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THREAD: With the Mueller Report about to be released, the Trump-Kislyak meeting, in which he allegedly shared damaging classified information & discussed firing Comey, is about to resurface

ITT we’ll review the #FakeNews that followed and see who is really to blame for the leak
The narrative blaming Trump for the “damaging” leak has become yet another casual throwaway line included in many stories

So who ACTUALLY leaked the dangerous details that exposed the spy?

Deep State partisans who leaked ADDITIONAL DETAILS after the President's meeting
Meeting w/ the Russians

- President Trump has a meeting including top advisors and senior Russians, including their FM
- He pressures Russia on some topics of disagreement, like Eastern Ukraine (according to McMaster)
- Then he extends an olive branch to find common ground. Knowing that Russia has been victimized by ISIS's aviation terror strategy (e.g. Metrojet Flight 9268, where 224 innocent Russians were slaughtered), he notes that the US & Russia can continue to work together against ISIS
He raises the issue that ISIS is working on new kinds of bombs hidden in everyday objects (like laptops, as openly reported by CNN months before), and that they have cells working on it in a publicly unnamed but obvious ISIS controlled city
Trump does NOT explain how the US knows this *because he literally hasn't been told the Code Word protected sources & methods* (according to McMaster)

Everyone who actually participated in the meeting says “nothing inappropriate” occurred
What has been exposed, by whom, & to whom?

- What: only basic information about a threat that could mostly be cobbled together by looking at open source intelligence
- By: President Trump
- To: Senior members of the Russian Government
Damage Assessment

Russia has experienced ISIS attacks against their own people using these sneaky bombs. They have no incentive to tip off ISIS or share the intel with other nations that are our enemies if it risks enabling an escalation in ISIS's threat to civilian aviation
But even if they did, *there is nothing specific enough to expose the source of the intel* (which, we will learn, was allegedly a brave undercover Israeli spy or SIGINT, I think both were reported at the time)

But what happens next?
First Deep State Leak

*Someone else*, in the intelligence community, not President Trump, leaks more details of the story to the press, noting that the information arrived to us via allied IC cooperation
Stories add that he put the allied intelligence sources & methods at risk, something the Russians COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN from the original meeting because the President himself didn’t tell them, because the President himself didn't know the source of the intel
What has been exposed, by whom, and to whom?

- What: Nothing too specific about sources and methods, but enough to make our allies uneasy

- By: A Deep State anti-Trump partisan sharing leaks w/specific details & the MSM publishing it

- To: The entire world, including ISIS
Damage Assessment

MSM breathlessly proclaims that "ZOMFG Droomf shared classified intelligence with Russia", something that he is of course allowed to do and that is completely standard when it comes to counterterrorism cooperation
After all, President Obama also offered to share intelligence on Syrian terrorists with Russia:

>Obama has blessed efforts to persuade Russia to change its policies, including the intelligence offer
Only because someone other than Trump leaked this to the media, our allies were scrambling, worried that Trump was inappropriately sharing intelligence w/Russia, despite none of his statements actually exposing the source, or being specific enough for anyone to divine the source
Our alliances and security cooperation were damaged by the DEEP STATE LEAKER, who decided to share details with the press for no reason other than to hurt President Trump

But what happens next?
Second Deep State Leak

That same partisan, or an ally, leaks additional info to the press, *explicitly identifying the sources and methods*!

They state an Israeli spy is undercover in the ISIS city where one of their anti-aviation cells operates (later a hacking claim emerges)
What has been exposed, by whom, and to whom?

- What: Detailed information, including sources and methods
- By: Deep State anti-Trump partisans, & the MSM
- To: The entire f-cking world, including ISIS
Damage Assessment

Now the Islamic State and all of the enemies of the US and Israel know that the spy is undercover with ISIS, most likely in the same locale as their central anti-aviation bombmaking cell (though later claims about hacking emerged)
Our alliances are further strained, our national security weakened, a crucial intel source may have gone dark, and a man's life was potentially in danger for NO REASON other than the anti-Trump obsession of these Deep State partisans and the MSM
These people — leakers & folks in the MSM — were the willing to empower ISIS, undermine IC cooperation, and risk seeing a hero being burned alive as long as it purchases another misleading bullet point to be used by anti-Trump reporters
They had the audacity to blame President Trump for doing harm *they themselves caused*.

To this day, you will find #FakeNews stories referencing the “dangerous leak” as if Trump himself was responsible, despite the fact, as we’ve seen, that Trump didn’t even know the intel

Here is what McMaster had to say about the meeting:

>I should just make the statement here that *the President wasn't even aware of where the information came from. He wasn't briefed on the source or method of the information either.*
That is McMaster directly stating that President Trump didn't even know the information that was later irresponsibly leaked, that he literally cannot be responsible for exposing the info that endangered the Israeli spy / intel op.

>[They] reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. At no time — at no time — were intelligence sources or methods discussed & the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known.
As noted previously, as far as parameters of the plot itself -- that ISIS wants to use bombs smuggled in electronics to destroy planes -- CNN had already discussed that many weeks prior

Thanks CNN 🙄
Asked about the city, McMaster said:

>OK, so, all of you are very familiar with the threat from ISIS. All of you are very familiar with the territory it controls.
>If you were to say, "Hey, from where do you think a threat might come from territory that ISIS controls?," you would probably be able to name a few cities, I would think.
>And so it was -- *it was nothing that you would not know from open source reporting in terms of a source of concern. And it had -- it had all to do with operations that are already ongoing, had been made public for months.*

Saying “ISIS is working on anti-aviation bombs in Mosul or Raqqa" isn't enough to undermine our national security or endanger a source

It was already publicly known

Trump didn’t know the sources & methods, so did not expose them

But the Deep state partisans did 😡
Before we go, here is a brief thread discussing another unproven claim related to this meeting, as well as the alleged Lester Holt “admission”

Remember kids:

#FakeNews is the Enemy of the People

Thanks for reading!
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