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1. Abdulkareem al-Hawaj was a juvenile at age 16 when they arrested him. He was killed today by the Saudis.

His crime: apparently he "confessed" to being near a protest.
2. Mujtaba Al Suweikat was on his was to Michigan to study finance. But you know how they got him?Patriot Act!

The British government tipped of the Saudis. His crime: Attending a protest and "social media incitement"
3. Munir Al-Adam was arrested in April 2012 for again, the crime of "participating in peaceful protests." The Saudi authorities tortured him so badly that he became fully deaf and he is also partially blind. He was executed today.
4. Ahmed Hassan Ali Al Rabee was charged with treason. What was the treasonous thing he did?

Attending in demonstrations and chanting anti-government slogans.

He was executed today. He was 34.
5. Abbas Al Hassan, a resident of Al-Ahsa, was a Shia. He was married and had four children. He was arrested in 2013 for treason and terrorism.
Examples of acts of terrorism include:
1. recruiting individuals to hinder the reputation of the Kingdom
2. Spreading of Shia beliefs.
6. Abdullah Hani Al-Tarif: He was arrested and tortured into a confession. His crimes include chanting slogans and promoting social media propaganda

Today they killed him.
7. Today was a tough day for the Al Rabie family. They lost two sons!

This is Hussain. He was also executed for participation in a peaceful demonstration
8. Salman Qureish was 17 when he used his social media savy to organize protests in Qatif. He was arrested at 18. Today, he was executed.
9. Hussein Al Musallam was 33 years old when they executed him. He was also arrested for "planning protests" and attending them. Yesterday, they executed him.
10. Sheikh Mohammed Attiyah was the Dean of English at a prominent university in KSA. He was accused of " passing military information" to Iran! (How an English professor would get any military info is a mystery). His other "crimes" are seeking to sabotage, and inciting strife
11. Haider Mohammed Al Laif was arrested him in 2013. They tortured him, but he would not sign the confession for treason + whatever else. Well, then the confessionator threatened to bring his wife to the police station and rape her. He signed the confession
Abdullah al-Sareeh was born on April 11, 1994. He was arrested in 2013 at age 19 for peaceful protests that happened when he was 17.

Despite being a juvenile at the time of the *crime* they executed him.
Here is a second video fo Abdullah Al-Sareeh. He explains the squalor in which he lives and why he needs to protest!

This video broke me down. It's very sad. (h/t @FatimaYazbek1 )
13. Saeed Mohammed al Skafi was only 17 when he protested. On top of the usual charges, he was also convicted of disturbing the peace by posting pictures of other activists who were arrested.

How posting pictures disturbs the peace, I know not! He was executed yesterday.
This is Muntandhir Al Siobati with Sheikh Nimr. Some of the charges included "organizing a protest" and "inciting negative feelings about the king" He was killed on 2019/04/23
15. This is Mohammed Mansur Al Nasser. They tortured him severely, but that didn't break him. Finally, they threatened to arrest his father too! At that point, he signed the false confession. He was killed on 2019/04/23
Even the devil would be embarrassed to be this evil. The people in charge of the Husseinyas are getting threats and saying they will be arrested if they allow the families to hold funeral rituals there.
16. Abdulaziz Hassan Al-Sahwi. He is 23 years old. He was convicted of planning and participating in various demonstrations and burning tires. He was an orphan & a minor during the protests. He is the oldest sibling. Now, his siblings don't have parents or their older brother.
17. This is Ahmed Faisal Al Darwish. He is 24 years old. In 2013, at age 18, he was arrested for blocking traffic by burning tires and participation in causing damages to public property.

He was also tortured severely and made to sign a confession. He was killed 2019-04-23
18. This is Ahmed Hussein Al Aradi. On November, 2011, when he was 18 years old, he organized a peaceful protest in Qatif in solidarity with Bahrain. His cousin Bahiya Al Aradi was the first female to be shot by Bahraini forces for protesting.

Yesterday, he was killed for that.
19. Mustafa Ahmed Al Darwish was 22 when he was arrested in 2013. He should be about 28 today. He was executed for the "usual" list of charges and mainly for protesting in the arab spring.
In this screenshot, Qatif police call on the families of those executed and warn them to not set up any funeral services.
20. Hussein Al Humaidi was charged with allegedly "spying for Iran" and "passing top-secret military information" to Iran, which is laughable because he was a teacher and had access to neither! He was killed on 2019-04-23
This is a video from December 2011 of the "crimes." Their chants are soothing!
Here is a video of the *crimes* They say "No More Mohd Fahd" Mohammed Bin Fahd was King Fahd's son. King Fahd died in 2006. In 2012, Mohammed Bin Fahd was in charge of the Eastern Province.
21. This is Fahdel Al Labbad
He would have been turning 30 this year in September. When he was arrested, he was tortured so brutally, they knocked a few teeth out. He falsely confessed to a whole litany of bogus charges. He was killed 2019-04-23.
Montadhar Al Siobati wrote this Facebook post in December 2014. He said:

Mother, the home is not safe anymore, I wished to hold you in my arms to feel of motherly kindness!

Here is a photo collage with his mother.
Look at what the Saudis wrote in their report to the UN in 2017 regarding Haidar Al Laif (who was forced to sign a false confession after police threatened to rape his wife). But, oddly, it seems no one in the courts or prison were informed of this commutation since he was killed
One of the charges that Hussein Al Humaidi was convicted of was issuing "a condemnation statement of blood shedding." In 2012, Saudi forces would march in and go on a shooting spree which killed many people on the streets. Apparently, saying "stop killing people" is treason
22. Hussein Al Abood was convicted of being in Iranian spy because he allegedly gave Iran "intelligence" about the demonstrations in 2012 (as I showed you, this information is available on youtube). He was 37
23. Hadi Yussef Al-Hazeem was put on the "Qatif-23" list. He was arrested on 2014-03-23. They tortured him into signing a fake confession. He was mass tried under the special "terrorist" court and given a death sentence.

He was killed on 2019-04-23
24. Khalid Al Tuwaijri was arrested in 2007 for killing Gen. Nasser Othman. They tortured him until he went into a coma. After he woke up from his coma, he was so brain damaged, he could neither walk nor talk.

They beheaded and crucified this man!
This is the US state department's "human rights' report" on Saudi Arabia!

Why are they using the Islamic calendar?

Incidentally, the Islamic calendar uses the lunar cycle, it doesn't magically age people!

This one is very creative!
25. This is Jabeer Al Marhoon. The Saudi authorities accused him of being basically Rambo and organizing all these shoot outs (which was ridiculous). He was forced to confess under torture. On 2019-04-23, they executed him.
26. Mohammed Al Khatam was also arrested in 2014 on the farcical charge of masterminding a rambo-style attack on 11 police stations. He was also not 18 when he allegedly participated in the protests in 2012!

He was killed in 2019-04-23
27. Khaled Al Farraj was allegedly a "convicted terrorist." As far as I can tell he was convicted on some vague charge of "having extremist ideology" and "membership into a terrorist ideology."

He was also an alleged informant (not sure if it was obtained through torture)
While the Saudi Prince buys his own island/yacht/golden toilet, Hussein Al Rabie shows us the absolute destitution that he and his family is forced to live in.

He was executed because he wanted something more than a shanty town!
28. This is Abdullah Al Aujan. He was arrested for partaking in Demonstrations, using social media to form groups "against the king" etc. etc. He was executed on 2019-04-23
I don't have the words to express the outrage! All I have to say is #ImpeachTheMF
While we are waiting for photos of the others, let us remember all the others who were killed for participating in a protest
This is Abdullah Al Toraif's last phone call with his dad. Heartbreak doesn't begin to describe the cruelty.
According to The Sun, Abdul Kareem Al Hawaj's crime was sending whatsapp messages
On the day after the executions @blackrock CEO “In many cases, it tells me I should run to and invest” when asked about the mass executions in the Financial Sector Forum in Riyadh
@blackrock 29. Salem Al Amri was 49 when he was executed. He was a Shia scholar from Jeddah. He was accused of "spying for Iran." He was part of a mass trial with 32 people. The judge asked them for their defense before they were handed their charge sheets.
@blackrock Here is a video of Mohammed Attiyah. Look at him asking just for equal opportunity in Qatif and Al-Ahsa.
(H/t @nashetqatifi)
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