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1) Starting the #QAnon - Iran thread again.

Photo from Q Drop #3002, 7 Mar 2019
2) Bottom line up front, "blunt and direct time," if you believe #QAnon, Iran (just like North Korea) has long been a front for CIA black ops.

3) Last night I took all the Q drops about Iran and put them in order. I took out the links so we'd be left only with the words Q said.

4) Reading the drops in detail, in order, made me feel extremely sad, upset, and betrayed.
5) One of the worst things, for me, is to see how profoundly upset people are nowadays. It's like our collective spine is out of kilter, and we know it wasn't always that way, but we are slowly becoming collectively emotionally sick from all the fighting.
6) What's even more upsetting for me is the thought that the Middle East is literally playing a central role in the affairs of the United States. It's like -- that stuff belongs over there! Not here! Not all the time! It's enough!
7) So let's slow down and take a look at all the Iran drops, some of this will be repetitive if you were reading at lunchtime, please forgive me, you may have to read a couple of things again.
8) First, as you know, this is a truth movement, and what follows is a goddamned awful to stomach representation of treason not a fake political rhetoric rallying cry.
9) These Q drops cover all the mentions of Iraq from November 2, 2017 - April 9, 2019. (Unless Q posts between now and midnight.)
10) Fine print - this is my interpretation of Q. It is oversimplified. If it's wrong, I probably made a mistake. Let me know. (All of this is public domain of course.)
11) Q Drop #39, 11/02/17 - Obama conspired with elements of the U.S. intelligence community to ensure that America’s enemies have the ability to attack it with nuclear weapons.

Of course these are shocking claims, and if he did it he'll never admit it.
13) Q Drop #48, 11/02/17 In May 2010, Obama called Russia a "friendly partner" when it comes to nukes.

What have we all spent two years listening to about @POTUS
14) As best I can understand Q, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was instrumental in helping Obama move uranium overseas to NK/Iran.
15) Q Drop #50, 11/02/17 -- As mentioned, Obama helped North Korea & Iran get uranium. He funneled cash to Iran using hostages as an excuse. The point was to give it to CIA fronts posing as national leaders.

Jarrett = accomplice.
16) Q Drop #71/77, 11/4/17 - Similarly (again as best I understand Q), Obama also enabled a human trafficking ratline to Saudi Arabia, which profited from selling kids & gave a cut to CF, again in exchange for favors.
17) (continued) the flowing cash paid for ISIS operations.
18) (continued) When we liberated Saudi Arabia from its Deep State, they were very grateful to @POTUS and treated him with respect accordingly.
19) Q Drop #118, 11/06/17 Use of private plane to move Bin Laden family after nine eleven. Use of private plane for Iran. Not coincidental. Child sex slaves delivered to Saudi Arabia using private plane. Connection to Podesta Group (moving the kids?).
20) Q Drop #136, 11/11/17 Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran is mentioned in the context of other countries with central banking systems. Implied corruption there.
21) Q Drop #194/195, 11/22/17 Uranium One deal - material went from US, to Canada, to European Union, to Asia, to Iran and North Korea. "Sum of All Fears" scenario - a nuclear bomb detonated, a patsy is blamed, the Deep State plot to start WWIII is activated.
22) Q Drop #199, 11/22/17 - Hillary Clinton was the chosen candidate for 2016, and would have presided over WWIII. To make it happen, they had to get the uranium to North Korea/Iran, make the deal "ultimately classified," and even hide it from Congress.
23) Good God, we're still only in 2017.
24) Q Drop #237, 11/30/17 - North Korea already had the technology to carry out a nuclear missile strike on the United States by 2009, but that the coverup of this fact was the "biggest cover up in our history." There had to be an Iran "deal" and a Russian "reset."
25) Q Drop #247, 12/04/17 - We are told that the "gov't is being gutted publicly," from the bottom to the top, that the connection between Obama and Iran is the key.
26) Q Drop #299, 12/07/17 - here Q alludes to a complex web of corruption, deceit and lies centered on powerful families (Rothschild, Soros, Rockefeller), sex trafficking, slush funds, and that the UK plays a central role. Again he invokes Iran as part of this web.

27) Q Drop #430, 12/22/17 - North Korea is controlled by the "Clowns" (meaning the CIA/Deep State). Protection for corrupt families comes in the form of $ (banks) & threat of a nuke strike if crossed.

Brennan is named as providing false intel, w/ others, re capability.
28) Last drop of 2017 (will pick this up again later, please G-d)
29) Q Drop #437/438, 12/23/17 - Obama terminated the space shuttle program 2011, ending our dominance in space. Went to Iran nuclear "deal." (Not sure how SpaceX fits in).

Meanwhile Hillary Special Access Programs (top secret) on toilet bowl server.

Occult stuff involved.
30) OK let's keep going.
Now we're in January 2018.
31) Consider how much consistent, plausible information Q has dropped already that actually explains what we've been seeing all around us.

Note that the pain of his words comes from the truth they hold.
32) And this is only a FRACTION of the messages!
33) Q Drop #484, 01/07/18 - Ahmadinejed is “talking.”
34) Try to keep this straight: The Deep State accompanied the Iran cash NOT to Iran but to England and Australia.

The Rothschild family handled the transactions, which Obama somehow covered by visiting banks worldwide, personally.
35) The Iran cash paid for expenses the Deep State wanted to cover (we have previously alluded to ISIS as an example). They have a lot of people on the payroll -- criminal groups (Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and MS-13) and individuals (Imran Awan, Huma Abedin, Valerie Jarrett).
36) Meanwhile, the part of these transactions where Hillary's foundation got cash and gave favors in return -- dried up.

She'd lost the election.
37) Q Drop #1602, 27 Jun 2018: "The game is over when the public knows."

Remember, both sides have an interest in keeping things under wraps.
The bad people, because they're going to be punished.
The good people, because they don't want state secrets coming out.
38) Q Drop #570, 01/21/18 - But the Deep State is so evil, so relentless, that they have forced the military's hand.
39) The key to taking the Deep State out is LEGAL (that's what they fear, not violence) -- publishing the documents which reveal Obama abused his authority to try and help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election.
40) There was a 16 year plan to destroy America.
That wasn't a made-up idea, it was a reality that Q revealed.
41) According to Q (and remember this is early 2018 he's telling us this) Obama's job was to:
* weaken the military
* sell off our intelligence
* target political opponents (conservatives)
* use ISIS/MS-13 to scare people.
42) Obama's job was also to purposely ignore North Korea and Iran -- which were really front states for the Deep State -- so they could become powerful enough for Hillary to use against us.

This is why Obama needed to go after our early warning system, the space satellites.
43) Obama had a lot of work to do, on top of all that.
* Flood the borders
* Take the guns
* Starve the people into slavery.
44) The plan included something else, which you can read about in the Q drop we're talking about here. (It starts with a one and ends with a seven and there's another number in between.)
45) The plan also included ending the electoral college (sound familiar?) because leaning on the popular vote lets you use those voting machines which are prone to tampering. (Plus other stuff not mentioned in the drop.)
46) As if that weren't enough, Obama needed to:
* Close military installations to weaken our global presence.
* Destroy opposing media.
* As part of the above, use the “4 am talking points” to spread the preferred narrative.
47) I know this is a lot.

Let's stop for a minute.
48) Q Drop #751, 02/13/18 - Operation Merlin was supposed to be a fakeout where we provided Iran with inferior nuke technology.

49) Q Drop #778, 02/15/18 - assorted.
* China & Russia know who controls North Korea and Iran - freaks Dems out.
* Obama tried damage control by visiting countries before POTUS got there. (Logan Act?)
* @POTUS knows we need 2 bring manufacturing home, for $ and national security.
50) It's hard to believe all this shit is real, isn't it?

"They're" counting on that.
51) Q Drop #786, 02/18/18 - Q repeats POTUS tweet that Obama got away with sending ~ $1,700,000,000 in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress or the DOJ/FBI wanted to know why.

52) Q Drop #888, 3/08/18 – NK worked with POTUS to get rid of the Deep State and transfer control to the United States; the next front will be Iran. (This is repeated on 3/15/18 with Iran in the “kill” box).
53) We note that the enemy is not truly Iran, but its Western handlers, which is pretty much consonant with what Iran actually says about the United States.
54) Q Drop #964, 3/28/18 - Google set up shop in North Korea (Eric Schmidt personally) to establish communications for the Deep State. Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google, is part of "the family" - Deep State.
55) The tech companies are guilty - Facebook, Microsoft. Amazon too. Watch the resignations.
56) Publicity around Biden and China is an important milestone. (I did go and look this up, so now there's China AND Ukraine...)

57) The NSA is releasing all the information the Deep State wanted to keep hidden - the amount of stuff they know!

Example: The uranium went from the US, to Canada, the EU, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Pakistan. (Not sure I understand this last sentence sufficiently.)
58) The military must be funded to take down the Deep State-controlled Iranian regime.
59) Q Drop #988, 4/02/18 - The DOJ legal proceedings are the key to unraveling the Deep State plot.

No part of this is incidental - Awan, the Clinton tarmac meeting with Lynch, Iran, North Korea, Uranium 1, election integrity, immigration/border wall, nothing.
60) Guys, there is so much more.

That's why I don't even understand people who casually toss around the notion that Q is all made up.

It's like saying the encyclopedia is made up.
61) Q Drop #1085, 4/08/18 - the mainstream media cannot admit that POTUS has done anything right. But people are starting to wake up (this is a year ago). The various shenanigans with Syria, Iran and Russia are clues to what's going on - yes, a vast conspiracy.
62) Q Drop #1108, 4/09/18 - we hear again that the operation is planned, Iran is next. The word [SHOWERS] - April showers. (I don't understand this, but online it appears some say it means military action.)
63) Q Drop #1241, 4/23/18 - Again we hear (and this is a year ago) that Iran is "next."
64) Reminder. IRAN is next. Marker. CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2. Could be this.
65) Q links "climate change" with the EU having a "vested interest" in the Iran deal. It's not what it seems, but the feel-good cause was a way of "squeezing funds" out of the USA.
66) Q emphasizes the lack of accountability for money thrown at do-good initiatives like the Paris accord. The money funds Deep State operations that don't have funding of their own.
67) (break)
68) Okay. Let's bring this home.
69) Q Drop #1245, 4/23/18 - "Order is important." The plan to save the world had to be calibrated with military precision; first Saudi Arabia, then North Korea, then Armenia, and then Iran.

The Deep State protection sweater has to be unraveled thread by thread.
70) "The world is connected," says Q.

Arizona, California are key to Mexico, which vocally opposes @POTUS - obviously because those states bring it business. "Those who are the loudest" (have the most to lose).
71) Q Drop #1249, 4/23/18 - Q connects the Red Cross, in Iran and elsewhere, with human smuggling and says that Executive Orders will shed light on what's really going on.
72) Q Drop #1254, 4/24/18 - again we hear "Iran is next." "Mark it down."
73) Three more on 4/24/18:
--#1255 -Macron's job: Keep @POTUS in Iran deal.
--#1256 - Q laments #fakenews failure to cover NK accomplishments.
--#1257 - $500 billion will go down the drain if the Iran deal "fails" (here it is not clear to me what "fails" means).
74) #1265, 4/25/18 -The plan is being executed so that history will reflect the foresight here.
75) #1306, 4/30/18 - Iran moved its nukes to Syria. Which explains our military activity there.
76) #1307, 4/30/18 - Israel was telling the truth about what it found. Kerry/EU trying to keep deal alive anyway. "Sick."

77) Q Drop #1317, 5/04/18 - Kerry, Obama, Hillary flying all over the place trying to save themselves. Everybody knows what's going on.
78) Q Drop #1320, 5/08/18 - @POTUS took control through sanctions/military threat.

"Treason is 1/10th" - the Deep State is really bad.
79) Q Drop #1345, 5/12/18 - Iran deal "was about opening a new untapped market. It was about securing a black site." - for what?
80) (Note: As you all know, I am not in a position to validate all this - the purpose of this thread is to translate it into understandable English so that people can review it more easily.)
81) Q Drop #1346, 5/12/18 - resignations post-2016 election correspond to companies doing business in Iran after the nuclear deal. (Similar reference in 1348, to timing).
82) Q Drop #1359, 5/13/18 - attempt by German trade group to complain about the Iran deal hurting their prospects. Hint that (Merkel's?) visit was connected to this greed.
80) Yikes, time's almost up on this thread!
81) 6/11/18

- Q Drop #1451 - Kim happy with his deal with @POTUS.

- Q Drop #1454 - Purpose of Iran deal was to remove sanctions so countries could do business with Iran. Not connected to nukes. Obama got authority to convert Iranian money to dollars.
82) 82) Q Drop #1544, 6/18/18 - "Owned," corrupt politicians pushed the so-called deal.
83) Q Drop #1558, 6/19/18 - Q encourages Iran to fight for itself.

Q Drop #1570, 6/20/18 - False flag attack prevented. The secondary Deep State strategy of making up a story about how bad @POTUS is (immigration, "child separation") will be used as a distraction. Won't work.
84) Q Drop #1604, 6/27/18 - Q again encourages Iran. Its own military will rise up - they're the same as the people after all. US is watching.
85) Q Drop #1753, 7/29/18 - Justice is coming. Strategy is to work "bottom to top." FISA is the basis of the victory strategy. Iran is part of the layers of corruption to be identified.
86) Q Drop #1822, 8/06/18 - role of #fakenews in perpetuating their lies. Projection of their own sins onto those who are awake. The definition of a conspiracy.
87) Q Drop #1943, 8/28/18 - Hassan Rouhani is in the [box], which means his departure from office is imminent.
88) Q Drop #1948, 8/28/18 - Obama was sponsored by the Saudis for office, and that road ended in helping Iran, which is really the Deep State.

Q then gets into the weeds of the various illicit ways that the DS tried to cover up how the money was transferred. NSA has it all.
89) Q Drop #2104, 9/6/18 - Q calls out Jerome Corsi as Mossad.
90) Q Drop #2658, 1/6/19 - "Panic in DC" - their narrative is failing and they can't win reputation or money through their corrupt ways. @POTUS has tied their hands.
91) Q Drop #2715, 2/14/19 - Q calls out the Washington Post (due to its owner, Jeff Bezos) specifically as leading the "attack" against #QAnon. This isn't hard to figure out - the CIA funds Amazon and has tried to harm NSA's surveillance capabilities.
92) Q warns that if you are an ideological threat and have a lot of followers, you're more likely to be targeted by them.
93) Q Drop #2793, 2/18/19 - Q reports that there is talk of silencing opponents "across all social media/online platforms" simultaneously. There is a plan ready to go in case things get too dire.
94) Q Drop #2807, 2/19/19 - @POTUS is at risk because he isn't controlled by them. And they have lots of ways of hiding money. We have an opportunity to stop them and we will take that opportunity.
95) Q Drop #3002, 03/07/19 - "We stand TOGETHER in this FIGHT. WWG1WGA!!!"

#KAG #KAG2020

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