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Now, as “Russiagate” is over and feeling totally exonerated by the recent report, let the inquisitive minds find the truth about the “#Pissgate” creators, a lovely couple, GS/CS, who organized the smear campaign against the #President, #Millian, the team or are they #untouchable?
Death hoax perpetrated against me in 2018 by the esteemed #Harvard Professor Tribe. One of my relatives ended up in hospital upon hearing the news of my death from a newspaper and would not believe I’m alive till I called her on the phone in emergency room. #WeRemember @tribelaw
Wall Street Journal was duped #BIGTIME by #Steele, #Fritch, #Simpson and #Maremont. All former WSJ affiliates. I have dozens of ORIGINAL letters with WSJ. Would you like to see them? First ones here as a teaser ✍️👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Bruce Ohr: ‘I really hope we can get something going here.’
Below is my answer to WSJ before they chose to print lies about @POTUS. They clearly censored me and framed @realDonaldTrump . NYT called me with the same set of questions. AND...NYT chose NOT to print these lies after speaking with me. #Difference in reporting. 👇🏿👀👇🏿
It’s high time we bring to light one more #group of #conspirators: Cody Shearer and Sid Blumenthal. It will be a #HUGE #SCANDAL once you find out who they reported to.
An unredacted version of the June 20 (pee pee tape) memo was released in BuzzFeed lawsuit. Who and why attempted to pin it on me?! WSJ, ABC and WashPost owe me an apology.
The real source of the dossier was an ETHNIC Russian. Now, you all know I’m NOT an #ETHNIC Russian to start with. #NOT a #Russian at all. There was an #INTENTIONAL #MISDIRECTION to #CYA#CENSORED by #WSJ.👇🏿👀👇🏿…
Reply to WSJ before they chose to print lies about @POTUS They clearly censored me and framed @realDonaldTrump NYT called me with the same set of questions and chose NOT to print these lies after speaking with me #Intentional #Misdirection to @CYA👇🏿👀👇🏿Whom the #clique protected?
As we all now know, the investigators relied heavily on the dossier and press articles #INSTEAD of looking at the #clique who created this conspiracy scenario and forced it into the media. I have strong reasons to state that the whole investigation was INTENTIONALLY MISDIRECTED.
Most people believe GP played the dominoes game, not the Russian Roulette.
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Origins of Russia probe to be declassified…
#UK, We have nothing against UK people.We only have problem with those foreign actors who used UK official cover attempting to overthrow US elected officials. #UK #SaveTheRelationship and,as related to all co-conspirators who attempted to overthrow our government, #GiveThemToUS
Bruce Ohr communications: declassified 33 pages…
Big news is coming, folks. New names. Previously unknown physical and electronic surveillance of American citizens.
I hope the day will come when we can trust words of the press corps again. Few bad apples spoiled the big pool of honest reporters and gave press corps a bad name. Good reporters must out bad apples and return their good name. Prior to 2016 I have not read so many lies written.
The biggest con artists of the 21st century managed to sell Steele dossier to many buyers including foreign governments. This overshadowed the Eiffel Tower sale for scrap scam that was sold only twice. The multiple buyers should not be embarrassed to #demand their #money #back.
#UK should cherish our special relationship and #GiveHIMtoUS…
#BlackPropaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true source. This type of propaganda is associated with #covert psy-ops. #TheRealSource is concealed or credited to a false authority and spreads lies, fabrications, and deceptions. This is what they did to me.#FYI
Why did they hide it from you?
In 2017 many weird strangers called me but when a New York federal prosecutor called me to inform I’m #NEXT #on the assassins’ #hit #list, I was all ears to hear out who wants to assassinate me. I knew what happened to #Seth #Rich and others.
Russian German multimillionaire #Stephan #Roh in the pockets of Moscow wrote a book about... #Me...I don’t know Roh and he does not know me ... why a multimillionaire would spend time to write a book about me? “...liar, liar pants on fire...” Cover-up, folks @TheJusticeDept @FBI
WILLIAM Callahan and Stephan Roh coincidentally!? bring up the same topic of a #KGB officer.
I don’t have many followers but many, many thousands cannot wait for the truth to come out...
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GP knew the truth. Why keep YOU in the dark?
AFTER 3 years, the biggest questions of the Steele dossier still remain #unaddressed. Who are the real sources behind #A,#B,#C,#D & #E letters. The villains clearly attempted to replace these letters with intentionally misleading leads. Cover-up!
Is Christopher Steele the modern #KimPhilby? Why NOBODY checks him? He worked for Russian interests, received and paid money to Russian agents directly connected to RU IC, lobbied US Government, interfered in the US elections, FARA violations, and mislead #DOS #FBI #CIA @DOJ
According to a reputable reporter, Sara Carter: Kim Darroch, The British Ambassador Who Resigned Last Week Amid Leaked Diplomatic Cables, Vouched For Christopher Steele the author of the discredited anti-Trump dossier as ‘Absolutely Legit’. #Steele is finally #spilling the #beans
At this point it’s so embarrassing for WSJ to admit that they confused my name with Giorgi Rtskhiladze.
How did so #many #innocent #Americans end up in the #British #dossier? And why UK’s major press outlets and some part of the AMERICAN FREE PRESS institutions with close connections to IC published the British work product as confirmed truth without any evidence at all? #PARADOX
#Maremont is the #mastermind behind the #Russiagate who managed to stay under the #DOJ radar employing journalistic badge that allows to be shielded from judicial scrutiny. When @FBI and #IG review his correspondence with the rest of the plot leaders, the case will be solved.
Original photo credit:
Original photo credit:
The concern is the allies spied on American citizens on US soil including physical surveillance. If it was approved by US Government it is not such a big deal, I guess. But the core question is was it authorized or they acted without US.
#BREAKING: On July 30 US President publicly accused WASHINGTON POST of being a RUSSIAN ASSET. Post spokeswoman refused to comment or deny this claim. Post should issue a strong denial if it is not true. Several known material facts back up the claim made by POTUS. #FOODforTHOUGHT
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the (Deep) State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie...”
In case you forgot how the AMERICAN public was deceived about US President 👇🏿👇🏿
Never seen before - printed declassified document SECRET LEVEL. Talks about 📸STEELE📷 talking about 📽PROSTITUTES📼 and his SOURCES. #Voila! 💣💣💣#BOMBA
Foreign agent #Steele placed Her Majesty the #Queen’s reputation on the line when he briefed US #State #Department in a secret meeting that the British dossier story about President #Trump having #sex with #prostitutes was #ACCURATE. The incident was a #STATE #SECRET until 2041.
Truth is here
The letter that never got published in Washington Post. This interview was a subject of discussion between President Trump and FBI Director Comey.
“HATERS GONNA HATE, FAKERS GONNA FAKE.” - quote by Sergei Millian related to 2016 presidential elections.
Why not a single real dossier source got declassified? America needs to know the names of individuals behind the conspiracy to overthrow US elected officials. So far, the foreign villains were able to avoid justice and Mr Mueller did not investigate ANY of the conspirators.
Now, it’s crystal clear the #snakes had been spinning their downright falsehoods to avoid accountability for three long years. The more #fakers lied about me, the more mistakes they made. Rule of law must be restored for all Americans to feel safe in our own country.
In case you missed it.
Disgraced foreign agent Steele, fired by FBI and redeculed in US media, is a hero in London, praised by London media as a true professional who successfully penetrated into several US Gov. agencies on an unprecented scale, created havoc and got away with it.#STOP #Interference
In August, 2016 I realized I was getting framed and setup by foreign intel agents. What I did not realize at the time the foreign agents were deeply imbedded with the American assets they meticulously cultivated over many years in US and made these foreigners #untouchable.
According to Rudy Giuliani GLENN SIMPSON spent a lot of time in UKRAINE compiling the dossier on POTUS. #BOOM
American fake media’s silence is deafening. THEY TOTALLY LOST IT. Three years of PROVEN lies circulated..NOW, how to deal with it all? #British #media is #complicit.
Foreign agent Steele’s propaganda campaign against US elected officials and innocent American patriots reached its peak in 2019 and got classified as a #state #secret to avoid accountability by #untouchables
Chuck Ross’ exact role remains elusive. He has hunkered down avoiding legitimate questions.
Was he a turncoat sent to subvert T campaign? A self-promoting conman spinning false tales? A Russian disinformation victim or a Steele dossier contributor? #Many #questions @DailyCaller
The slow wheels of justice are rolling, folks! Lies fly fast and truth is a slow walker. But, no worries, TRUTH is on the way!
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