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#NXIVM #RECAP Allison Mack admitted to KEEPING A SLAVE but plead guilty to racketeering. Racketeering=obtaining/extorting money illegally/carrying on illegal business activities, usually Organized Crime. BUT SHE WAS KEEPING A SLAVE...
She plead guilty to 1 ct. racketeering & 1 ct. racketeering conspiracy at Brooklyn Fed Court. She “took full responsibility as the alleged 2nd in command of Keith “vanguard” Raniere”-Albany based “self help guru”
Raniere is facing charges of sex trafficking & possession of child pornography. Mack claims to be sorry for the victims but admitted to keeping a sex slave & blackmailing members w/nudes-she was the lead recruiter in the all female sect of cult called DOS
DOS supplies slaves “encouraged” to engage in sexual activity w/Raniere & were required to brand themselves w/Mack & raniere’s initials-forced to provide embarrassing collateral to DOS leaders to use against them should they ever try to leave.
6 other people have been charged including Seagram’s heiress Claire Bronfman(friend’s w/Clinton’s)- who pleaded guilty to money laundering & identity left, FAINTED In court when asked about closed door Michael Avanatti meeting
Former founder Nancy Salzman & daughter Lauren both plead guilty to conspiracy charges & are expected to testify at Raniere’s trial later this month (if no one gets “suicided”)
According to her self titled website, Nancy Salzman is the president and co-founder of Executive Success Programs, a comp offering personal & professional development programs designed to help people discover, develop & utilize more of their untapped potential.
Lauren Salzman also told the court that she deliberately kept her own, personal female slave locked in a private room for 2 yrs
Salzman said she threatened deporting Jane Doe 4 to Mexico if she didn’t do her “work” & obey all of Salzman’s orders
While pleading guilty of racketeering Nancy said“I accept some of the things I did werent just wrong but SOMETIMES criminal. I justified them by saying what we were doing was for the greater good. I am deeply sorry for the trouble I caused my daughterthe pain I caused my parents”
Seriously? You are sorry for what you did to your daughter & parents? Ummm what about the victims?
Kathy Russell, a longtime bookkeeper for NXIVM, has moved 💰for Raniere’s “shell companies”:
26 Realty Property Management, LLC
A Cappella Innovations, Inc.
Aletheia LLC
Alpha Development Group
Axiology, Inc. (Nevada: March 18, 2008)
Buyers Advocate, Inc. Delaware: June 28, 1999
Center for Ethical Justice LLC (Delaware: October 7, 2007)
Consumers Advocate, Inc.
Crosspoint Communication, Inc.
Elite Housing Corporation
Elite Marketing Professionals, Inc. (Delaware; August 26, 1999)
Essence Interactive
Ethletics LLC
Ethical Principles Inc.,
Ethical Publishing LLC (Delaware: August 26, 1999)
Ethical Value Exchange, Inc.
Events for Humanity, Inc. (Delaware: November 2, 2007)
Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (Delaware: January 28, 2004)
Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (New York State: January 9, 2004)
Executive Success Programs, Inc. (Delaware: July 20, 1998)
Executive Success Programs, Inc. (New York State: May 6, 2002)
First Principles Inc. (Delaware)
Grow Sport, Ltd. (Great Britain)
House of Equus LLC
In Lak Ech
International Center for Change, Inc. (NY State: Oct 14, 1992)
J. Cricket LLC
JM Tax Consulting
Krunch Corporation
Las Casitas Rental
Moving Pix LLC
My Home, Inc.
Nataraja Center for Movement Arts
NXIVM Corp (Puerto Rico: Oct 25, 2005)
NXIVM Properties LLC, (NYS),
NX Trust
Occam’s Razor LLC
Our Evolution LLC
Peak Physique, Inc.
PERSENSEO, Inc. (Delaware)
Precision Development, LLC (Nevada)
Rainbow Cultural Garden, Inc. (Delaware: Sept 7, 2007)
Rainbow Cultural Garden LLC
Remick Consulting (Delaware)
Rochester Media Management LLC
Signature Event Marketing Group
Slate River Farm, Inc.
Slate River Mobile LLC (Delaware)
Slate Sista Farm LLC
Spirit@19, Inc. (Delaware)
Sunshine Properties LLC
The Art of Movement, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 2004)
The Athletics Foundation
The Dalai Lama Trust
The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Fictitious)
The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Massachusetts: Jan 22, 1979)
The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation
The Ethical Science Foundation (Delaware)
The First Foundation, Inc.
The Raniere Group, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 1994)
The Think Fund, Inc. (Nevada: Oct 10, 2001)
The World Ethical Foundations Consortium
Truth LLC (Delaware: August 23, 2007)
Ultima ® (New York State: May 6, 2008)
Veinte Seiz LLC f7k/a Blue Skies LLC
Veinte Siete LLC f/k/a Charly’s Wings LLC
Village Hall LLC
Whare LLC
World Audience Productions LLC
WOWZAH! That’s A LOT of Shell Companies!! I wonder who else those companies are connected too?
Bronfman allegedly helped Raniere monitor ecomms of perceived enemies/critics & charge expenses to his sexual partner's CC’s after she died 2016 U.S. attorney's office alleges she helped alien enter US illegally & gave millions to org to cover expenses like $65Kprivate flight
What other expenses were covered? I’m assuming there’s a doctor involved somewhere? But who? 🤔
What could possibly cause these women to be involved in such a horrific scheme? This article explains cult behavior for those of us who just don’t get it frankreport.com/2019/04/11/g-a…
After Kathy’s attorney, William Fanciullo, dropped Kathy she was assured an attorney who’ll properly defend [Keith&Clare] & her [in order] & legal bills paid for by the Bronfmans as long as she doesnt cooperate w/prosecution-may require her to take fall for Keith & Clare.
Kathy’s the perfect fall-man who naively signed everything, not Keith, Nancy, or Karen-lawyers we’re assigned to various defendants & paid for by Bronfman. Conflict much?
According to their website, #NXIVM is a company whose mission is to RAISE human awareness(of what?), foster an ethical humanitarian civilization(with sex slaves?),& celebrate what it means to be human (while torturing/raping other humans?)....ummm... nxivm.com
If you hop over to their site, you’ll see this message explaining their disappointment over the “interruption of [their] operations” 🤔 so you’re disappointed you can’t traffick/torture/rape more women & children? Seriously guys? Your PR person should be in prison-I mean fired 🙄
Apparently, they were able to fool the Dalai Lama(pictured on stage at NXIVM event Albany NY May 6 2009 w/Sara Bronfman) & he accepted $1M fee to speak to 3,000 members. THERE ARE 3,000 MEMBERS!!! Who are these ppl?! At what level did they become “in the know” THEY HAD TO KNOW
Sarah Edmondson opened this can of worms by filing a complaint against member who branded her saying branding & compromising material was required for female members manipulated by Raniere w/sex who intimidated ppl trying to leave group using compromising material as blackmail
Sarah Edmondson is a Canadian actress who just so happens to have appeared in Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart alongside the recently charges Lori Loughlin 🤔 #NothingToSeeHere
The BRAINWASHING, BEATING, STARVATION “secret sorority" DOS stands for Latin "dominus obsequious sororium," Meaning "MASTER OVER THE SLAVE WOMEN”
2003 Forbes Raniere profile reported “some 3,700 ppl have flocked” to Executive Success Programs...including Sheila Johnson cofounder BET; Antonia C. Novello former U.S. SURGEON GENERAL 👀Stephen Cooper then ACTIVE CEO ENRON, Seagram fortune’s Edgar Bronfman Sr. & 2 daughters...
... MEXICO’S PRESIDENTS DAUGHTER Ana Cristina Fox & SON OF FORMER MEXICO PRESIDENT’S SON Emiliano Salinas who likened Raniere’s courses to “A PRACTICAL M.B.A.” & listed as “VP Ethics” on Executive Success Programs’ website & been an Executive Board member since 2009
Bronfman sisters were spending est. $2M/mo on Raniere/NXIVM & have tried reaching out to everyone from Roger Stone & Sitrick & Co, to donating $100,000’s to politicians from HRClinton-Huckabee, hired PI’s while planning to assassinate an anti-cult activist...etc...ThisIsRealLife
Raniere allegedly commissioned ACTUAL studies into est. HIS OWN SOVEREIGN COUNTRY & was wired $500K from Bronfman sisters for 2 purported ex-C.I.A. agents in attempt to smear NXIVM member who committed suicide 👀 #NothingToSeeHere
Then there’s just the “Vanguard Week”10-day fest NXIVM held EVERY AUGUST on Raniere’s bday at Lake George resort, w/5 NANNIES to tutor a 3yr/old ORPHAN NAMED GAELEN 👀who’s MOTHER’S IDENTITY=UNKNOWN👀 in Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish& English as part of Rainbow Cultural Garden
1 has to wonder how anyone as seemingly intelligent as the Bronfman sisters, w/all the fancy schools & private tutors, would’ve been smart enough to stay away from all this craziness? So what went wrong? Remember a few post up when the connection was made in the Forbes article?
Mr. Bronfman’s had his own drama from Seagram’s dismemberment & losing almost 25% stake DuPont, to son’s NY ransom kidnapping to his forced retirement(2007) World Jewish Congress after 30 yr Presidency bc evidence his deputy, Rabbi Israel Singer embezzled over $1M...
Sara & Clare=Bronfman’s daughters from wife2-married & divorced 2x’s-she ended up dating Italianfilmmaker Lorenzo Ricciardi- ARRESTED FOR TRYING TO MURDER HER & married Mick Jagger’s “wing man” Nigel Havers-the girls were bullied in adolescence, Sara married Irishman Ronan Clarke
So basically, a couple normal billionaire life scandals & life led Sara & Sr. to their 1st ESP meeting where brainwashing began, then, Clara joined & it’s all downhill from there folks! In all fairness(?)Edgar said it was a cult in 2003 & no one listened. Don’t worry they are now
Also 2003 NXIVM (w/B sister’s wallet, deposited $500K to International Program Group owners/self described former C👁A to probe Kristin Snyder’s history after she committed suicide w/note said she’d been “brainwashed” during 16day “intensive” NXIVM seminar in Anchorage &
2004 2004 NXIVM hired Interfor/Juval Aviv(founder)claiming “ex-Mossad agent”to plan sting on anti-cult activist Rick Ross & hired actress to play concerned mother to hire Ross & wired $2500 for son’s intervention on a cruise ship-intending to throw him overboard But didn’t
What’s so crazy about NXIVM besides EVERYTHING is it’s seemingly humble beginnings. Classic story boy[Raniere] meets girl[Nancy Salzman] 👦🏻discovers 👧🏻=neuro-linguistic programming (therapeutic mind control used to hypnotize patients) EXPERT 👦🏻convinces 👧🏻 to use powers for evil
Their 1st hypnotic mind control victim Toni Natalie was around for the name changing, their 1st 21 “module” textbook/that basis of 1st 3wk Executive Success Program-many like actress Linda Evans were instantly converted
Name changing? Yes. Name changing. They literally changed their names to these seemingly more fitting titles 🤨
Who else is NXIVM’s network? Former Enron Exec StephenCooper, BETco-founder SheilaJohnson, former U.S.SurgeonGeneral AntoniaNovello, actress Goldie Hawn, & Richard Branson who’s hosted intensive NXIVM course on his Caribbean island & benefactor 2008 Albany ACappella Innovations
We covered A LOT in yesterday’s #NXIVM #RECAP so scroll up if you need to catch up. Today, we are going to dive deeper into some topics. You didn’t think I was just going to pass right over the fact that Keith Raniere has an orphaned child w/no identified mother, did you?
Frank Report has worked so hard to help victims of NXIVM that he’s faced targeted harassment by NXIVM’s pocket NYC Trooper Rodger Kirsopp. But that hasn’t stopped him from his victim saving mission. frankreport.com/2019/03/05/hei…
The above article states “Toni[Natalie], esp, was on a mission to save the “foundling” Gaelen. She had some horror stories about how KAR tormented her own son when they were together & was anxious to spare the “rescued orphan” from a similar fate.”
Um. Ok. Wow 😲
Supposedly, Gaelen, the “orphan” was Kristin Keeffe & KAR’s son. But Toni claims that Gaelen’s parents died in a car crash in MI & Barbara Jeske & Kristin Keeffe traveled there to “rescue” him. Later, Keeffe claimed Gaelen WAS actively being gruesomely experimented on
Followers were told Gaelen was orphaned when mother died giving birth & father was unknown when all along, Kristin Keeffe, was the mother coerced by his father, Raniere to lie. He refused to be on birth certificate til she fled w/Gaelen-then Raniere went after paternity suit
Keeffe accused Raniere of conducting psychologically harmful experiments on Gaelen along w/a slew of other crimes & has been in hiding. Raniere aggressively tried to find them even after a 2nd member popped up pregnant...
Raniere’s 2nd NXIVM baby boy was born to Marianna Fernandez said to have loved “ménage à trois w/Raniere & Allison Mack in Clifton Park, NY.
Soooooo she’s a sex slave? Or was this “consensual” through hypnotic mind control?
Baby2 caused upheaval since Raniere, reportedly, ORDERED at least 8 abortions for his inner circle women supposedly on birth control & over 12 women claimed he promised they’d bear his “golden child” but none have(that we know of) So who are these women that bought his lies?
We know about the Bronfman Sisters. Clare, abandoned Olympic equestrian dream to become de facto NXIVM leader. Sara Divorced 1st hubby for Raniere for a green NXIVM-both “pissed away” most of their inheritance & are facing jail time
Allison Mack abandoned lucrative acting career & entire life savings in favor of becoming DOS sex slave org head now facing criminal charges possibly resulting in spending the rest of her life in jail
Kathy Russell abandoned Alaskan family,including her young son, to become NXIVM’s financial records keeper & pursue world-famous ballerina fantasy hindered by an ankle monitor as she preps as the fall girl since only she signed everything 🤦🏼‍♀️
Lauren Salzman passed up many opportunities for a happy life in pursuit of mothering Raniere’s “avatar child” & is currently coming to terms w/the possibility she’ll never mother the children of her dreams while under house arrest
Nancy Salzman abandoned career as “psychotherapist” in favor of becoming the public face of NXIVM’s criminal enterprise, offering up her daughters to temporarily satiate Raniere’s sexual desires. House arrest & cancer undoubtedly have caused some much needed retrospection
Pam Cafritz spent her entire adult life catering to Raniere as 1 of his top recruiters for UNDERAGE girls he loved teaching about sex 🤮& DIED ALONE & IN PAIN bc she let him treat her cancer w/his “tech” vs. medical treatment & left her $8M estate to him
Barbara Jeske also spent her entire adult life catering to Raniere, & died painful/lonely/premature death bc Raniere convinced her she had carpal tunnel syndrome rather than the brain cancer that eventually ended her life but not before making NXIVM recipient of her will
Attractive, Talented, Mexican Native Ivy Nevares moved to Clifton Park, NY to be closer to her Vanguard & stopped cutting her hair in order to “heal an ethical breach she’d committed against him”, wasted over 16 yrs waiting for Raniere’s impregnation & now is hiding out in Mexico
Esther Chiappone abandoned Alaska w/her 4 kids to be closer to Vanguard & wound up so broke from taking NXIVM courses she had to move in with Jim Del Negro who abandoned his marriage & business to become a NXIVM Mobster who’ll inevitably get hammered by the FEDS
Self Made financial manager, Barbara Bouchey spent over 8yrs working for NXIVM cult, gave her life savings to Raniere & was one of the highest ranking members when she & several other women left in 2008 & was met w/numerous lawsuits & deposition demands.
Toni Natalie became involved w/ Raniere while he was still running Consumers Buyline but left him just as he was starting up what became NXIVM/ESP cult so Raniere initiated numerous legal actions against her – including 2 criminal actions, both resulted in dismissals
Kristin Keeffe met Raniere not long after dropping out of HS, became NXIVM’s self-trained Legal Liaison . After giving birth to Raniere’s 1st born, she fled w/her son, who was being subjected to what eventually became the Rainbow Cultural Gardens training program.
Let’s take a sec to contemplate the gravity of the above tweet 🤔
Ok. We’ll come back to that just wanted everyone to stick a mental pin in it. There’s also Gina Hutchinson who Supposedly committed suicide October 2002 at 33. Allegedly, she incurred Raniere’s wrath bc she developed romantic interest in another man.
& Kristin Snyder’s “suicide”
Many men fell under Raniere’s spell as well. Emiliano Salinas,son of Carlos Salinas, former President of Mexico, “would-be” future Mexican president, became lovers w/Alex Betancourt bc Raniere said...is now hiding out in Mexico-word is father’s called lots of favors spent fortune
Alex Betancourt, Mexican trust fund baby, became successful businessman till getting ensnared in NXIVM & initiated criminal charges in Mexico against several of Raniere’s enemies is hiding out in Mexico too
Jim Del Negro,one of Raniere’s pawns in a variety of illegal activities, once testified, under oath, that he didn’t know the name of a company that he was President of 🤦🏼‍♀️& has also been accused of raping the wife of a guy that he was working with on behalf of Raniere.
Remember earlier when I said there had to be a doctor somewhere on this roster? You know, besides the FORMER US SURGEON GENERAL🤦🏼‍♀️ Well, meet them next...
Dr. Brandon Porter risked med career & license in order to conduct unauthorized psychological experiments on women to identify who’d be most susceptible to becoming DOS members & is hiding out but hopefully FEDS grab him soon &
Then there’s Dr. Danielle Roberts who risked career & license branding all the women recruited into DOS. THIS IS A DOCTOR WHO BRANDED SEX SLAVES FOR A CULT!!! AND NY STATE CLEARED THIS MONSTER OF ALL WRONGDOING. #ThesePeopleAreSick
And those are just SOME of the people involved not even including the numerous UNDERAGE girls “coerced” into having sex w/Raniere, +/- 150 branded women, actresses like Kristin Kreuk, Grace Parks, Ludwika Paleta, etc, 100’s of women sexually involved Exclusively w/Raniere...
But what about the woman who walked into a Buddhist monastery but never walked out? The woman who drowned(alleged suicide👀)in icy Alaskan waters? The women who were only children when left alone to Raniere? How many have been lives destroyed, years lost, life savings wasted?
NXIVM MUST have A LOT to hide considering they’ve hacked personal emails/phone records/bank accts, bribed Mexican judges/politicians, I’m sure there’s a few in the states on team NXIVM too(*coughs Gillibrand👀) But what kind of monster doesn’t seek justice in cases like this?
If NXIVM had just been accused of MASSIVE TAX EVASION(Klein Conspiracy)w/+75 Corp entities/“shell companies” constantly switching bank accounts & advising employees not to pay taxes, we wouldn’t care. Maybe that’s why NY cleared Dr.BrandASlave & presented racketeering charges?👀
But it WASNT just White Collar crime. NXIVM is also accused of SMUGGLING $10M CASH into US from Mexico; TRAFFICKING ILLEGAL ALIENS & IMPRISONING THEM AS SLAVES, STATUTORY RAPE, COVERING AT LEAST 2 “SUICIDES” & TRYING TO HAVE PEOPLE KILLED-if that weren’t enough, there’s more...
NXIVM seemingly believed wholeheartedly in “if you’re gonna do it, do it BIG” bc they didn’t JUST evade taxes-they orchestrated possibly 1 of the largest tax evasion schemes in our nation’s history(tho I’m sure our leftist politicians will soon join the race to number 1)...
Oct 22, 2010 NYPost wrote of NXIVM’s Reniere, “An accused con man who runs an upstate ‘cult’ bankrolled by the Bronfman booze fortune has ‘had people killed,’ he boasts in an explosive new video...” I wonder who those people were?
Not long after the NYPost article, The Albany Times Union reported that Raniere SERIALLY RAPED UNDERAGE GIRLS using Bronfman money to pursue & hunt down enemies. WHY WAS THIS ALLOWED TO GO ON SO LONG?
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