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OUTRAGEOUS! Labour Councillor @Ayferorhan2 was accused of anti-semitism & suspended for retweeting me with a Question! Israel DOES NOT DENY that it was helping AlQaeda in the #GolanHeights , You want evidence @SouthGateLabour? Watch this thread @miriamdwek jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/enfield-labour…
1. UN stationed in the Golan reported Israel providing aid to Al Qaeda & ISIS.

2. Former Head of Mossad Efraim admitted that Israel was providing medical aid to AL Qaeda in an interview aljazeera.com/programmes/upf…

Pay attention @SouthgateLabour @Ayferorhan2
Listen to the former head of Mossad tell you in his own words, that ISRAEL was aiding AL QAEDA!

Is he Anti-Semitic @LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP ?
3) When asked directly if they were providing aid to Al Qaeda and ISIS, the IDF said YES, we give them aid no matter what faction they are a part of.

Is the Israeli army anti-semitic @LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP ?
4) Netayahu himself visited these injured AlQaeda fighters, VICE news found two ALQaeda fighters and one of the so called US backed FSA being treated by Israel. He said they were allied with AlQaeda (AlNusra)
@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
Not just medical Aid:

5) The IDF was photographed Hanging out with Al Qaeda near the #GolanHeights DMZ.

6) The UN said they witnessed the Israelis handing Boxes to alQaeda and ISIS. ibtimes.co.in/un-report-isra…

@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
7) In fact Israel has openly admitted to arming insurgent groups in the Golan.

8) It is known that all insurgent groups in the Golan were either Allied to AL Qaeda (Al Nusra) or ISIS

@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
9) When the Syrian army defeated ISIS in the Golan, they uncovered tons and tons of ISRAELI WEAPONS.


@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
#Israel didn't just provide medical aid and weapons to Alqaeda land ISIS

9) it even paid their SALARY

@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
#Israel didn't just provide medical aid, weapons, and salaries to AlQaeda & ISIS

10) It even acted as AlQaeda's airforce in the #Golan, giving them air cover


@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
11) AlQaeda was so grateful to Israel for providing them with Air cover, they thanked them for the airstrikes.
Israel would shoot down Syrian planes chasing AlQaeda down in the Golan.


@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
12) Award winning Journalist Robert Fisk noted that Even though Al Qaeda & ISIS were in the #Golan, Israel never attacked them. Instead Israel exclusively attacked the people who were fighting the terrorists, the Syrian army and airforce.

13) In turn Al Qaeda and ISIS never attacked Israel.
In fact the only time ISIS and Israel clashed, ISIS apologised for the friendly fire incident.

So why did #Israel have this unholy alliance with Al Qaeda and ISIS?

14) Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy said he does NOT want #ISIS defeated in #Syria.


15) Israel's defence minister Ya'alon said he prefers and #ISIS victory in #Syria.

I'm not finished.

16) A Senior Israeli Officer said the west is Making Big Mistake in Fighting ISIS, Haaretz reported.

@LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP @Ayferorhan2
17) An Israeli think tank (INSS) run by head of military intelligence presented a document to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin saying that Al Qaeda is ok to arm now because Saudi Arabia is doing it.


@SouthgateLabour @Ayferorhan2
The HyperLink to the INSS report above was deleted, but don't worry, there's an archive.
18) Yet Another Israeli think tank said defeating ISIS was a mistake, because they are a "useful tool".
19) While Israeli think tanks praised ISIS & AlQaeda, Declassified Department of Defense (DoD) audit, obtained by Amnesty International ADMITTED That the US and Israel gave 1 billion dollars worth of weapons to ISIS.

They play off like it was an accident. amnesty.org/en/latest/news…
20) But Israel knew that the rebel groups they were helping in the Golan Heights were Al Qaeda. This is an Israeli Journalists working for an Israeli think tank, She noted that fighters in the Golan (Quneitra) were AlQaeda (Nusra) .
ISRAEL knew they were helping Al Qaeda & ISIS in the Golan their, generals, intelligence & politicians supported it

Part 2: Meanwhile Al Qaeda & ISIS were crushing the Syrian Druze minority.

@Ayferorhan2 @LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @miriamdwek @BambosMP Paying attention?
21) Israel wasn't helping terrorists out of generosity as Ben Stein suggested.

They had strategic interests to do it, it was part of their plan Annex the #GolanHeights

(BTW since u accuse @Ayferorhan2 of anti-semitism shouldn't you accuse Ben stein of it too @Nesil_Caliskan?)
22) #Israel was counting on the Al Qaeda and ISIS to slaughter #Syria's Druze minority. They would then use the Al Qaeda (that they supported) and "protecting Druze" as an excuse to take over more Syrian Land and Annex the Golan.

And indeed that is exactly what happened, the ISIS and AlQaeda that israel helped in the Golan.

23) began slaughtering Druze villages

24) began kidnapping Druze woman and children and murdered some on film.

25) Israel began laying the ground work for the narrative of invading Syria to protect Druze from the terrorists (that they supported).

26) They wanted to extend their occupation deep into & call it a "safe zone"

27) This plan wasn't new, it was similarly laid out in the 1982 Oded Yinon Plan. strategic-culture.org/news/2013/08/2…

28) PNAC and other Syria Balkanisation plans.

But these plans all relied on Al Qaeda and allied insurgents would win the war in Syria.
29) Israel believed if Al Qaeda linked insurgents can be made to control Syria, Syrian Druze living in the occupied #Golan (out of fear) will accept the Israeli citizenship that Israel has been trying to force on them. Legitimising annexation.
But even the best laid plans go awry at start of the battle.

Now pay attention @SouthgateLabour @Ayferorhan2 @BambosMP because here's where it gets good.

The Syrian Druze of the Golan didn't react the way Israel had intended, they knew what israel was doing & reacted violently
After-all, the Syrians of the Golan were living under Israeli occupation & now Israel was helping Al Qaeda and ISIS kill their family members on the other side of the demilitarised zone.

30) So the Golan's Syrian began attacking the Israeli ambulances carrying Al Qaeda fighters
31) the Syrians that resisted Israel's support of AlQaeda in the Golan were taken prisoner by Israel's illegal occupation courts.

@Ayferorhan2 @SouthgateLabour @BambosMP

32) Syrians of the Golan protested Israel's aid to Al Qaeda. They massed against the DMZ and broke through the fence separating them from their families, that had been attacked by Al Qaeda & ISIS.

Israel illegally detained them.

33) Syrian Patriot of the Golan Sidqi Al Maqt spent 27 years in an Israeli Dungeon. As soon as he got out he took photos of the IDF hanging out with AL Qaeda. Israel put him in jail for another 15 years. He is now on his 32nd year.
34) Even the traitorous Akram Hasson, Druze "politician" of Israel, admitted that #Israel was backing AlQaeda in the Golan.

Are you going to say he was anti-semitic too @LabourAgainstAS @SouthgateLabour @BambosMP? @Ayferorhan2

#Israel was prepared to earn the Ire of the world including the Syrians of the Golan, if at the end Al Qaeda and allied insurgents would win the war in Syria. Leaving a great narrative excuse for annexation.

35) But Al Qaeda and ISIS were defeated in the Golan by the Syrian army
35) When it looked like there was no way out for AlQaeda, Israel evacuated them.

This was done under the guise of evacuating the 'white helmets', but extensive research has shown the white helmets are just Alqaeda with white hats. Like British Pakistani terrorist Tauqir Sharif.
36) With Al Qaeda defeated by the Syrian army and Assad still in power, the loyalty of the Syrian Druze of the Golan is emboldened!
Not that it was at risk

It certainly didn't go the way Israel had planned with the Golan Syrians accepting Israeli citizenship for fear of alqaeda
37) So, when #rump declared that the US sees the #Golan as Israeli not Syrian, there was no "Protecting Druze from Al Qaeda" narrative to explain it.

The only narratives that were left were #genieenergy and the fact Netanyahu slept in Kushner's bed. AKA the truth.

38) Israel would rather memory hole its history of backing Al Qaeda in the #Golan.
They use the anti-semitism trope to intimidate ppl.

They get politicians like @Ayferorhan2 suspended from her position at @SouthgateLabour for DARING to ask questions!

You asked for the facts @SouthgateLabour @Ayferorhan2 and so i have delivered them.

False accusations of anti-semitism will not wash them away.

We will not be intimidated, nor silenced!

Do you hear me @ValerieLestrade @Nesil_Caliskan @LabourAgainstAS @miriamdwek @BambosMP ?
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