miller. /78
341. Banks decides to back Diane James to succeed Farage as UKIP leader. Sorry, Diane.

349. Farage is suddenly “battle-hardened”, having been a portrayed as a thin-skinned, whingeing snowflake all the way through. /79
358. Of Douglas Carswell: “the slanty-jawed, boggle-eyed bellend”.

“I am convinced that the Queen secretly loves him [Farage], and would welcome him as a knight of the realm.”

(Honestly almost done now) /80
359. Meetings with Hollywood moguls about a Bad Boys of Brexit film. Let’s hope that goes as well as Brexit The Movie, South Thanet, Let The River Run, BPop, and LeaveDotEU’s bid to be designated the official Leave campaign. /81
361. The Gang of Pricks have a powwow with some “super-rich people” about Calexit, the campaign for Californian independence from the US. Calexit has since been exposed as one of Russia’s more hamfisted attempts at sowing division in the west. /82
362. In a beautifully appropriate coda, Wigmore is stripped of his diplomatic status for breaching the Vienna convention. The person who made the complaint to the Foreign Office? One Dominic Grieve. /83
"Think Keeping Up With The Kardashians, minus the beauty. And the class."AND IT ENDS./
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