#kiribaku | Aftermath of a Sex Pollen Night

When Eijirou wakes up, he's not in his bed.
The pillow is too hard for his tastes, the posters on the walls are all wrong and the sheets smell overwhelmingly like...
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- there's angst
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When Eijirou wakes up, he's not in his bed.
The pillow is too hard for his tastes, the posters on the walls are all wrong and the sheets smell overwhelmingly like...
He's almost scared to turn his head to his left to meet his friend's sleeping face, but he does it anyway.
Bakugou's pull is simply too strong. Eijirou should be well aware of it, by now.
Bakugou is laying on the side, his eyes peacefully shut and the relaxed curve of his mouth not reflecting the state of his body.
The lower half is fortunately hidden under the sheets, but the top speaks for itself.
His blonde hair is a mess, sticking to his forehead 'cause of sweat and what else Eijirou doesn't want to think of. He can also make out the outline of scratches on Bakugou's shoulders and love bites adorning his pale neck. Other kind of bite marks indent his trapezius and chest.
Yep. They've done that.
Multiple times. Switched a hell lot, too. Eijirou is sure there's a matching constellation of bruises and scratches on his own torso and why not, overall body.
It surely feels like it does.
Every bone in his body aches, like he's just spent the night fighting instead of realizing every dirty fantasy he's had for the past three years about the gorgeous boy that is now laying by his side,
in a bed that was definitely not meant to hold two horny teenagers and everything they felt like doing.
And they did. A lot. God, Eijirou doesn't even remember all of the night. He's sure he's passed out at least a couple times, waking up with Bakugou inside him or himself seated inside Bakugou, still painfully hard.
Looking at the pale lashes of Bakugou's shut eyes, Eijirou feels like crying.
This is not how he wanted it to happen. He wasn't expecting for it to happen like, ever, and he had kind of resigned to the idea.
Though "kind of" didn't mean he didn't spend embarrassingly short minutes jerking off to the thought of those defined pecs, or round ass squeezed in sinful skinny jeans, or of Bakugou's dangerous hands.
Speaking of, Eijirou looks around himself. The room is, surprisingly, pretty intact. He was able to contain most of Bakugou's quirk and of that he feels grateful. It would have been a nightmare to explain such a mess.
Now at least, all they have to do is picking up the pieces of their destroyed friendship.
Eijirou finally finds the will to sit up, careful to not bump into Bakugou. They're not in each other's arms, tangled together in a loving way. They're both naked and Eijirou feels the chill of the morning reach his very core.
His body feels sticky and gross, but he doesn't spare a look on himself. He doesn't have the strength to deal with how he looks, right now.
He'll do it once he'll be in his own room, hidden by the steam of the burning water of his shower, that hopefully will wash away his tears along with what remains of the cursed first time he spend with the love of his life.
Trying not to think of what would happen if he decided to stay and wake Bakugou up with soft kisses, Eijirou pushes himself off the bed.
He looks around in search for his clothes. He finds his boxers, which he hastily puts on before thinking of how they feel against his skin. He finds his pants. A shoe. No sign of his Crimson Riot favorite shirt. He guesses he can do without it.
He just needs to exit Bakugou's room quietly and shut himself in his own, adjacent one. He just needs to do that, and not wake up Bakugou (or Shouji in the other room, for the matter). He thinks he's made it when he opens the door with a soft click and walks over the threshold.
But then a low, growled "Kirishima" makes him stop in his tracks. Eijirou is only fast enough to turn around, before a piece of cloth crosses the room flying and lands square on his face.
His shirt.
Eijirou grabs it and lowers it just in time to see Bakugou turn the other way and hide under the bedsheets, not deigning him with another word or look.
Eijirou swallows the knot in his throat. He's not sure the soft "Thanks" he mean to whisper has actually left his lips.
It doesn't matter.
Bakugou doesn't give a fuck and probably hates his guts, now.
Not as much as Eijirou hates himself, though. That's for sure.
He squeezes the shirt that has just become his most despised one and closes the door behind his back.
Under the bedsheets, Katsuki presses his face against his pillow and stifles a cry.
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All day long, Katsuki's heart has been fusing like a nuclear core.
Every beat leading to an unstoppable decay that poisoned his thoughts, his feelings.
That morning, Kirishima tried to leave his room, /his bed/ like it was infected.
He didn't even try to wake Katsuki up, instead did everything to be quiet, to avoid dealing with the shit they got themselves into.
To avoid looking Katsuki in the face.
And Katsuki let him. He rolled onto the other side of the bed and didn't face him either.
Sitting at his desk in 3A's classroom, his hands tremble in the need to blow something up.
Two fucking cowards, that's what they both are.
But at least he's a coward with a reason.
That's not and won't ever be a valid excuse for his own pride. But Katsuki knows, he knows he did something irreparabile during the high of sex.
It's not about all the lews touches he placed on Kirishima's skin. It isn't about the shameless pleasure he received in return, either.
And it's not about his tastes laid bare, all the secrets that his body let out in muffled screams of desire.
He did, though, let out a secret.
While he held Kirishima in his arms, with his lips pressed against Kirishima's sweaty temple, letting himself chant "Eijirou, Eijirou, Eijirou" so many fucking times... He knows he said it.
"Eijirou, I love you".
And that ruined everything.
Kirishima didn't even reply, but at the moment, Katsuki's blissed out brain didn't even find it strange.
Now that he's fucking lucid, though, that's another matter. And his heart is goddamn close to total collapse.
He doesn't wanna find out.
He doesn't wanna know if his confession got ignored because unwelcomed or, more simply... it didn't even get across.
Because they weren't in their right minds.
Because they got hit by a hellish quirk that made them loose their inhibitions and fueled their undisclosed desires.
Because last night Kirishima almost gave him everything he could wish for...
Except what Katsuki feels had never been just about desire.
Katsuki shuts his eyes, banishing those thoughts from his mind. When he opens them, he meets another set of eyes, studying him from across the room.
Midnight is standing at the entrance of the class, holding the sliding door ajar with a laquered hand. There's a sad crease between her eyebrows that makes Katsuki grit his teeth in frustration.
Without attracting too much attention, Midnight makes a quick gesture towards him and turns around, expecting to be followed.

Shit. He knew it would come down to this. Better get it over with.
As Katsuki pushes back his chair to get up, he realizes Kirishima has already risen and is trailing behind their teacher as well.
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(A little back, before Midnight called the boys...)

Eijirou is sitting at his desk, yet he'd very much like be anywhere else.
The bell that signals lunch break just rang, but it might as well be the one that announces his death by embarrassment, because...
Shit, Kaminari can't seem able to stop asking questions.
Eijirou would like to sink into the ground. Like Togata-senpai can do. Though it would be ideal if he could emerge, like, /nevermore/.
In front of him, Kaminari scratches his blonde hair.
"I mean, at first I thought it was just an impression of mine. A kind of reeeally unwanted dream, you know? But then I spoke with Todoroki and..." Kaminari lowers his tone and leans into Eijirou's desk.
"Dude, our rooms are just below yours. Yours and Blasty's. I'm not trying to pry or anything... or maybe a bit, but you don't have to talk if you don't want to. Just, don't think I'm /that/ stupid. And I mean, if even /I/ noticed...", his eyes find Shouji, a few meters from them.
The color drains from Eijirou's face.
How could he forget about Shouji? He lives right next door, for god's sake.
Fortunately, their big classmate is too polite and discreet to play interrogation (unlike some friend of his) but Eijirou can't shake off the dread that's setting on his shoulders. Shouji must have heard everything. Now the mortification is really killing Eijirou.
Dying or not, he has to do some damage control. He loves Kaminari, he really does, and over the years he's trusted him with lots of secrets... like his feelings towards Bakugou. But this thing... Eijirou himself isn't ready to deal with it, let aside sharing it with his friend.
"I-It's not like you think, Kaminari. Don't look at me like that, I'm serious", Eijirou tries his best to lie. "We just had a fight, that's all".
Kaminari raises one brow.
"Oh, yeah, all night long and /casually/ in your bedroom?", he says in a louder tone than necessary.
"It was Bakugou's bedroom" Eijirou shushes him, and immediately regrets pointing it out. He sighs uncomfortably. He better let out part of the truth if he wants to convince Kaminari.
"Look, it was quirk induced. Yesterday evening we had our shift with Midnight, and things got... a little out of hand". Eijirou hesitates and clears is throat, waiting for a classmate to surpass their desks.
Kaminari's interest is piqued and he motions him to go on.
"Well, all we had to do was checking rumors about drug dealing in a pub downtown, but instead we stumbled upon a villain group meating". Eijirou lowers his gaze, his throat in a clench.
"It was bad, Kaminari. This group was even involved in human and sex traffic".
Stunned, Kaminari stares at him, totally serious now.
"The group /was/? Please tell me you got those scums behind bars".
Kirishima nods, a little relief filling him at the thought of one good thing that happened last night.
Right. Just /one/ good thing.
"We were able to beat them and hand them to the police, but... one of the villains had a strange quirk, and it hit me and Bakugou. We didn't realize it until we came back".
Eijirou lets out a breath. There, he said it. Almost. He doesn't feel the least bit better, though.
Kaminari blows a silent whistle.
"How come I didn't hear anything about the arrest in the morning news?".
"The police is keeping it quiet. They don't think we got all of the group. I do hope they're wrong, though. Actually, I shouldn't even be telling you this, right now".
Kaminari shakes his head.
"Shit, alright. I'm sorry, man. Are you better now? And why aren't you and Bakugou talking? You fight all the time during training, was it that much worse?".
Eijirou can't meet his friend's gaze.
"As I said... things got out of hand. That quirk... it brought out things we never faced about each other".
"Like old grudges?".
Kirishima simply nods, and Kaminari pats his shoulder sympathetically.
"Damn. I'm really sorry. At least you didn't kill each other", Kaminari tries to smile.
Eijirou isn't that sure they didn't, at least emotionally speaking.
Kaminari is about to chime in with another question when Eijirou notices someone looking at him from the doorway of the class.
The teacher just blinks into his direction and Eijirou finds himself standing up, on his way to reach her. Before going, he gestures to Kaminari to not make a fuss about that silent call, and Kaminari mimics locking his mouth with a key.
He's about to step outside the classroom when he feels Bakugou bore holes into his back, surely just a few steps behind him.
After avoiding him all morning, Eijirou doesn't have the strength to turn around and meet those red eyes so similar to his own, but he knows he'll have to do it, sooner rather than later.
He'd really rather sinking into the ground and never come out.
So much for being manly, huh.
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Midnight lead the way to the teacher's lounge without even glancing behind her back.
That left Katsuki and Kirishima walking side by side in a silence that got heavier with every step.
Now they're standing awkwardly in front of their teacher, while she sits at her desk with crossed legs and a serious face. Katsuki can still make out an edge of worry etched into her features. It makes him restless.
"How do you boys feel after last night?" she asks, studying them.
Katsuki shrugs, and with the corner of his eye, he can see Kirishima scratch his nape.
Midnight shifts in her seat.
"I know it was a lot to take in. It was a pretty hard baptism to my line of work, but I'm glad we could intervene and put those bastards where they belong".
"I called you out because I have good news. This moring the police reported to me after interrogating the villains. They were able to tackle down the last members of the group. Also, their victims are being treated with care as we speak and they thank the heroes that saved them".
Katsuki's shoulders loose an edge of stiffness at those words. He's also glad they could stop those assholes and crush their, so called, business. He wouldn't take that back even if doing so could erase what happened afterwards with Kirishima.
Still, Katsuki can't take much more of this conversation, especially not this near to Kirishima, who keeps shifting his weight from one foot to the other, making Katsuki's skin crawl.
"Is this everything, sensei?", he asks, trying to loosen up his gritted teeth.
"I believe so", Midnight replies, with a tilt of her head."If you don't want to open your hearts to me, I guess you can go", she gestures them away with one hand.
Kirishima turns on his tracks immediately, and funnily enough, Katsuki is more than ready to follow him. But...
"Oh, right. Boys. One last thing".
Katsuki curses under his breath. Oh, how much Midnight loves to keep them on a figurative short leash.
"Remember that villain that both of you insisted /didn't/ hit you with a quirk?", she asks, drumming her laquered nails on the desk.
Both he and Kirishima turn back to face her, cautious to not let seep how much that error of judgment costed them.
"Turns out, they did have a quirk. The police was able to identify it almost immediately and restrain the villain thanks to their criminal record, but the quirk hit a couple officers first. They spent.. a rough night. Luckily not involving anyone into their, so to say, situation"
Midnight's sharp blue eyes send chills to Katsuki's spine.
"Do you have anything to report on that matter?".
Katsuki can't help the quick glace he throws Kirishima, nor the heart twinge he feels when he finds his friend already looking at him.
They've always been good at it, the nonverbal communication. A glance is all it takes for them to decide that no, they're not going to report any damn thing.
Katsuki shakes his head defiantly as a reply and Midnight sighs, loosening her serious act a bit.
"You're both awfully quiet".
"You boys know you can talk to me about anything, right?", her gaze darts between them. "It doesn't have to be now, and it doesn't even have to be to me. The school offers the support of a specialist, you know that".
Katsuki's whole demeanor scream what he thinks of the damn specialist and Midnight eyes twitch in disapproval.
"There's nothing wrong with seeking help when our minds are troubled, Bakugou. Especially in our line of work. You should have learned that, by now".
Katsuki snorts but doesn't reply. Midnight takes that as a cue to go on.
"Listen up, boys".
"You're both adults now, you're going to become astonishing heroes after graduation, and you decided to apply to my patrols knowing what type of operations I conduct. A lot of things can happen on the field, that's a fact. But you don't have to face them alone".
"That said, yesterday's impromptu mission could have taken a wrong turn, but our little team brought the best out of it. I'm not the least disappointed in you. You proved to posses quick thinking and a strong, steady hand when needed".
"Also, your resistance to my quirk is excellent. I would love to work again with both of you once you go pro".
(THIS ☝️☝️ I'm gonna divert a little from canon, here, because I like my headcanon about Midnight's quirk better 🙈 In time, I'll explain it, because it's also connected to the sex pollen quirk)
"Youre almost ready to make your big debut and kick asses left and right.. but you still need to learn to acknowledge your limits as a valuable part of you. Thats the most important lesson, one we cannot teach you". Her expression softens. "We can help you, though. If you let us"
Katsuki stares at her, caught off guard. He doesn't have a reply to Midnight's words, and apparently neither does Kirishima.
He realizes neither of them has basically said a word the whole length of Midnight's speech, and that makes him scowl.
Their teacher seems content with their silence, though. She smiles and clasps her hand, bracelets tingling on her wrists.
"That's all I wanted to say. You can go, now. Come on, shoo".
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Outside the staff room, the hallways are deserted. All the kids are having lunch in the cafeteria, or relaxing in their dorm lounges.
Eijirou is grateful for the silence around him and Bakugou (who's striding ahead of him), since Midnight's words are still ringing in his ears.
The teacher said that talking about a problem with someone is the manly thing to do, but the truth is... he and Bakugou hadn't even talked to each other. Yet.
Eijirou looks at his friend, each moment further away from him, and not just physically speaking.
/Man up/, he says to himself, taking a step forward.
Bakugou stops.
"What", he spits, without even turning around. Part of Eijirou is glad he didn't... and Ejirou would like to punch that unmanly part hard in the face.
"We should... we should probably talk about what happened".
His words echo slightly in the hallway. Bakugou stays unnervingly still, his back turned to Eijirou, his hands in his pockes.
He's not slouching as usual. There's almost a palpable stiffness to his body.
Eijirou is about to call him again, but Bakugou finally replies.
"I don't know what you're talking about".
It's like a slap in the face. Maybe one with Bakugou's explosive quirk added.
It riles Eijirou up, but mostly it makes him feel disappointed. And really, incredibly sad.
"Are you for real, Bakugou?".
Bakugou turns halfway, his eyes narrowed and piercing.
"Does it seem like I'm jocking to you?", he snarls. Then, in a firmer tone, like he's trying to convince himself as well...
"Nothing fucking happened, Kirishima. Get over it".
Eijirou seethes. He covers the few steps between them and Bakugou faces him completely, never one to back down from a challenge.
Eijirou scowls.
"That's how you wanna deal with this?".
"Why? How do /you/ wanna deal with it?", Bakugou replies with a mocking snort.
He doesn't know. Eijirou doesn't have the slightest idea, but there's a gut wrenching feeling inside him telling him that if they let this go, if they ignore this thing and never confront it... that would be the end of their friendship.
"We can't pretend it didn't happen", he states.
Bakugou raises his head defiantly.
"Watch me".
Eijirou wants to yell at him, but he keeps his voice low. Pleading, even.
"If it's like it didn't happen, then why are we fighting?".
/And why does it feel like I've already lost you?/, Eijirou would ask if he wasn't afraid of the answer.
Bakugou lips quiver.
"I don't know, Kirishima. You tell me. I wasn't the one who flew out the fucking room like a thief".
Eijirou opens his mouth to reply and freezes, taken aback.
His traitorous mind starts to stir its gears.
Would Bakugou have preferred if that morning he stayed? Would his presence have been accepted? Maybe even welcomed?
And what about the kisses Ejirou dreamt of placing on Bakugou's pale hair to wake him up? The soft promises he would have liked whispered to his ear?
No, Eijirou says to himself. Bakugou is only accusing him of cowardice, and rightly so.
He shifts on his feet, his anger evaporating from him.
"I needed room to breathe. I figured you needed it, too". It's the truth, but it's also the biggest excuse Eijirou has ever used.
And it only makes Bakugou grit his teeth harder.
"I'm breathing just fine, thank you very much".
Apparently, that's the end of the conversation for Bakugou. With a scoff, he diverts his gaze and is about to go back on his tracks.
But Eijirou can't let him.
He grabs Bakugou's shoulder, just in time to stop his friend from turning around. He tightens his hold, trapping Bakugou with his eyes as well.
"Don't", he pleads, and he doesn't even know what he's asking for.
Caught off guard, Bakugou just stares at him, dumbfounded.
He doesn't try to pull away, and after a moment, his eyes seem to lose their bitterness, too. They dart all over Eijirou's face, like Bakugou's trying to drink in his features.
Or maybe Eijirou is just projecting, since that's exactly what he's avidly doing.
Right then, Bakugou's expression almost seems vulnerable, and it makes Ejirou lose his mind.
Flashes of other expressions, the ones that the night before Bakugou let slip during the high of pleasure, fill Eijirou's vision and make his heart beat faster.
It could never be like it didn't happen.
That night left traces everywhere, in their emotions as well as in the shadow of the bruises barely covered with makeup on Bakugou's neck.
This close, Eijirou is breathing in the faint whiff of the cosmetic powder, but it's actually Bakugou's scent that he can feel like an after taste on his tongue.
One time, he jokingly told Bakugou that the way he smells makes Eijirou wanna eat him.
Last night, though, Eijirou did eat every inch of him. And god if it had been the best meal of his life.
That's why, he can't help it.
Without even realizing it, Eijirou lets out a breath and scrapes his own lips with his sharp teeth.

It shatters the moment into pieces.
In a blik, Bakugou takes a step back, his eyes wide and flaring with emotions Eijirou can't place, except for the most evident one.
"Fuck off, Kirishima", Bakugou hisses, jerking himself free and instantly putting as much distance as he can between them, that meaning: the whole goddamn school.
Alone, Ejirou stifles a sob, then lets out a series of curses that would have made his friend proud, if only he hadn't driven Bakugou the hell away from him.
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Standing on the rooftop of the school building, Katsuki is seething.
Etched in his memory, Kirishima's stare is still eating him alive, in more than one way.
Instinctively, Katsuki covers one side of his neck, as if anybody on the deserted rooftop could see how eagerly the night before he bared his skin to be marked.
Katsuki mutters a curse and closes his eyes.
Fucking Kirishima.
What he did yesterday wasn't enough, no. Even now, totally sober, he had to act in a way that would surely haunt Katsuki's sleep.
The redhead idiot even dared to bite his lips with his goddamn teeth in such sultry way.
Not that he did it consciously. And of course that made the gesture even hotter.
Katsuki still remembers the first time he realized what those fucking ridiculous poor excuses of fangs do to him on a daily basis. He remembers when his feelings started to change, shift uncontrollably towards something new. Something dangerous.
It was gradual. Subtle, even. Until it hit Katsuki like a fucking truck and he found himself choking on Kirishima's name during an orgasm.
He wants Kirishima.
He desires him. Everything about him.
It was strange, an unfamiliar feeling, at first. It felt like some sort of poison, tainting the way he learned to feel towards his best friend.
Katsuki drank it greedily with both hands.
He shouldn't have. It was easier to avoid thinking how much he wants to be with Kirishima when he wasn't also bothered by how smoking hot the oblivious fool looks just by breathing.
It was easier... or maybe not. Because yes, Katsuki wants him, but mostly he wants to spend his days fighting side by side with the him, sharing everything with him, even the place as number one hero. Even a home, and someday even their golden years, if they ever got that lucky.
Nobody has ever made him feel like that. Nobody has touched him so deeply. He's never allowed anyone else to come this close, after all, and that's fine. Kirishima is all he wants. It has to be him, or nobody.
Katsuki loves him, loves him as loudly as he can in silence.
Because their friendship has always been more important.
He's not stupid. He knows they couldn't have ignored the fact they had lost their virginity together because of a damn sex pollen quirk that made them act out of their minds and very inside of their bodies.
Yet, he had hoped they could still be friends as if it never happened. As if it didn't matter.
But it does matter.
And now Kirishima can't even fucking look him in the eyes without thinking of how good he felt during sex.
/He's never gonna see me past this/, Katsuki smiles to himself, bitterly. And well, he can't really blame Kirishima. After all, he's no better himself. It took just one hungry look to make Katsuki's resolve go to hell.
Their friendship, that simple, carefree bond Katsuki fought for for years even against himself, is ruined.
He clenches his fists.
If that's how things are, now... Then he has nothing to lose.
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Eijirou is sitting on the floor of the dorm lounge, legs outstretched, head resting on the couch behind him.
From time to time, Ashido trails her fingers through his now soft hair, distractedly.
She's sitting on the couch herself, playing a card game with Sero, who occupies the other seat, while Kaminari, having lost his turn, spies behind their shoulders and pouts.
Evening finally came, and after eating dinner, class 3A got back to their dorm building. Most of their classmates are now in the lounge, relaxing after a hard day of school. Funny conversations and laughs spread all around him, but Eijirou can't really tune with them.
It's fine. His friends, sitting beside him, know that he's in no mood to participate in chats and games. They get him well, by now, and know that's it's when his spirit is low that he needs to be with them the most.
Usually, Bakugou would be there with them, maybe sitting right next to him, kicking his shin from time to time just to tear an eyeroll or a tired smile from his lips.
But of course, Bakugou is not.
And hell, how much Eijirou misses him already.
It's Kaminari, now, who flops down beside him, crossing his arms with a sullen look that actually could very much rival with Bakugou's.
For a while, now, Kaminari has been lamenting the way his missions with The Hellusionist are going. The eerie pro hero is a new UA teacher, and the whole class still gets chills when a lesson with him approaces. Eijirou can't really blame his friend for being so upset.
Kaminari groans and hides his face in a pillow he stole from an exasperated Jirou earlier.
"If another fake ghost tries to pat me and tell me I did a good job, I swear I'm gonna lose it. Why can't I have shifts with beautiful, sexy Midnight, too? That's so unfair!".
Ashido nods and sighs wistfully while Sero snorts.
"You can't, Kaminari, because your Bi-Fi signal is way too strong".
Kaminari throws him a dirty look.
"Says the one who started snoring 0.2 seconds after first year exams began", he sneers, making Sero laugh.
"Can't deny it. We three are all useless, here".
(NOTE: Some if you already guessed this, but yeah, despite canon I like to think of Midnight's quirk like sexuality based. Makes more sense to me than "her quirk works best on men")
After a second thought Sero adds:
"Actually, now that I think about it, just Kirishima, Blasty and another couple gays in class could work with Midnight without being extra affected by her quirk".
"Ugh, I hate you gays", Kaminari pouts.
Eijirou's heart pounds in his throat. He fixes his eyes on a undefined point on the floor and wills his voice not to tremble.
"Bakugou is not gay", he corrects Sero.
Ashido snaps her fingers.
"Oh, right. I remember him saying he's in the ace spectrum or something".
"Really?", Kaminari frowns. "I didn't know that. He never talks to me about these things".
Ashido makes a sweet, evil smile.
"Thats because he's closer to me than to you, /Pikachu/".
Kaminari cries out, utterly offended.
"Thats bullshit, Mina! We're great bros! I'm the vice Bakugou Whisperer and you know it!".
"Oh no, /Mina/, how dare you steal his thunder?!", Sero howls, earning a pillow in the face.
Eijirou tunes their bickering voices out. In his lap, his hands are rippling with faint layers of hardening, and Ejirou clasps them.
The weight of the day is crashing down on him, and his body is trying its best to respond, subconsciously.
He could harden from head to toe, go Unbreakable, even, but it would still hurt like hell.
Ejirou thinks back to what happened a few hours ago outside the staff room. He can't help it. All day long, he's done nothing but keep replying that scene in his mind, the moment it all went wrong because he's a stupid fucking idiot.
He knows it. He's always knew Bakugou is asexual. Bakugou told him so himself, way back to their first year, when Eijirou was just starting to fall deep into his feelings for him.
"Honestly, I dont care for this attraction bullshit. Never have. It just doesnt click with me. And Im glad it doesnt. I dont get the point of it.
That also makes easier staying away from fucking sappy relationships. Ugh. Not my thing. Becoming heroes is all that matters, right?"
Eijirou had laughed, then. Told him he understood. Becoming a hero, that was his goal, too. And that felt more important than anything, at the moment.
But Eijirou's smile hadn't reached his eyes, and for some reason, he had felt a fist closing in his chest.
It's still there, even now. Clawing its way inside him whenever his greedy gaze lingers longer than it should on Bakugou.
It's fierce, oppressing guilt.
Eijirou knows it's not his fault. He can't help it. Loving Bakugou comes easily as breathing to him. And hell, Eijirou can't remember a moment when he didn't find Bakugou attractive. Even the very first days, when he thought that angry blond jerk was a menace.
He was fucking hot, alright.
But then he got to know him, and Bakugou swept him off his feet.
Eijirou's desire and love mingled together with his affection for the most ridiculous best friend he's ever had.
The love, he tries to deal with. He's painfully aware that Bakugou has other priorities rather than "sappy", romantic relationships. But the bond they have gives Eijirou so much, already. It should be more than enough. Most of the time, it is. Eijirou can live with it.
The desire, instead, takes the life out of him.
Over the years, countless intrusive fantasies have crept their way inside Eijirou's most vulnerable moments, making him repress moans and feel miserable.
He's always tried to not indulge these thoughts. They feel wrong, somehow, disrespectful of Bakugou's identity and wishes.
Because Eijirou doesn't know how deep those wishes run. He's never dared to ask.
He has no idea if the thought of sex has ever crossed Bakugou's mind.
If he wouldn't mind it.
If it repulses him completely.
So, whenever his hunger had tried to take the upper hand, Eijirou had done his best to reject it, remembering to himself that Bakugou is his friend. His best friend, at that. And there's a chance he would find it utterly disgusting if he knew how desperately Ejirou wants him.
It never really worked, though.
And then Eijirou had fucked him and begged Bakugou to fuck him like his whole life depended on that.
That's what is truly killing him.
He had sex with the one persone he had tried to not desire for so long, and even though he was drugged out of his mind... Eijirou had enjoyed it.
While Bakugou...
Completely dominated by the pollen, Bakugou had moaned, held Eijirou close, and kissed him out of his plane of existence.
And probably had hated every second of it, whisper the heart wrenching guilt in Eijirou's chest.
It's almost like Eijirou took advantage of him, isn't?
Eijirou stands up hastily. He'd like to crawl out of his skin if that were possible, but all he can do is go hide where nobody can se the tears that are already making his eyes sting.
"I'm going back to my room", he announces right before leaving, without giving his friends the chance to stop him. He can hear Kaminari calling his name, but he's already on its way to climb the stairs, two by two. No elevator, he couldn't bear standing still in it.
He reaches the fourth floor in a blur. The traitorous crocodile tears have started rolling over his cheeks on his way up. Eijirou begs all the gods he knows to not let anyone stumble into him while he's in this unmanly state, but no god is listening.
He's nearly past the floor hall, when the elevator bings and its doors open.
Eijirou stops in his tracks and almost chokes on a sob.
(OOPS, we're done.
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Tomorrow: What Bakugou meant when he said now he has nothing to lose ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(NOTE: This update will have a few POV shifts. I’ll try my best to let you understand who is thinking/doing what.
Let’s start with: Eijirou)
Bakugou stands in the hall as the doors close behind his back, shoulders slumped and eyes wide.
As soon as he stepped out of the elevator he had this unmistakable determined attitude radiating off of him, but in a heartbeat it seems like it evaporated.
"Why are you crying?", he asks, as if out of breath.
Eijirou diverts his gaze, sniffing and sulking self-consciously.
So he wants to talk now, huh?
His annoyance is short lived, though.
Eijirou knows it's unfair, and Bakugou has that scowling, panicked, /soft/ expression he gets whenever Eijirou is feeling down.
Eijirou doesn't have the strength to deal with how much that expression makes his heart squeeze with affection.
"You know why, Bakugou", he mutters, drying his cheeks with a sleeve.
From the corner of his eye, Eijirou catches his friend shift uncomfortably. His heart sinks even lower, if possible.
He hates this. He hates feeling like he pushed Bakugou away and that he should keep him this way, because he already did enough. He closes his eyes.
"I'm sorry".
Eijirou’s head snaps up. Bakugou blinks and stares back at him with his mouth slightly ajar.
They both said it at the same time.
Despite himself, Eijirou stifles a laugh, and Bakugou rolls his eyes with the hint of a smile.
It’s awkward. It’s inopportune.
It lets Eijirou breath for a brief, precious second.
"What are you sorry for", Bakugou asks, in his weird "I'm-not-actually-asking" tone.
Eijirou clenches his jaw, smiling sadly.
Bakugou studies him.
"Everything?", he frowns, taking a step forward. "Be honest with me, Kirishima".
Eijirou shakes his head.
"I am”. He feels his hands rippling again with his hardening. He winces. “I'm even sorry for not feeling completely sorry".
Bakugou hums, covering the last few meters between them.
Eijirou isn’t totally at ease with their sudden closeness, but he could never step back. Bakugou’s pull is always, always too strong.
"What are you sorry for, Bakugou?", Eijirou glances at him from behind his red bangs.
Bakugou scratches the point of his nose.
"For treating you like shit, today".
Eijirou nods, accepting the apology.
"Do you... wanna talk, now?".
Of course.
Still, Eijirou can’t help his frustration.
“Why not?”, he insists.
Bakugou pauses. Eijirou almost thinks he's not gonna give him either this answer, but then Bakugou snorts, hunching his shoulders.
“I’ve already said enough, Shitty Hair”.
Eijirou frowns, taken aback. He has no idea of what Bakugou is talking about.

And Katsuki can see it, painfully clearly, in his eyes.
(POV shift)
"You didn’t even hear me, did you?", Katsuki smiles ruefully.
Kirishima staggers, confused beyond doubt. "What?".
Katsuki shift his gaze in proud silence, and Kirishima plants his feet.
"Bakugou, explain it to me".
But Katsuki breathes through his nose and shakes his head.
He’s not gonna say it again. There’s no way in hell.
In that moment, he opened his heart, he gave Kirishima everything.
And Kirishima didn’t even hear him say how much he loves him.
It's not Kirishima’s fault. None of them is at fault for what happened, there’s nothing they could have done to avoid it.
It makes Katsuki furious anyway.
If now he has nothing left to lose, he will make the best fucking time of his life out of it.

Quite literally, at that.
“You want me to explain?”, Katsuki sneers.
And without a second thought, he invades the remaining distance between him and Kirishima.
His hands take hold of Kirishima’s hips, urging them forward, his mouth finds Kirishima's neck. Then Katsuki flushes his body against Kirishima’s more muscular one.
Right. In the past three years, Kirishima’s built had changed. He didn’t get that much taller than Katsuki, but surely more stacked.
And that makes Katsuki’s brain fuse.
Katsuki nuzzles the side of Kirishima’s jaw as his beloved idiot finally seem to realize what is happening.
"Bakugou, what the fuck?", he mutters, in a strange, reverent tone. "What are you doing?".
Katsuki's breath ghosts over Kirishima throat.
"What does it seem like I'm doing?", he sighs, right before planting a wet, sucking kiss on the soft skin… making Eijirou's lungs stop working completely.
(POV shift)
"Don't-...” Eijirou tries to say, squirming in Bakugou's hold, but Bakugou chooses that moment to graze at his ear lobe and Eijirou almost loses it.
“Wait”, he pleads. “Wait, wait, wait", he stumbles on his words, planting his hands on both of Bakugou’s shoulders.
Bakugou doesn’t make a stand and lets Eijirou push him away.
Looking right at Bakugou's eyes, he vainly tries to form a coherent question. He opens and closes his mouth a few times before a sound finally finds its way out of it.
"Why?", Eijirou asks, because he truly can't understand.
Bakugou’s expression, though, is unreadable. He shrugs.
"Because I feel like doing it".
Eijirou lowers his head and sighs, even more lost than before.
He knows being asexual doesn't automatically mean being sex repulsed, or not liking having a good orgasm now and then.
At least, Bakugou's behavior has crossed out part of Eijirou's fears, but as it is, it's rising so many others.
Why him? Why now? Why, after everything they already did?
Is it because their friendship is already ruined beyond repair?
What will they be, now? Fuck buddies? Eijirou isn’t sure that sits right with him.
And yet...
“Come on, Kirishima. Now you don't want me anymore?”, Bakugou smiles lasciviously at him and that does so many things to his traitorous body. Eijirou tries to hide it, to hide that god, of course he wants him. He wants Bakugou everyday, so much that it pains him.
He has no idea of what expression he's doing, but suddenly, Bakugou's demeanor changes. He closes the gap between them again, but not to break Eijirou's boundaries.
Bakugou tilts his head to meet his gaze and looks at him with his red eyes. They’re piercing, magnetic… and sad, somehow.
"Hey. You know you don't have to, right? Just…” he pauses. “Just say a word and I'll go".
And Eijirou realizes, he actually doesn't want him to.
He's not proud of that. He's scared, and still thinks that the fire burning inside him isn't quite right, but… But Bakugou has sparkled it. This must mean something, right?
Eijirou needs so much for it to mean something.
Tentatively, his hands travel from Bakugou's shoulders to the sides of him face. He cups it, almost like he's scared to hurt him.
Maybe he really is.
"Bakugou... Can I? Can I really?", he whispers like a prayer.
Bakugou stares back at him, with challenge glinting in is eyes.
"Yes, moron. I want this as much as you do”.
And so, Eijirou kisses him.
(I mean... that's it?
OKAY, this cliffhanger wasn't planned, I wanted to conclude the sexy scene before posting, but sadly I don't have time to write anymore.
So I said to myself, why not? Y'all hate me, already! ✌
The next update will be short, but, as they say… INTENSE 👀)

There's no way Ejirou can explain what it feels like to kiss Bakugou sober.
It's clingy, tender and so very messy.
It's everything he's ever desired.
Well, /almost/ everything.
But Bakugou isn't really playing that hard to get.
He's not being subtle at all, squeezing his grip on Eijirou's hips, rotating his thumbs, and grinding so sweetly through their clothes.
Eijirou isn't sure he can take this treatment for much longer before doing something totally embarrassing in a place where they could be walked on in any moment.
“Bakugou, we’re in the middle of the hallway”, he wheezes after a particular good roll of Bakugou's hips.
“And?”, Bakugou basically ignores him, preoccupied with licking Eijirou's lower lip.
Fuck, he's not making things easier at all. So, Eijirou won't, either. He plants his forehead against Bakugou's.
“/And/ I’m hard in the middle of the hallway”.
That, indeed, makes Bakugou stop. Clearly not because it bothers him, but because he was so caught up in the moment that he didn't even realize his messing around had achieved what his goal has been all along.
Then Bakugou glances down to his own body, and only in that moment he seems to notice that yep, he's on his way to a quite similar situation. Eijirou can't help but think it's cute as hell.
Muttering something, Bakugou loosens his grip on Eijirou's hips, but only to literally cup his ass, and that nearly makes Eijirou jump.
For as much as he likes the sensation, Eijirou is tempted to stop him because “in the middle of the hallway” in his vocabulary doesn't mean “yeah, sure, go ahead and touch me! And careful, you missed a spot!”.
But then he realizes Bakugou's fondles have a precise goal.
With a childish grin, Bakugou finds the magnetic key to Eijirou's room in one of his back pockets, then he flashes it under Eijirou's nose like a trophy.
Eijirou groans a laugh while Bakugou practically drags him inside his own room. Then Bakugou closes the door behind Eijirou's back, pushing him against it.
He plants his arms on both sides of Eijirou and smiles smugly once again.
“Now you can get hard all you want”.
God, how much Eijirou loves this stupid asshole.

“Not fair if I’m the only one”, he pulls Bakugou close.
They don't stay much by the door. Eijirou is not sure if it was him to push Bakugou or Bakugou to grab his shirt and drag him toward the bed, but somehow, he finds himself planted over the other boy, who's looking at him intensely, splayed on his sheets.
Moreover, both of their shirts have disappeared somewhere, so truth to be told there must have been a lot of pushing and pulling by both parts.
Eijirou can't even quantify how many times he's imagined a scene like this (and tried to shove that scene out of his mind). He can't believe that now it's actually happening and that, more importantly, both of them want it, very consciously.
Bakugou has said so himself. And that's still making Eijirou's heart pump in his ears.
Seeming to feel his hesitation, Bakugou raises a hand and trails his fingers through Eijirou's red locks on his nape.
“Come on, Shitty Hair. I don't bite”, then, after a second, mischievous thought. “You do”.
Eijirou's face flares at the memory and he fumbles.
“Sorry about that. I won't-...”, but Bakugou stops him, planting a palm on his mouth.
“You'll be very sorry if you ever refrain from doing that, am I clear?”.
Eijirous eyes widens.
Alright, that cursed night he had kinda noticed that Bakugou has a thing for teeth and bites - or maybe for /his/ teeth and bites. Eijirou doesnt like to think so highly of himself, but the way Bakugou is looking at him now isnt leaving space for many doubts
It sends shivers down his spine, and it's almost scary how much Eijirou can feel that...
They could actually stop.
They could change their minds at any moment and say no.
And Eijirou could do something wrong that would drive Bakugou away from his reach… but also so many things to make Bakugou lose his mind, and this time in the good way.
They could go all the way in, enjoy themselves, /make it right/ this time.
And it all would be just their decision.
Right now, Eijirou is even more sure of what his is.
Bakugou raises an eyebrow. Apparently, he's waiting for an answer to his question, even if he hasn't even removed his palm from Eijirou's mouth. This up close, the scent of Bakugou's sweet skin is basically intoxicating.
So Eijirou grabs Bakugou's wrist and grazes his hand with his teeth, making Bakugou shudder visibly.
And oh, Eijirou likes that, he thinks with a smile. So he can't help but tease his friend a bit more, passing his tongue on the points of his teeth as he lets Bakugou take possession of his wrist again.
Bakugou's eyes flare with lust at that, but apparently, he can't stand Eijirou's little moment of smugness, because with a swift motion he inverts their positions, until he's straddling Eijirou's hips and he's the one looking down at Eijirou with a smirk.
And fuck, Katsuki thinks that in that moment Kirishima looks like a really good /unwavering horse/ to ride.

(POV shift)
Kirishima sighs, evidently content with the weight of Katsuki's body pressing down on him.
“How do you wanna do this?”, he asks searching Katsuki's eyes.
Katsuki considers it briefly.
“You do me”.
Kirishima’s gaze grows dark at that, but then it oddly sobers up.
“Can… it be the other way around?”, he asks, nibbling his own lip nervously.
“Shit”, Katsuki mutters, averting his gaze from that damn mouth. As if Kirishima's request isn't enough to rile him up. “Yeah. Sure it can. But why?”, he asks, suspicious. There’s something Kirishima isn’t telling him, he's sure of it.
But well, Katsuki can’t really get angry at him for that, since he has a few secrets of his own.
Kirishima pauses, clearly pondering how much to say. Then he caresses Katsuki's thighs while his eyelids grow heavy and… goddammit, he’s so beautiful.
“I just wanna feel you, Katsuki”, he whispers.
Katsuki's breath loses its way somewhere in his throat.
It's the first time Kirishima has called him by his name… well, aside from yesterday night. But it's not the same thing, and Kirishima, too, seem to realize his slip.
Kirishima raises up immediately, trying his best to face Katsuki.
He’s pale now, in stark contrast with Katsuki's blazing face.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have”.
Katsuki can feel his face combust even more.
“Shut up. Shut the fuck up”.
“No. Don’t talk”.
“Can I just-”.
“What part of don’t fucking talk you don’t understand you stupid idiot with bleached brain cel-...”
Katsuki gapes, utterly undone, as he stares at Kirishima.
The asshole is smiling now. Softly, and somewhat amused. Oh, so he dares to fucking laugh of him?
He will see, Katsuki thinks. /Eijirou/ will see who will laugh, in the end.
“You…” Katsuki points his finger at Eijirou's chest, than splays his hand to squeeze Eijirou's pecs, just to claim possession. “You’re so gonna regret this”.
Eijirou's eyes sparkle and his grin gets wider.

“Yeah? Then show me”.
(I’M ACTUALLY SORRY TO END THIS SCENE HERE, but as I told you, nothing too explicit. Too bad. 🌸
As you might imagine, we're nearing the end of this AU. I'm so emo about it! Hope the way I'm slowly lifting it is redeeming me for all your pain and patience thru all of this :’D)
(NOTE: I did something different for this update 👀 Hope you'll like it!

Introducing: The Chat™)
The bitch now answers only to his name
I SAY you liked it more, Katsuki
But he does own it
(We all saw)
Yeah, he's honestly not a tsundere like you, gremlin
I won't say I love you, not by chat
Not sent
Of course
Oh, is this a cliffhanger
(I CALLED IT, I said there would be other cliffhangers but y'all were like "noOo, this one is surely the worst!"
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Note that this is already decided, I just wanna know WHO you think will confess first uwu🌸
(Update! Both prose and chat)

Eijirou sighs and raises his phone from his chest, where he set it down to take a pause from the conversation.
He’s been chatting with Ba- /Katsuki/, for almost an hour, now. He’s glad.
Katsuki opened up a little, even got as far as saying that even though he hated what happened to them because of the sex pollen, at least it was with Eijirou. And /that/ he didn't hate.
Those hadn’t been his specific words, but Eijirou understood anyway.
Just like that, Katsuki had lifted the most painful weight off of Eijirou's heart, and probably he has no idea he did.
Eijirou still doesn’t know how to process the fact that they had sex a second time, too.
For a bit, he had been worried that Katsuki had wanted to do it just to out of a self-destructive impulse... and shit, knowing him maybe that had even been the case. But…
It had felt so natural being with him. Easy, even. If Katsuki had wanted to do it out of spite, in the end it never showed in his actions.
They had kissed. They had gotten off. They had bickered and laughed, too.
Eijirou doesn’t wanna think of how much it felt like they were just two idiots in love with each other.

Not yet, at least.
They have to talk about the other night, first… the one that hadn’t been so easy or nice.
And he has to answer Katsuki’s text.
His fingers hover above the screen and, after another moment of hesitation, he starts to type.
Baby boy, my heart aches for you 24/7
A Question
Eijirou shudders at the idea.
He tries to picture it, though.
How he would have gone to Katsuki's, or well, the /girl's/ room to talk about the mission with Midnight after coming back.
How Eijirou would have taken a seat on her bed as she joined him, sitting beside him casually, like so many times before.
And how he would  have laid a hand on the girl's thigh without even realizing it. How the girl would have opened her legs with a heavy, unfocused gaze, like Katsuki did.
Eijirou shakes his head vehemently, threading his finger through his hair.
The thought is just unbearable and he knows he would have felt like that even under the hold of the pollen.
And so, he has his answer.
Run boy run
Ohh 👀
Oh ohhh 👀👀
Just One Person
Eijirou stares at his phone. He reads Katsuki’s words once, twice.
He reads them again, and if they were spoken, he would probably hear them ringing into his ears like the echo of bomb.
“Only if I care strongly about someone”.
“That person was with me”.
His fingers tremble over the keyboard.
And what do you think he's doing?? Being collected???
F I N A L L Y 🎉
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Next update: no more text messages, real men say things face to face)

In his haste to reach him, Eijirou almost trips in his own steps.
Katsuki can hear it clearly from his place under the covers of his bed. He glares at the door as he holes up further down, still clutching his phone in his hands.
It’s a miracle it hasn’t exploded, yet.
Eijirou took his sweet time to decide to get up and get the hell to him, and it made Katsuki reconsider the fact that confessing his damn feelings might be a good idea.
Now it’s too late to take everything back, though.
For once, Katsuki wishes the nasty cold of the winter could wrap around his heart just as it has already claimed feet. Its a vain wish though, because if possible, said fucking heart is now beating even more furiously than when Katsuki was tapping those stupid words on the screen
He hates it. He hates feeling so vulnerable.
Didn’t he decide he already said too much, that one time? Why did he have to go on and expose himself again? Why can’t his feelings stay put, hidden away where they belong?
And god, why can’t he help but hope as he thinks back to the smiles and kisses Eijirou gave him while they had sex again, just a couple hours ago?
Katsuki rubs the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes.
He must get a grip of himself, dammit. He won’t let his emotions rule him this time. He has grown up from the days he let them take the best of him, he has /learnt/.
So, no matter what Eijirou’s reaction will be, if he’ll stomp over Katsuki’s feelings or decide to give the two of them a try out of the goodness of his heart.
Katsuki can take it like a fucking adult, he’s sure of it.
He cannot.
His resolution crumbles to dust when Eijirou storms into his room.
They stare at each other for too many, too long seconds, and in the end Katsuki’s sharp tongue prevails.
“You made two plus two, congrats”, he snorts, struggling to seem dignified even in a roll of blankets that could compete with how Aizawa-sensei looks in his ridiculous sleeping bag.
Eijirou remains unfazed, though. Plastered on his face, he has the same awed expression Katsuki’s had seen before, but that he could never place.
Katsuki frowns as he keeps track of Eijirou's every movement, while the boy approaches his bed, sitting beside him.
Then Eijirou places both hands on the sides of Katsuki’s legs, tucked under the covers, and pins him with his gaze.
“No. I'm stupid. I can't understand it unless you say it to my face”.
Katsuki almost cries out in frustration at that.
Eijirou is being fucking unfair, if you ask him. They both know he understood more than well the meaning behind Katsuki’s messages. But Katsuki also knows that when he wants, Eijirou can be stubborn as a rock.
Katsuki guesses Eijirou deserves to hear /it/ from him, face to face, as Katsuki himself pointed out. It’s the least Eijirou deserves, actually.
And then, what else Katsuki has to lose? Well, /seriously/, now. His heart is already bleeding in the open, after all.
“What do you want me to say?”, Katsuki doesn’t back down. “That I love you?”.
But his fierceness doesn’t last much. He averts his eyes just in time to avoid watching Eijirou light up. He doesn’t want to see that.
He doesn’t want to see Eijirou’s genuine expression, because his own confession isn’t genuine anymore. He tightens a fist on his bedsheets as he mutters:

“I've already told you”.
Eijirou looks taken aback at that, of course he does.
“While we were having sex. The first time. The first couple hundred times, or whatever. It doesn’t matter”.
“I... don't remember it. I may not even heard you”, Eijirou whispers, mortified.
Katsuki hates his apologetic tone. He has nothing to be sorry about, it’s not his fault.
And yet Katsuki can’t seem able to let it go. He crosses his arms.
“I told you, it doesn’t matter. It doesn't make a difference”.
Eijirou shifts closer to him, trying to meet his eyes.
“No. No, it does. If I heard you, I would have never walked away that morning”.
Ah, yes, another thing that makes Katsuki bitter to the core. He raises his eyes to the ceiling, and fuck, it’s /not/ because he’s on the verge of crying.
“You could have stayed anyway”.
Eijirou shakes his head, and hunches his shoulders.
“I couldn’t”.
And surprisingly, it’s not Katsuki’s tears that fall first. He suddenly feels them, wetting his collarbone as Eijirou leans his forehead on Katsuki’s shoulder and lets out a shaky breath.
“I thought…”, Eijirou nearly whimpers. “I thought I took advantage of you, Katsuki. That you didn't really want me and I did nothing to stop”.
Oh. Shit
And so Katsuki puts the pieces together
Thats where the whole “I should have tried harder to stop” speech had come from. Eijirou didnt realize the principle of the quirk as Katsuki did, and before their talk tonight he had no idea Katsuki feels very much attracted to him
And that’s why Eijirou hadn’t want to top, earlier, making Katsuki struggle ‘till he had no idea of what else to do to show him how much he wanted him.
He’s so stupid. So incredibly fucking stupid.
And Katsuki loves him to death.
He crushes him in a hug and presses his mouth over Eijirou’s hair.
“You didn't. I proved it to you earlier, didn't I? Didn’t I?”, he repeats, ‘till he spurs a series of nods from Eijirou.
“You love me”, Eijirou sobs on his shoulder and Katsuki sighs, holding him tighter.
“I do. Don't be so smug about it, though”.
There’s no trace of smugness in Eijirou’s demeanor, of course. He sniffles a laugh at Katsuki’s words, and Katsuki aches.
No, Eijirou is a lot of things, but not arrogant.
He’s an idiot, first of all. He has the kindest fucking heart. And he’s so damn considerate.
If only Katsuki were half as much.
Katsuki himself had wanted to have sex a second time just to exploit Eijirou’s undeniable attraction towards him.
Just to have a piece of him, anyway he could get it.
And Katsuki doesn’t even have the excuse of being under the influence of a sex pollen quirk to justify his selfishness, that second time.
“Eijirou”, Katsuki calls with a hoarse voice. He threads his fingers through Eijirou’s red locks to draw his attention. Eijirou shifts to listen to him and Katsuki throat clenches.
“If anyone is at fault, here, that’s me. If I didn't have these feelings for you… well”, he trails off, bitterly. “Seems like I’m the one who took advantage of the situation to have a good fuck, after all. Twice, at that”.
Eijirou withdraws abruptly and stares at him, gaping like a fish.
So many emotions try to take hold of his expression. For a second, Katsuki thinks Eijirou is gonna get mad and scold him.
But then he finally seem to settle for another kind of emotion. Rejection.
“Do you regret feeling this way? About me?”, he searches Katsuki’s eyes with his own blown wide like a puppy’s.
Oh, for fuck’s sake.
“No. I couldn't possibly. I love you for a reason, moron”.
And at that, Eijirou just. Laughs.
It’s Katsuki’s turn to stare, speechless.
“What?”, he scowls.
“You're so fucking stupid”, Eijirou dries his tears, relieved, while instead Katsuki’s hands pop with little, involuntary explosions.
He doesn’t like to be on the receiving end of the same nice thoughts he himself dedicated to Eijirou, just a few moments ago.
Understanding that, Eijirou dims his laughter to a low chuckle, as he places his slightly hardened hands over Katsuki’s palms, to stifle the fiery quirk.
Then he presses a quick kiss on Katsuki’s forehead, right before drawing back, just enough to take off his own pajama shirt.
Katsuki is left dumbstruck once again.
“What are you doing?” he gapes, as he watches Eijirou’s pants also ending up discarded on the floor. The fucker doesn’t even wear a pair of boxers.
“We had sex, like, one minute ago. Aren't you satisfied?”, Katsuki sulks, a bit offended.
Eijirou’s fingers find his waist under his clothes and Katsuki almost jumps on the spot. Fortunately, Eijirou’s hands are never cold.
“I don't wanna have sex”, Eijirou replies, proceeding to remove Katsuki’s shirt.
Katsuki kicks in protest as Eijirou uncovers his legs and peels off his pants and underwear, too.
“Then why the fuck are we ass naked in the midst of December?”.
Eijirou smiles at him and now he’s definitely being a tiny bit smug, alright.
But his smile melts quickly into something more gentle.
“I just wanna be close to you”, he says in his sappy, baffling way to convey things that makes Katsuki heart go a hundred miles. Not that he’s gonna let it show.
“Is it necessary to make my balls freeze to do that?”, Katsuki frowns.
Shaking his head with amusement, Eijirou pats Katsuki’s thigh to exhort him to make room in the bed. Still trying to hold on to his grumpy act, Katsuki shifts toward the wall anyway.
Eijirou gets under the blankets, covers them, and wraps his arms around Katsuki from behind. He nuzzle his neck.
“Don’t worry, I'll keep you warm”, he promises, pressing his body against Katsuki’s and making even more of a mess of his heart.
“You smooth asshole, you said you don’t wanna have sex”, Katsuki squirms and Eijirou chuckles.
“I swear I don't. Trust me, please?”.
So unfair. So fucking unfair. Eijirou knows that by now Katsuki trusts him with his own life.
And so, Katsuki lets it be.
And to be honest, he has very little to complain, because it's actually warm and nice and everything, but...
“Why am I the small spoon”, Katsuki growls, crossing his arms. He feels Eijirou's laugh resonate against his back.
“Oh my god, give that attitude of yours a pause, will you?”.
Sure, as if.
And Katsuki, just to prove a point, bats Eijirou’s arms away till he’s able turn and meet his eyes. Eijirou sighs half heartedly and moves closer to hug him anyway.
“Alright. I guess it's better if we're face to face. After all, you told me certain things must be said like that”.
Katsuki's almost forgets to let out his breath at that.
Here we are, he thinks. The rational part of him has already understood what Eijirou is gonna say, but he's never been a totally rational being.
Eijirou runs his hands on Katsuki's sides, causing slight shivers.
His hands, they're soft. They've always been soft, compared to Katsuki's calloused ones that need to endure his quirk.
Katsuki has always wanted to feel them on his body, just like that, with no barriers or lust to guide them.

Eijirou rests his forehead against his.
“I've tried to say to you this one thing for so long, Katsuki. For years. But I couldn't do it. For once, because you're my best friend. But mostly because… I didn't thought it could be possible for you to want me as I do”.
“But now you say you love me and I guess that changes things”, Eijirou smiles sheepishly.
Katsuki faintly traces the scar over Eijirou's eye.
That’s it, what Katsuki has always tried to deny, even to the detriment of his own wishes.
A variable to their friendship that could destroy everything.

“It doesn't have to change anything if we don't want to”, he points out in a low voice.
Eijirou shakes his head.
“Things have already changed. And honestly, I don't wanna go back. There's something I have to tell you. But I need to know if you want to hear it”.
Katsuki presses his lips together, his heart roaring in his chest.
He wants it. He's scared of it.
And maybe, just maybe he deserves to hear it, just like Eijirou did.
“Say it”, he whispers.
“I love you. I've always had. And I wanna keep loving you for many years more if you'd let me”.
Ah, Katsuki thinks, this fucking sap will be the end of him.
He clears his throat, his voice hoarse and his eyes prickling.
“I guess I can do that”.
Eijirou lights up once again.
“Cool”, he grins. Katsuki repeats the word “cool” under his breath, scoffing and making Eijirou pout.
“This is the lamest confession ever”, Katsuki mocks him.
“Yours was lamer. All vague and all”.
"It wasn't vague, I even had to spell it because you're an idiot".
"If I'm an idiot you're even a bigger one because you love me".
By the time they fall asleep, Katsuki is sure he’s had the final word. With it, takes place the certainty that no matter what else they’ll be from now on... Eijirou won’t ever stop being his best friend.
All night long, Katsuki clutches Eijirou’s hand like his life depends on it.
And maybe, it’s always been that way, since the very first year they met.
Seriously though. Thank you for staying with me, inspiring me to go on and making me laugh with your reactions. I'm sad to end this, but I hope you'll look forward to my next ramblings :')💘
Next: Epilogue)

When Eijirou wakes up, he’s not in his bed, because he would definitely call it /theirs/.
One of the pillows is soft how he likes it, the posters on the walls are few but just the right amount of mighty crimson, and the man in his arms smells so familiarly like...
This time, when Eijirou glances at him, he’s not scared to drink in Katsuki’s sleeping features.
His soft hair still sticks everywhere in an adorable way, even though now it's shorter. His eyes are adorned with faint wrinkles and his body displays some bruises, as well as quite some scars.
Eijirou's own body also sports several, collected during the years. He remembers how he gained each and most of Katsuki's, especially the ones derived from wounds that made his heart nearly stop in worry. He's tracing one of those on Katsuki's bare back in this moment.
They got used to sleep naked, joined together to fight the cold as they did with any other battle they won as a team.
Katsuki doesn't protests as much when Eijirou strips him for the night, now.
He has begrudgingly admitted that sharing their body heat keeps him warmer than any blanket... And he realized long ago the perks of waking up with his naked husband beside him.
Oh, Eijirou likes beginning the days like that. But he also loves these quiet mornings, when he can fully appreciate the life he shares with Katsuki in all its domestic simplicity.
Watching Katsuki's pale eyelashes flutter in his dreams, Eijirou definitely feels like crying for how lucky he is.
But he won’t. He has so many other ways to let out the love in his chest, now.
He grins.
As Katsuki stirs and groans in embarrassment, Eijirou plants a big kiss on his blond hair, then countless other more.

(This is truly it. Hope the last update + this epilogue healed you from the pain I caused you at first 💖 Even tho I feel like my fluff slaps in the face as hard as my angst lmao
Thank you for the nth time for reading & supporting this other passion of mine!🌸
Next: who knows :’)
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