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It is now clear the Brexit which people perceived was on offer was an illusion. I’m not talking about the high-level outcome of an independent UK, but the vision of easy trade deals, the EU and member states begging for our trade and the UK having the whip hand in negotiations.
That Brexit was never on offer. The “economic” cards were always stacked against us, the EU is much less exposed by Brexit than the UK, and “project fear” was actually not too far from the reality (it’s just we’ve not seen it bite yet as we’ve not left).
The politically and economically cohesive Brexit was the one which saw the UK leaving the EU, but not abandoning “Europe”. An open-spirited Brexit where the UK would remain at the centre of Europe’s economy, engaged diplomatically but politically independent.
This would have been based on more than mere trade, but in shared institutions: mainly EFTA, offering a counterbalance to EU hegemony as well as genuine economic partnerships via continued membership of the EEA Agreement. This was the Brexit the EU wanted most. True partnership.
That vision of Brexit was killed-off by the well-moneyed advocates of no-deal who I can only assume have deep-pocketed backers desperate to monetise and profit from the inevitable chaos WTO bring will inflict. My guess is lots of the money is American, possibly agro-money.
That is why I am looking forward to the day when we find out who funds “campaign” groups like Brexit Central, the Tax Payers Alliance, the IEA, Legatum, and all the little on-line hard Brexit groups now targeting Tory MPs for deselection run by the same 2/3 PR companies.
The same companies incidentally running, covertly, the election campaigns of those vying for No10 after May falls on her sword.

Because what we have is now not dissimilar to what we had in the 1970s when undemocratic trades unions stitched stuff up behind the scenes.
Only now it’s PR companies paid (literally) hundreds of thousands a month to spew hard-brexit messages via Twitter, Facebook and other means to poison the minds of Brexiters angry at May’s delay, to “cleanse” the Tory party of “traitors” and pave the way for Manchurian candidates
I objected to the Trades Unions subverting democracy and I felt it was right and proper to challenge their power.

And it’s now right to challenge the power of any organisation which uses secretive company law or off-shoring to avoid scrutiny whilst exerting political influence.
I didn’t vote for the IEA or Legatum so I don’t want them writing my laws. I want a politics which isn’t like US politics - where money buys votes. I want transparency and honesty. And that’s not happening when we have shadowy companies pulling strings behind the scenes.
I think Brexit is probably now dead. It has been killed because purists wanted to make it their idea of perfect instead of a broad policy enjoying wider support. The ERG and those behind it wanted to enforce THEIR version of Brexit. And the country said no.
It said no when May asked in the general election for a personal hard Brexit mandate, and country refused to give it to her.

It said no when Parliament rejected the Government’s default position of leaving with no deal.

And it will say no again if asked again.
I don’t know where this leaves us. The extremes have each wound up two armies of angry, alienated and frustrated people.

If we don’t brexit the “betrayal” narrative will, I predict escalate into a flood of populist civil disobedience.
If we do Brexit, Remain will simply become a “rejoin” political party, probably the CHUK/TIGers, and the sore will continue to weep for another generation.

Logically the only way to lessen that is find a compromise where no one gets everything but everyone gets something.
Obviously the EEA offers that. But the difficulty is that requires both extremes climbing down ladders and accepting a model of Brexit both have deliberately trashed, lied about and misrepresented in order to defend their own uncompromising position.
My guess is we will now either have a very long delay, or a PV, or simply revoke. The PV outcome is uncertain and pitches citizen against citizen whereas revoke is a coup de grace.

Whilst I don’t think there has been a swing to either camp, the demographics favour Remain.
Since 2016 about 2m teenagers have turned voting age and maybe 1m older citizens have sadly passed on. This hugely advantages leave who maxed their vote in 2016. And of course every day of delay makes calls for a PV seem more credible because it’s day more removed from 23/6/16
I now want a public inquiry so we can learn lessons. I also want institutional and constitutional reform to make sure this chaos never happens again. Most of all I want closure, either a brexit a good majority of us all can live with, or Parliament pushes the pause button.
We’re at a crossroads. It’s time for politicians to stop making difficult decisions and start making the right decisions and do their job in the national, not party or self interest.

I won’t hold my breath. We have some not nice politicians who are wound up in their own egos.
But I hope with all my heart we find a way through this, and we can find a way to come together around “something”, because I love the UK, it’s peoples and the patriots there are on both sides of the divide. But to do that we have to “de camp” and be prepared to compromise.
*disadvantages Leave.
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