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Unless one understands the nature of sexual deviance, they will never suspect that this is simply the next step in desensitizing the public... mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/h…
Unless one understands the nature of sexual deviance, they will never suspect that this is simply the next step in desensitizing the public to what is likely is going on behind the scenes. cbsnews.com/news/ag-more-p…
These costumes are called "furries", and are a favorite grooming tool of Child Predators. Many porn-saturated Predators are able to embed themselves within that movement, as they hunt young kids and vulnerable Survivors. s.lehighvalleylive.com/MuKNP8U
So, no, this adult man doesn't feel like an animal. He is simply using this to see just how far he can take his deception, while gaining an insurance policy in the event his online activity is assessed by police. lulz.com/discord-has-a-… via @LULZmag
Could there be any other reason this deviant is peddling this trial ballon? Aside from what is no doubt very secret online activities (likely via a VPN), there is certainly a case that could be made for something very deviant...
It was very common to find that incarcerated men, busted w/ child porn, had involved themselves with extreme deviance, as they descended into child porn. ‘Dangerous predator’ arranged sex with kid, sent cop homemade bestiality videos, Va. police say miamiherald.com/news/nation-wo…
This is the latest trial balloon, in the effort to normalize extreme deviance Denmark's Bestiality Problem: It's Legal thedailybeast.com/denmarks-besti… via @thedailybeast
Clinically speaking, in this day and age, with the prevalence of the internet, of virtually any kind of deviant porn available, and the ease of accessing Virtual Private Networks, it is a safe bet that nearly 98% of all sexually strange or aberrant male behavior is porn-fueled.
Clinically speaking, given the addictive & progressive nature of porn, the porn industry's normalization of extreme deviance and violence against women, that deviance begets darker deviance, moving into "barely legal", it's safe to assume most porn-using men are into dark stuff.
From 11+ yrs working clinically with incarcerated sexual predators, the downward steps of deviance are able to be plotted out based upon the type of offense and degree of deviance. The porn viewing will also correlate. For child predators, it shifts into the degradation of kids.
Though many who try to defend deviance will say such perspective is non-sense. But, interestingly enough, those who truly understand it are the ones in prison. That's why the general population of inmates rank child offenders not as "minor attracted," but as the lowest of the low
Part of the benefit of providing Sex Offender Treatment to incarcerated inmates is you get to hear the "secrets", as there are no secrets in jail. You get to corroborate everything an offender says, and learn what's been revealed via 24/7 monitoring. Truths are revealed in there.
Intensive clinical work w/ sex offenders, both w/in prison General Population & long-term Solitary Confinement yielded findings that no outside researcher would be able to ascertain, as it takes years working in that environment to learn the closely guarded secrets of deviant men
Some will still assert that peer-reviewed meta-analysis by "academic experts" holds weight over what 11+ yrs working clinically w/ approx 4000 sex offenders via unlimited & unfettered access, spending unlimited hours clinical sessions can produce. Really?
The reality is that those who want to assert that deviant men are simply "confused" men struggling with their own identity or gender are either ignorant or trying to keep truth from finally getting out about the extent to which deviant men became that way from extensive porn use.
So, how does such seemingly harmless "play" prove useful to a Child Predator in his selection & grooming process? He uses it to disarm the parent first w/ something seemingly harmless, gaining the parent's trust. Then he ups the grooming activities, adding a "personal touch"
The Child Predator must first groom adults' and parents' mind, to gain access to the kids, unless they are "latch key" kids. If they are "home alone" or are left for hours on their phones, then the online grooming starts. Once in prison, inmates are willing to share this process.
Because Predators know that single moms are tired and exhausted, they are susceptible to a seemingly kind adult, showing an interest in her child, offering to involve her kid in some "clean fun." Little does she realize is that "interested" man is in reality often porn-saturated.
Parents would little suspect that such "harmless fun" could be such a cover for many Sophisticated Sexual Predator deviant men, who are porn-saturated, and looking for young flesh? Who would guess that these allow for an easy transition to an invitation to a child to meet online?
Who would guess that men's minds could become so deviant and depraved through thousands of hrs of progressively darkening porn use that they would stoop so low as to use child's play to select and groom kids. They offer personal interaction, allow them to select their own Avatar.
This movement is being promoted as "clean fun" for adults and kids alike. The perfect opportunity for time to mix & mingle, while hiding your identity, to loosen inhibitions, to "let your playful side come out." They can avoid any closer scrutiny. How? It's just "play" of course.
Men who secretly descend into porn will be taken in one of two direction, sometimes both" Malevolence toward women & lusting after kids. The more deviant, the less it is about sex, the more it is about power, control, defiling. Furries allows them to mask their true identity.
So, are all "Furry" participants deviant Predators? Of course not. And, that is what makes this movement so concerning, as the Predators know this type of "play" will attract kids, vulnerable people looking for connection. This becomes the perfect hunting ground for the Predators
Predators are Masters of Disguise, even without such costumes, but all the more with them. They appear to be trustworthy, wanting to help with kids self-worth by spending "special times" for adult-child interaction. But, they will use every opportunity to groom kids' minds.
Such "play" always appears harmless, because Predators know the parents are mindful at first. But, as time goes on, the vigilance decreases, and the boundaries are then incrementally crossed. Ideas of what "loving acts" and "special secrets" are quietly introduced to the child.
So, what do Predators look for when they embed themselves within any "movement"? They look for Vulnerable kids or Survivors to target, groom, manipulate, all toward their desired end of sexually exploiting and violating. Predator's must be unmasked, and vulnerable kids protected.
So, how does one begin to identify a possible/likely online predators, lurking w/in the shallows of the internet & social media? Begin to reveal that men fixated on gender issues or on playing "dress up" are inevitably porn-saturated, then watch for any justification & reactivity
How to identify a possible/likely online predator? Begin raising concerns about men in porn-saturated deviant life styles, who are unusually focused on facilitating kids' gender sensitivity issues & who introduce deviant gender/sexuality topics, & they'll cry "phobic hate-speech"
Porn-saturated men, whose inner lives have become darkened by a pervasive deviance, who secretly access very heinous porn via VPNs, who hide their online activities to keep from being tracked by law enforcement, are neither disordered nor "sensitive." They are strategic groomers.
Truth is, unless kids or vulnerable youth (sexual abuse survivors, mild autism, emotionally sensitive or needy) have been groomed by a Predator or exposed to unhealthy sexual ideas in some fashion (via online, peers, or predators), they'll not become unduly focused on sexuality.
What's one of the best ways a person can keep kids safe from likely being groomed by Sophisticated Sexual Predators? Be cautious of any man who seems a little too into "playful things", kids things, sexually deviant or provocative things, or focused on introducing gender topics.
What kind of adult men would create Drag Queen Valentine's cards? Only those interested in normalizing the activities of porn-saturated sexual deviants on the highly watched cable show geared for teens, but wanting to help introduce such male deviance in the minds of kids.
Such "harmless fun" in the library, where young kids get to see the men dressed in such pretty... pretty sexually provocative... clothing. Sophisticated Predators aren't the "snatch & grab" kind. But those who can package deviance in such a way that it becomes normalized.
The incremental normalization of what is deviant is the goal of the Sophisticated Predator. It is a tactic as old as sales, as they know once they can get their foot in the door, it's virtually a done deal. Making the pornographic look relatively benign, increases it's acceptance
So, just exactly why would Drag Queen coloring books be introduced to young kids? Is there a theme to these that might be more than simply "playful & colorful"? And, what parent would choose such an activity over the myriad of good educational games currently available for kids?
A Google search is all it takes to quickly discern what the motive is behind such deviance. All Sophisticated Predators will "flip the script" on normal adults, making it seem like deviance is normal, & any concerns over the impact warped sexuality will have on kids is phobic.
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