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Let's take a moment to review ELECTION NIGHT Nov. 8th, 2016 &
THE MIRACLE very few expected. as Hillary was soundly beating Trump in the Polls
Bill & Hillary arrived at DNC Headquarters in a jubilant mood & prepared themselves for a night of celebration & congratulations
Every MSM outlet was breathlessly telling us Hillary was a shoo-in & that Trump had a less than a 15% chance of victory.
Trump the publicity seeking Playboy Billionaire, TV Personality & Real Estate Magnate was going to be trounced!
The MSM doggedly still cast the race as "competitive" in their coverage but everyone who specialized in polling confidently stated Trump had not a prayer.
Hillary & Trump accompanied by their Families cast their votes as the expectations mounted.
As Election Day turned to Night pundits still confidently assured Americans they were party to an amazing historic Event=the Coronation of Hillary Clinton & America's first Woman President.
It was a done deal!
Thanks for playing, Mr. Trump!
Hillary will take it from here!
Withing 3 MAGICAL Hours it all changed. From 6-9 PM CST as States began to be called for Red or Blue it began to dawn on everyone the projected #'s were WAY OFF!.
As some "Battleground" States began ending up Red a sense of either alarm or jubilation began to build.
By 10 PM If Hillary's Chances had been a 747 It would have been nosediving, spinning out of control headed towards the ground & disaster.
News Anchors & Pundits struggled to come to grips with what they were seeing unfold=TRUMP WAS LEADING!
The Polls had been disastrously wrong
By 11 PM they really should have called the Election but as one side ecstatically celebrated & the other wept or stood in stunned silence the outcome dragged on for 2 more hours.
Trump was declared the winner by various Networks around 1:40 AM
But it's THIS particular moment I want to talk about.
This is the EXACT moment Megyn Kelly, a virulent Trump Hater realized he'd won.
Look at her face.
At about the same time, in a PERFECT EXAMPLE of how bad the Bullet we'd just dodged, Hillary was violently ATTACKING people.
Several "Fact Checking" Sites have claimed this never happened. Snopes calls it an "unfounded rumor."
But a half dozen eyewitnesses spoke out in the Days after Hillary's stunning loss.
As the Night progressed it became more & more apparent she was losing Hillary's mood darkened & she began drinking heavily. At around 10 PM Hillary flew into a VIOLENT RAGE & physically attacked Bill & also threw "things" at Robby Mook & John Podesta while screaming at them
News Outlets play this down“CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained,” Todd Kincannon, Radio Host.
Actually the tirade & violence lasted almost an hour. Hillary has a HISTORY of this
Physically hitting Bill & HURLING OBJECTS at Mook & Podesta.
Todd Kincannon=She was in a “psychotic drunken rage” according to my reporter friend. A Doctor added sedatives to the mix.”
On Election Night!
OK then, WHERE is the Video/Pictures of this? Reporters were EVERYWHERE, right? We're told none of this happened. It was a "brief outburst" even though Podesta at first tried to give a non-concession Speech to the thousands awaiting her.
Hillary couldn't do it, she was SEDATED!
September 11th, 2016. Hillary was SURROUNDED by Reporters, Photographers & News Cameramen as she suddenly left the Ceremony.
This footage was shot by an ORDINARY CITIZEN on the Street.
Not ONE Media Outlet covered this or mentioned it til it broke
NO ONE in Print, TV or Online was going to say that happened.
It was only AFTER the Video went viral that CNN & the NYT were FORCED to cover it.
I will, & this is the reason for this thread, lay you odds there's VIDEO of Hillary's violent tirade on Election Night.
But since ALL the MSM in the Room/Proximity are essentially Political Operatives/Hacks for the DNC you'll NEVER see it...
Unless Trump want you to.
I do not believe video does not exist.
I am confident it does & that one Day, maybe #SOON it will come to light.
We have reports of a Presidential Candidate literally ATTACKING people on Election Night in a Drunken Rage screaming at her victims with slurred speech to the point they had to knock her out with Drugs & THERE'S NO VIDEO?
This tirade was said to have lasted almost an HOUR!
All pictures & coverage of Hillary ENDED around 8 PM CST as she began to show signs of inebriation & anger.
Think back
Trump was SWARMED by Cameras & Reporters all night long.
ZERO coverage of Hillary.
Quite the contrast, eh?
Everyone moved on as all Spotlights focused on Trump.
I'm going to make a prediction.
The idea there's no video or Pictures of Hillary from 8 PM to when she finally gave her Concession Speech beggars belief.
It''s been suppressed.
The same way her collapse was NEVER supposed to be known.
But it's going to surface for a reason.
When it does it will be the #PERFECT visual/audible representation of what the Left has become in all it's hideous un-glory.
Vile, corrupt & power mad people utterly UNWORTHY of High Office exposed as the threat to Freedom they genuinely are.
RTing the thread since apparently my account is being throttled YET AGAIN!
If this Thred doesn't get me banned or thrown into Twitter Gulag with @RealJamesWoods then I'm not trying hard enough.
Another source.
It WAS "that bad"
No mere couple of minutes but nearly an HOUR of violence, weeping & screaming.
Does THIS sound like a "brief tantrum" & that she was "quickly restrained?"

Ladies & Gents....


There was VIDEO & AUDIO of that violent meltdown?

Hey, a Guy can #DREAMER, can't he?

Ho Ho Ho! (and HO!)
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