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Supplemental Thread to the @tracybeanz thread I have pinned... These will be general/specific questions that may be answered as the report unfolds. Many people are doing deep dives, and I won't replicate those efforts.

Pg 12: Why did POTUS 44 allow Russian cyberthreats?
Only 14 pages in, and already observing a trend: The initial opening of the Mueller Report wants to portray that it is the DEFINITIVE investigative body of work on Russian interference in the 2016 Election, yet, specific names and terms are massively vague. Hopefully this stops
There is no possible way to now keep the Hillary Clinton "missing" 33,000 emails separate and apart from this investigation. It is my opinion based on some of the redacted information, that the "Harm to Ongoing Matter" redactions may deal with an ongoing investigation into HRC
Well, THAT is a very different version than the public was constantly fed for the better part of two years by CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Adam Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and their ilk. Seems the Sessions/Kisliak encounter at the RNC Convention in Cleveland was just that; An encounter
Page 22 seems to indicate that starting around 2014, there were MASSIVE intelligence flaws that allowed Russian spies to permeate and meander around the United States. This was under Obama's watch mind you.
Page 23: This footnote seems to indicate a severe lack of understanding on "people served content" vs "people actively engaging with content"

Just because an ad was delivered, does NOT mean anyone viewed it, absorbed it or acted on it. It's more than likely the ad was ignored
Page 29: In 2014, the Obama State Department, Intelligence Community and other agencies responsible for protecting the United States from Russian spies, allowed at least 4 Russian agents into the US who in turn become the masterminds of facebook pro-Trump ads?
Page 30: Not everything in the Mueller Report should be discarded as bogus. Example, I recall the account in question on this particular page. The tweets did appear to be legit at the time. So we can all learn from this report... sources should be vetted when possible.
Page 33: Some perspective helps - Presidential campaigns now run into the BILLIONS of dollars. To think that spending $100,000 on facebook ads (which would be like buying a pack of gum compared to billions) could win a Presidency, seems naive.
Page 45: So "Russian Hackers" deliberately attempted to hack into the DNC, and all related websites and emails during the 2016 elections. OK... then I assume that Hillary Clinton's unsecured email server was also in the mix of targets being phished / hacked? #33Kemails
I REALLY hope the Mueller Team had someone with technology experience on it. VPN's don't provide 100% anonymity and it is possible to track their origins. The Intelligence Community knows this. I can't help but feel like this is a distraction away from what really happened
This entire section BEGS THE QUESTION: Why did the DNC IGNORE the FBI warnings that they were being hacked? James Comey testified that the FBI attempted to warn the DNC/DNCC several times of attempts on their servers. Those servers were NEVER examined by the FBI, BTW
Question: The Mueller Report keeps referring to the entity "Gucifer 2.0"

I thought it was well-established that the Gucifer 2.0 entity was a farce? Yet we see the name repeatedly in the report. I hope there will be some clarification of this somewhere in here.
Page 55: This page is a bit too "wishy washy" for my tastes. It references Julian Assange's computer operating system, but then is non-committal that the metadata confirms discussions between wikileaks and the GRU. I would think that the IC would be able to confirm 100%
Page 57: Pages 56-57 discuss Wikileaks and Russian Hacking as being tied together. However, on page 57, after discussing #SethRich, the report fails to conclude that Wikileaks was a co-conspirator. Therefore, killing the Russia-Hack of the DNC story
Page 57: So here is the million dollar question... Trump makes the statement for Russia to "find the 30,000 missing emails" (of Hillary Clinton) and Russia allegedly makes a hacking attempt of Clinton server. DID THE FBI ALERT CLINTON?

Page 58: Million dollar question from pg 57 answered: Special Counsel Mueller's team, DESPITE THEIR MANDATE TO INVESTIGATE ALL THINGS RUSSIA, decide to NOT investigate the attempted hacks into Clinton's emails!
Page 59: Mueller's team finds Russians made attempts to hack into at least one county elections in Florida.

It isn't listed specifically (which, why not?) but I would be willing to guess it is the county for which DWS has her congressional district... just a guess
Pages 62-63: I don't know why Dr Corsi's name was inserted here, halfway. It appears Corsi accepted some form of immunity in exchange for testimony based on the footnotes. Just noting it here. There isn't enough info to determine what this means, and why its not fully redacted
Page 67: I am not really a fan of Dr Corsi (who tried to profit off of the QAnon phenomenon) however, that said, if Dr. Corsi was acting in the capacity of a journalist, his name should be redacted as it usually would for press members.
Pages 67-68: The Mueller Report informs us that DJT, Jr was in contact with WikiLeaks in 2016.

Perspective: In 2016, Wikileaks was viewed by most as a publisher of content (including classified content), but as a publisher, that isn't illegal (so long as they didn't steal it)
Page 69: Trump associate Roger Stone is named for the first time. It's alleged he met with a Russian regarding information not flattering to Hillary Clinton.

ROGER STONE DECLINES THE OFFER... stating Trump will not purchase opposition research. So he appears clean here.
Page 70: We learn that Gen. Mike Flynn attempted to reach out to Clinton staffers to find the 30,000 missing emails.

Flynn is not charged with a crime here. It is unclear why the Special Counsel isn't more concerned with those 30K missing emails that have China/Russia issues
Pages 71-72: We learn of a person named Smith, as well as Clovis, Leeden and others who assemble a tech team and funds to find the 30K missing Clinton emails.

Trump, nor anyone in the campaign, directs or authorizes this effort.Trump team is cleared of any wrongdoing by Mueller.
Page 74: Begins section IV of the report, which involves Russia-Trump contacts in relation to the 2016 Election. SC Mueller clears the POTUS / campaign in the opening paragraph. If something noteworthy pops up, I will add it here.
Pages 77-88: Re: Trump Tower Moscow - Several attempts were made by Michael Cohen to establish this project. Trump's only involvement was signing an agreement to "talk" to people to see if it would be a good deal.

MUELLER CLEARED TRUMP on this. Trump declined invites to RUS
Page 89: George Papadoupalos gets named.

COMMON THEME IN THIS REPORT: Lots of folks surrounding Trump in 2015-2016 seem to be free-wheeling and trying to make deals for THEMSELVES. Lots of hype about deals and "dirt" and yet very little in terms of anything coming through.
Page 90: A case could be made that the MEDIA actually is the nexus for some of the early missteps by a young Trump Campaign. It's not an excuse for poor vetting, but, one could see how external media pressure could be the catalyst for hasty decisions.
Page 94: George Papadoupalos, a new member of the Trump foreign policy team, and former Hudson Institute member, said he could help arrange a meeting with Russia / Putin.

Some on the left say this is a smoking gun.

No, it isn't. The US meets with adversaries routinely.
pg 97: Papadoupalos story continues on, and the main point is that George Papadop is saying he can get "dirt" on Clinton from (a) Russian source (?)... yet... the "dirt" bomb never materializes... no emails... seems like someone just bragging to land a job in the campaign to me
Page 98: George Papadoupoulos harasses Corey Lewendowski and other Trump Campaign managers about meetings in Russia. Manafort finally steps in and clearly wants to squash any meetings in Russia (appropriately mind you). The only one pushing meetings in Russia, is George P
Pg 99: George Papadoupolis loses the backing of Trump HQ... any meetings with Russia, or Russia officials, WOULD NOT HAVE THE BACKING OR PERMISSION of Trump.

#NoCollusion and we are now 25% of the way through the Mueller Report
Page 101: Mueller report outlines the high-tech "spearfishing" campaign by Russian Intelligence against John Podesta's email account.

If open-source reporting is accurate, all the Russians had to do to crack his password, was type the word "PASSWORD" to "hack" in
Pg 103: Carter Page's name appears.

Despite the onslaught of negative media coverage of Carter Page by pro-Democrat news agencies, Special Counsel Mueller's team clears Mr. Page of any wrong-doing in the first few sentences.

Q: How long did they know he was innocent?
Pg 106: Mueller Report indicates that Carter Page, is yet another person within the Trump Campaign that promises better relations with Russia.

One must wonder.... is this normal for ALL Presidential campaigns, or is this unique to just Trump (I assume it's ALL, inc Obama/HRC)
Pg 107: WELL WHAT DO YA KNOW!!!!???

President Barack Obama gave a speech at the New Economic School in MOSCOW in 2009! That is the same one that Carter Page did... oddly, it was only Carter Page's speech that drew in the FBI Spygate Case against Trump's campaign
Pg 107: (See red box area) - Again with Carter Page, Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewendowski advises Carter that if he wants to attend the New Economic School in Moscow event, he would be doing so OUTSIDE HIS ROLE OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN! Another win for Trump Campaign!
Pg 110: Carter Page decides to go to Moscow and deliver two speeches; at least one of which is critical of US policy towards Russia. The Trump campaign appropriately distances itself from Carter Page. Trump is cleared of wrongdoing by Mueller. Mr. Page owns all of this alone
Pg 114: The Trump Campaign in developing its foreign policy, does a "meet & greet" which is hosted by CNI (Henry Kissinger is a Board Member). Trump and Sessions shake hands with Russia Ambassador Kislyak.

NOTE: US & Russia DO HAVE Diplomatic Relations. This is not a crime.
Pg 114: Just some observations on what Mueller wrote here:
1. Mueller doesn't mention the number in attendance;
2. Mueller doesn't mention which members of Congress were there;
3. Mueller does acknowledge that Trump/Sessions never met Kislyak prior

Typical "meet & greet"
Pg 115: Mueller clears POTUS Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Jared Kushner of any wrongdoing; finds NO EVIDENCE that anyone within Trump's orbit ever met with the Russian Ambassador prior to the speech at the Mayflower hotel. The media salivated over this for years, and it was NOTHING!
Pg 117: Kushner is talking with Simes (from CNI, who hosted the Mayflower event) and Simes offers "dirt" on Hillary Clinton that was leaked from someone in the Intelligence Community, to CNI, and Kusher REJECTS the gossip. Again, Team Trump handles this correctly.
Pg 118: The Russian Lawyer gets introduced. Here again, the Trump Campaign appears to be well aware that Russia is trying to possibly weasel their way into the Trump Administration, but neither Trump, nor Trump Jr, nor Manfort, take the bait. This ALL smells like a setup.
Pg 131-132: The event with the Russian Lawyer / June 9th meeting at Trump Tower concludes with a link to another area of the Mueller Report. Undoubtedly its due to the contorted chain of events that led to a meeting about NOTHING.

How it came to be is the biggest question.
Pg 131: Trump campaign officials including Jeff Sessions and Gordon make two plates of food at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and share a table scoffing down appetizers.

Mueller decides this is all a non-issue and clears everyone from this. #NothingBurger
Pg 135: All sorts of policy adjustments are going on regarding Ukraine at the time of the Republican National Convention. Long story short-Mueller clears the Trump Campaign of any wrongdoing in developing a changing foreign policy platform. Despite CNN's claims, it was nothing.
Pgs 135-137: Mueller's team investigated a potential breakfast at Russian Ambassador Kislyak's residence as well as a meeting between Kislyak and Jeff Sessions. Mueller's team found no evidence of any meetings or wrongdoing.

Liberal media again ran with these stories for months.
Pgs 137-139: Mueller's team looked at Paul Manfort's ties to Russian agents. Despite Manafort's legal issues with his statements that the Mueller team deemed false, Mueller none-the-less stated that Manafort did nothing illegal in the Trump campaign. More media fodder.
Pg 146: The Mueller team focuses hard on Manfort's relationship with a known Russian / Ukraine spy.

Pg 152: This page concludes a lengthy look at Manfort, who, according to Mueller, operated independently of Trump, & was looking to make his own deals outside of the Trump Administration. Trump had no part in any of it, and was cleared by Mueller. Manafort made some shady moves.
Pgs 153-167: Lengthy dive into "back channels" created by several Russian / US representatives with the intention of resetting US / Russia relations. This all seemed to backfire, as it was done unofficially, and by using proxies like UAE and business colleagues.
Pgs 153-167 (Cont): These back-channel meetings included George Nader, Steve Bannon and ultimately landed with Jared Kushner. Kushner DID in fact steer all of this through Sec State Tillerson, which was the correct route. Mueller does not make many findings here.
Pg 168 onward: A very lengthy volume written by the Mueller team that describes in detail every method that Russia used to establish Russia / US relations.

What is very obvious: Obama's Administration didn't provide a proper transition team for the Trump Administration.
Pg 168 onward (Cont): While Mueller is focusing on Russian efforts here, I have no doubt that MANY nations were doing the exact same thing; contacting anyone they could to establish good relations with the Trump Admin.

Pg 175: We get confirmation from Mueller here that Trump's National Security Advisor, Gen Mike Flynn and KT McFarland, were the only "Transition Team" available. This is a strange deviation from "normal" transitions of POTUS. Mueller CLEARS Flynn of any wrongdoing here...
175 pages into the Muller Report, and so far, the only item that appears to be concerning is Manafort's alleged attempts to independently "monetize" his relationship with the Trump Administration as a rogue agent. Mueller thus far has cleared all named persons other than Manafort
Pgs 175-176: Gen Mike Flynn / Kushner work to ensure that support for US partner, Israel, is garnered in the UN Security Council. Russian Ambassador Kislyak is deemed a lower-level player than the media has portrayed.

OF NOTE: Mueller report relies heavily on media accounts
Pgs 175-176 Cont: I am not sure why, but I didn't expect to see so many references to the Washington Post in the Mueller Report.

This is supposed to be an independent investigation, however, what we see a lot of in the footnotes, are references to anti-Trump media accounts
Pgs 177-180: Mueller reviews Gen Mike Flynn handling of "Russian Sanctions" imposed at the last minute by POTUS Obama prior to his exit. Flynn successfully negotiates with Russian officials to not escalate the matter in a "tit for tat" manner. Most would view this as good.
Pg 181: "The Money Shot"

Mueller CLEARS the Trump Campaign and Transition Team of any wrongdoing. We went the long way to get here, but Mueller is clear in his conclusion right here.
Pg 182: Here we learn how the decisions were made to prosecute by Mueller's team.

What I hope we find out, is why a DECORATED War General was not offered alternative sanctions for conflicting testimony other than criminal prosecution, since he was cleared of wrongdoing earlier
pg 185: I would watch for laws to change soon on this footnote in the Mueller Report. Possessing stolen emails currently is not a crime (but hacking to get them is). Watch for this to change in the future.

Read the footnotes in the report folks, it important to do so.
Pg 188: Mueller team describes in detail their decision NOT to charge anyone with "Collusion" or conspiracy regarding contact with Russian nationals.

Two individuals, Manafort & Gates, are charged with FARA violations. Not enough there to make a solid case for collusion.
Pg 189: Mueller team talks in depth here regarding the various offenses which may have been criminally pursued. Ultimately, all individuals named thus far have been cleared of:
pg 191:Mueller Team finds no evidence that ANY person within the Trump Campaign, or POTUS Trump, acted on behalf of, or as an agent of Russia, in violation of FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act).

The FARA violations found:
- Flynn (Turkey)
-Manafort / Gates (Ukraine)
Pgs 191-192: Mueller team determines that the June 9th meeting with the Russian Attorney at Trump Tower that offered "dirt" on Clinton, did not violate Campaign Finance Laws.

Oh, and Carter Page was cleared of FARA violations with Israel. He is not charged either.
Pg 200 ongoing: The next section deals with the "Obstruction" charges. In a cursory reading, it appears that much of this is subjective, and relies heavily on "intent" or intricate timelines. In some cases, its he said/she said. I will leave analysis to other journalists.
Pg 202-203: Gen Mike Flynn is charged with obstruction, even though he had an official role at the time as National Security Advisor, and was acting in a lawful manner. Its my opinion, that of all the charges, the ones against Flynn should be dropped.
This essentially concludes the initial review of Volume I of II of the Special Counsel Mueller Report into "Russian Interference of the 2016 Presidential Election."

Volume II review will be done in an additional thread. I will link together all threads upon conclusion.
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