Incoming #Sheith thread! Sub!Shiro, deepthroating, facefucking 😘🍆
Shiro’s never mentioned having any specific fantasies but Keith has begun to notice the way he /reacts/ when Keith manhandles him. He’ll push Shiro up against a wall, using his Galra strength and lower center of gravity to catch Shiro off guard.
Sometimes he tugs a little harder than he probably should on Shiro’s hair while Shiro is blowing him. And Shiro will get this /look/ in his eyes. Like Keith doesn’t even know the gift that he’s just given him.
They’re in bed one night and kissing turns into getting handsy turns into Shiro tugging Keith’s underwear off. Keith doesn’t know what makes him do it but he pushes Shiro onto his back and climbs onto his chest. His knees are splayed over Shiro’s shoulders,
and Shiro’s already got that look in his eyes. He cups Keith’s ass with both hands, urging him forward and Keith guides his dick into Shiro’s mouth. Shiro looks beautifully debauched in this position and Keith can’t help seeing how far he can push this.
He pulls his dick out and rubs the head over Shiro's lips until they're shiny with spit and precome.

He keeps his mouth parted, so willing, so eager for Keith's dick. And Keith wants Shiro's mouth just as bad, but he also wants to see how far he can take this experiment.
He wraps a hand around the base of his dick and taps it against Shiro’s cheek.

"You want it, Shiro?" Keith asks, like he doesn't know the answer. "You want my dick in your mouth?"

Shiro is already flushed from but his cheeks stain more deeply and he says "You know I do."
Keith taps his dick on his other cheek and says, "Then ask for it."

“/Keith/,” Shiro gasps. "Please." Desire pools in Keith's belly. He slides his fingers through the long part of Shiro’s hair but doesn’t move. The realization of what Keith wants passes over Shiro’s eyes.
“Fuck my mouth,” he says, his voice tight.

Keith pushes his cock into his mouth and Shiro moans around it. Keith swears under his breath and it takes everything he has to not come on the spot. He grips the base of his dick tight and looks into Shiro's eyes.
They aren't watering yet but oh, how Keith /wants/ them to be.

"That's it," he says. "I knew you could be good for me."

Shiro’s eyes are /gleaming/.
Keith begins to thrust and Shiro’s fingers dig into Keith’s ass, pulling him in further with every thrust. Keith can feel his dick hitting the back of Shiro’s throat, feels the way Shiro is relaxing his jaw, breathing shallow breaths through his nose to accommodate Keith.
Finally, Keith just lets go and pushes down Shiro's throat. He doesn't even warn Shiro when he comes a few seconds later, just spills down his throat, tugging hard on Shiro's hair. He hasn't gone totally soft yet when he pulls out of Shiro's mouth and he taps his dick
against Shiro's shiny lips. Shiro sticks his tongue to catch the remainder of Keith’s come, mouths at the head until Keith goes soft. Keith can’t stop looking at him, spit dribbling down his chin, his mouth slick with come, tear tracks down his cheeks.
Shiro has never looked more beautiful.

"Wow," Keith breathes. "You’re gorgeous."

Shiro ducks his head, clearly embarrassed at the praise and rolls Keith off of him. He kisses Keith without even bothering to wipe off his face.
Keith can taste himself in Shiro’s mouth — it’s filthy and it’s perfect. Keith reaches down to jerk Shiro off and finds a damp spot in his underwear.

"Oh," Keith says, breaking the kiss. "You already --?"

Shiro blushes and buries his face in Keith's neck.
"Guess you liked that, huh?" Keith says, scratching stubby fingernails across the back of Shiro's skull. Shiro nods but doesn't look up. "You could have just told me you wanted me to get rough with you," Keith says quietly.
Shiro finally lifts his head but keeps his eyes downcast, his cheeks still flushed. "I didn't know how," he whispers. He's silent for a long moment and finally meets Keith's gaze. "Sometimes it's just nice to — not have to be in charge."
Keith nods, understanding completely. It wasn't necessarily that Shiro wanted him to be rough, he just wanted Keith to be in control, in whatever way that meant. He brushes a thumb over Shiro's chin, wiping away the mess.
"It's okay," Keith says, tightening his arms around him.

Shiro nods, a tear leaks out of the corner of his eye and Keith brushes it away with the swipe of his thumb. “It’s okay,” Keith says again. But it seems like Shiro needs — something else.
“You did so good,” he says. “You took me so well, I wish you could have seen how beautiful you looked.”

He feels Shiro take a deep breath and the tension eases from his shoulders.

“Thank you,” he whispers into Keith’s chest.

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