👊The Gloves Are Off 👊

🕵 Attacks on me have officially started (I called it).

*Defensive Stance Taken*

Let's play a game: Who's The Shill?

Below is the back and forth I had with the person that added me to this list. Enjoy🍿☟
First I would like to say thanQ for the compliment. Its an honor to know that my content is powerful enough to be "Social Influencer" status🎖. I will only use that power for good

@Livid2point0 told me everyone is watching me now. I guess it was not an idle threat

🕵I'm Game 💪
Tells me I'm flagged as a "social influencer" but won't give me a real reason why.

(Pay attention to the strategy being used from here on. Like I said before, "Watch their moves")
After labeling me and not giving a real reason as to why, they flip it and start hitting me with questions and more labels.

(I also have to point out that this person is asking an Anon to identify themself and saying they are going to dox me)
Now they expect me to prove to them I'm not a clown (guilty till proven innocent). The burden of proof is not on me. Prove I am (you can't). You have nothing!

I want to know what Tweet/Video made them want to label me a clown. POST IT! 🕰
Got them to admit they are going to dox me. (Is this the person doxing Patriots?)

For some reason this person thinks I'm @IPOT1776. You can tell by looking at our videos that they are not made by the same person. 'Simple' research would show them that.
They try to link me to someone without doing any research. As you can see, we don't follow each other.

They are still not willing to show me a real reason for adding me to the list. I'll tell you why, They were told to add me (told to watch me).
Now they claim to know that I'm an agent.

I'm a soldier in #QsArmy! Maybe I am influential because it's part of red pilling. You have to try and reach people.

I have been called a leader and now an influencer. I'm nothing but a soldier in #QsArmy. Fulfilling my duty.
How can I be a [deep state] C_A OP with an agency and not know it? 😂

No job interview? 😂

Magic paycheck that no one can read but I am able to cash? 😂

Bank account gets bigger but I don't notice it? 😂

This is what the dividers send after me? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Now I'm accused of having multiple accounts.

This person really thinks they are hunting down a super clown with multiple accounts and a major influence over the movement (Or do they?).

(Wonder if I'll make the next #200 list?)
This person is accusing me of being a shill while shilling me (antifa tactic?).

They don't need proof, just an accusation (think Kavanaugh).

Pelosi calls this tactic "a wrap up smear". (see the smoke yet?).
Now I might be NSA?

They don't know what to think, so they keep throwing out idea's and accusations (clueless).

That tells me they haven't done any research. Or they did but couldn't find anything (hunting)(probing).
Now I'm part of "Team Trumps PR" agency? 😂

Let me see if I'm clear on this. I'm a C_A, NSA, Team Trumps PR agent that does not know it. 😂

But don't worry, it's not about me.😂
It's only fair to warn them. I don't play games. ☟

The truth comes out. All this because I don't think @intheMatrixxx is a DS OP. Because I don't think @GenFlynn and @StormIsUponUs are DS OPs.

People need to research the red shoes some more. There are a lot of details that don't fit with the red heels push vs Matrixxx.
They can't even keep track of their own statements but they can tell that I'm a quadruple agent. 😂

(C_A, NSA, Team Trump PR, Q)

You can't send the pups to play with the big Dogs. If you come after me, send your best. Not some clueless kid.
They think they are good at hunting shills. 😂

The war against the deep state is raging on and this person is spending their time attacking heros, Patriots and Anon's.

I invite everyone to look over all my Twitter/YouTube content. Research me. Find something bad, and post it.
In this last one they block me. 😂

I'm getting sick of people bashing Flynn. There was no collusion. That's good enough to clear Trump but not Flynn?

These people need to get off the bath salts, they are trying to eat their own.
☝ Not everyone can handle being awake. It can be hard on the mind. Some people open up to believing anything if it's said right.

When thinking outside the box, you have to keep the box in sight. In other words, you can't let you mind wonder. Focus...
No collusion by @realDonaldTrump or his team. That includes @GenFlynn⭐⭐⭐! You can't tell me you have better intel then, Trump, Q Team and the US military. You are disrespecting a Hero.🎖

Lieutenant General Flynn⭐⭐⭐ is an enemy of the [deep state] NOT part of it! ☟☟☟
People have been taught to fight each other instead of the ruling class.

See what this divide is doing? They are heading hunting (like I said).

They will keep looking for targets (guilty or not). If you don't agree with them you are labeled. You see the tactics now (Moves)?
If the [deep state] and it's media can't stop us, these 'so called' Anon's don't have a chance. WWG1WGA is not their mindset.

They are on a search and destroy mission. A side mission instead of the primary objective (they abandoned their post).
They think they are smarter, more informed, all knowing Anon's here to tell people what is real. They are trying to silence people (free speech online). They think they are the elite Anon's (better).

No 1 is above the other.

Together we are strong.

Q even told them they are wrong.
(Bad decode)

[Be careful who you follow]
Incorrect message translated [past] autists.
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