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Whites are not permitted to advocate for their own interests nor have a homeland.

The reason, we were taught, is that when last a prominent figure in history advocated for such, a human tragedy of unprecedented scale occurred...the #Holocaust

Its horrors have been enshrined in film & made against the law to question or revise in many countries.

To my knowledge, the Holocaust is the only historical event not subject to the rigors of careful re-examination as new evidence comes to light (as is standard procedure.)
Since the events which make up the Holocaust are used as the hinge-pin for the denial of a homeland to people of European heritage, isn't it quite important to have an accurate and rational examination of the same?
From a British historian friend: “We were taught a bowdlerized version of history” to which I might add gleaned not only from school but film &/or common impressions.
Sometimes these were fairy accurate, other times not. The prevalent notion about a thing seems to hold more sway
than accurate information about the same.

Children especially aren’t all that interested in spending a day poring over data, cross referencing to find out what the real story is on a subject so they tend to take on the impressions of their peers, their teachers and family.
With people of any age being told they mustn’t critically assess the Holocaust [under penalty of fines, imprisonment in many locales] we might conclude that the understanding of the Holocaust to date has worked our very well somehow for those who would make it illegal to question
What form does this “working out very well” take at present?

Remorse for the Holocaust for which we were either culpable or ineffectual in preventing motivate guilt generosity to the tune of:

$104 per second in aid to Israel from the American taxpayer
- $38 billion per annum to a country with both space & nuclear programs while millions of US citizens want for essentials (many still have NO insurance hence no access to healthcare)

- A fully funded wall for Israel while Americans are uneasy about unending caravans of invaders
- American military presence in the Near East aimed at securing Israel’s current & longed for frontiers

Well, that’s quite a lot of benefit indeed, you wicked Nazis! And it’s a good thing too because Israel is our ‘greatest ally”
If this sounds like anything other than a phrase dripping in sarcasm please learn about

#MarchingtoZion [a YouTube video for Christian Zionist normies with a silly conclusion but good info preceding it, nonetheless]
Although I live in an Anti-BDS legislation country, I don’t live in one where questioning any historical event is against the law...yet.

So that’s what I have found myself doing and will continue to do.
First, if any intrepid history sleuth plans to join me, he should know he will be referred to from here on out by the dastardly term: “denier”
'Denial' suggests an action short of reason:

“It’s right in front of you but you’re denying it, old man! What’s the matter with you?”
For this reason I propose the term, "Holocaust realist."

This neutralizes the more emotional "denial" and replaces it with a suggestion of realism, of critical reasoning.

It might further show a refusal to take bait on our part & demonstrate a certain sang froid,
They aim to make us appear to be the dangerous, unhinged mob, averse to reason. I think we might foil that aim with this term.

Next, only Holocaust promoters seem to believe that historical events occur in a vacuum...

When I look at the Holocaust on a timeline of events...
I cannot help but note a human tragedy of massive proportion carried out by Bolsheviks who would shorty, quite astonishingly claim victimhood through the narrative of the Holocaust.

Let’s peer beyond the curtain of the Holy Holocaust to an event with as many as 100 mil victims~
The Holodomor and Soviet gulag system:

Who were the victims of the Holodomor?
They were Russian Christians.

Who were the Bolsheviks?
They were not…

The Bolsheviks would go on to found Israel, though, interestingly enough:

Why would the Holocaust be so well known in the West and the Holodomor with a higher death toll by far by all counts, be little known or even completely unknown?

Is there some showmanship in history teaching? Is there some showmanship in Hollywood? 🤔
I don't think anyone needs help finding films about the Holocaust.

They are ubiquitous & in fact, as @Ramzpaul has noted, the term “Holocaust” did not come into common parlance until a Hollywood miniseries of the same name starring James Woods:

How about films about genocide? The largest genocides in the last 100 years occurred to Christians.

Here are a few with articles and/or films about each:

The Armenian Genocide
The German Genocide (of ethnic Germans) under the Morgenthau Plan & Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps


Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps
The Amish Genocide

Anabaptists and Mennonites migrated to harsh lands which they transformed into the breadbasket of the kingdom under the auspices of Catherine the Great in Russia. They were known as the #Kulaks in Russia but are known to us as the Amish.
The Bolsheviks targeted the Amish [Kulaks] particularly, by first promoting the idea that they were ‘privileged.’

The Red Terror cut its teeth on genociding them most cruelly subsequently.

Christian Zionists who believe their good book tells them they must blindly support our ‘Greatest Ally’ might find cause to pause over the genociding of the Amish by what would soon afterwards be the founding stock of Israel.
Christian Zionists can rationalize the genociding of the Palestinians because, hey, some of those kids have slingshots, maybe a home-made rocket against state of the art munitions provided by 🇺🇸 but the Amish….the AMISH!?

Yes, their 'greatest ally' genocided the Amish
Even the Christian Zionist knows the peace-loving, bucolic nature of these hard-working people. They resist military service on peace loving grounds as a matter of course:

More on the #AmishGenocide

The Bolshevik Revolution - Darkness Descends [about the imprisonment & execution of the Czar and his family, the Bolshevik Revolution and the genocide of the Amish in Russia known as #Kulaks]

So which genocide of white Christians is next?

How about we wise up and not go along with this again?

If genocides perpetrated against one’s people entitles one to special privileges, then I fail to see any people more entitled to safe homelands than whites.
Let’s help others quit going along with Israeli Supremacy

It's costing us dearly& if history is any indication, it could cost us very dearly still

Spread the word through films, film-makers @Celtic_Films & articles in this thread. Speak out.

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