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Thread: On the Political Implications of FISA Abuse

1. There has been much speculation over the past year-plus about FISA abuse by the highly-politicized Obama DoJ and FBI. And a lot has been coming out recently to prove that speculation was warranted.
2. It has been “main-streamed” by AG Barr last week that the Trump campaign was indeed spied upon. We also know that adversary media and indeed US senators were spied upon by the Obama regime.
3. But recent revelations indicate that the abuse was far worse – and the implications are just plain astounding! I am largely a political commentator, not an intrepid researcher like several who inhabit the conservative twittersphere.
4. I rely on their amazing digging to elucidate the real news that is totally ignored & obfuscated by the legacy media, and then I chime in when I have something useful to say about the impact of the revelations and in particular the meaning in terms of political & moral impact.
5. Three particularly outstanding threads dealing with FISA abuse by the Obama regime really lit me off. The first was an amazing find by @tracybeanz who discovered that traitor Manning had filed a lawsuit against the DoJ in 2017 claiming FISA abuse.
6. That lawsuit was dismissed on an apparent technicality, but that’s not the real nugget. Tracy discovered that, apparently during discovery, the FISA-authorized surveillance against Manning was shifted on/about 26 Oct 17 to Huma Abedin! Think “Weiner laptop”!
7. Shifted by former DAG Andrew McCabe and former AAG for National Security John Carlin! Can you say cover-up? Read the pertinent transcript excerpts, as well as the rest of Tracy’s commentary, here:
8. The next thread by @drawandstrike really amplified my ire and disgust. Brian brings AG Lynch into the conspiracy by noting that the political importance of the switch was to pull in the same team who covered up the Clinton email server investigation ….
8A. … to sweep the highly incriminating Weiner laptop evidence under the rug in order to further protect Hillary.
9. Brian further notes that ALL of the senior former Obama DoJ and FBI officials who were involved have expressed “amnesia” about when they were first apprised of the Weiner laptop investigation: Comey, McCabe, Carlin, everyone!
10. Read the rest of Brian’s thread here:
11. What was the result? Manning’s sentence was magically commuted after his lawsuit was tossed out for a “technicality.” Weiner got a minimal sentence despite the alleged presence of highly classified information (and other incriminating sex-related evidence) on his laptop.
12. Really convenient, don’t you think? And absolutely NOTHING happened to Huma Abedin! Was the FISA surveillance evidence and analysis on her magically swept under the rug? Will we ever know what the specific legal predicate was for surveillance on her to begin with?
13. This smells to high heaven of obstruction of justice (and worse) by the same characters who protected Hillary Clinton throughout 2015 and 2016 (and beyond).
14. The third thread by @RoscoeBDavis was possibly even more astounding. Roscoe notes that the Obama regime almost certainly began spying on the Trump campaign when he announced in 2015 – long before the brouhaha surrounding the Carter Page FISA warrant app.
15. He details how ADM Rogers (NSA Director) got wind of the 702 abuse, instigated a review by FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer, and how the FISA renewal process was abused for political purposes by a corrupt conspiracy consisting of FBI, DoJ and FISC judges/clerks.
16. What is most amazing is that he notes that the review of the Rogers-instigated FISA abuse determined that the abuse went back FIVE YEARS! That means that Obama sanctioned illegal spying against an unknown number of Americans over that period.
17. Not just the Trump campaign or the other instances that have made the news over the past 2 years, but certainly a LOT of other previously unreported illegal surveillance ops against Obama’s political enemies (the common thread across all of the Obama-era FISA abuses).
18. Lastly, Roscoe noted that the conspiracy expanded beyond the FISA abuses themselves but also to cover up any possible discovery of the abuses themselves by preventing the DoJ IG from having any oversight over the FBI National Security Division (where the abuse originated).
19. Read the rest of Roscoe’s meticulously reported details about Obama regime FISA abuse and its cover-up here:
20. And so the circle of FISA abusers, cover-up artists, and conspirators widens almost beyond belief to include virtually all of the upper echelons of the Obama DoJ and FBI! What does all this really mean in the grand scheme of things? Now it’s my turn to comment.
21. First of all, what is the purpose of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and what does the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) do? Here’s a decent short summary:

22. The court was set up to either approve or deny warrants requested by the United States government for surveillance of foreign spies inside of the United States.
23. That warrant requests and the intelligence gathering is generally done by federal law enforcement agencies or U.S. intelligence agencies.
24. The authorization allows for wiretapping a "foreign power or an agent of a foreign power" (which could include American citizens) suspected to be engaged in espionage or terrorism.
25. Methods used in an investigation include electronic surveillance, physical searches and other actions. Generally, the attorney general signs the warrant requests.


Read the rest here:…
26. Go back and read Roscoe’s thread to understand the mechanics of the approval process, as well as how an existing FISA warrant is renewed/extended.
27. Catching spies on American soil seems pretty necessary, relevant and appropriate, given what we’ve learned about such critters over the past decades (think Robert Hanssen, Jonathan Pollard, Ava Montes, and others).
28. And the FISC was put in place to ostensibly balance the need to catch foreign spies while protecting the 4th Amendment rights of Americans against unlawful search and seizure.
29. However, the power of the modern means of surveillance (e.g., electronic eaves-dropping) has apparently become too tempting to not exploit by corrupt politicians – Obama being the most prominent case in point!
30. Call me naïve, but I spent most of my adult life believing that federal government officials – especially those involved in federal law enforcement – were dedicated and impartial servants of the law.
31. This was certainly true at the rank-and-file level, which is where I rubbed elbows with them in my naval career from time to time. I of course read about periodic abuses in individual cases over the years, but assumed that they were aberrations and not the norm.
32. That my opinion has drastically changed about that over the past two years is yet another vote of thanks that I owe to @POTUS. Who could believe in mid-2016 what has been uncovered about the Obama DoJ and FBI (and CIA and State Dept) corruption since then?
33. It is abundantly clear that virtually the ENTIRE upper levels of the Obama DoJ and FBI were completely corrupt and in service to Democrat political interests. They sanctioned illegal domestic spying and took pains to cover it up. And they KNEW WHAT THERE WERE DOING!
34. They created and nurtured a bogus “Russian dossier” and associated hoax to politically thwart the agenda of a duly-elected president of the US. What gave these unelected bureaucrats the authority and hubris to commit sedition, obstruction of justice, and other crimes?
35. Perhaps most troubling was the rush by elected Democrats, rank-and-file Democrats, and Democrat operatives in the legacy media to willfully propagate and perpetuate the hoax. They all bought into it over the past two years – no questions asked!
36. Once upon a time, liberals were very skeptical of “Big Brother” (the feds) and were highly suspicious of the FBI and federal surveillance. They – and especially their handmaidens in the ACLU – were paragons of virtue when it came to safeguarding Americans' 4A protections.
37. But all that has been thrown out the window in their feverish quest to “get Trump.” Even illegal actions are fair game if they will lead to Trump’s demise. Imagine the outcry if the roles had been reversed with respect to FISA/domestic surveillance abuses!
38. Imagine the outrage if a Republican president had illegally surveilled a Democrat presidential campaign! And yet, as more evidence is exposed about Obama DoJ/FBI FISA abuses, there is complete silence, obfuscation, and (when confronted directly) denial by the Left!
39. I mean, how many times have you brought up that hypocrisy with a lefty here on Tw@tter or in your own family? They just don’t care what Obama’s clowns did; all they’re interested in is nailing Trump regardless of whether crimes are committed in doing so.
40. We older folks witnessed the Left’s faux outrage during the Watergate era – an extremely minor burglary of Democrat files compared to Obama’s #Spygate. And yet the Left still thinks Watergate was the “crime of the century” while denying even the existence of Obama’s #Spygate!
41. The crimes associated with #Spygate are a direct threat to the Republic if the perps are left unpunished. Why? Because if these people get away with their crimes, then we will see more – and far worse – politically-motivated crimes in the future.
42. This always happens when obvious justice is delayed/denied: people see others getting away with crimes and mimic what they see, as well as up the ante to more egregious actions. Happens all the time! Think about how the Clintons escalated their perfidy over the years.
43. Which is why all of these people MUST be fully exposed and held accountable for their crimes. The Republic cannot survive as envisioned by the Founders if two standards of justice are enforced by federal law enforcement.
44. A palace guard that protects the Uniparty against any/all criminal activity simply cannot be allowed to continue. And that’s EXACTLY what the Obama DoJ/FBI was in service of Democrat political objectives by perpetrating illegal FISA abuse on their Democrat political opponents
45. Liberal Americans have to be brought around to the understanding that federal law enforcement officials cannot be allowed to abuse their power to serve politically-motivated needs because that power can be boomeranged on them at some point in the future, too.
46. It is in all Americans best interests (less those of the likes of Bernie and AOC who are hell-bent on turning the US into Venezuela) to completely expose and address the Obama-era FISA abuse – in all its gory details.
47. And we cannot allow ourselves to blindly trust federal officials ever again. That means implementing and enforcing serious independent oversight reforms for all federal agencies, including truly independent IGs and strong whistleblower laws.
48. Finally, contemplate this: the Democrats caterwaul about “saving our democracy” all the time, usually in the context of accusing Republicans of “voter suppression” when we push for strong voter ID. They constantly blather about “counting every vote.”
49. Well, what good does it do to “count every vote” when an unelected group of bureaucrats can operate undetected behind the scenes to essentially disenfranchise voters through a coup? That’s ALMOST what happened with the FISA abuse and Russia hoax!
50. Be sure to shove that right back in the face of the next Democrat who tries to squawk about our pushing for strong voter ID. Attempted REAL disenfranchisement by bureaucrats trumps the Democrats’ FAKE claims of voter suppression every damn time! ///The end.
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