1) Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at Obama’s last 60 days in office. Mostly the time between @realDonaldTrump being elected and his inauguration in January. This is something a real media would have covered and investigated & it puts things into perspective.
2) First, Hussein claims his administration was the most scandal free in history.

I submit that his “illegal” administration was the most scandalous ever!

The last 60 days are plenty on their own and here’s why
3) All of the following are things Hussein did on the way out the door.

At the end of the thread I will list actions taken that are equally as disturbing, during entire tenure, with hopes that you will fill in anything I forget

Let’s go!
4) Scandal 1 ~ Since it’s a hot topic, let’s deal with obstruction of justice. While HRC was being investigated, Hussein weighed in. He likely did this to signal to others that they were NOT to find anything in the email scandal. He had emailed with Hillary via her private server
5) Keep that in mind as you read the article.

What he said was a lie and he knew that hostile state actors had gained entry to the server when he said it.

Why do you think the FBI never asked to examine the server?

6) Scandal 2 ~ Hussein gives Palestinians $221 million, literally in his last days in office

Scandal 3 (same article)~ The US abstained from a UN vote demanding Israel stop building settlements, allowing the resolution to pass. An unprecedented move

8) Hussein was warned by Devin Nunes in 2014 about Russia attempting to meddle in our elections - he took NO ACTION

Scandal 4 ~Yet, after @realDonaldTrump is elected he expels 35 Russian diplomats handing the incoming admin a foreign policy migraine

9) Scandal 5 ~ perhaps the most telling of all the final moves. It was cloaked as a move to be able to keep Trump from burying Russia material

Watch Evelyn Farkas try and explain this disaster AND admit to spying

9b) I suggest you click on the “new rules” link in the first sentence to understand the full breadth of this action

10) Scandal 6 ~ Hussein changes the designation of our presidential elections to “critical infrastructure” allowing the feds to meddle in systems previously left to each individual state.

11) This is an average of a major scandal every 10 days for the last 60 days!

All of it designed to hamstring @realDonaldTrump and frustrate him, on top of the Russian Hoax.

All unprecedented, all ridiculously obvious and all as an FU to Trump.

We’ll see who has the last FU
12) Please add to the list with comments of scandals that I am sure to forget

Here’s more...
13) Perhaps one of the worst. The plane loads of cash to Iran

14) Using drone strikes on US citizens

15) Giving Mexican cartels guns in an effort to sway opinion on changing our 2nd Amendment rights

Also known as Fast and Furious

▪️Stoking racial tensions by propping up Black Lives Matter and Antifa
▪️Using the IRS to target political enemies
▪️Spying on James Rosen of Fox News
▪️His HHS Secretary extorting funds from companies to fraudulently sign up people for Obamacare
▪️Pigford Scandal
▪️Dropping the Black Panthers case in Philly - obvious election intimidation
▪️The attack on Lybia without congressional approval
▪️Eric Holders 2 perjury episodes regarding Fast & Furious
▪️Theft of $1 Trillion for stimulus of shovel ready jobs - where’s $
▪️Bowe Bergdahl swap for 5 terrorists who are currently back in the fight
▪️Arming Muslim extremists (Al Qaeda & ISIS) through gun running in Lybia
▪️GSA Scandal
▪️Secret Service Scandals
▪️VA death scandal
▪️Polluting Colorado River
▪️Spying on journalist @SharylAttkisson
▪️Unprecedented unmasking of American citizens
▪️Staffing many admin positions with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers
▪️Unprecedented White House access for Muslim Brotherhood members
▪️Caging immigrant children at the border
▪️Releasing immigrant children to cartel coyotes and traffickers
▪️Traveling ahead of, or closely behind @realDonaldTrump abroad in an effort to undermine his foreign policy
▪️Meddling in the election of Israel with taxpayer money
▪️Helping to overthrow Ukrainian Govt
▪️Meddling In the elections in Honduras, Egypt, Kenya and Macedonia
I forgot a big one!

This was another nefarious deed done on the way out the door and is another scandal that belonged at the top of this thread!

Hussein legalized propaganda on the US!

I will be adding your comments to the actual thread so that people don’t have to search to find all of the scandals ( I missed) by Hussein who was self proclaimed - “scandal free” 🙄
Thank you @gramanissa
Thank you @NWoutkast
Thanks @danharrell11

Weaponizing our intelligence apparatuses against us and the illegal spying was rampant!
Thank you @swbhfx

His link ~


Adding to this Hussein dropped 10’s of thousands of refugees in states without even telling the governors of those states. 60k Somalis in MN, which gave us Rep Ilhan Omar 🤬
Thanks @BeastSaver
Thanks @cccookiedoe and @Force1Silent

Uranium One!

How could if forget this massive scandal?
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