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Thread: On the Corruption of American Institutions and Conquest’s Second Law, Part III

1. British historian Robert Conquest developed three laws of politics:
1. (cont'd)
A. Everyone is conservative about what he knows best
B. Any organization not explicitly rightwing sooner or later becomes leftwing
C. The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies
2. Part I of this series examined examples of US cultural institutions that succumbed to Conquest’s second law.
3. Part II examined Conquest’s second law and the EPA, IRS and the State Department.
4. This final part of the series covers the State Department, DoJ, and FBI. Here we go.
5. Did Conquest’s second law apply to the IC (particularly the CIA and the DIA)? Of course! We’ve seen a lot about the politically-based actions of the Obama’s IC leadership uncovered over the past two-plus years, haven’t we?
6. The list of IC failures is a long one, but their apparent meddling in the 2016 election, including the illegal domestic surveillance at the direction of the Obama White House puts their actions in support of the Democrat Party beyond the pale.

7. The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have become bastions of political liberals and the pro-Democratic Party views of intelligence personnel have increased under President Donald Trump.
8. John Gentry, who spent 12 years as a CIA analyst, criticized former senior intelligence leaders, including CIA Director John Brenan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former deputy CIA director Michael Morell, ….
8A. … along with former analyst Paul Pillar, for breaking decades-long prohibitions of publicly airing their liberal political views in attacking Trump.
9. Gentry said the criticism violated an unwritten rule for intelligence officials in the past to hide their opinions. "The CIA's ethic calls for intelligence professionals to work objectively for all agency heads and presidents, regardless of their political views," he said.
10. Bias in analyses can be found in intelligence managers who control final assessments and reports that are the main products of intelligence agencies.
11. "Managers' biases camouflaged as organizational norms and biases in promotion decisions are hard to spot but are omnipresent," Gentry said.
12. Gentry also notes that criticism of Trump by current and former officials contrasts sharply from intelligence officials' responses to criticism from Democratic presidents, such as Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.
13. Politicization during the Obama administration also was evident at the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, long criticized for its shortcomings in intelligence analysis and reporting on China's military.
14. According to Gentry, under Obama, editors of the DIA's primary current intelligence report were notified to "avoid specifically identified terms that might trigger criticism of administration policy."
15. Gentry speculates the politicized intelligence work force may have been the result of the large influx of young and inexperienced personnel after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
16. Racial and other diversity programs also contributed to the politicization. This led to "demographic, not intellectual, diversity becoming a dominant focus of IC leaders."


Read the rest here:…
17. That sure seems like SYSTEMATIC and purposeful politicization of the IC by the Obama regime to me! Conquest’s second law was put on steroids by Obama!
18. Finally, we all have seen an incredible amount of Obama FBI and DoJ politicization and subsequent illegal activities exposed thanks to @POTUS. We have come to know and despise many of the names involved in “muh Russia” and the fake Russian dossier, as well as #Spygate.
19. Here’s a short list of recognizable names who were complicit: Lynch, Yates, Ohr, Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page. The senior leadership in Obama’s DoJ and FBI! But there are other lesser-known names who were involved, too:

20. Gregory Brower was Jim Comey’s FBI congressional liaison, and left the agency in 2018. Brower was in Comey’s inner circle, and like many in Comey’s inner circle, Brower played the game of claiming things were classified when they were not, ….
20A. … in order to label Republican investigators as leakers and hide how the FBI used the “dossiers.” Brower was called out by Sens. Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham for that.
21. Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer, wrote anti-Trump texts with former top FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. According to the Washington Times, Clinesmith “worked on the 2016 probe into Hillary Clinton’s email use [known as Mid-Year-Exam], ….
21A. … then worked on the FBI’s original investigation into the Trump campaign [known as Crossfire Hurricane] and, eventually, with the special counsel’s investigation into Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.”
22. But Clinesmith, like Strzok, was let go from Mueller’s investigative team once his anti-Trump texts were uncovered by the FBI inspector general (IG), who is tasked with uncovering wrongdoing at the FBI. “Viva le resistance,” Clinesmith said in one text.
23. Joseph Pientka, an FBI official, was the go-between for Fusion GPS and the FBI. Pientka interviewed Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr on at least 12 occasions, who passed on the information Ohr’s wife Nellie (who worked for Fusion GPS) ….
23A. … was receiving from Christopher Steele (who also worked for Fusion GPS), and who was using Edward Baumgartner, a British national with ties to Moscow, to compile the dossier for the Clinton campaign.
24. Tashina Gauhar is a Department of Justice attorney who was deeply involved in applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court, which were used to spy on the Trump campaign using the dossiers.
25. Gauhar was also one of the few people to see or be notified of the existence of missing Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.
26. Gauhar and Andrew McCabe sat on those emails, and a cursory investigation—led by anti-Trump FBI agent Strzok—was only conducted when FBI field agents in New York threatened to go public.
27. Gauhar later played a role in recommending former attorney general Jeff Sessions’ recusal from overseeing Mueller’s probe.
28. John Carlin [was] the head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, and got out of the DOJ in late 2016. He was the former chief of staff to Mueller, when Mueller led the FBI in the 2000s.
29. Carlin was involved in the FBI’s systemic abuse of the FISA surveillance laws, which included spying on the Trump campaign.
30. This included omitting information on FBI wiretap abuse to the FISA court, and omitting information when applying to spy on Trump campaign official Carter Page to the FISA court.
31. Carlin was also regularly briefed on and involved with the FBI’s overall investigation into the Trump campaign, called Crossfire Hurricane.
32. David Laufman is a high-level DOJ official in the national security division. Laufman worked with FBI counterintelligence guy Strzok on both the Clinton email investigation and the investigation into the Trump campaign based on the still-unproven … Russian-sourced “dossier.”
33. Mary McCord was the acting assistant attorney general for a time, replacing Carlin as the head of the DOJ’s national security division. She left the DOJ in 2017. McCord played a role in Yates’s plan to spy on Flynn and entrap him with the Logan Act.
34. George Toscas, a senior official in the Justice Department, was in charge of the “Mid-Year-Exam” investigation into Clinton’s email abuses. Toscas had a front seat to both McCabe and Comey’s efforts to hide the fact that Clinton’s emails were found on Weiner’s computer, ….
34A. … and former Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch’s efforts to stymie the Clinton email investigation.


Read the rest here:…
35. Most of these people were either fired, resigned, demoted, or allowed to retire. We are just now learning about their roles in the biggest political crime ever perpetrated in US history. All of their actions were in service of the Left’s agenda, as manifested by the Dem Party
36. And these are merely some named individuals who’ve made the news. The probability that that was all the left-biased people that were in the Obama regime’s DoJ and FBI? Absolutely ZERO.
37. While these named people have been fingered, it is only by the grace of God – and the election of Donald J Trump – that we have learned about their political corruption and perfidy. Without question, Conquest’s second law wreaked havoc in DoJ and the FBI under Obama!
38. In this series, we have conducted a brief survey of how British historian Robert Conquest’s second law of politics – any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing – has applied to American cultural institutions as well as US government agencies.
39. Each and every one noted in this series has succumbed to leftist corruption over time because none of them were explicitly conservative organizations, and thus the people within those entities were susceptible to corruption or replacement by leftists boring from within.
40. I don’t know about you, but I think Conquest nailed this law BIGLY! Our lesson-learned should be to fight for conservative principles in EVERY institution, agency, and organization if we wish to preserve some semblance of morality, decency, and fairness in them.
41. That means those at the local level, too, folks. For if we don’t, then the consequences of Conquest’s second law will be visited upon them – and us, too! ///The end.
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