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I'm not saying that saying "I hate white people" is entirely rational or helpful, but if someone says it around me, a white person, I have the privilege to just go "eh."

Black people cannot be "eh" around the sort of guy who says "I hate black people." He might try to kill them.
The chance of a black person expressing the thought "I hate white people" or a woman saying "I hate men" actually getting violent with me is tiny.

The kind of people who say they hate black people or women have an extremely well-documented habit of acting on those beliefs.
And we don't just need to talk about physical violence. There's a rock-hard limit on how much even a black person in a position of power - say, a cop or a judge - could act on "I hate white people," because the system would VERY quickly shut that down. The reverse is not true.
The expression of hatred of an oppressor by the oppressed is never of the same quality as the expression of hatred of the oppressed by an oppressor, and if you've chosen to throw in your lot against feminism or civil rights, you are definitely an oppressor.
There's a huge difference between "I hate people who've taken it upon themselves to make my life suck" and "I hate this group of people who are different."

Most black people who say "I hate white people" don't hate every single white person, they take issue with a collective.
If I, as a queer person, say "I hate straight people," it's because... well, not every single straight person is trying to take my rights away, but sure as fuck every single person trying to take my rights away is straight.
There's this annoyingly half-woke perspective in which racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia etc. ARE openly acknowledged as Bad Things but are assumed to come from this nebulous, shadowy force of evil that has no concrete identity or distinguishing features.
Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, they're all seen almost as personified forces, like they were the fucking Devil or something.

No, you jerks, "racism" didn't chain up black people, put them in cotton fields and whip them, WHITE PEOPLE DID.
"Sexism" didn't deny women the right to vote or own property, MEN DID.

"Homophobia" didn't criminalise intimate sexual contact between two consenting adults, STRAIGHT PEOPLE DID.

"Transphobia" didn't make it illegal for trans people to use public bathrooms, CIS PEOPLE DID.
Now, of course, it was racist white people, sexist men, homophobic straight people, transphobic cis people, and not every white person is or was racist, not every man is or was sexist, not every straight person is or was homophobic and not every cis person is or was transphobic.
But it's these people in these groups, with their own free will, who did those things and continue to do them.

Not to mention that a lot of the justifications that a white person usually makes for "I hate black people" are conditions that white people imposed upon black people.
It's uncomfortable to accept, but collective entities can hold some level of responsibility for things that most individual members of that collective might find utterly abhorrent.

It's also important to accept that "responsibility" is not the same as "guilt."
It's not pale skin or European heritage that's being treated as the subject of distaste, it's the actions of the collective identity and how they impact society.

Meanwhile, someone talking about "n****rs" is definitely expressing distaste for an identity first and foremost.
Marginalised people aren't safe around a person who despises their identity. That person may try to hurt them physically. They will at the very least treat them differently (and that almost always means different worse). They will probably vote for people who think the same way.
And this extends to "edgy" jokes, too.

Transgender people don't have the luxury of taking time to work out whether someone saying "hahaha, I sexually identify as an attack chopper" is just spouting nonsense or actually attacking the concept of gender identity.
It is not safe for me, as a bisexual, to spend time working out whether the straight guy who uses "fag" and "degenerate" like punctuation is just Exercising His Right To Free Speech or actually thinks that homosexuals are an inferior form of life. It is safer for me to avoid him.
Whether or not these people actually believe the things they say, whether or not they even mean to do so, they are spreading these ideas out loud.

Even insincere homophobes and transphobes will quickly find themselves being flooded with agreement from actual, sincere bigots.
A person who keeps yelling "did you just assume my gender" around transgender people at the VERY least can't be bothered to exercise basic restraint. That's a gigantic alarm bell in and of itself.
This is why arguments over whether PewDiePie is "really" a racist or a transphobe miss the mark. He's spreading racist propaganda. He's mainstreaming transphobic rhetoric. Who cares what his personal beliefs are? His intent doesn't matter, only the outcome of his actions.
It isn't productive - or safe - to spend a lot of time pontificating over whether, in his heart of hearts, Felix Kjellberg truly believes black people or Jews or transgender folk are inferior. It doesn't make any difference. His actions endanger those groups.
Some black people resent white people for the hardships that a society built for the benefit of white people has imposed upon them.

Some white people resent black people merely for existing in the same space as them.

These two things are not remotely comparable.
Riley brought up a good point: people say "I hate people" or "I hate humanity" all the time, and no-one complains about that, because it is very obvious that (most) people who say this don't hate all humans. They just hate the bad things we're capable of.

And don't worry, Racist Who Thinks He's Very Smart, I already anticipated your defence will be "well it's just the same with me, I don't hate all black people, I just hate what black people do as a collective."

Firstly, hi, I wrote a thread about that.
Secondly, if your racism was built entirely out of concern for what certain communities of people were doing, you wouldn't be trying to arrange certain cultures or bloodlines in a hierarchy. You'd be examining history and understanding how power dynamics worked.
It's interesting that every single "I don't hate black people, I just hate black culture" chode still seems to advocate for policies that would result in poorer conditions for black people in western society.
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