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1) A very brief thread about the @TheMossadIL
(That's my photo)
2) As you all know I was the subject of an article in October 2016 titled "

"Israeli MOSSAD 9/11 Article Attracts Jewish CIA Linked DHS Agent and Jewish Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Dannielle Blumenthal"

3) The article seems to imply that I am connected with the Mossad, 9/11, and the CIA. But if you actually read the text --
4) "Recently Dannielle Blumenthal, PhD. The Chief Executive Correspondence for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration replied to an article titled, “What’s good for the Jews is bad for the rest of America” by Autumn Cole." -- A JEW HATE ARTICLE
5) In fact that article by Ms. Cole was so deeply Jew-hating that LinkedIn removed it from the platform after many, many comments, including mine and the author of that article, Mr. Paul Boggs.
6) This is my comment on Ms. Cole's article, which Mr. Boggs quoted.

“As a Jew who went to religious school for 12 years, the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of rabbis, and as a proud American patriot — with respect, you are misinformed." /1
7) "You state that Jews seek superiority. Not true. We are charged with Tikkun Olam – “repair of the world” – through good works and carrying out the Torah as best we can."
8) "We are also an inherently diverse and inclusive people that truly respects all faiths."
9) These are all my words and I stand by them today.
10) I went on: "Christianity is in fact the backbone of this country and while there is separation of Church and state, none can deny the powerful positive influence of Christianity on our development."
11) "Similarly Islam is a great world religion with much to teach us about submission to G-d, loyalty and discipline."
12) "I am sorry that you have encountered poor information in your life but can tell you in a very authentic way that we are not at all a supremacist group. In fact the term “Chosen People” simply mean chosen for a difficult task of making the world better."
13) "And we also believe that in the end times, all will worship G-d together."
14) "Really we are all G-d’s children, all equally loved, and Jesus performed a great service to the world by pointing out the failings of the Jews at that time in history.”
15) These are all my words. They are words of peace. But when you are dealing with a hater, no words will suffice.
16) Mr. Boggs couched his hatred of me, and the Jewish people as a whole, by telling me that I should convert to Christianity.
17) I would never tell a Christian to become a Jew (in fact my faith forbids this) nor would I tell a Muslim to become a Jew but Mr. Paul Boggs tried to force me to become a Christian.
18) So the invitation wasn't really an invitation, it was an expression of contempt for me and my faith. Which is why I responded “You’re A Moron”.

(and then I apologized for being rude).
19) Not only did Mr. Paul Boggs insinuate that I am a disinformation agent for the Mossad and/or the CIA, he also went after my job.
20) Beyond going after my job, he stated that after his exchange with me on LinkedIn, he was targeted by DHS.
21) He then went on to manufacture an entire narrative aimed only to create more and more hatred of Jews. If you read this article, it is actually terrifying.
22) Why do I bring this up? Why do I dwell on it?
23) Because for years, that article has been linked to other articles (at the end) at this hate site.

24) Again, what was my crime, for which I was attacked by Mr. Paul Boggs, and later when I posted a photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Being a Jew.

Who stands up for Jews.
25) Reading all of this, you may be wondering to yourself why I so steadfastly support #QAnon.

After all, look up "MOS" on Qmap.pub and you'll see references to controlling the media, controlling politicians, attacking 8chan.
26) The answer is that I have discernment.
27) As a Jew, I find myself constantly upset at the things other Jews do in my name. For example, the ADL attacking free thinkers like Mike Cernovich as racist....they have a lot of actual fish to fry, but target him, I believe for political reasons.adl.org/resources/back…
28) Even at the event where RBG was, it pained me deeply to hear the Torah being slammed as a "cultural nice to have" because the priority for Israel is saving Jewish lives.

I wanted to scream: NO!
29) Some have asked why I even attended such an event in the first place.
30) The answer is that I have discernment.

I can love my fellow Jew and still disagree with them, strongly.
31) I can love the @TheMossadIL for saving Jewish lives, and question their tactics. (Which frankly, I know very little about, but there is enough literature out there to let you know that they are both brilliant and brutal).
32) What is the proper response to someone who hates you...just because you exist?
33) Some of you may be wondering why #QAnon hasn't spoken in a while.
34) I am sure that the Q team watched the whole RBG thing explode (because it ended up in the Washington Post, which means the CIA watched the whole thing explode) and determined that Q's presence might be too divisive right now.
35) As a Jew, it is hard to watch people attack me and my people for no reason. But I understand that it is a free world, and that is part of free speech.
36) I have enough discernment to know that the best thing you can do, confronted with a lie, is simply to tell the truth and remain unified.
37) I wish I had all day to write about why I believe Q is telling the truth, is not a LARP, and is the target of hatred and disinformation. But at the end of day it really comes down to one thing.
38) Q stands up for all good people, all the people, Black White Jew Christian Muslim Iranian North Korean everyone.
39) Q exemplifies DISCERNMENT between those who mean well, and those who only want to tear down with hate.

And yes, there are bad people everywhere. They hide behind the garb of rabbis, priests, imams. They hide behind the very necessary CIA and the FBI and DHS and everywhere.
40) As a Jew, someone who knows what baseless hate feels like, I am asking the Q community specifically to UNIFY ONCE AGAIN.
41) Alone, we cannot fight their lies.

Together, we can win everything.

Have a good day everyone :-)

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