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1.) In light of the recent anniversary of Avicii's death (4/20/2018), being one of my favorite artist/producer/DJs of all time, I think we should look more into his supposed suicide.. Was there something else at play here? Warning: GRAPHIC #Avicii#WWG1WGA #QAnon #PedoGate @POTUS
2.) After seeing this, it makes you wonder about Avicii's "suicide". Don't believe everything you hear. He's clearly exposing human trafficking/Pedogate/Pizzagate here, the Deep State's WORST fear. #PedoWood #Avicii #AviciiForever #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS
3.) Take a ride with me as I break down this music video... Who is the first person you see in the video? Does this remind you of anyone?

But... "Fidel Castro wasn't a pedo/sex trafficker..."

Wrong, Castro Promotes Sex Tourism, Bush Says.…
4.) Now let's take a look at the person at the end of the video (the last one they go after): A politician smoking a cigar... And which politician that we all know famously smoked a cigar? That's right.

So what happens to the politician in the end?
5.) He was hanged.
Now, he may not look exactly like Bill, but it seems there's a good chance that's who this guy is portraying... ESPECIALLY when you look at the last scene. There's almost no question here that this looks like Bill at the end.
6.) Let's look specifically at what the two who are taking out traffickers do to the pedophiles in the video: they brand them with the word "pedofilia".
7.) This might be a long shot, but my immediate thought is Keith Rainere of #NXIVM , as he's known for branding his victims with "KR".(…)

Could Avicii have known about NXIVM as early as 2015 and tried to expose them? Why is this just now coming to light?
8.) In case you didn't know, Avicii/Tim Berling directed, produced, and starred in this music video. It's true, it turns out he is actually one of the now grown up kids from the beginning who are tracking down and killing the pedos/sex traffickers throughout the video.
9.) Is it possible Tim was actually a victim of child trafficking himself? Whatever the reason, he felt a strong need to speak out against what we now know as Pedogate/Pizzagate, saying this...

So this was in September 2015... Why would a video from 2015 cause his death in 2018? Well, let's consider the events that took place in those three years, except let's go back even further, to 2012.
11.) As you can see from the Billboard article, he had multiple health issues, likely stemming from excessive drug and alcohol use... Leading to his eventual gallbladder and appendix removal in 2014.…
12.) After getting his appendix and gallbladder removed, he decided to cancel all performances in September 2014, stating this:…
13.) This is what Avicii's manager told him after cancelling the shows:

Sadly, it's clear his manager only cared about making money. And, Ash was willing to further compromise Avicii's health for it, as his own stepfather echos here:…
14.) Early 2015, Avicii breaks his silence with a new music video and new song, but 4 months after releasing the infamous music video (as well as another one), he decided to postpone all remaining 2015 performances.

Keep in mind, the music video was filmed in summer 2015.
15.) March 2016, Avicii announces he's retiring from tours at the young age of 26 and says it's just too much for him, after going on a road trip with friends. He said he just wants to live a normal life, but promises fans one last farewell tour.…
16.) Avicii made it clear that he wasn't about "material things" this may have been what led him to fire his long-time manager/friend and switch record companies.
August 2018, he plays his last show in Ibiza, Spain, and then 4 months later, fires Ash.…
17.) So why fire Ash? Is it because of Avicii's human trafficking music video? Is Ash Deep State? It's possible one of the traffickers in Avicii's video is supposed to be Ash, meaning Avicii knew there was something not right about him years ago.

Look at the comparison...
18.) Let's take a look at who Iranian born Arash Pournouri is. Arash, along with one of the co-founders of Spotify, founded the annual Brilliant Minds Conference in Sweden. Seems like a catchy, trendy event right? Wait until you see who he's invited...…
19.) One person, according to Ash's Instagram, is the Queen spirit cooker herself, Marina Abramović.

Here's the "Clinton Connection", if you haven't yet heard of her:…
20.) A second person is the sicko artist, Jeff Koons. If you don't know much about him, his Wikipedia page is enough to raise a red flag... especially when you look at who his ex wife is, a "Hungarian-Italian porn star, politician, and singer".
21.) As for Koons, if you're looking for the "Clinton Connection", here it is...…

As for his art, here's one piece but a lot of it is NSFW. Google it if you want to see more, but be warned.
22.) Oh look... here's Marina Abramović and Jeff, together with Lady Gaga, one that many know as a Deep State Luciferian who has attended many spirit cookings.

Not posting a spirit cooking picture here, Google at your own risk. But be warned, also NSFW.
23.) So you tell me... was Avicii's death the result of a "suicide" by OD/slit wrists or was he taken out because he knew too much? My belief is that he is only one of many who were killed because of what they knew about pedophilia and the Deep State. And he's only one of many..
24.) Check out my old threads for more info on why I think Avicii was murdered, as well as other celebs who died in sketchy ways too.


#PizzaGate #PedoGate #PedoWood #WWG1WGA #QAnon #PatriotsAwakened #LockThemAllUp @POTUS
April 3, 2019 😳😳😳😳

"They gave a really large check to the family because they know he was murdered."…

#Avicii #AviciiForever #PedoGate #PizzaGate #WWG1WGA #DeepState #PatriotsAwakened @POTUS
The more I research, the easier it gets. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the keynote speaker at Brilliant Minds 2019:

#Anons and #Patriots you might want to do a FF Watch for June 13-15 in Sweden.
#WWG1WGA #Avicii #QAnon #DeepState @POTUS
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