3) Just a reminder guys: Please do not tag any liberals, their lawmakers, corps. Twitter, media, or they'll send their minions after me. As you all know, Twitter’s censoring is brutal. Thanks for understanding.
4) Our intelligence community is highly trained to recognize information operations and active measures. @GenFlynn @vabelle2010 @Kevin_Shipp @csthetruth @parscale
5) 2013--> “We’re 5 minutes into the 1st quarter of the football game. The Muslim Brotherhood is winning 72-0.” One of the good guys — former FBI Agent John Guandolo
@STUinSD @BenKTallmadge .@TerryWRobertson @JamesDoss50
6) Indeed since Obama’s presidency, we’ve heard these sentiments expressed by radical Islam w/ more frequency & fervor. Sadly, some of our own lawmakers & others bestowed w/the powers to lead and protect by the sacred trust of the people have, instead, chosen to betray that trust
7) Today, anyone who expresses confusion, anger, or fear about such proclamations’ by radical Islamists are attacked. Dissenters of Muslims touting Islam’s grand plan to take over America, & instill a violent sharia law often results in Silicon Valley silencing you or worse.
8) Esteemed experts who attempted to expose the truth, had their reputations skewered by the Obama admin., media, IC, & Dem. NGO’s. Then they were replaced by friends of the O Admin. & the Muslim Brotherhood. securitystudies.org/why-should-we-…@davereaboi @realKyleOlbert
9) Orgs. like Brookings Institute & several American universities…who were & are taking money from Qatar/Muslim Brotherhood became the primary sources of information that would then be used to make policy, for law enforcement, reported by the media, and distributed to the public
10) “The nation of Qatar, a Sharia-law monarchy that has been accused of trying to influence other countries’ governments, gave $1 billion to elite American universities since 2011, according to Department of Education data.” Luke Rosiak dailycaller.com/2018/12/16/qat…
11) If you’re a cons. public figure, or own a business, & express an opinion contrary to Islam, MB, or the left’s Party Line, the SPLC will mfg. a reason to add you to their Hate List. Then the DNC media will blacken your name for as long as it takes to destroy your reputation
12) ANTIFA groups used information from the Southern Poverty Law Center to successfully shut down four conferences on the threat of Islam scheduled in Wisconsin and Minnesota and CAIR shut down a similar event in Illinois. dailycaller.com/2018/04/12/ant…
13) Hotels slated for the events were flooded w/threatening calls & the organizers voluntarily canceled one of the events following numerous warnings that it would not be safe. A 5th conference in Iowa carried on in defiance, despite leftists showing up to disrupt the proceedings
14) The SPLC, CAIR, Dem socialist lawmakers, corps, media, Silicon Valley, & 10,000s of radical NGOs work in concert to attack conservatives & leftist's political enemies for max affect. SPLC went after former British politician Maajid Nawad b/c his org. fights Islamist radicals.
15) The first thing the media smear machine does is to imply those w/strong conservative voices racists by associating them w/alt-right label. The narrative is reinforced in every publication & report from then on until the public, business associates, & others believe it.
16) And it’s not just the left who is gunning for conservatives. How much do journalists, the media, & NGOs get paid to sell out America to terrorists and slave owners? .@POTUS @CarrollQuigley1 conservativereview.com/news/nevertrum…
17) Here’s another media hack, a puppet for the left, who’s especially keen on writing about anyone who has a differing opinion on immigration, radical extremists, or orgs. like CAIR. Shouldn’t these people have to register as a foreign agents? @realDonaldTrump .@RealJamesWoods
18) Spencer Ackerman, shown above, wrote a series of articles for Wired, alleging anti-Islamic bias in FBI training materials. As a result, the FBI launched "a comprehensive review of all training and reference materials that relate in any way to religion or culture." .@parscale
19) Obviously a coordinated attack on the U.S. intel sanctioned by the upper echelons of power, who would listen to a weasel like Ackerman otherwise? If he ever found himself in a boots on the ground fight w/real men, he’s the very epitome of the 1st guy to pee his pants, & run.
20) Shouldn’t the media be required to wear the label of ‘foreign Agent’ so no one mistakes them for a loyal citizen of America? Fight back, take their power away, make them accountable, and make them wear their sins for everyone to see.
21) The things most Americans thought could never happen in America became the norm under Obama’s rule. .@realDonaldTrump centerforsecuritypolicy.org/tag/cair/page/…
22) How was a U.S. President allowed to bring our adversaries into the fold and sit idly while they weakened our national security, sowed racial divide, and used law enforcement to abuse extraordinary powers against our citizens, and the left’s political enemies?
23) Former CIA Dir. John Brennan, FBI Dir. Robert Mueller, & the DOD purged important materials & training for IC, law enforcement, and military across the board. Imagine trying to implement counter terrorism efforts without being allowed to use the terms to describe the ideology
24) How could this be in America?

What about the checks & balances of power?

You already know the answer because there is only one way it’s possible to accomplish this feat without the general public finding out.
25) Remember what she said so long ago… “It takes a village.” She’s got a worldwide village to do her bidding, along w/all the old money philanthropists, Silicon Valley, corporate America, & any number of dictators across the world. @realDonaldTrump .@BernardKerik @julie_kelly2
26) In 2009 Hillary appointed Farah Pandith as the 1st Special Rep. to Muslim Communities. Her credentials are beyond reproach which made her of the most powerful voices in the U.S. & across the world. Her primary focus is changing the world’s narratives about Muslim extremism.
27) In 2011, then SoS Hillary Clinton, hosted the eighth annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Washington— the 1st time the event was held in the U.S. after 7 yrs. in Qatar...
28) … —where Clinton spoke about the Obama administration’s goals to pursue diplomatic partnerships with democratic-seeking countries in the Middle East & North Africa.
29) The year before, Hillary Clinton was the 1st Sr. member of the U.S. admin. to participate in the forum in Doha/Qatar.
30) It was the year Obama issued his Presidential Study Directive 11. A secret plan outlining his intention to bring the MB into the fold of U.S. govt. & initiate regime changes in the Middle East allowing MB leadership to take over.
31) Behind the rise of ISIS, the Libyan Civil War, the unrest in Egypt, Yemen & across the region is a secret document called Presidential Study Directive 11.

Who knew Middle Eastern protestors would write their signs in English?
Nice photo op for Americans watching CNN TV.
32) Clinton appointed a young Muslim policy guru, Huma Abedin, as her deputy chief of staff during the 2008 pres. campaign. Abedin, a former W.H. intern who is fluent in Arabic and Urdu, served as Clinton’s top aide.
33) Farah Pandith would become instrumental in laying ground work for PSD-11. In order for people to get on board w/Os Muslim Brotherhood affiliation & regime change plans to gain acceptance the worldwide narrative defining radical Islamic extremism would have to change.
34) Farah Pandith was the perfect Front man/woman for the job. She'd already spent yrs in Europe helping to initiate there cultural narrative before the EU had swung the immigration doors wide open there. She was well spoken, well educated, Muslim, w/expertise w/extremists & MB
35) Watch: Video “Beyond the Revolution” Farah Pandith Zeitgeist 2012. Pandith says young Muslims have an identity crisis. Here's her plan to change the worldwide narrative 2 combat Islamic extremism. LISTEN to what her host says at the (4:19 ish/mark)
36) For Hillary, & O's PSD-11 plan the whole world would have to change. We would all have to agree that the color red is white & the color white is red & that's were Pandith comes in. For her plan to work anyone w/concerns about Imams preaching death to USA had to be silenced.
37) Her new book "How we Win." Open power entails a fluid, non-hierarchical, & creative relationship between government and private actors. Rather than executing specific policies itself, government “opens up” the challenge, soliciting potential solutions from diverse actors.”
38) If you wish to have an easier to read version about more on Pandith’s Open Power and her book, here’s the link. farahpandith.com/book/
Later today, I'll show you more about the network of relationships between CAIR, MB, govt. lawmakers, Silcon Valley, corp America, SPLC, & NGO's who work in concert, like a well oiled machine, to achieve their goals.

TY for supporting my work. It's all for you and America.
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