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Here we go. Have a good day twitter. I hope not to see you again until about 12 hours from now. Maybe tomorrow.
I am still avoiding twitter and the news but I had to log on to share this quick. I'm 80 pages into the BS Mueller report and I laughed so freaking hard at Michael Cohen just randomly emailing Russian email accounts trying to find people to help him build Trump Tower Moscow 😂😂
Quick thoughts from the first 80 pages.

1)Old news boring bs for 99% of it
2)The Special Counsel trying to paint Trump as a bad guy in the summary, story time for the left
3)Assange apparently had no clue he was dealing with the Russians (Guccifer 2.0 and DC Leaks)
Now back to reading and hopefully avoiding spoilers and spin and propaganda from twitter and the news. I've done really well today and I want to keep reading this fresh and will try not to tweet until I finish it, whenever that is, probably tomorrow sometime.
😂😂😂 looks like I made the right choice. Goodnight twitter
Ok I may try this a different way. I think I'll post a few things I see for a bit and not read any replies until I'm done. Let's try that, because....
This report is literally written like a bad fiction novel so far. One written by a highschooler.

(L) Papadopoulos thought this lady was Putin's niece but she wasn't

(R) It doesn't matter that people refute him, Papadopoulos thought the campaign wanted him to contact Russia.
TBH Papadopoulos and Michael Cohen sound like freaking idiots so far.
Me after being 87 pages into the Mueller BS report and not seeing the name Fusion GPS one time.
Also everyone demanding to read this report that is unfamiliar with previous reporting would be so far, through the first 90 pages of this, completely lost. They don't mention Australia or Downer by name but reference them constantly. That's just one example. This is bs.
And another thing, while I'm on a rant here, they have made multiple references in the first 90 pages to journalists and media outlets getting advanced knowledge of dcleakes/guccifer2.0 dumps the same as (REDACTED AKA ROGER STONE) and others but don't ever name the journalists
Also, it's obvious to me now that Mifsud has never been an FBI source or informant because they literally name him all the freaking time lol. I was wrong about that.
Like, we get it FBI/Mueller/Barr (who was in charge of the redacting)

you guys don't like Mifsud he is not your friend lol.
If he is western intel he isn't from UK or Australia because they are going out of their way to not name Halper or Downer so far. I'm only 1/4 the way through though.
Poor Papadopoulos, he was promised to meet the Russian ambassador to London (by a woman he thought was Putin's niece) but instead settled for connecting over LinkdIn with the First Secretary at the Russian Embassy in Ireland.
I'm seeing a few replies linking me to people like @LeeSmithDC and their takes and please keep it up. I'm not reading them today but I'm going to go back over them after I'm done with the report so I can catch up to the great twitter minds and their reactions.
Just look at the differences here. In yellow, the way Mueller/Barr (doing the redactions) represent Mifsud VS Downer and Russia VS Australia.

So many things to take from just this paragraph.
Like, this is already in the New York Times lol. nytimes.com/2017/12/30/us/…
So far my theory that "this report is almost all old news and spun in a way to harm Trump by Mueller who is a bad dude" is holding up, but I'm only 1/4 of the way through.
The reason it feels this way is because it's obvious that the corrupt Clinton supporting prosecutors that Robert Mueller hired were leaking to the New York Times the entire time and I read the NYT and other fake news and I read those dumb lying indictments and it's all this is!
Is this the Mueller report, or is this the New York Times and Washington Post and CNN for the past two years? I can't tell the difference and I'm not even joking.
To be fair, this isn't all the fault of Mueller's leaking. My opinion (and that's all it is) is that the SC was leaking to the NYT and WAPO, the DOJ was leaking to WAPO via RR, and congress was leaking to literally everyone. On both sides, GOP and DNC.

What a time to be alive!
Look at me.

Look at me.

We're the press now.
I'm going to stop reading the Mueller report for now, I'll pick it up again tomorrow and start tweeting my reactions here in this thread but before I end for the night I'd like to share this...
Here is Donald J. Trump, candidate for President in 2016, speaking in Mexico with the blessing of the Mexican government and with coordination between him and the President of Mexico to meet and discuss foreign policy. No one had a problem with this.

I mean, are we all just going to pretend that Presidential candidates don't' speak in foreign countries and meet with foreign leaders to give them credibility?
"Papadopoulos tried to set up a meeting with Putin and Trump!" wails an insane person into the void lol.
I'll be resuming my reading and thread today. I'm still avoiding reading very much on twitter and definately avoiding the fake media spin until I'm done.
The Mueller witch hunt quotes Ken Dilanian and Julia Ioffe, (NBC News and The Atlantic) . What an absolute disaster this report is.
😂 an entire paragraph here dedicated to Michael Cohen claiming that he thinks that Don JR may have told his dad about the meeting when Cohen was around, but he doesn't remember him saying it was connected to Russia but he thinks they may have spoken before too about it, maybe
They literally investigated a Washington Post conspiracy theory that Trump knew about the Don JR meeting in advance because he was going to give a major speech on Clinton and changed the topic because of the Pulse nightclub shooting.
Not only that, he ended up giving a speech 10 days later that was the Clinton speech and based on publicly available information.

This entire report is a disaster so far and the fake news is all over it.
14 freaking pages about the Don JR Trump Tower meeting and not ONE MENTION of Fusion GPS. Not ONE mention of Glenn Simpson. Unfrekingbelievable.
Did The New York Times write this for Mueller or does Mueller write for the New York Times? I can't tell the difference in the way they seem to conveniently leave out anything of significance that is harmful to the Democrats.

I have an alternate title for Part I of the Muelle Report: "Criminally investigating foreign policy we disagree with"
Mueller even asked President Trump if he was involved in the change of language on a foreign policy platform at the RNC. That's pathetic.
lol is this a joke?
Best part of the Mueller report so far lol.
"Putin spoke of the difficulty faced by the Russian government in getting in touch with the incoming Trump Administration" 😂😂😂

literally the opposite of a secret back channel
😂 apparently General Flynn asked about Kislyak and was told that while Kislyak is an important person, he doesn't have a direct line to Putin.

The mainstream media must have been crying while reading this as their insane theories exploded in their brains.
Kislyak was so unimportant that Kushner refused to meet with him a second time and had one of his assistants meet with him instead lol.

His assistant!! 😂

Kushner is savage. He also texted Manafort during the Don JR meeting that it was a waste of time lol.
😂😂😂 "but but but my treason meeting!"

Petr Aven, the man desperately attempting to contact Trump transition officials, was subpoenaed by the FBi and asked if he had a back channel set up with Trump 😂😂😂

He must have laughed so hard at how stupid that was.
General Flynn, as part of his responsibilities and duties during the transition, spoke to Kislyak about foreign policy. None of this was illegal, and Trump had no idea it was going on. Although, as he said later, he would have told Flynn to do it anyways because it was his job!
President Obama waited until AFTER the election to decide to do anything about Russia, and he did it so that he could drive a wedge between President Trump and Putin. General Flynn asked Russia not to take the bait and they didn't, infuriating the deep state.
General Flynn did his job and he was punished for it by an angry and corrupt FBI and DOJ run by the Obama administration and their allies. Disgraceful! #ClearFlynnNow!!
President Obama also wanted to take one last swipe at Israel on his way out of office and President elect Trump and others on the transition team (including General Flynn) were trying to rally support to defeat the anti-Israel resolution he was backing at the UN.
To sum up the last 50 pages:

"We investigated legal activities related to foreign policy issues that we have no right to even touch at all because we were angry that Donald J. Trump is President and is making those decisions now"
lol it didn't even work either, as far as the Israeli settlement vote went. Man the UN really hates Israel.
When asked about the Obama administration trying to sabotage the incoming Trump administration's stated foreign policy objective of improving our relationship with Russia, President Trump told the media "I think we ought to get on with our lives"

They didn't listen lol.
😂😂😂 this report is cracking me up at parts.

President Trump didn't even believe definitively that the Russians were behind the hacking/release of the Clinton/DNC emails as of December 2016 yet the media said he knew and colluded and conspired with them to do it. I'm dying 😂
This makes me sick. General Flynn is an American hero, and during the transition period when President Obama was dangerously trying to escalate the tension between the top two nuclear powers on earth he put a stop to it by reaching out diplomatically and was railroaded for it.
This paragraph talks about how they couldn't charge anyone with anything related to the Russian election interference that was an American but they were able to charge people with a bunch of other BS like lying to them about their legal activities! #WitchHunt
LOL Mueller's team of corrupt prosecutors contemplated charging people with sharing the stolen emails that literally the entire world and media was sharing. They must be big fans of CNN. "Now, it's illegal for you to read this but not us because we're the media" give me a break!
They also explored charging the participants of the Don JR Trump Tower meeting with campaign finance violations are you freaking kidding me!??!
"And while the activities were legal, we decided to charge people for their legal contacts with Russians because they lied about them or misremembered the details"
At least half of these redactions are about Roger Stone as far as I can tell and we already know from his indictment he had no clue about Russian hacking in advance. At least one redaction I saw protected Hillary Clinton's privacy it looked like.
So far the redactions don't seem like a big deal, what is a travesty is all the times they intentionally don't name people like Glenn Simpson and Downer and refer to them vaguely or Australia and other allies. This is almost all old news so redactions, meh.
Disclaimer, I'm not reading almost any of my replies and haven't read any news articles in days so this is all flying blind and I could very well be wrong about stuff. Thanks!
Translation, every contact that the Trump campaign had with Russians were LEGAL

So freaking boring

Still no crimes associated with FARA and the Trump Campaign and Russian election interference so irrelevant.
"Our years long Russia election interference investigation uncovered substantial pre-election FARA violations between Manafort and Ukraine so it's definitely not a witch hunt"
They let General Flynn off the hook to his alleged FARA violations because it was dealing with Turkey and not Russia. That's weird, they must consider Manafort's FARA violations in Ukraine to be dealing with Russia by extension. Really weird.

FARA, a law we can jam in wherever!
This section says that there won't be any FARA violation indictments coming for Trump campaign officials and Russia. My guess on this redaction and quite a few other PP redactions is it's about President Trump.
Anyone saying Mueller was just doing his job needs to explain why he literally tried to figure out if he could charge Trump campaign officials with campaign finance violations for a Trump Tower meeting set up by Fusion GPS connected Russians. They tried literally everything here.
In this footnote, the corrupt special counsel's office makes the case that they believe the FISA warrants were justified against Carter Page regardless of whether or not he was ever charged with any crime. Not their place to comment on that, and this spin is disgusting.
Mueller and his corrupt team of prosecutors spend page after page telling story time about how they may have been able to charge Don JR and Kushner with campaign finance violations but they would have had a hard time proving it. No mention of Simpson or Fusion GPS again. Unreal.
("if it's what you say I love it") (emphasis added).

"Finally, the First amendment..."

100 percent that's revenge put into the report by all the pro Clinton prosecutors Mueller hired for Comey spilling the beans on her. Except in this case literally no one on the Trump team did anything wrong.
*me trying to avoid spoilers but my notifications are lighting up over a wizard like prediction @almostjingo made about the Mueller report days ago
I have not seen any news, listened to any news on the radio, or read any news articles since the Mueller report was released. I also am hardly reading any of my replies on twitter and staying off my TL. It's been pretty fun lol.

Again, no way Mifsud was an FBI informant they literally go out of their way to name him repeatedly whenever they bring him up lol.
So far the rest of this is just garbage about prosecuting people for lying to the FBI/Congress/Mueller about legal activities. Don't speak to the FBI or the DOJ or anyone without a lawyer, and if your lawyer tells you to talk to them fire that lawyer lol. Unreal.
They should have titled this section: "This dude literally lies for no reason about everything no matter what" 😂
Also Mueller:

"Cohen is a liar that lies all the time but after we told him we caught him in the lie he said he lied to protect President Trump so that means he is telling the truth about that!" 😂
Mueller actually investigated whether Jeff Sessions was a Russian agent and lied to Congress intentionally about his interactions with Kislyak. You have got to be kidding me.

If AG Barr wasn't such a beast I'd have no faith in our justice department right now lol.
Mueller tries to make it sound like they were being generous in not deciding to charge the Attorney General of the United States of America with lying to Congress about legal contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

This entire thing is a trainwreck
To summarize part 1 of the Mueller report:

"A ton of old news that has been long since leaked and spun in such a way to paint the Trump campaign in the worst way possible while completely exonerating not only the President but literally everyone associated with his campaign"
Also, I called it being exactly that. Anyone telling you Mueller was a good guy and secretly on Team Trump better be issuing an apology now for getting it wrong. That was 200 pages of The New York Times I just read. No joke.
I am way more excited to read part II.

I can't wait to see these dummies try to justify not clearing the President for obstruction when their witch hunt was allowed to continue for nearly two years with literally no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Trump or his campaign.
That'll be tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Here is my reading process for fake news.

I read a paragraph. I sigh heavily. I curse under my breath. I read it again to see if I can highlight something in it and tweet it. And then I take a five minute mental health break lol. It's going to be awhile

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