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To the people of California affected by the Cranston Fire, you were attacked by a Direct Energy Weapon on July 25, 2018. This is based on scientific evidence and is not a conspiracy theory.
And don't fall for the disinformation tactics trying to lead you in the wrong direction. Direct Energy Weapons are in waves that can't be seen by the human eye, they are NOT visible light. Any pictures you see as "proof" like the ones below are photoshopped fakes!
This video shows the weapon heating the ground below, instantly setting ablaze the vegetation as the smoke rises from behind the hill. It also shows the flashes in due to the ionization of the atmosphere as the beam travels through that portion of the sky.
This is NOT dry lighting as claimed by some in the media. There was also some kind of aircraft involved and can be seen from several camera locations before and during the start of the fire.
Here are still shots from multiple cameras that capture the aircraft. Each time the craft becomes visible, another flare up of the fire occurs.
Here are still shots from multiple cameras that capture the aircraft. Each time the craft becomes visible, another flare up of the fire occurs.
This video shows the craft appearing just before the massive flare up that created the pyrocumulus cloud.
The satellite video feed shows that the Cranston Fire was actually "Fires". Several areas within the video are being heating by the weapon as multiple fires erupt miles apart from each other.
This is the video feed from another satellite.
The satellite video shows the ground being cooked by the weapon to initiate the fire start ups. The rapid cloud formation is happening because any moisture below is getting flashed boiled and rises quickly where it condenses when hitting the colder air.
Here are the still shots from the videos above with the multiple fire locations marked. The clouds are forming too rapidly over the heated areas to be the result of natural causes, especially without being over a body of water.
The man arrested was just a scapegoat to divert you attention away from the truth. The cover story was that he started the fires in multiple locations. This is a total lie because the distances involved would impossible for anyone to cover in that amount of time.
I was mistaken above, the fires actually started in four places not three.
In this video clip you can see the smoke from the 2nd and 3rd fires that didn't have enough vegetation to take hold and they just fizzle out.
Here are still shots of the 2nd and 3rd fires and a close up of the aircraft that is a part of the attack.
The people responsible already anticipated lawsuits so PG&E is there fall guy for this one. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!! PG&E will take the hit because Jerry Brown signed a law in 2017 saying the can recoup money from being sued by charging higher rates.
PG&E did not cause this, they are willfully being set up because its you the California people that will pay with higher rates.

They want this to happen!
And of course they try a scare tactic for those looking for an attorney.
This is for anyone doubting these technologies exist. Its actually ancient history in the computer age timeline. These concepts were proven from the 70's to 90's, just waiting on technology to catch up. Bernard Eastlund was another Einstein and responsible for most of this tech.
The technology to build the mathematically proven designs came about in the late 90's and really accelerated in the 2000's. The Russians did the first successful test as far back as the 70's but it was more like a rough draft because they didn't have complete control of it.
I tried getting this information out last year but was so heavily shadowbanned by twitter, google, etc. that it didnt reach enough people to make a difference. Back then we had everything but the smoking gun, which is now in our hands. So this is a call to action for everyone.

I am reviving the original hashtag created for this research. I registered the domain name californiafiresrevealed.com

I will have all the research on this site in the coming weeks so everyone can have access to everything.

Here is the video of the NEXRAD station at the start of the Camp Fire on November 8, 2018. This is a processed digital readout of those beams looks like.
This one from a different Base Reflectivity Angle shows it was a one two three punch from the southeast, east and northeast.
The timestamps for the sudden eruptions of the fire match perfectly with the strikes shown on the NEXRAD videos. The white bubble that peaks is the pyrocumulus cloud top that occurs after the weapon fires from the Northeast, just like what happened at the Cranston Fire
They also match with 4 different satellite videos. This is not a gimmick or some kind of editing trick. This is all real people. Those responsible murdered our fellow citizens so in the near future they control the water, the food grow with it, and the electricity produced by it.
GAB friend just sent me a link to this interview with an ex-cop. archive.is/W8eAZ
satellite video covering the time period of this man's story was wiped from the records. 2 hours and 15 minutes were removed. This was the time before and during the Carr Fire Tornado. That missing portion of the video hasn't been viewed by anyone, it was uploaded already edited
This is video from a different satellite showing the same period of time has been deleted. You can clearly see the jump in frames. One could be a glitch but not two different satellites. And notice the fires reaction as the cloud passes overhead.
#woolseyfire #hillfire

this was Part 1 from the previous report. these two were populated areas so i don't believe it was the same weapon used at the cranston fire. these ionospheric heater like devices
There is something similar to that mystery device in Nevada and its in Northwestern Australia. Originally built for naval communications others including myself believe its now being used for weather and atmospheric manipulation through VLF and ULF waves.
When i did this report last November I was in a really bad mood so i apologize for the swearing and condescending tone throughout the whole thing. I was frustrated that no one seemed to care about what was happening in California and you will clearly see that frustration below.

07-15-18, northern CA and southern oregon were hit with thousands of lightning strikes igniting 150 fires within minutes of each other. how many times do you need to hear the word "unprecedented" before realizing its intentional
i could only find one little blurb from the day before in a tweet saying their was a lighting danger. i went through the meteorological records at that time. there was NOTHING to suggest a lightning danger was eminent. this is the satellite view after they began
the lighting was artificially triggered from three xrad sites that fired into the storm. now they wanted lightning not rain. so the other xrad site in oregon blew the rain off to the east and the third money shot came from Nevada
(any "debunkers" please see below)
here is the nexrad video in full speed showing the rain being pushed to the east. the shot from Sacramento and western nevada are difficult to see but the one from northern nevada hit with full
here is a slow motion clip of the kill shot from northern nevada
here is the close up still shot of the beam hitting the eastern edge of the clouds and charging it up
this shows the time the main fires in this grouping started
the time stamps from the nexrad data are in UTC so here are the conversions showing the match EST. the lighting ignited the fires within minutes of getting the beam injection from nevada
this shows a close up of the hit on the east side from nevada. the hole in the center is the southern oregon xrad radar site
so where did the last strike come from?....it's called battle mountain and here is what the site looks like
here are more pictures showing the facility
here is the google earth picture so you can see in relation to the nexrad video
sorry this is shaky, i did the google earth zoom on my phone
i hope everyone is starting to get pissed off. this is a call to all Americans. reps dems black white gay straight. none of that matters.
we need to stand together bc these bastards will do this to
any one of you in a second and not think twice about it if you are in their way
**this post is going be graphic** but i want all
of you sick in your stomachs and disgusted at what you are looking at. my report on what really happened on 9/11 will immediately follow this one when finished.
i'll show all of you how and why 9/11 really happened. how the government, media, academia, and the rest of people we are told from grade school to trust lied to your faces for almost two decades.
i'm going to show you that people were being cooked alive in those towers (not the jet fuel) that's why they were jumping out of a 100 story building. to "honor" those deaths they called the
dump site "fresh kills" and let hungry birds feast on thousands of dead americans
burn these pictures in your minds everyone.

get mad!!! get really fu€|<ing mad!!!

this is what they did!! there are over 300 million of us and hundreds of them. they will continuing to do this shit until we stop them!
retweeting isn't going to cut it! we all need to get up off of our asses and force this into the light and hold these people responsible.

i'm sick and fu€|<ing tired of investigations and special councils. these murdering assholes need be tried like the nazis at nuremberg
ill have more on 9/11 but i wanted you to see what i'm talking about

I apologize for the quality of the video, of course they aren't going to give us an HD clip of them committing a crime. I toggle this back and forth so you can see the condensation cloud from the missile bay doors, then the blotchy black area underneath that are the incendiaries.
This missile was a proof of concept test. Raytheon got the contract to build thousands of these for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. There were problems with the previous version of this missile at the China Lake testing ground in CA. This was a live performance to show it worked.
Here is the energy weapon being on the south tower. Watch the bottom left side of the building. when the energy was passes over the column it's vaporizing the concrete exterior giving it that orange glow. You can steel the steams light up & fire erupt as it moves to the left.
In this clip watch the top left of the building. you can see the energy wave move across the face from the upper right to lower left then concentrate and go down the column. also noticed how the fire and smoke intensify on the far left face as the wave moves towards it
This clip is right before it falls. as helicopter moves out of the way, watch the right column. The energy is concentrated several floors higher than where the impact was. where the orange glow from the concrete being vaporized and cracks in two places on the right column
Watch the top of the right column as the energy creates a white vapor cloud. Again this is steel and concrete turning to smoke instantly.
there wasn't any water in the hydrant lines for the surrounding area. that's because there was a steam explosion event. all the water in those pipes were super heated in a split second. the exit for this pressure blew apart this fire hydrant. This was due to the gamma ray burst.
here is a cleaner view of that. The fire hydrant was blown apart by the pressure from flash boiling the water in the lines
the explosions that so many people heard just before the towers fell were NOT planted explosions. this is why i feel the AE911 truth will fail. they were sounds from BLEVE's. boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions
this is what they were hearing. like the steam explosion from the water lines blowing the hydrant apart. any confined tank underground would explode bc of the gamma rays
south tower collapse. remember this was before everyone had cell phone videos so all you got was edited media version. watch the right tower column. the vaporized steel causes the whole wall to separate completely from the building and as falling vanishes into a pile of smoke
here is the frontal view of that falling wall in HD. this is why there was such little damage to surrounding structure. the nuclear device they used turned almost all of it to dust. don't worry i'll go into full detail of the device and why there was so little radiation
this is the only video i could find that showed this anomaly. after a nuclear explosion the outgoing wave hits a point where it gets sucked back bc the negative pressure created in the center. the denser air goes back to fill the void left by the explosion
this happens as seen here. you can also seen the interior of steel and concrete turn to dust
here is another steam explosion event from the opposite side of the building where the fire hydrant blew apart. it wasn't under pressure and not as explosive as the other one so this was probably a storm sewer line

"Explosions" out the side of WTC are NOT from explosives. They are steam explosions. Pressure naturally found the weakest section of pipe and blew out. An explosion does not come out in a perpendicularly conical shape and hold that position
Here are still shots from the video above.
"Explosions" out the side of WTC are NOT from explosives. They are steam explosions. Pressure naturally found the weakest section of pipe and blew out. An explosion does not come out in a perpendicularly conical shape and hold that position
Here are still shots from the video above.
Rothschilds own PGE. don't believe this BS that he stepped down. he just went back behind the curtains.
here is a list of the worldwide banks owned by the rothschilds
On July 9, 2018 the BLM issued a fire warning and placed restrictions on public use of the land beginning on July 14, 2018. This was over Southern Oregon and Idaho. Guess what happened the next day???? July 15 Southern oregon and idaho erupted in flames by freak lighting.
There was nothing in the weather patterns that would indicate lighting would happen. And look how the weather reports put this one bolt of lighting in on the morning of July 15 and then everything turns back to normal like before and the coming days forecast.
Twitter wont let me load videos any more so here are still shots of the Cranston Fire in infrared. The large areas in red are as hot as the actual fires when ignited. Once the main fire catches hold the areas being heated return to normal temperature
Street Cam view shows the massive chemtrail dusting on November 7, 2018, the day before the Camp Fire began.
Here is 700 pages of how they screw over the people of California and cover there own asses

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