@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson its like you read my mind
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson maybe it's like a BoM trial to prove he's a worthy mate for Keith. Keith doesn't know what the trial entails exactly just that Shiro said he's agreed to do it because Keith is worth anything they can throw at him
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson Keith walks into the practice arena at BOM headquarters and Shiro is suspended in the air, his arms and legs spread as Kolivan pounds into him. Keith thinks he should be horrified, but the /sounds/ coming out of Shiro's mouth make his dick instantly hard.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson he walks up to Shiro and Shiro makes a feeble effort at reaching for him despite his hands being shackled. "Keith," he moans, his body shaking with the momentum of Kolivan's thrusts.

"how many of them have you taken so for me so far?" keith asks.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson at that moment kolivan thrusts into shiro hard, the swing shakes and shiro groans, his eyes shutting tight.

"I've lost count," shiro says. kolivan pulls out and keith can see his come spilling out of shiro's cunt.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson keith walks around him and reaches out to play with shiro's dick, already swollen and over sensitive. shiro squirms underneath his touch.

"how many times have you come?" keith asks.

"I'm not -- of fuck -- i'm not allowed," shiro whines.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson antok steps up to the swing, shoving down his pants. his cock is already hard, dark purple, the huge head shiny and glistening.

"he won't let us use his other hole," antok says, tapping several fingers against shiro's asshole. "apparently that's just for you."
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson keith watches as antok shoves into him gracelessly, shiro bucks, completely helpless in his current position. keith leans down to kiss him and shiro smiles weakly up at him. keith wipes the sweat from shiro's forehead and brushes the long parts of his hair away from his face.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson "you're doing so well, babe. you look gorgeous like this, all strung up and helpless. i can't wait to take my turn when they're done."

"keith," shiro moans. "touch me, please."

keith takes a nipple between two fingers, twisting until it's hard and swollen.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson he does the same to the other one and delights in the way shiro whimpers. keith looks over to antok, watches the way he's gripping shiro's hips as he fucks him and says, "you can be rougher, he can take it."
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson antok growls and sinks his teeth into shiro's shoulder, shiro arches his back, screaming and keith would be worried if he didn't know shiro as well as he did. if he didn't know that shiro wasn't so much in pain as he was trying desperately not to come.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson two more blades take their turn before kolivan approaches the swing and finally lowers shiro down. he collapses in a heap, his body covered in scratches and bitemarks, his legs and ass are covered in come.

"congratulations," kolivan says.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson "he has passed the trial. would you like to mount him here or in private."

keith looks down at shiro for just a moment and shiro gives him a small nod.

"here," keith says. he helps shiro roll onto his stomach, lifts his ass in the air and spreads his legs.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson one of the blades supplies him with lube. keith had to explain that a self-lubing dick was /not/ one of the galra traits he inherited. he slicks himself quickly and rubs a finger over shiro's hole, smiling at the way his fiance shivers at the touch.

"ready for me?" keith asks.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson shiro huffs out a weak laugh, "always."

Keith pushes into him slowly, gripping shiro's hip tight with one hand and the other at the small of his back.

"oh fuck," Keith growls once he's all the way in. shiro's cunt might have been fucked loose by the blades but his ass is
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson almost painfully tight. Keith bends over, slide his hand down to the back of Shiro's neck. "you gonna come on my cock?"

"Keith," shiro groans, his thighs shake and Keith holds him close as he rides out a long awaited orgasm.

Keith presses a quick kiss to his shoulder and begins
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson to fuck him in earnest. shiro sobs through two more orgasms before Keith finishes inside him. he rolls shiro onto his back, climbs on top of him and kisses him messy and frantic. next to them Kolivan clears his throat. Keith snorts out a laugh. they can all fuck shiro in front of
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson him but the sight of Keith making out with his husband to be is apparently too much for them.

he takes shiro back to his quarters and gently strokes his hair, feeds him small sips of water as he slowly comes back out of subspace.

"Mmmm," shiro mumbles happily. "feels nice."
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson "you coming back to me?" Keith asks. shiro's head is in his lap and he slowly opens his eyes to look up at Keith.

"yeah," he says, sounding tired but extremely content.

"you were amazing out there, shiro," Keith says stroking his fingers over shiro's cheek.
@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson "thanks," shiro says, his weary smile turning into a smirk. "I dont suppose you ever explained to the blades what bdsm is?"

Keith laughs.

"no, no I did not. it wouldn't be much of a trial if they knew how much you liked it."

@AutisticKogayne @fishgrayson my threads are usually a little more polished than this, but the spirit of subby Shiro overcame me. RTs, comments and tips are always appreciated 😘 ko-fi.com/elliottjunkyard
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