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This is a #Thread about one of the many trolls who is targeting #Native and #Indigenous @Twitter accounts.

The account #@Blondi65003273 is interacting with #NativeAmericans by #JustAskingQuestions

Nothing obviously provocative.

One of Blondi’s followers is another account that claims to be #Native #Ojibwe
However, one of her first posts demonstrate her to be not your average concerned Wisconsin #Native from the North Woods. She posts a picture of a dismembered body that is supposed to convince voters that we need a stronger immigration policy to deter crime.
Another follower that the account is also following is an account established in Sept 2018.
The account description has a repeating theme of #whiteness
They claim to be a #Canadian #Nationalist with #German #Irish flags in the profile.
The pinned tweet claims the value of saving the white race.

#WhiteSupremacy #WhiteSupremacist #EndHate
I would be interested in your opinion of the @Twitter profile #BlondeBear who seems to be pretending to be #Anishinabe #Ojibwe & interacting online with #Natives.

Since you follow them and they follow you, you could offer a perspective on how they target people.
Two @Twitter accounts following #BlondeBear seem to be rather new with very general profiles.
One @twitter profile who follows #BlondeBear specifies that undercurrents are trying to effect change and influence peoples opinions online
A @Twitter follower of #BlondeBear has a #WhiteSupremacist #FrogPepe #PepeFrog as a profile picture.
Another @Twitter follower of #BlondeBear is clearly promoting #Ukip #Brexit
The @Twitter account is #BlondeBear
Although the #BlondeBear @Twitter profile features a #FourDirections symbol, Their interaction with #Natives on #SocialMedia begs the question: what exactly are their motives?
@JamesMackayCyp and @DFStirrup from the @guardian demonstrate how European #rightwing extremists use imagery of #native people as propaganda. The person’s claim to have ancestry in the British #indigenous people seems to align with this research.

#FrankUsbeck has also done research to demonstrate the use of #indigenous imagery in #German #politics to help forward the argument of a strong #immigration policy.
Nationalism relates to the Blut und Boden (Blood and Soil) definition that attracts #WhiteSupremacist

#NativeAmericans serve as the ideal example for political extremists of what happens when #immigration gets out-of-control.
The interactions the #BlondeBear has online are awkward at best. He claims to be #Anishinabe #Indigenous but proclaims that #WhiteSupremacy must prevail.
However, the account seems to be simply #JustAskingQuestions

As we interact with @Twitter accounts online, we ask ourselves, ''What harm does this account do if it is simply posing benign questions?''
Ever since the 2016 #Election, we need to be vigilant observers when it comes to #SocialMedia interactions. A large percentage of @Twitter accounts are trolls and bots that @TwitterGov cannot remove fast enough.

But the benign interactions of ''humans'' need us to ask:

What purpose does it serve to interact with these entities? Do their questions pose a risk to our fruitful discussion? Where will their meddling lead?
#BlondeBear account may have used a photo from @Wikipedia which depicts white Europeans dressed up as #NativeAmericans in the #KarlMay tradition of appropriating #Native culture to advance the narrative of Original Culture and Personal Freedoms.
As a caveat to this discussion, during the period that #KarlMay was writing his literature about #Indigenous culture in America and the Arabic world. Germany experienced a severe depression during much of the years between 1873-mid 1890's.
#KarlMay literature might have experienced an accelerated success due to the fact that the stories evoked dreams of escaping the economic turmoil of everyday life while combining nationalistic pride with a sense of freedom from societal constraints.
The modern day use of #socialmedia to divide and conquer is a method that was proved successful in the 2016 #Election of #Trump but also used in the #Brexit #Vote in Britain in June 2016.
A current example of dividing a population through meddling is #MikaelaBearPaw

She is a person with no clear ties to the #native culture or people, yet she is attempting to insert her voice as an authority for #NativeAmerican #media and #socialmedia

Weaponization will occur by utilizing information gained from a population through seemingly benign discussions in order to use it against them. The use of a #Fake spokesperson like #MikaelaBearpaw or #CandaceOwens is another way to hijack the narrative.
@jason_a_w @guardian reports how #altright uses ''Sleight of hand'' tricks to stay above the fray.

Media Manipulation
and Disinformation
Online study by @alicetiara and Rebecca Lewis is an excellent resource to understand #socialmedia culture.

''A study by the Financial Times reported that during the referendum campaign ‘the 20 most prolific accounts … displayed indications of high levels of automation’.''
#BlondeBear follows your stereotypical politicians who either illicit scorn or support from #WhiteNationalism

@AOC @TulsiGabbard @AndrewYang @DrDavidDuke and #CharlieKirk‘s favorite @hasanthehun
#BlondeBear also follows a smattering of #Canadian #Indigenous organizations.
One conversation that #BlondeBear “liked” pertained to the latest controversy that has erupted due to @dearnonnatives @Twitter profile, which centered on the topic #WhiteNative
@Twitter conversations with #BlondeBear demonstrate him to think that he is an expert when it comes to tribal membership based on blood quantum.

He also attempts to explain to #native profiles what #whitenative means.
#BlondeBear @Twitter profile contains only two posts which are not replies to other people’s conversations. He seems to use his profile simply to interact with others.
I’m choosing to highlight this @twitter profile not simply for his behavior, but also due to his followers & their comments. #NativeTwitter is be the best judge to access whether people who claim #native ancestry & proclaim #WhiteNationalism are authentic & deserve an audience.
The profile has also “liked” a conversation that began recently which was reignited by #DearNonNatives which pertained to being #WhiteNative

This conversation appears to have caused an uproar among #NativeTwitter profiles.
One sentiment captured the essence of the online discussion perfectly.

The conversation targeted #natives that might be identified as multiracial by outside populations.
If you search #WhiteNative you will discover the comments that have triggered this heated discussion.
Some comments concerning the #WhiteNative discussion.

You can see how #DearNonNative’s comments have caused emotions to flare. I can only imagine that this is what her motive must have been.
I would great appreciate more information on this topic concerning the use of #WhiteSupremacy #WhiteNationalism & their sense of uniting their propaganda with the plight of Native Americans. This imagery is used in Far-Right European politics. In North America too?
The discussion by #DearNonNative seems to be her way of dividing the #native people.
More comments:
Amber highlighted the term #Multiracial in the #WhiteNative discussion.
“Non-Hispanic Whites with #NativeAmerican ancestry make up a full half of the current population of mixed-race Americans.”
This population is more likely to be @GOP leaning and conservative than other #MultiRacial #WhiteNative
#Biracial White and #NativeAmerican 50% of #multiracial population.
#Black and #NativeAmerican 12% of multiracial pop.
Those with #native ancestry comprise at of 62% of multiracial population.
@pewresearch found that ties to #native traditions and culture are very loose among #multiracial population.

With the median age of the #multiracial population being 19 years old in 2013, these are the new, young voters that are ideal targets for presidential candidates.

@ukudigada had a good response that clarified the use of the term #WhiteNative as a divisive tool that is employed against the #native community.

@NPR @NPRCodeSwitch covered the issues that multiracial individuals face and what the future of America will look like due to the fact that “the United States' mixed-race population is growing three times faster than the general population.”

The issue of identifactation of #multiracial individuals is a complex situation in which they may feel pressured to belong to one group over another. They also experience “subtle forms of aggression” by the general population who are confused by the inability to define them.
The idea of #Multiracial or specifically #WhiteNative means that you identify with multiple communities and cultures.
But #BlondeBear is promoting an idea of cultural detachment.
Marginalizing the element of minority identification might been seen as beneficial to #white society.
As #Multiracial individuals don't fit into a particular cultural group, they can use that to their benefit. However, if one cultural group excludes them, they will need to find their specific place in society independent of others.

An excellent example by @MikkaMacdonald in @changewire about the fluidity of #multiracial individuals. This fluidity, their age, and their numbers will create an audience for political parties and ideologues to pander to in this election and many others.

@yesmagazine #MikeMales demonstrates the immense electoral impact that deep-red #Trump districts can have when young, first-time voters come into play. Even the @guardian and @FiveThirtyEight were astonished.
''@RepKendraHorn ’s campaign also was boosted by a larger electoral movement.... a wholesale, multiracial, urban-suburban-rural voter shift against Republicans of astonishing proportions.'' yesmagazine.org/people-power/h…
#WhiteSupremacists #WhiteNationalist behavior towards minorities and #multiracial individuals is highlightend by the modern use of #DNA testing to understand one's genetic identity. @StephenAtHome discussed what this meant culturally on @colbertlateshow
The Targeting of #Multiracial individuals and #multiracial populations by people such as #BlondeBear #MikaelaBearPaw #CandaceOwens will unfortunately persist. They themselves don't fit into one clear demographic, but their ideology does.
The @GOP political party and group affiliates like @TPUSA will utilize #MikaelaBearPaw and #CandaceOwens as spokespeople for #multiracial communities, even though Mikaela offers no evidence of a Tribal nation who supports her and both draw protests for their divisive opinions.
@TheDemocrats as the ''Big Tent'' party will need to figure out a strategy to counteract the divisive rhetoric of their opponent, while simultaneously consolidate their base to accommodate the young, #multiracial voters who dominate the modern electorate.

@twitter profiles like #BlondeBear who thrive on contentiousness & rhetoric surrounding the idea of whites being replaced by #multiracial individuals, are only fueled by #GOP operatives like #LauraIngraham

@econ_uzh researchers #SabastianDörr #JoséLuisPeydró #HansJoachimVoth demonstrate the lasting effects of antisemitism in the German pre-World War II population and how these historically racist communities were more prone to voting with a racial bias.
Since 2000, US residents have been able to define themselves as belonging to more than one race.

There is a high concentration in Oklahoma, Alaska, and California of #multiracial individuals.

#BlondeBear changed his profile picture to resemble the #Nazi Coat of arms along with a #native Four Directions sign.

His comment is written in #Ojibwe and seems to be translated as ”You are blessed.”
@twitter profiles of #BlondeBear #MikaelaBearPaw merge when we consider Chief Red Cloud.
A #NativeAmerican who marketed his image and was supported by “anti-Semitic and pro-fascist groups like the German-American Bund and Silver Shirts.”

#BlondeBear demonstrates his true beliefs about Aryan purity.

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