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1) Faith and the prophet Elisha.
It’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime.
Sunday, April 7, 2019.
3) (in case that one gets deleted)
4) For some, faith is believing in “magick.”
5) For others, faith is believing in idols.
6) For some people, faith is belief in the power of money to save them.
7) There are many different kinds of faith.
8) It is common to make fun of people who simply believe in God.
9) But belief in God is not a simple thing.
10) For those who aren’t ready to believe in Him, we can start with the premise that past behavior is a good predictor of future actions (past proves future).
11) Before we talk about the prophet Elisha, and the fate of those who believe appropriately (and who mock inappropriately), let’s talk about faith as it applies to some modern phenomena.
12) I have high confidence that the Mossad spies on the United States.
13) I have equally high confidence that the United States spies on Israel.
14) I don’t need to bring a thousand examples on either side to have high confidence in these facts, because all countries spy on all other countries.
15) In the same way, you don’t need to write a dissertation on spycraft to surmise that the Mossad, like every other spy agency, benefits from blackmail and bribery.
16) To name the elephant in the room, we can surmise with some confidence that the Mossad is not a stranger to child sex trafficking, again, just like its counterparts.
17) I bring the example of the Mossad first because it’s been the hardest redpill for me to swallow when it comes to Q. Personal bias.
18) You have to be honest with yourself.

Honesty is the beginning of freedom.
19) I have been reading about conspiracy theory and it seems that everyone, even the “debunkers,” agree that some of them are real.
20) Where it becomes unhealthy, they say, is when you start to think that there’s a really big conspiracy behind all things, or when you tell yourself that random isolated phenomena are related.
21) But what happens when there really is a big conspiracy behind all things, and seemingly unrelated random phenomena actually do fit together?
22) What happens when the conspiracy is not a scheme that people think about all the time, but rather the product of a certain kind of faith —

faith in a system that is fundamentally broken and immoral,

faith that we repeat the past solely because “that’s all we know?”
23) For as long as anyone can remember, the federal government has been a bloated, broken barnacle barge of waste, fraud and abuse.

Is that a conspiracy?

Of course!
24) When a system is broken the way the government is, somehow “misplacing” tens of trillions of dollars, and nobody stops it because (why, exactly), that is a conspiracy requiring the support of hundreds of thousands of people.
25) But the people who write about conspiracy theory don’t want to address that. Why?
26) Because they, themselves, are also part of conspiracies.

Academics live off the conspiracy to keep students paying for college, and dorm, when all they really need is technical skill.

Writers live off the conspiracy to market their content as so special, you should pay.
27) All of us are part of one conspiracy or another. That is why we cannot deal with it.

What do you call the conspiracy known as a family?

“Oh, that’s just uncle Joe...”
28) I have faith in God first and in the reality that people repeat their behavior in very predictable ways.
29) And as a personal story...
30) We visited Israel a couple of times over the past few years. During the earlier visit, I had the unpleasant sensation that my hotel room was bugged.

I am a pretty intuitive person, and I had never had that sensation before.
31) It bothered me to the point where I downloaded one of those cheap apps that is supposed to be able to tell you if your hotel room is bugged.

Of course it probably was total garbage, but when I put the phone near the mirror & the lamp, the app went completely crazy.
32) In the same way, sometimes my phone makes a funny squeak when I receive or place phone calls.

It only happens sometimes, but it's always with the same people.

I've gotten used to it.
33) Faith is not easy. Faith is hard.
Faith challenges you to deal with reality.
34) We will talk about the prophet Elisha, but for that story to make sense we need to talk about a couple more things first.

Let's get to #RBG #RBGProofOfLife.
35) On March 31, I saw Justice Ginsburg (or her very frail clone) at Temple Sinai in Washington, D.C.

I posted a photo, and the Internet went crazy.

People attacked me, but they also attacked #QAnon believers for believing she was dead.
36) In fact, #QAnon never said that RBG was dead, only that her public appearances are closely monitored. I never took that to mean she had passed, but rather that she is too frail to appear anywhere in public, and that she needs to be replaced, but the Dems don't want this.
37) Some of you who follow this type of thing may recall the Craigslist ad for an RBG lookalike which appeared, was noticed, and then got mysteriously pulled.

I did see it with my own two eyes.
38) When I saw Justice Ginsburg, albeit briefly, it was impossible to miss how extremely frail she is. You did not have to be a detective to notice it.
39) In fact, the first thing I thought upon seeing her, is "she belongs in a nursing home."
40) Now just thinking logically, if RBG is constantly wearing the same outfit to parties, and she isn't strong enough to stay anywhere for very long, or to give a speech, or to appear on television interviews...how is she actually capable of being a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE?
41) Again, just thinking logically, if RBG is too frail to do anything ordinary, can we "just have faith" that she is actually listening to cases, making an evaluation, and writing her own opinions?
42) In Biestek v. Berryhill (SC arguments heard Dec. 4 2018, decision rendered April 1 2019), the Court upheld a ruling denying social security benefits to a claimant whose expert witness refused to provide data.

Of course!

But Ginsburg "dissented."

43) Bucklew v. Precythe (SC arguments heard Nov 6 2018, decision rendered April 1 2019), the Court upheld the standard method of capital punishment 4 a prisoner who sought an exception based on mis-applying the 8th Amendment.

Again, Ginsburg "dissented."

44) Lorenzo v. Securities & Exchange Commission
Sturgeon v. Frost
Republic of Sudan v. Harrison
Frank v. Gaos
Obduskey v. McCarthy & Holthus LLP
Nielsen v. Preap
Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den, Inc.

Should we go on????

45) If someone is pulling a Weekend at Bernie's with Justice Ginsburg's opinions, this is a constitutional scandal and threatens every opinion she's ever written while in an incapacitated state.

At a minimum there should be an investigation.
46) But there is a conspiracy -- yes, a conspiracy, a coordinated racket -- to keep RBG at least technically in office, for as long as humanly possible, before people take to the streets with torches.

And to cover the conspiracy, they tell us to simply "have faith."
47) Let's talk about Rep. Eric Swalwell, who desperately wants to legislate gun control.
48) Swalwell of course is famous for suggesting that because "the government has nukes," gun rights champions would face "a short war my friend" if we tried to protect our Second Amendment rights.

49) When Susan Collins didn't bow to the D witch hunt against Justice Kavanaugh, SHE RECEIVED RAPE THREATS, which Swalwell TAUNTED and had to apologize for.
50) Swalwell was content to falsely accuse Kavanaugh and @POTUS on charges of "Russian collusion," but this champion of accountability refused to clarify for journalist @Cernovich if he'd ever settled a sexual harassment claim while serving in Congress.

51) Should the public have faith in Eric Swallwell?

"Eric Swalwell and Pay to Play"

"Congressman Pete Stark has been getting a lot of flak for alleging that his challenger engages in pay-to-play politics, but some of the charges appear to be true."

52) OCTOBER 24, 2012: "On June 5, just hours after casting a vote for himself in the East Bay's 15th Congressional District primary against incumbent Congressman Pete Stark--"
53) "Dublin City Councilman Eric Swalwell voted to approve a no-bid, monopoly contract to a local garbage company while members of that firm's upper management sat in attendance."
54) "Swalwell, however, never publicly disclosed that those four top-level employees of Amador Valley Industries were large contributors to his congressional campaign in the months before the deal."
55) Stark was attacked by the local media for daring to question Swalwell.
56) "Swalwell's failure 2 disclose that he had pocketed $15,000 in donations from the garbage company...before voting for a no-bid deal for that company comes at a time when Swalwell's competitor, Stark, has come under heavy fire from Bay Area news media--"
57) "--for alleging that Swalwell accepted 'bribes' in exchange for another vote he made in Dublin that favored a separate campaign donor."

So there were 2 pay to play allegations, not 1.
58) Stark apologized for using the word "bribe," but Swalwell's conflict of interest was never explained or denied.

We, the voters, are supposed to take his actions on faith, even as he accuses others without merit.

59) Swalwell also misses votes a lot - like, as in doing his actual job - he isn't there 7.1% of the time, which ProPublica rates as "often."

But he has NEVER, NEVER voted against his party.

60) It is against this backdrop that we evaluate Swalwell's claim that he received a death threat, which he promoted on Twitter, even though there are multiple red flags suggesting that the recording is a hoax.

61) For one thing, unlike Rep. Ilhan Omar -- who recently received a threat which was reported right away and for which the man who made it was arrested -- Swalwell's office won't respond to the basic question as to whether they told the police about this.
62) For another, Swalwell plans to run for President on gun control.
For a third, he went straight to Twitter to dramatically share the audio, which somehow, magically, has a recording of dialing beforehand, & the dial tone after the caller hung up.
63) What a naive fool I was, running around ten years ago waving Obama's transparency directive in my hand, gleeful at the prospects for the future, not realizing that when he said the one thing, he was frantically digging in the dirt for its opposite.
64) My faith in Obama was misplaced faith, as he persecuted journalists like @SharylAttkisson and @JamesRosenTV and got away with it with BS legal defenses.

65) Malcolm X said "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything" and unfortunately I learned this the hard way with Obama.

It was only with the 2016 campaign that I began to wake up and stand for things.

Appropriate faith.
66) This photo of @POTUS praying -- surrounded by people of faith who literally are laying their hands on him to impart their prayers, as if through the body -- is awesome, awe-inspiring, and faith-inducing.
67) During the 2016 campaign, I changed sides from Hillary Clinton to President Trump, and I spoke in his favor with increasing frequency, despite being warned, shamed, shunned, and terrified of Hillary's retribution.

When I watched the election results come in, it was unreal.
68) Like many people, I see @POTUS as God's anointed - as we learn in Judaism, that salvation comes through the reform of a sinner - and I have the utmost faith in God's plan and President Trump as His instrument.
69) In the same way, I have complete and utter faith in #QAnon, as a speaker of Godly truths and a teller of truths about a horrific, desperate, vast conspiracy to keep Americans in the dark about reality.

I have read all the drops, and I believe this faith to be warranted.
70) And now we will talk about two Biblical stories of God's prophet Elisha, and the role of faith in salvation.
71) We will talk about Elisha -- the Patriot.
72) This week's double Torah (Bible) reading, supplemental portion, discusses 2 miracles associated with the Prophet Elisha, who is perhaps best known for raising a child from the dead.

73) In the book "All the Miracles of the Bible," we learn that Elisha was a PROPHET who urged the wicked kings to return to faith in God and a PATRIOT WHO WARNED THEM TO PROTECT THE BORDER!!!!!!!!!!

74) What is the connection to current events?

Elisha taught faithless people that God is all-powerful.
75) Q is not a prophet.
Q has urged us from the beginning to put our faith in God, and God only.
76) Victory in war (and we are in a war) requires bold action.
Team Q plays bold and dirty at times.
They are dealing with dirty people.
They use surveillance.
To bring it back to the beginning of this discussion, the same holds true for Israel, and the Mossad.
77) One day we will have the ethical debate about spies and spying, the international law that all should adhere to, the penalties for violation, the regulatory frameworks that will prevent the horrific sacrifice of children's bodies and souls in the name of national security.
78) We will not be able to shy away from the sins that have been committed in the name of national security.

We will have to look them in the eye, and vomit at the things we see.

We will have to.
79) There will be a time when someone wise, and spiritual and just will explain how the Jews were supposed to escape the fate of those who died in the concentration camps -- without participating in the immoral actions of the rest of the world.
80) In the future, when God's word is written on our HEARTS, we will listen.

“I will make a new covenant w the house of Israel & the house of Judah...
I will put my Torah within them, & on their heart I will write it.”
(Jeremiah 31:31, 33)

81) But in the world of the first covenant, man's mind is limited by the words written on the Tablets, and we have required men of God -- prophets -- to bridge the gap between Law and Faith.

And now, the two stories.
82) Both of these stories relate to men who had leprosy. (In the main Bible reading, we learn that lepers had to leave the community until they were healed.)

Our first tale centers on the Syrian general Naaman.

83) To make a long story short, the Jewish king at the time was faithless. The Jews were under siege. A Jewish girl had been captured and taken to serve as a slave for Naaman's wife.

84) When the general gets sick with leprosy, the Jewish girl convinces him to go to Israel to get healed.

He visits Elisha, who tells him to dip in the Jordan River.

The faithless Naaman is insulted; his ego has told him to expect some sort of ostentatious miracle.
85) But his servants convince him to go, because why waste a trip. And it works, and his skin is as smooth as a young boy's in the end.

Na'aman tries to pay Elisha, who says no.
Na'aman begs Elisha for some earth to take home from the Holy Land.
86) Na'aman wants to use the earth as a kind of worship object, so he can bow down to God in Damascus.

Na'aman, in fact, is considered a convert. As he said:

"Here, please, I know that there are no gods on all the earth except in Israel. (2 Kings 5:13-15)"
87) Na'aman went from FAITHLESS to FAITHFUL, and he even apologized to the prophet in advance for having to STAND in his old worship space, because it would remain a job requirement upon his return.
88) But in the second story, the FAITHLESS are PUNISHED for their IRRATIONAL refusal to see God's hand.

89) We open with four lepers, stuck on the boundary between Israel and the enemy.

The enemy has fled, because they believe they're about to be invaded.

They've left all their riches behind.
90) The lepers run to tell the king.
The king, who is evil, can't believe there could be a Godsend here.
And so he assumes the whole thing is a trap.

Nevertheless, he sends someone to check it out.

But what happened the day before?

91) The prophet Elisha foretold an end to the famine that had swept the country up in its grip.

“This time tomorrow, a seah [a biblical measurement] of choice flour shall sell for a shekel at the gate of Samaria, and two seahs of barley for a shekel” (II Kings 7:1, 7:18).
92) On hearing this, the Jewish aide to the Jewish king taunted the Jewish prophet: “Even if the Lord made windows in the sky, could this come to pass?” (II Kings 7:2)
93) Recall that #QAnon has spoken of faith in more than three dozen of his messages.
94) Recall also that #QAnon has said that some will remain forever asleep.

11 Mar 2019 - 6:30:49 PM
4-6% [brainwashed] will never wake up even when presented w/ FACTS.
95) The FAITHFUL Jewish prophet Elisha says to the FAITHLESS elite, powerful, king's assistant, a fellow Jew:

“You shall see it with your own eyes, but you shall not eat of it” (7:2, 7:19).
96) "Sure enough, the king appointed this aide to stand at the gate of the Aramean camp while the Israelites helped themselves to the loot. In their massive excitement, the crowd descended on the camp and trampled this aide to death."
97) "Put on the full armor of God, so that u can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.For our struggle is not against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world & against the spiritual forces of evil."(Eph.6:11-18)
98) Please pray with me. Pray as much and as intensely as you can.

(Photo credit: reenablack
99) "Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one God, saluting one flag." - @POTUS

100) That's all for now.

Have a good day everyone.

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