#Brexit news for today:

Nigel Adams, Minister for Wales, and Governement whip has resigned the #Cabinet over #TheresaMay's way forward.


You can hear #TheresaMay's reaction from here

So the splitting of the #ToryParty continues. Where will it end? And can we expect resignations from #Labour if #Corbyn is seen as giving up too much to #TheresaMay during the discussions tonight.

Oh, and my sense that #TheresaMayStatement last night was aimed at today's extension calling for a length extension of the #Article50 process was right. Word is that support for the motion has softened, and it was already going to be an uphill task to get the motion passed.

And word is coming in that the #HardBrexit/#NoDealBrexit mob in the #ToryParty is stampeding to join David Davis' position. They are now saying they will vote down any deal #TheresaMay strikes with #Corbyn and will back a vote of #NoConfidence in her.

It has begun. The great paddywack that could tear the #ToryParty apart.

And the "sound and fury" of the #ERG is noticeably absent during #PMQs.

Instinct days they're plotting something, and maybe with the #DUP, although given their abandonment of the #DUP when political opportunity knocked the #DUP will bake that against the chance of #Corbyn...
gaining significant political influence, enough to maybe win the next #GeneralElection.

*instinct says

**the DUP will balance that against
I should say there is *some* noise from the #NoDeal #Tory #Grouping but nothing on the scale you'd expect, and given #BJohnson just walked out of #PMQs it feels like something's in the air.

Ah, rather than coordinated action the #ERG have decided to settle for a continued tantrum. These really are people who can't understand the concept of being told "No" and not getting their own way.

Sorry, just finished two hours of electrolysis so a little behind on #Brexit news.

#Brexit #minister Chris Heaton-Harris has resigned from the Government. The rot continues.

And word is going around that #Corbyn won't be seeking a #2ndReferendum when meeting with #May,

And won't seek one if a deal is struck. #PeoplesVote are going to be happy with that decision, I'm sure, especially given it was #Labour who rugged on the leash they've offered around the leadership of #PeoplesVote to get them to bark, "This is not the time to back a...

#2ndreferendum" a couple of weeks ago.

If this turns out to be true (and I'll emphasise *if*), even if the #PeoplesVote leadership are happy to trot along with whatever #Labour wants, expect serious backlash from both the grassroots of the organisation and supporting...

organisations, and #Labour could probably say goodbye to its lead in the polls.

*tugged on the lease they placed around the leadership
*sigh* #Labour is doing nothing to distinguish themselves from the #ToryParty. With an opportunity to show relative #leadership, and a relatively whole party they are instead managing to be as mixed in their messaging and positioning as the #Conservatives.

From the @Independent (independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi…)

"Shadow Scottish minister Paul Sweeney has caused confusion over Labour's Brexit policy after he insisted that support for a second referendum is one of the party's "red lines".

He was speaking just hours after...

Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman said Labour only supported a fresh referendum to prevent a "damaging Tory Brexit" or a no-deal outcome, and suggested that a deal with cross-party support would not necessarily need to be put to a public vote.

Mr Corbyn is meeting...

Theresa May this afternoon for talks over a possible cross-party compromise on a Brexit deal.

Ahead of the talks, Mr Sweeney said:

"Labour has clear red lines - we want a customs union solution, a dynamic relationship with the single market, and...

to be subject to a public vote. Any decision by Parliament needs to have a check democratically. She needs to move towards those positions if Labour is going to begin to entertain her position.""

If #Labour can't get control of its own narrative on a #2ndReferendum...

then that bodes absolutely nothing good on it's ability to handle the actually complex and complicated issues coming up.

And the vote on #Letwin's #BusinessOftheHouse #Motion has started with #AmendmentA, which would allow for a further series of indicative votes to take place on Monday. What's interesting is that people who originally backed #Letwin taking control of the #Order paper are,,,

now backing away, so the vote on this #Amendment is likely to be a very good indicator to the vote on the #BusinessOfTheHouse #motion itself.

And if the #BusinessOfTheHouse #motion fails, that means no #CooperLetwin #Bill, and therefore no amendment to it that would...

have put a #2ndReferendum into the #Bill.

Results expected shortly.

Vote result running late. Which could suggest a very tight result, a miscount (which happens), or a teller needing the loo. Kind of hard to judge which is most likely.

And in a moment of dry amusement I note that the BBC chief political correspondent has stated that in regard to today's motion, ""It means that, to some extent, things are out of Theresa May's hands."

Given the amount of influence the #DUP and #ERG have had on...

#May's position and subsequent failure, I doubt that #Brexit has ever been truly in #May's hands.

Ah, if this is true, expect serious problems. The #Speaker could vote on this, and there's some fairly hefty precedence on how the #Speaker should vote on ties.


In this case, it would be expected for the #Speaker to vote against the #Amendment

*in the event of tie, that is

Results on #AmendmentA to the #BusinessOfTheHouse #Motion:

#Ayes: 310
#Noes: 310

So, as expected, the #Speaker votes down the #Amendment, ending further daisy-chaining of Backbencher Business of the House Motions.

So the vote on the #BusinessOfTheHouse #Motion will start shortly. Given the result of the #Amendment vote, expect massive rumour, and little actual good.

And voting starts on the #BusinessOfTheHouse #Motion. At this point, flip a coin to try and guess if this passes or not.

The #vote on the #BusinessOfTheHouse #motion as on the #OrderPaper.

#Ayes: 312
#Noes: 311

Yeah. That was close. On that result, I don't expect the Bill to pass.

And on a side note, Unison has started leaning on #Labour to try and push them to a firm commitment to a #2ndReferendum in all circumstances


Ooh, cannon shots being exchanged across the floor of the #House via some very spurious #PointsOfOrder.

#LordYawnington (AfD) now on his feet drawling his way through, well, absolute shite really. Procedural barrack-room lawyering isn't going to work, he knows this, he's just being the orgulous tit that he is.

And so we kick off the #SecondReading of the European Union Withdrawal (No. 5) Bill. Sounds like an ironic mid-90s German chart smasher.

The first vote on the Bill is expected at 7pm, so I'm going to keep the debate on in the background whilst I sort out some much needed food.

Feed me, Seymour.

Or, quite possibly, Wizard Needs Food Badly

And on a side note, the feeling coming out of the first meeting between #May and #Corbyn is that #May isn't moving from her position. An interesting take on #compromise by the #PM there, although it is at least consistent in that she truly believes that compromise is...

everybody else moving to her position.

Expect nothing to come of the Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford meetings.

Oh yes, word is that #Labour is creaking at the seams


Vote on the #CooperBill to be read a #SecondTime has now started

Expect results in a bit over 15 minutes if the result is as tight as the earlier one.

In a related note, my dinner has also been delayed. Failed to turn the rice cooker on.

#Vote on the #CooperBill:

#Ayes: 315
#Noes: 310

So another close vote, but at least the margin has increased slightly.

#Committee of the Whole #House stage now advances to the floor—

—after some more Points of Order.

#Amendments selected (amendments explained further once I've eaten):

Amendment 13 has been picked

And 20, 21, 22+1, 14+6, +2, new Clauses 4, 7, and I think 13. They were rattled off and I'm slightly distracted. Will sort out in a bit.


Clause 1 +14 +6
+Clause 2
+ New Clause 4, 5, 7, 13

So not seeing anywhere where the amendments are actually available to view (the nature of how fast things are moving) but so far I've seen drafting amendments (simple enough amendments that correct errors in the original bill, happens all the time) but, very interestingly...
the #Amendment to allow for a #2ndReferendum has not been picked. A relief to the #Labour #Whips office, no doubt given that I doubt even they know how they should have tried to whip that tonight, but not really good for anybody who wants a #2ndReferendum.

Amendment 20 seeks to set a maximum date for the extension of #Article50
Amendment 21 removes the passages in the Bill that makes for provision if the #EU comes back with a counteroffer in terms of #ExtendingArticle50.

Needless to say, they appear to have been tabled by...

a #Government loyalist (it comes to something when you can stick two very separate flags on the two very separate parts of the #ToryParty).

And this utterly sums up #Brexit as attempted by the UK side of the negotations:

So okay, let's see if I can get this right:

#Amendment 13: #YvetteCooper - Drafting Amendment

#Amendments 20 and 21: George Eustice - Setting a maximum date for extension of #Article50 to 30th June 2019 (a unicorn, no chance the EU would go for that)...

and deletes subsections (6) and (7) from the Bill (link to Bill below)

#Amendment 22: Government amendment seeking to restore full perogative power to the Government (the Bill seeks to restrict it, kinda)

#Clause 1 stand part +14: #YvetteCooper - clarification of title referenced in Bill.

#Clause 1 stand part +6: Bill Cash - suddenly this git wants approval of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Scottish Parliament and the National
Assembly of Wales for approval. As the...

Northern Ireland Assembly is sitting because an Executive can't be formed, which Cash knows. For all intents and purposes an amendment designed to forestall the purpose of the Bill.

#Clause 2 stand part NC4: Bill Cash - Constitutional fuckwittery. Attempts to restrict...

the power of Parliament to amend Standing Orders. The Standing Orders being those things that Parliament owns. Attempt at a constitutional change that would mean Parliament didn't fully own it's own Standing Orders and therefore wasn't sovereign. This from somebody...

who claims the absolute sanctity of the constitution—when it suits his purpose. Okay, slightly restricted, but the point still stands.

#Clause 2 stand part NC5: Bill Cash - As NC4 and also sets a restriction of an extension to #Article50 to 22nd May 2019.

#Clause 2 stand part NC7: Bill Cash - An attempt to stop any #Article50Extension if it would result in EU elections. The #Tories don't want EU elections, simply because they fear being near wiped out.

#Clause 2 stand part NC13: Government - not sure. I think I know what...

it's trying to do, but I'll see what lies, sorry, spin Barclay puts on it.

*Northern Ireland Assembly isn't sitting because an Executive can't be formed
Oh, and vote at 10pm I think, so I'll be back in a little bit. Some gaming calls.

(Or staring at my library choosing nothing, whichever)

#Clause 2 stand part NC13: Government - Cleared up by #Letwin, and I had misunderstood it. Basically it changes the SI for changing "exit day" in UK law, to the SI gets laid, is applied, then gains approval from the House. I think.

Is it me, or does Cash sound really out of breath?

So then, #amendments, #clauses, and #votes. Oh Goddess, this is going to get confusing.

Amendment 13 passes uncontested

#Amendment 21 contended. Division. #Vote result expected in about 15mins.

#Amendment21 to the European Union Withdrawal (No. 5) Bill

#Ayes: 304
#Noes: 313

Close, but voted down. Think we are getting a sense of where this is going.

#Amendment22 contested. Division. #Vote result expected in 15 minutes.

#Government #Amendment22 results:

#Ayes: 220
#Noes: 400

Bit of a humiliation for the Government there—again.

#Amendment1. Contested. #Division. #Vote result in 15 minutes.
Ah, I missed this Amendment out of the explanations: This amendment would require the PM to not agree to any extension of #Article50 beyond 22nd May 2019. Essentially an amendment to frustrate the purpose of the Bill. I expect it to fall.

A stinging defeat.

#Clause1asAmended. Slightly contested. #Ayes have it on the word of the Deputy Speaker.

#Amendment14. Uncontested. At speed.

#Clause2asAmended. Slightly contested. #Ayes have it on the word of the Deputy Speaker.

#NewClause4. Contested. #Division. #Vote result expected in 15 minutes.

(Side note: Why didn't I think of setting up a donation page I could occasionally link to? Ah well.)

Lol, #LordYawnington's face at that result (he was a teller)

#NewClause13 moved. Uncontested.

Mace back in position. #Speaker back in his seat. Committee report made. Move to third reading. After Points of Order. Again.

And of course, it's not actually a Point of Order. As my patience runs thin which such antics, I will say, "Do shut up you tedious bores".

Third Reading moved. Question put to the House. #Division. #Vote #result expected in a bit over 15 minutes. I'm actually more optimistic about this passing than before, but it's still going to be close. Fully expecting there to be a margin of 3 #votes on this.

And whilst I'm waiting, I'm going to wash my hair.

#ThirdReading of the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill #vote #result:

#Ayes: 313
#Noes: 312
#Margin: +1

Closer than I thought.

The #CooperBill entered the #HouseOfCommons at 18:06-ish.

The #CooperBill passed the #HouseOfCommons at 23:25.

Meaning it was passed through all its stages in 319 minutes. Which is damned impressive for a contended Bill. And so off it goes to the #HouseOfLords tomorrow.

Addendum: Very well put point about introducing electronic voting to cut down on the amount of time spent voting, especially how inconsiderate it is to the staff of the #House.
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