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My massive NeuroWeaponry

Our boys O & Bards bringing an attempt on DJT 2 our attn

Sounds like cell activation involves V2K tech ( voice 2 skull )

Q pointed at WH shooter long who was under control as warning from cabal

Lets begin

#QAnon #GodWins

voice 2 skull device

weapon used 4 transmitting voices with low or high freqs

Voices can be 4 commands or harassments attacks that may look like the TI's own voice

TI > targeted individuals

V2K can also use 2 induce or manipulate dreams or 2 deprive TI sleep
Synthetic Telepathy

Ever see Men Who Stare at Goats

story of elite unit of psychics trained by MIL 2 weapon use their gifts like remote viewing or remote telepathy / device manipulation aka psychokinesis

Uri Geller bending spoons 👇

US Defense Intelligence Agency

Study commissioned as part of the Stargate Project


Stanford Research Institute

Geller was isolated & asked 2 reproduce drawings from another room

1972 🤡s get congressional funding 2 study parapsychology

Remote viewing

tele & psychokinesis

Are right brained activities

Left brain interprets analyzes

Right brain > art music creativity

Researcher explain Microwave Tech👇

This shit ain’t new

In WW2 was discovered soldiers could hear buzz in skulls when standing before radar equip

Series of clicks pulses sent while they stood in front of them

They received all info in there skull

Dr. Joseph Sharp

Walter Reed Army Institute

used a comp 2 control radar transmitter

each time a voice waveform changed from peak 2 a valley

single pulse sent/ click 2 be heard

timed per voice waveform,

Thus test subject heard a voice
rather than a string of clicks
4 less than cost of car

a suitably modified amateur radio transmitter

operating in either 420 to 450 MHz band

or the 1.3 GHz band

with highly directional antenna

is capable of transmitting voice 2 skull signals

🤡s can just f with many

Think Norfolk Shipyard shooter
Dr. Oliver Lowery

silent sound

U.S. patent 5,159,703

is current method for "subliminal sound."

Silent Sound" replaced "time slice" subliminal sound

Where small slices of a subliminal message were inserted in audio stream

movie or TV

2 influence the listener
Silent Sound

mixed w/ audio in:

dept store background music systems 2 discourage shoplifting

at its simplest a Silent Sound voice encoder takes a spoken message

Using circuit similar 2 a telephone voice changer
the circuit raises the frequency of the voice

up near the upper limit of human hearing

The listener hears a fluctuating high-pitched tone

any words cannot be discerned, consciously

Silent Subliminal Presentation System was the patent
We all know bout MKUltra

Just pointing 2 how’s it accomplished

Who wanted these peeps gifts or knowledge?

The Cabal

extraordinary whistle blowers have gone on record

Confirming MKUltra exists

As well as other black projects involving previously mentioned tech
Victor Marchetti

14-year 🤡 vet

stated in various interviews that the 🤡s routinely conducted disinfo campaigns regarding mind control research

In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the 🤡 claim that MKUltra was abandoned a "cover story."
Dr. Robert Duncan

former scientist> CIA, DOD, & US DOJ confirms it continues on today under new program names

helped design these weapons

came forward confirming these weapons are being used on a global scale

2 torture people

Project SoulCatcher
weapons based around US patent 3951134 (Malech)


capabilities were retro fitted into radar systems

came forward cuz his peers were being whacked

research being misused

worried the psychopaths were going 2 get him before he could tell the world what they're really up 2
Russell Tice

NSA Sig Int

satellite & space capability specialist

satellites used

directed energy capabilities

Star Wars Beam weapon

remote sensing electron imaging

TAMI/Remote Neural Monitoring,

He came forth tell how they're used 4 global spy arena
Dr. Robert Duncan says that democracy officially ended in 1976

when technology was deployed

Claimed NSA has been vetting candidates like Barack Obama

various top 10% ers

2 maintain power

Russell Tice

Effects of Radiation Harassment Technology & V2K tech :

faint sound interprets as own thoughts

So faint only those things that are known 2 TI can be manipulated

Can’t just teach one Chinese

🤡s use other means 2 make a person dwell on things that where unknown to them
after listening to a news report

Or get this shit

Targeting one person to go up to another the 🤡s want 2 also target & get them to think the same things 4 further reinforcement

They can vibrate certain muscles
They can cause power surges


throat irritation
mucus formation
Watery mouth
Give different body aches Specially back ache
Clogged ears
Exasperate a cut or infectioncan
Listen 2 others thoughts.
Manipulate a person’s

make a person think that the phone ring or alarm is going off

EMP capabilities

malfunctions in electronic equipment

render useless

Any sensor driven machine is susceptible
They can temper with thermostats

air conditioner 2 come on

Crank up heat

refrigerator go out
car 2 overheat

This tech is in effect

Don’t forget the Scalar 11/11 wave that went out last year

We of the Light are counteracting these frequential algos

Prayer disrupts
ThanQ 4 taking time to go down the V2K hole O & Bards pointed 2 regarding latest concerns POTUS is dealing with

Thru 🙏 we can

Bring our Beta Wave resting state down into Zen like Alpha State

@occulturalism @BardsOfWar

#QAnon #GodWins
All of these things happened to me as I wrote this

throat irritation
mucus formation
Watery mouth
Give different body aches Specially back ache
Clogged ears

I trew up 😐

#GreatAwakening is a battle
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