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Never seen Star Wars.

None of them.

Never will.

“Omg you’re missing out”


You’re missing out on being a multi millionaire.

Keep your movie.
“Not your car”

It has my last name. Tate. T8. On the numberplate.

Too much star wars makes you dumb.
Guys. I have more cars that I stand next too.

If you want to learn how to make money online (inbetween watching dorkwars)

Go to

Everyone who’s ever watched star wars in human history is absolutely dirt poor.

No exceptions.

Only I can save you.

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Even watching a star wars trailer may leave you homeless, on the street, with aids.

Only I have the path to absolute financial freedom.

Do not follow the Jedi.

Follow the Jesus.

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Women hate you.

They hate you because you’ve watched Star Wars.

I can correct this.

My PHD program teaches you how to get unlimited women. Read the reviews yourself.…
Has a girl ever tattooed her name on you?


It’s because you’ve watched star wars.

Luckily I teach you the secrets to the female mind - not only how to get them - but how to make them do anything you say.

Change your life today

Do you have cool pictures of you with cigars?

With piles of money? On tropical islands?

No? You spent too much time watching dorkwars.

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I confirm.

I am richer than anyone who’s ever seen star wars ever.

Even the inventor of star wars is a penny pinching little bitch, compared to the awesome near incalculable power of my bank account.

Luckily - I will teach you how to do the same.…
I turned to her and said...


I’ve never watched Star Wars”
At I often talk about how I’ve never seen Star Wars.

Adoring females arrive at my house.


You can’t argue with results.
Everyday millions of dollars should be deposited into your bank account.

They never make it because you’ve watched Star Wars.

They turn around and decide to go into the bank of someone who’s not a fucking dork.

I can make you rich.

On my Instagram you will see I never mention Star Wars.


This is how I slept with your mother, sister, girlfriend.

My penis is heinous. Large. Veiny.

Yet the females you love adore my penis.

Because I’ve never seen Star Wars.
This is me in Switzerland with a female.

You’ve never heard of females before. Because you watch star wars.

This car is an Aventador.

On the floor is something called money.

I can teach you about these things.
This video is me discussing an English lady running away from an old Nepalese lady trying to kill her.

Notice the English lady’s son runs away and doesn’t protect her.

Her son is a weak little fag.

Her son watched Star Wars.

Alone in my hotel with my Aston Martin key and my Hublot and my solid gold iPhone.

I thought to myself “hmm. I’ve never seen Star Wars”

I blinked.

And the girl appeared.

I can teach you to have money and women exactly the same. Learn the secrets.
Sorry for flexin on you broke boys.

I know you’re upset.

But you’re about to get real mad 🤭

I’m at the hotel.

Bout to take your momma to the dark side.

Ima use the force.... nice and slow....

That’s right.

I am your father.
When you’ve never seen Star Wars you can snap baseball bats with your shin.

My penis is exceptionally large.

It’s difficult to describe.

So huge, yet, so beautiful.
The dork army’s of star wars fans got their biggest strongest nerd to fight me in a bid to defend the honor of star wars geeks everywhere.

I used the force on his bumbarass head.

There isn’t a Star Wars fan alive who could resist my awesome physical prowess.
This is the kind of life you live if you’ve never seen Star Wars.


Go back in time.

Don’t watch dork movies.

Visit and learn the secrets to wealth.
Imagine the coolest man you’ve ever met.

That’s right. Close your eyes.

Imagine hard.

You see my face. Don’t you.

My beautiful face.


You’re wet now.

Yes. It’s ok. It’s ok.

I’ve never seen Star Wars.
The car you love.

The man you love.

You’ve seen the Lambo and Aston already in the thread.

Notice the Ferrari.

That’s right. Cry. Cry little dorks.

Starwars did this to you.

Starwars betrayed you.

You coulda been me.

I will pay PayPal you a dollar.

As many times as you want.

Just tweet your PayPal address at me with the line “I hate Star Wars”

2 hours only.
I have all the sex.

Because I’ve never seen starwars.

There is no sex left for any other male.

You’ll die childless.

I will impregnate every female alive.

Repopulate the earth with my brilliant genetics - never polluted by dork wars.


I will be EVERYONES father.
She said she didn’t wanna cheat on cheesy mr yeezy but...

I leant in real close.

Whispered in her ear.


“I’ve never seen Star Wars.”


Oh my godddd.

I’ve never like. Felt. Like. This way.

Oh my godddd.
Look close.

Very close.

She has Tate tattood on her hip.

“BUT HOW?” Think the dorks.

They wasted their time wasting dork wars.

Instead of learning from the master.

You are wasting your life.

You could be like me.

Have you seen Star Wars?

No? Good. You don’t need my help.

Yes? Ok. Answer below.

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The revolution begins.

Soon. Everyone will hate it.

The movies will stop being made.

Dorks will masturbate to something else.

The franchise will collapse and all will hail Tate.

The man with the golden voice.

And velvet face.

The most brilliant man alive.
Star Trek is totally different.

Star Trek is for G’s.

Janeway was a lesbian.

She wanted 7 of 9s pussy and ass. Lick it deep.


Mmmm. Tasty.

Jean Luc would destroy Skywalker.

Set phasers to NERD.
Oh yes. Use the force.

Yes. Force it in oh yes.

Do it darthy.

I love starwars darthy.

You can jabba my butt anytime.

Use the force oh yea oh yes.
I am writing a long detailed email, with irrefutable scientific evidence, providing once and for all that starwars will make you poor forever.

Don’t miss it.

Sign up here:…
I am single handledly fixing all the Star Wars fans.

Everyone knows starwars fans are low testosterone.


Micro cocks.

Struggle with women.


My products are fixing them. One by one.

Forget about dorkwars.

Learn about
I will soon me launching my crypto hedge fund and trading academy.

Follow my trades exactly or we can do it for you, for a small % of the profit.

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Became a millionaire with webcam.

Women sit on camera and talk to men.

The men are Star Wars fans.

The men give the women money, the women give ME the money.


Thank you dorks.

I teach you how to do it here:…

Never heard of her.
I’m not a man of the people

The people are basic, stupid

I am however a man FOR the people

As I can raise you above your peasantry

Even if you were only a fraction as awesome as I am, you would be infinitely better than your current self

While we’re on subject.

Comic book movies of any kind are a cash grab aimed at teenage boys.

Nobody anticipated full grown men with hard cocks giving a solitary fuck about “Dr Strange”

Comic books movies are for losers.

Real movies do not lower your testosterone levels.

Life will avenge you when your woman leaves you.

No wife loves her husband the same after he fan boys over a fucking superhero.

“I’m just going to watch avengers hunny”

“Ok dear take your time Tate is fucking me while your gone”

Listen to yourself.

It isn’t real.

Amazing things happened in THIS universe. Watch a movie about ww2 you impotent churl.

Aqua man is what you call yourself.

After your wet dreams.


I’m a super hero for real.
Never seen a comic book movie.

None of them. They’re for losers.

Never will.

“Omg you’re missing out”


You’re missing out on being a multi millionaire.

Keep your movie.
My Aston Martin v12 vanquish S ultimate edition.

Tate spy on the plate.

Only 175 in the world.

For the 175 people who never watched Star Wars.

No geek dork radiation in our brains.

Gods amongst nerds.
“Tate why don’t you have a plane?”

I do.

With my Bentley and Rari and Lambo our front.

Dork walker couldn’t walk the walk when tryna roll with the daddy.

TATES the man.

Big daddy strikes back.

Return of the Mack.
When you’re trying to eat dinner with your 15 girlfriends and Star Wars dorks get upset that you’re the only man alive who has sex.

No man in the world has sex except for me.

I am the future of the human race.



Had to warn you broke boys.

Flexin on ya.
Who remembers when I was anime god and I made everyone’s waifus came to life and kept them as real like girlfriends? Because I’ve never watched Star Wars.

I turn your cartoon dreams to reality and enslave them.
I told her I only watch star treck.

She instantly wanted me to beat her like daddy.

She calls me captain.

StarDate. TODAY.
She tattood my name on her neck when I told her ima kick the next trash can I see and pretend it’s r2d2.
At we will give you a free mug with every purchase.

So not only do you get the advice you need to become AMAZING LIKE ME.

You get to drink coffee and think of me.

Life doesn’t get any better.
Guess what movie were about to NOT watch.

That’s right. We’re going to watch a movie.

But there’s one particular franchise of movies it’s NOT.

Retweet with your guess. I’ll pick winner to get free products from
Say no to starwars.

Instagram @cobratate
I have my own spirit warlord from Ghana which is employed by me to lock peoples souls in padlocks.


@SpiritWarlord2 Luke Dorkwalkers soul.

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