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Thread: Commentary from Today’s Maria Bartiromo Show on FNC

1. With all that’s transpired over the last couple of weeks, I thought today would be a good day to convey some important commentary from Maria Bartiromo’s show. Here we go.
2. Her first guest: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
3. Bartiromo (“B”, henceforth) opens by commenting on @POTUS’s suggestion to send all illegals to sanctuary cities [LMAO] before introducing Graham (“G”, henceforth).
4. B: more US military headed to the border to augment DHS personnel, and we are looking at more than 1 million apprehensions at the border. What’s your reaction?
5. G: three weeks ago the Democrats were saying this was a “manufactured crisis,” but now they’re saying they don’t want these folks dropped off in Oakland or San Francisco. Both parties now agree that there really is a crisis. We need to change our laws.
6. G: there is a narrative in Central America that if you can get to America with a minor child, you can get into the country, and we need to change that.
7. B: when you come back to Washington after the current recess, you are going to put forth a policy to change the law. Can you tell us about that?
8. G: I will be submitting a package of reforms. One part will be an asylum reform since 90% of people applying aren’t granted asylum [Note: major red flag for me, as the last thing we need is to add “economic hardship reasons” as a justifiable category to grant someone asylum.”
9. G: we need to change the Flores decision that says we can only hold illegals with a minor child for 20 days and then have to release them into the general population.
10. G: we need to fix a quirk in the law that says we can’t send minor children back to Central America because they’re from non-contiguous countries (a definitely bad loophole prohibiting deportation to countries of origin).
11. G: under international asylum law, a person is supposed to apply for asylum in the first safe country (this would be Mexico for the Central Americans). @POTUS is putting pressure on Mexico to stop the caravans because if an illegal gets one foot on American soil, ….
11A. … that person is entitled to an asylum hearing (which should have taken place in Mexico).
12. G: we don’t have bed space to hold everyone pending hearings and end up releasing people into the country who never show back up for their asylum hearings [Note: this is frickin’ insane, people!]
13. G: we’re going to change the amount of time we can hold a minor child (accompanied or unaccompanied) in order to hold the necessary asylum hearings.
13. B: is it true that 70% of the illegals are now coming from Central America?
14. G: yes, because the word in Central America is out that if you cross into the US border with a minor child, you’ll never get deported, and we need to change that.
15. G: once we get a bill with these provisions that Sen. Johnson (Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee) and the WH will sign, then we will submit it for a committee vote and then a vote in the full Senate. We need to change the laws because the Wall itself won’t stop it.
16. B: shifting to the FISA abuse issue, last week AG Barr commented that there was indeed spying on the Trump campaign, and that he would be looking into the predicate that led to the initiation of that spying.
17. B: now Democrats are “stunned” and saying that AG Barr is “biased” as if this spying is somehow a new revelation. Republicans have been saying this for over a year – that the corrupt FBI lied to get the FISA warrants approved (the use of the fake “Russian dossiers”).
18. B: Where does this “spying on the Trump campaign” issue go now that the AG made the spying comment this week?
19. G: we are going to find out whether there was legal authority to get a FISA warrant against Carter Page. The question is, was there a legitimate reason to believe Page was working with a foreign gov’t (which would be a reason for a FISA warrant).
20. G: if the warrant was issued because of the fake dossier, it would be illegal. Most importantly, how could a counter-intel investigation be opened up against the Trump campaign, Congress never hear about it, ….
20A. … was there a legitimate reason to open up that investigation, and why was President Trump never informed that our gov’t certain people working for his campaign were suspected of working for the Russians.
21. G: What happened AFTER the election was equally important to me because the C-I investigation continued on the transition team. That’s how LTG Flynn got in trouble. What basis was there to continue the investigation of the transition team?
22. G: How did it get leaked out to the public that there was a C-I investigation involving General Flynn. Leaking this information is just as important as spying before the election.
23. B: AG Barr said that it didn’t just involve the FBI and DoJ, but that other agencies like the Obama State Dept and CIA were involved. What is your reaction to that revelation?
24. G: how wide was the problem, how deep was the problem, and what was the basis of it? These are question for which we need answers. Why was the UN [Samantha Power] unmasking people?
24A. Was there any legitimacy to Papdopoulos working with the Russians, or was than idea just planted in his head about the Clintons’ emails being in the hands of the Russians.
25. G: Did the notion come from Papadopoulos, or from someone working in the USG as a setup? Was there any reason to believe he was working for the Russians, or was it all based on the fake dossier? Why did the C-I investigation continue during the Trump transition, ….
25A. … who leaked it to the Washington Post, who dimed out all these people who were on the transition team (unmasked them), and was there an attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment after the election?
26. G: Democrats don’t care how they get Trump (implying that’s what they’ve been trying to do since the election). I care about the rule of law, but most Dems don’t care because they think illegal actions are okay in trying to take Trump out. I hope a few Dems change their tune.
27. B: the Democrats and media threw out due process and innocent until proven guilty like they did with Kavanaugh. Aren’t they doing the same with the president?
28. G: all of the rules have been changed to get Trump. The way they tried to destroy Kavanaugh was by going after his private life and hoping he would just quit. They’re attacking Bill Barr now – on the most seasoned and highly respected legal minds in the US.
29: G: nothing’s changed about Bill Barr since he was AG under Bush 41; the only thing that’s changed is the desire to get Trump no matter how the Dems have to do it. So if they need to destroy Barr to get Trump, they will; if they need to make up stories to get a warrant, ….
29A. … they will, if they need to open up C-I investigation based on bogus info, they will. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do to get Trump. America needs to understand that this can happen to both parties, and we need to stop this NOW!
30. After a short break, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), Ranking Minority Member of the House Intelligence Committee summarized the politicization of the Obama FBI and DoJ from the Clinton email server through the Mueller investigation.
31. He remarked that former FBI General Counsel James Baker testified that he thought Clinton was going to be indicted for clearly mishandling classified information but pressure was brought to bear from AG Lynch to handle the investigation was a matter and exonerate Hillary.
32. C: I’m glad Chairman Graham is going to look into all of these because we need to know whether there was a legal predicate for this. Everything in the previous administration was done for political purposes. Democrats don’t want politics removed from DoJ/FBI deliberations.
33. B: what happens next? The next Horowitz report is due out in about a month, and then there’s this border crisis. The Democrats have been in charge in the Congress for 100 days. There list of actions:

A. Defending the Affordable Care Act
B. For the People Act (HR-1)
33. (cont'd)

C. Paycheck Fairness Act
D. Raise the Wage Act
E. Bipartisan lands package
F. Select Committee on the Climate Crisis (Green New Deal)
G. Vote for full release of the Mueller report
33. (cont'd)

H. Resolution condemning the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender solders
I. [Watered down] anti-hate resolution after anti-Semitic remarks by a Muslim Democrat in Congress
34. B: what do you think about the Democrats’ first 100 days?
35. C: the first 100 days were filled with empty promises and press releases. This is the way the Speaker Pelosi apparently wants to govern: by press releases saying this is what we’re against. 95% of the votes were on resolutions which have no force of law.
36. C: they are simply expressing what they feel. The Democrats are so obsessed with President Trump that they want to make it clear to everyone that they are going to “get” him and have abandoned all pretext of present a logical legislative agenda.
37. B: non-binding resolutions are proclamations. What can you tell us about border discussions? What’s your take?
38. C: the border is a crisis just like the president said. Even Obama’s DHS secretary and the NYT and WaPo are starting to say it’s a crisis. We need to take disincentivize people from trying to illegally immigrate into the US.
39. B: AG Barr is going to testify before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees on 1 May. What are you going to ask him?
40. C: I want to know if he’s continuing to look into the spying predicate as he said he would do
41. B: introduced Chairman of the House Democrat Caucus - Rep Mat Cartwright (D-PA) – and asked him whether the Democrat agenda going forward would be to “investigate or legislate.”
42. Cartwright (“MC” henceforth): clearly legislate, as “you know our Democrat priorities.” We were interrupted for 35 days with the government shutdown. The priorities are clear, including what we campaigned on to with the House majority.
43. MC: rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Speaker Pelosi asked for a meeting with the president just this past Thursday to discuss “$1-2T in infrastructure spending.”
44. MC: lowering the cost of prescription medication, making healthcare cheaper and more available to everybody, and cleaning up government. HR-1 has a provision that “takes dark money out of politics; if you donate more than $10K, your name cannot be kept secret any more.”
45. B: you said the priority when you came in was HR-1 – about US elections. Is that really the most important issue that you want to hang the majority on? E.g., having people as young as 16 vote?
46. MC: Americans have expressed dismay with the way Washington works. The goal of HR-1 was to get money out of politics.
47. B: you’re on the Appropriations Subcommittee. Do actually think it’s realistic to spend up to $2T on infrastructure when the country is already $22T in debt?
48. MC: we need to fix road, bridges, sewer systems, broadband internet for rural areas, etc. We can do this if the president gets on board with this.
49. After the break, Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC) was introduced and asked about Rep Nunes’s 8 criminal referrals to the DoJ last week (including three conspiracy referrals). Nunes stated that there were over a dozen known leaks of highly classified info that need to be investigated.
50. B: you just met with IG Horowitz; what can we expect to come out there?
51. Meadows (“M” henceforth): regarding the Nunes referrals, we’ve even seen info in the unclassified realms to give us real concerns of illegal activity that needs to be investigated. The IG’s report will come out in the next 4-6 weeks.
52. M: it’s highly likely that we’ll see criminal referrals consistent with what Nunes has already put forth.
53. B: we know that the IG already sent out a criminal referral for McCabe who’s now on a book tour, so what does that really mean (what will really happen?)?
54. M: McCabe’s referral came before the book tour and had to do with his testimony regarding the Hillary email server IG report
55. What we’re looking at here is classified info being leaked to the media, how some of the testimony before House committees are at odds with one another, and the role that the media played in all of that.
56. M: I don’t blame the reporters necessarily, but [we need to look into] the leaks to the WaPo and NYT that would indicate well beyond what the FBI should have been doing in terms of classified info, but also go into what AG Barr was referring to.
57. B: this is breaking news in terms of how the FBI used the media because in some cases they were leaking fake news to the media, and then the media wrote stories about the fake news, and then the FBI was using those stories as part of the evidence for the FISA warrants, right?
58. M: you are exactly right about this, and your reporting over the past year has been spot on regarding this topic. It’s based on real evidence that we’ve seen.
59. The FBI would give info to the media, the media would break the stories, and then the FBI would use the stories as probable cause to begin investigation. You’ll see all of that when IG Horowitz’s report comes out (which I’ve not seen).
60. B: how much of the info used to get FISA warrants was this fake news leaked by the FBI plus the fake dossier?
61. M: 90-95% of the basis for these investigations after August 2016 was based on these false/planted media reports and the fake dossier. There was never any “there there” to justify these investigations from the beginning. Even Peter Strzok said that.
62. M: This was a large fabrication that predicated the investigation that we’ve been reporting on for two years.
63. B: there was a strong suggestion by AG Barr last week that it wasn’t just the FBI and DoJ that were involved in this, but also the State Dept and the CIA. What can you tell us?
64: M: AG Barr is spot on to expand the scope of his investigation beyond what IG Horowitz looked into. That’s gone largely unreported, but based on unclassified reports that we’ve seen, John Brennan (former CIA director) and people in the State Dept ….
64A. … were coordinating back and forth with the FBI in the early stages of the investigation.
65. M: It was not just a DoJ/FBI investigation; it was coordinated with agencies outside the FBI.
66. That wraps it up, folks. Pretty interesting confirmation that a push will be made to disincentivize people from trying to get into the US, that AG Barr is serious about looking into the predicate(s) for spying on the Trump transition team, ….
66A. … that there will be a topic-shift to “infrastructure funding” to take the heat off #Spygate, that there was an FBI-media-FBI “do loop” that was used to illegally justify investigating the Trump campaign and administration, ….
66B. and the Horowitz report will include more criminal referrals. She really does a great job and really understands how to properly interview her guests. Hers is one FNC program well worth watching. ///The end.
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