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1) I take the position that the U.S. is in a state of war with more than one country. War being defined as a hostile attack with the aim of invasion and takeover.
2) I thought this fact was obvious, but apparently it is not, because some people are still kind of laid back about the whole thing.
3) Let's start with Iran.
- @sibeledmonds names Iran as perp of 9/11 in her memoir. (Kindle ed. pp. 44-45)
- Iran benefited from our response to 9/11, which was to attack Iraq for no reason.
- Brennan covered for Iran in 2007 in a memo to the new Pres.
4) Iran continually cyberattacks the U.S. government.
5) Iran makes a sport of burning the U.S. flag
6) Iran directly threatened us with a missile attack
7) Iran promoted, in concert with U.S. traitors, a false "deal" -- supposed to slow down their acquisition of a nuclear bomb, but with NO WAY to verify this.
8) Iran has a state policy of kidnapping Americans.
9) Two officials with the ear of the President, John Kerry and Valerie Jarrett, have Iranian family ties - very close, as in son-in-law/his family (NATSEC concern: daughter) and father (Jarrett born in Iran/has close ties to the MB, close w/ Iran).
10) John Brennan famously wrote a 2007 leaked memo to the incoming President stating that we should opt for diplomacy with Iran even though it is a transnational state sponsor of terrorism with decades of practice.
(to be continued)
11) You could spend a lot of time asking questions about whether Iran is organically a terrorist state or whether the CIA (for example) is somehow interfering/hiding behind its activities.

Just start with Wikipedia
12) "As #Iran continues its nuclear missile prog & engages in #terrorist activities globally, incl assassination attempts in #Europe, the #EU is beginning 2 c that @POTUS was right in getting out of the Iran agreement" - fmr Bush speechwriter Michael Johns
13) As I learn from others about Iran (etc.) a few things have become clear to me.
-- There is a lot of disinformation out there about EVERY topic
-- The average person doesn't know what to think
-- You need to ask yourself what a person's conflicts of interest are
14) For example, I can't be objective about Israel and Judaism without a lot of extra emotional work. For obvious reasons.
15) If you ask someone who's been burned, they're going to be strongly biased against whoever burned them and artificially biased towards whoever gave them refuge.
16) Also if you ask someone who's been burned, particularly burned young, they will have trouble trusting anyone, even those who really are OK.
17) And sometimes people are *so* into intelligence material or have an intelligence background/defense background and they're just a little weird.
18) I started this thread wanting to talk about foreign antagonists (even non-state antagonists) because they're a clear and obvious danger, and because I am trying to envision how the legal system will handle Americans who are shown to be traitors to them. (If MT, then Qproof.)
19) Then, there was @sibeledmonds response to this Tweet, where I quoted from her memoir literally (Kindle edition p. 44) - she mentions subjects delivering materials to Iran before 9/11.

She corrected me --

20) -- basically saying that the materials were delivered to a CIA front group in Iran. CIA.

"No Danielle. Those were the CIA’s al Qaeda front across the border in Sistan Baluchistan area- Had nothing to do with Iran or Iran Gov. Please re-read."

21) "Delivered to Sistan-Baluchistan region of Iran. To Whom? Not the Iranian Gov! But to the cells established there by the #CIA’s Al-Zawahiri Since 1991!!! #CIA & #USA Deep State Cells....The Ugly Americans Behind 9/11!!!" - @sibeledmonds
22) "Why do you think they covered it up & gagged me??!" - @sibeledmonds
23) I jumped ahead to the most pressing issue on my mind - asking: "Sibel, Did Israel have anything to do with 9/11, as far as you know? Please tell us the truth."

24) Response: "Since WWII, When It Comes To #WarCrimes #USA Holds The Number ONE Spot. When It Comes To Terrorism & Terror Organizations The #CIA Has Held Number ONE Slot. When It Comes To Countries Supporting & Implementing Terrorism: #USA= Number 1."
25) But you have to keep in mind - Sibel was burned by the United States and she lives in Turkey now.
26) Does this mean Sibel is giving me disinformation, or worse, outright lying?
Of course not.

Does it mean you have to take what she's saying with a grain of salt?
Always - just like you have to knowing how much I love Israel.
27) Sibel: "Admitting to This Fact, Backed By Solid Facts & Stats Is #Patriotic. Because A Real #Patriot Is the One Who’d Want To Fight To Change This Ugly Fact." /1

-- This statement to me is oversimplified; oversimplification = propaganda.

28) (Sibel's tweet continued) "A Real Patriot Would Uphold the US Constitution & The Original Foundations This Nation Was Built Upon. Those Who Don’t: Traitors!!" /2
29) Sibel's memoir is amazingly detailed and a page-turner. It should be required reading.

But I have trouble with statements like "Your government." In Judaism when someone says "your" it means "not mine" meaning "I distance myself from you."

30) This tweet had a definite propagandistic feel: "The thing is: USA is rotting within. From millions of fatherless children, legal & illegal drug addicts, pregnant teenage rate, 50+% failed marriages-families, ... all the rots...."
31) @SaRaAshcraft uses the word "discernment." You have to use discernment when you talk to people, you can't just absorb everything uncritically.
32) Someone asked a good question about me attending and Facebook-living Sunday's Amos Oz event with @faniaoz and @jstreetdotorg. It was the same question my husband asked: "How can you give a platform to people whose views offend us to the core?"
33) The answer is that I am thirsty. I have been here on Twitter for so long (in thread-years), like a thirsty person in the desert, trying to make up for nearly fifty years of ignorance.

I have no idea what I wasted my time on in school.
34) This is the thing that people don't understand about the #QAnon movement. It is about educating yourself. People who call it a cult are really missing the point.
35) On Sunday I did not realize at first that my husband and I seeing RBG was being construed as an anti-Q argument. A blogger named Mike Rothschild (who said I'm a lawyer; I'm not) did a whole thing about how I'm trying to reconcile Q belief with reality.
36) Someone told me that Defango did a segment on this and I watched it laughing out loud. It was quintessential citizen journalism, trying to capture exactly what happened and what the reaction was among the Q crowd.

37) Sometimes we do get hung up on things and are too literal, as @WMerthon has pointed out with the sealed indictments. Some people get angry when the Q view is challenged. But these things don't bother me --
38) Because Q himself (I think it's a him) has said disinformation is part of the plan, and I take for granted that some info will be exaggerated to unite the people. (Psyop/limited hangout).

The essence of Q is to unite us, free our minds, and help us see the cabal.
39) Here is me thinking critically about Q: Q will criticize the CIA but never the NSA.
40) Here is me using Q to help me broaden my mind: Search "Iran" and see how the mainstream news media has completely lied to your face about what's really going on in that country.

You will understand why freedom there matters. (It's freedom from the DS)
41) A couple of parting thoughts, because I'm thinking out loud.
You have to be willing to tear your thinking apart.
42) For example, as a Jewish Zionist, there are aspects of Rabbi Meir Kahane's (RIP) thinking that I like a lot. Others I am not comfortable with, like the idea of expelling Arabs from Israel altogether; the way he promoted violence.

43) Speaking of Jewish Zionism, there is no issue that provokes more dissension among Jewish people, because so many are so desperate for peace that they will actually support a person like Ilhan Omar.

44) The @TheMossadIL has been almost shockingly transparent about what it's admitted to (not giving a shit about anything but catching Nazis for a long time) and what it hasn't (they openly say they don't tell you much).

45) How much are you willing to stretch your brain?
How much upsetting stuff can you tolerate?

Try Googling "Donald Trump and Roy Cohn"

46) At the end of the day, I think this is the problem with the whole Q narrative. It is based on telling us one side of the truth, and there is another, also upsetting side, that will make @POTUS look ugly.

What did Hillary say? She'll take everyone with her?
47) As a political calculation, I am thinking that @POTUS cannot take the chance of going with full transparency, because there is no doubt that he learned from some pretty shady people, and when you lay down with dogs you smell a bit afterward.
48) So where does that leave us, we who are searching for truth?
49) Maybe I can share an idea from @faniaoz who was talking about her father's idea for Middle East peace. "There is the Shakespearean solution" (many dead bodies) or the "Chekhovian solution" (everyone is miserable, everyone is also still alive).
50) I say we pursue a three track approach.
* Track 1: Put the bad guys in jail.
* Track 2: Learn to get along with people we don't understand.
* Track 3: Accept that our heroes and villains alike are a composite of good and bad -- stories -- not perfect people.

& learn.

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