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Only a few knows this story, I call it the Legend of the Night bus… Well, I feel light tonight, so let’s jump in. It was the year 2013, I Was still serving in Enugu, UNN. During our 3 weeks Orientation, I met this Benue babe, Fine fresh catfish like that. #Issathread Image
We started talking and started dating, was it even dating sef? We were always in each other’s company so everyone started calling us boyfriend and girlfriend 😀. She’s the clingy type so she succeded in chasing all my female friends and I couldn’t even make new female friends Image
When it came to posting, they posted her to IMT and took me to UNN. We kept in touch tho, talked all night, send cute messages and all but never visited. One night she said she was going to spend the moslem break with me. The thing sweet me die. Image
The day of her arrival, I went to the market with my friend Akay. My stupid friend was telling the market sellers that my wife was coming so they started selling things cheap nd telling me Kele Nwunye gi. greet your wife. I was just smilin from ear to ear. This night must set 😄 Image
I had little on me after the Market Waka, like 4k and some few change and was expecting cash the next day so I wasn’t really bothered. Tonight we dine in, tomorrow we parry 😎😀. It was 4pm already and she aint picking, hope this is not a case of Amaka disappoint me 🤔 Image
She called at 6 Nd said she sorry she cant come,her mum called her dat she had a bad dream and she shouldn’t travel. I felt like crying, my guy just looked at me, shook his head nd went to d kitchen to serve mountain of rice to eat. As madam no dey come again.I was just like dis Image
She called me few minutes later and apologized and asked me if I can come to Enugu instead? I told her it was gettin late, she should have told me this earlier instead of not picking my calls. She said I could still make it, since Enugu was like 1hr away. I got dressed and went Image
We met in shoprite around 7pm. We bought things to cook and we went to her place in IMT. Babe dropped the stuffs in the kitchen and came to meet me in the room and we started playing love play and kissing. I was saving the best for later in the night... why rush it? Image
Telling this story right now is making me emotional, like I’ve been holding this pain for 6 years now. Let’s continue sha... this is where the main story starts Image
She started pressing my phone and listening to Miley’s Wrecking Ball song. Babe head was still on my chest, it was almost past 11pm when she said “Gbemi” with concern, I was like “what hun?” she said “are you going to follow Night bus back to Nsukka???” I was like 😮 😮 Image
I told her I didn’t understand what she meant and the next thing she said killed me, she said “Gbemi, guys don’t sleep in my house” My chest started doing me somehow, is this babe joking abi I no understand? She said Gbemi You have to go please. One mind was saying cry and beg Image
Another mind was saying lock up, na man you be Image
Babe no even allow me chop the food we go buy Image
I had a million things to say but I just decided to chill and start leaving, I was already getting pissed.The funny thing that happened was when she stretched out her hands for me to lift her from the bed and wanted to kiss me again. Hian! On top all these you want to still kiss? Image
So I just left her house and entered a keke, dude said 1k from IMT to Holy Ghost park. I checked my wallet and saw 2k and jumped in,Inside the keke I was just thinking about my life, my phone was off, I was holding the charger. It was almost 12a.m when I finally got to the park Image
Anyway Holy Ghost park was quiet, only few people were there. The homeless, mad people, prostitutes, touts and of course people that have been kicked from the house, that was my category.... proudly represented by me. 😩 Image
Finally, one dying bus came. if they blind fold me and tell me to walk backwards, I’ll still be faster than this bus. Dude came and said 800 naira, see the big hiss from everybody. I was d only one that didn’t hiss, like this even if bicycle come and say 1k, I will still enter Image
The bus started moving and some women started singing Christian songs, one woman carried like 7 children so I helped her carry one. I’m sure she paid for one seat 😞. My mind was on my bed sleeping under my duvet while my body is in 9th mile. Image
The already slow bus started slowing down, what we thought was a police checkpoint was a thief checkpoint. I nearly piss for body 😢. Who send me o, see Wetin woman Dey cause 😩😩😩😩😩. Off all days, highway robbers picked today, can’t this day get any worse? Image
I now said since I’m a corper, I’m a govt pikin. If I can use my corper cap to escape police, maybe it will work for thief because they work in the same department. Image
So as they were searching people, I now said “Good evening sir, I’m a corper sir” if you See beat that they beat me that day untop my 200 naira that was remaining, my corper cap did not save me. All these men rearrange my face Wella. I was in Sifia pains 😩😩😩😥 Image
I got to peace park in nsukka around 2:30 a.m. one mind was telling me to sleep in the park another one was telling me to trek to hilltop, that was like a very far distance. No bike, no bus, no Uber... I was at the mercy of my village people. They didn’t want to interfere in this Image
I finally decided to trek it..... I haven’t even walked up to 3 blocks when like 50 vigilantes came out. Cocking guns and Saying stop or I shoot. In my mind, I was like kuku shoot me... life af tire me Image
After many shout nd seeing my ID card, they started askin me what happened and where I was comin from. I now gave them gist from beginning till end and they joined me in crying. One of them took it personal and was almost swearing for the babe.. Me I just wanted to go home 😩 Image
One of them offered to take me home. I now entered his scooter bike that doesn’t have back seat, I just hanged untop of the bike like monkey. What do I care? As long as I am finally going home Image
I got home and was knocking on my gate, nobody answered... after knocking for 5 minutes. I decided to go round the compound to my window. Guess what? My nigger was in my house fucking 😡😡. Same muthrrfucking fuck I travelled all the way for and nearly died. Ain’t this a b*tch? Image
While I was making plans to go out and do, dude was making plans to come in and do. I just said bros! My guy shock 😳. Open my door abeg! Image
I got inside the house, my guy and the babe was just looking at me 👀. I just went straight to the bed, remove the bedsheet, took a new one and spread it on the bed. I didn’t even talk to anybody. They were just standing and staring with Towel on her chest, Me I didn’t care Image
Till today, any babe tell me gbemi come to my house. The eye I will use to look you ehn, biko let everyone stay in their house Image
Anyway..... final notes. I woke up the next morning and my guy was still looking at me. And I said “Oh boy, gist full ground” he just laughed 😂😂😂 and said “I don dey wait make you tell me where the accident happen”. That was it.... I just burst cry begin narrate my waka Image
My friend knows her very much and he called her...... only for us to hear a new story.... one we didn’t expect. Stay tuned next time for Night Bus 2 Image
Oh I forgot to add... we started talking early this year. After all the apologies and all... she said gbemi I’ve missed you sha. When are you coming to visit us In Abuja. Fam I was like this 😩 Image
Follow me, I follow back ASAP 🙌
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