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Lorrie Goldstein @sunlorrie
'Based on his performance since the scandal broke in early February, even setting aside the merits of the SNC-Lavalin issue, @justintrudeau deserves to lose in the fall. cbc.ca/news/opinion/c…#cdnpoli
Andrew Scheer @AndrewScheer
This is crazy. The Office of the Ethics Commissioner is supposed to investigate conflicts of interest, not take part in them. This calls into question the entire office and the legitimacy of its investigations.
Imam Mohamad Tawhidi @Imamofpeace
Trudeau, in my opinion, may be the biggest liar on planet earth today. He defended terrorist Omar Khadr more than his own lawyer did. Now, he’s saying that he knew nothing👇
about the $10.5M settlement being signed despite him being the main force behind it. nationalpost.com/news/politics/…
gerrybuddy @gerrybuddy
Replying to @manny_ottawa
You got it,Manny. Trudeau is a Gaslighting Narcissist narcissisticbehavior.net/the-effects-of…#Trudeau #cdnpoli
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
While #FakeFeminist Trudeau let 3 Canadians sit in China jail for “Rule of Law” he #ObstructionOfJustice for 4 months pressuring AG to do what no AG has done -fired her - 👇
corrupted @Clerk_GC then kicked her and @janephilpott out of Caucus breaking the Parliament of Canada Act
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Trudeau lied about EVERYTHING
- 4 Ethics Guilty findings
- sexually groping
- open Borders
- killing Pipelines
- killing oil
- Carbon Tax (saving planet)👇
- blamed India for terrorist invite
- promised small deficits & balance by 2019

Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
If only #FakeFeminist Trudeau adhered to his own condescending lectures he gives all Canadians

He w’d not have:
-Sexually, physically verbally assaulted women
-Guilty of 5 Ethics Conflicts Laws
-lost 2 top female minsters
-alienated Alberta
- humiliated
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
This is #FakeFeminist trying to escape the downpour of bad press from his #ObstructionOfJustice and #SNCLavalinScandal👇
thinks illegally firing @Puglaas and @janephilpott and dumb defamation law suit against @AndrewScheer will work.

Ezra Levant 🍁 @ezralevant
You gave $10.5 million to a terrorist named Omar Khadr.

You secretly met with a Taliban supporter, Joshua Boyle, while he was under police investigation.

When other countries👇
cut off funds to Hamas you sent them an extra $50M.

You literally pay money to Jew-hating terrorists.
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
1/ Liberal friendly @facebook banning of @FaithGoldy nothing to do with her. Its basis for an unjustifiable attack narrative against @AndrewScheer —he’s target.

Vile false smearing campaign👇
against @CPC_HQ using Goldy as dispensable tool for that goal

Planned and orchestrated

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Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
I’m heartened that there are great women who will speak “truth to power”. I see daily mountains of lies and misdirection by liberals in power - I think we cannot win — 👇
then comes along @Puglaas @janephilpott and @RealCandaceO

Truth will prevail.
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
More hypocritical vacuous narcissist empty claims.

#FakeFeminist broke Parliament of Canada act which incorporated @MichaelChongMP great ideas that there must be a vote in Caucus to expel an MP from Caucus👇
Unethical Trudeau deprived @Puglaas @janephilpott that right.
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
#FakeFeminist every day. On every crises he created.
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
I miss the days where #FakeNews gloated and reported every day about #FakeFeminist Trudeau high approval ratings and @realDonaldTrump low approval ratings.
Well that ended.

Now it’s up to me.👇
Trudeau: Strongly 8% TOTAL 35%
Trump: Strongly 37 % TOTAL 53%
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Here’s my take on Trudeau’s absurd defamation notice of claim against @AndrewScheer

Scheer brilliantly replied “bring on the law suit- Canada awaits the truth”

Iain G. Foulds @FouldsIain
Replying to @manny_ottawa @AndrewScheer
... Just excellent Manny. You and Ezra are the perfect team.
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Dear @JustinTrudeau @cathmckenna you preach “truth”.
Explain to Canadians about fraud in messaging on #CarbonTax

B.C. has had Carbon tax since 2008 at $40/tonne twice Liberals tax of $20 (but your Tax will creep up to $50)👇
BOTH Emissions & consumption is ⬆️ IN B.C.

You lied!
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
So tiresome with election campaigns

Conservatives- want stop liberal corruption, wild spending and return good governance

Liberals- scour all candidates every👇
word on social media and feign crises over poor language—also NEVER satisfied of way denouncing White Supremacists
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
#FakeFeminist Trudeau BROKE Laws:

GUILTY Conflicts Act:
S.9 Influence
S.11 Gifts
S.12 Travel
S.21 Recusal
S. 11 Gifts

S.139(1) CCC #ObstructionOfJustice
S.21 Recusal - vote INQUIRY👇
S.21 Recusal - “ “ #LetHerSpeak
S.49 Parliament of Canada Act

9 LAWS!!
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Without any doubt #FakeFeminist Trudeau is a narcissist sociopathic liar.

He’s virtually lied on EVERY MATTER now calls out for end to liars.

Only a narcissist can have the nerve.

Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
'Can't be lying to Canadians' LIAR;
-Small deficits
-High Ethics
-MPs more power
-Omar Khadr $10.5M
-Terrorist on India trip
-Groping reporter
-Democratic Reform
Nothing but lies
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
#FakeFeminist Trudeau a defender of truth 😂😂😂is like:

1. Bernie Madoff a defender of prudent investments.
2. OJ Simpson a defender spousal love.
3. Harvey Weinstein defender of #MeToo👇
Narcissistic trait is lack of self awareness
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Recall this

(this is just one example of 100s of bold faced lies by #FakeFeminist)

See this.

I can’t imagine why liberal👇
voter w’d be ok to have their intelligence so insulted by bold face lies.

Clearly self respect is lacking
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Ironically the greatest single factor in saving millions of lives was FOSSIL FUELS use in every form.

Why not invest money on protecting loss life against climate events that has existed before mankind👇
than trying to change the weather.

Buy an umbrella or try to stop rain?
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Trudeau has announced the same Border control action advanced by @AndrewScheer years ago as well as every concerned Canadian.

Will Liar #FakeFeminist narcissist Trudeau Brand himself “racist” as he did millions of Canadians?
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Trudeau actually Broke another Law —Parliament Act of Canada to punish Attorney General from standing in his way breaking the Criminal Code of Canada 139(1) #ObstructionOfJustice

Canada is WORSE than banana republic.

Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Have the liberals ever thought what happens when Canadians see Trudeau as the #FakeFeminist #FakePM and his condescending lectures blaming citizens for his unethical and illegal acts don’t work anymore?
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
It’s easier if I ask this question.

What law has #FakeFeminist Trudeau not broken?
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Why doesn’t every Liberal MP/Minister who remains loyal to #FakeFeminist #FakePM know when 2 top Cabinet ministers @Puglaas @janephilpott leave because of distrust of👇
Trudeau (never happened in Canada’s history) — they equally wear the lies, dishonesty and unethical descriptive?
Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa
Ironically the greatest single factor in saving millions of lives was FOSSIL FUELS use in every form.

Why not invest money on protecting loss life against climate events that has existed before mankind👇
than trying to change the weather.

Buy an umbrella or try to stop rain?

Spencer Fernando 🇨🇦 @SpencerFernando
Instead of holding the government accountable, the biased Liberal-appointed house speaker tells Conservative MP to apologize. The whole system is broken, corrupt, and can never be trusted.
Conservative Gal @PoliticalChunks
Replying to @SpencerFernando
The irony of being a tax dodger yet the liberals give you the tax $$$ we have no choice but to pay. Boycott them.
Spencer Fernando 🇨🇦 @SpencerFernando
REPORT: IMF SLASHES Canada's 2019 GDP Growth Forecast. spencerfernando.com/2019/04/09/rep…
Spencer Fernando 🇨🇦 @SpencerFernando
VIDEO: Worried-Looking Trudeau Says Politicians "Can't Be Lying To Canadians," Not Realizing He's Talking About Himself. spencerfernando.com/2019/04/09/vid…
Canada Proud @WeAreCanProud
Amanda Stevenson runs a small grocery store in Manitoba. While she struggles to get by, @JustinTrudeau is handing out millions to Loblaws

Amanda has a powerful message for Trudeau.👇
RETWEET to make sure her voice is heard and thank you to @MichelleRempel for giving her a platform
Katie 🇨🇦 @communik8e
I’ve been waiting 4 long years for this moment. @RachelNotley and her terrible government caused irreparable damage to my family’s business, robbed my parents of their retirement,👇
set me back years financially, and caused me and many loved ones much pain and heartache. #abvote
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr
Everyone knows it’s happening, it’s time to do something about it.

EXCLUSIVE: Documents Detailing Google’s ‘News Blacklist’ Show Manual Manipulation Of Special Search Results | The Daily Caller dailycaller.com/2019/04/09/goo…
Joe Warmington @joe_warmington
WARMINGTON: $12M Loblaw climate-change grant offensive – and the ⁦Canadian Taxpayers Federation has some strong but sage advice for @loblaws Toronto Sun ⁦@awudricktorontosun.com/news/local-new…
Ontario Proud @ontarioisproud
Hey @katepurchase, fire your digital team. They're being crushed.

Senator Linda Frum @LindaFrum
The sister-in-law of Liberal cabinet minister ⁦@DLeBlancNB⁩ has been tasked with investigating the Liberal SNC scandal on behalf of the Ethics Commisioner — which is a scandal in and of itself. #LavScam ⁦⁦@mindingottawablacklocks.ca/investigator-i…
Robert Collinge @collinge_robert
What a farce #lavscam
Canada Proud @WeAreCanProud
Loblaws made $754 million in profits last year. They can afford to replace their own fridges.

RETWEET if you think small business owners like Amanda Stevenson should come before mega corporations

Ontario Proud @ontarioisproud
When Trudeau gets done with the Liberals, the only seat that will remain will be @TOAdamVaughan's

David Jacobs @DrJacobsRad
Replying to @katepurchase
When you foolishly toss a political hand grenade at an opponent without pulling the pin, don't act surprised👇
when it gets lobbed back at you with the pin pulled out.

#CDNpoli #LavScam #Trudeau @stephen_taylor @sunlorrie @mtmdiamond
S. Harper @Sharper40
Replying to @cathmckenna
I don’t understand, is that because the data was manipulated so you can justify your #carbontax scam. Canadians need you out of office. #nocarbontax #LavScam #cdnpoli
down our motion asking Justin Trudeau to respect the rule of law in the trial of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. Given the recent allegations of political interference against him, this isn’t a surprise.

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Erin O'Toole @ErinOTooleMP
A few thoughts on Trudeau’s attempt to silence critics with threats of legal action. First, truth is an absolute defence to libel and truth is on our side as shifting Liberal excuses,👇
resignations & caucus expulsions demonstrates in spades. #LavScam 1/3

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Candice Bergen @CandiceBergenMP
Trudeau cannot continue to govern & needs to resign.

Join thousands of Canadians who already signed this petition demanding exactly that.


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