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Kim Taehyung, the strict CEO of KTH Entertainment, got involved in a scandal when the camera took some pictures of him with a rival entertainment's idol, Jeon Jeongguk. So imagine the stress of people meddling in his personal life and his huge secret.

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Kim Taehyung
- second son of the Kim Family
- he owns KTH Ent.
- known for being strict especially at work
- he likes to be in control
- kind of intimidating
- but a baby to his baby
- maybe a controlling baby is the right term

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Jeon Jeongguk
- idol from BigHit Ent.
- a cutie
- also a hottie
- a sap
- golden boy
- has a huge fanbase
- his fandom is called goldens
- a bunny in human form
- has a golden voice
- i think he's so whipped

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Park Jimin
- Taehyung's best friend
- an idol at KTH Ent.
- a total sweetheart
- he loves Tae so much
- he also loves flirting with Yoongi
- lowkey hating Tae for making Yoongi work all the time

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Min Yoongi
- Tae's most trusted worker
- his job is to clear all malicious articles about Tae and his husband
- he hates his job
- only staying because of good pay
- also because of Park Jimin
- wants to flirt back but he's awkward

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Kim Seokjin
- Tae's older brother
- first son of the Kims
- too busy modelling
- commercials everywhere
- every billboard's face
- a chaotic gay
- happily married tho so guess who won
- Tae loves him so much
- he loves Tae so much

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Kim Namjoon
- Jin's husband
- he's from the diff clan so dw
- his husband is a busy model so he took care of the Kims' business
- pretty smart
- top 10 successful businessmen in sk
- Tae believes everything he says
- he loves donating to charity

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Jung Hoseok
- producer and choreographer at KTH Ent.
- also Jimin's guidance counselor
- also close friends with Gguk since he also choreograph for him
- multitalented human being
- Tae wants him to become an idol
- he always refuse tho

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So hey.. If you ever stumble upon this au and decided to read on then I would like to thank you in advance. I'm just a beginner but I still hope you enjoy reading. Thank you.

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3. Taehyung jumped at him right after he opens the door. He gave him a tight hug before giving him a kiss. He then rested his head on his shoulder, inhaling the scent of his husband.

"You surely missed me, didn't you?"

Taehyung hums. He sure does.

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4. Taehyung's pouting. His husband is a busy guy. He's also a busy guy. There's no time for each other that's why he misses him so much. Especially now that his husband just released a new album, he barely has time for Taehyung.


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5. Jeongguk just hums while Taehyung removes his embrace. They're cuddling on their bed but as much as he wants those cuddles from his husband, he wants to settle a very important matter with him.

"Why don't you just break the contract to join me?"

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6. "Baby, you know I can't do that. I'll go to jail if I do."

"I can get you out of there."

"I know you can but.. Baby, we've talked about this already. I just want to-"

"Prove your worth to my family by earning money for us. But you already did."

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7. "You proved your worth to my dad. He's even proud of you.. So maybe you can stop now?"

"Tae.." Taehyung pouts harder. He just wants to be with Gguk. He always need his presence. He always need it to go on.

"Come here baby." Taehyung sighs.

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8. As soon as he went back to Jeongguk's embrace, he buried his face on his chest. He knows he will explain again, and he'll listen again, and he will let Jeongguk stay in BHE again. He's a good player at this industry. Jeongguk is his only weakness.

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9. And he's right. As soon as Jeongguk opened his mouth, he's already listening. And he's feeling this guilt that he always feel whenever his husband opens up about how badly he wants to make Tae's family proud of him. He already feels selfish for asking.

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10. "Not now.. I still want to go on. I don't want anyone saying I'm just using you, your money and your fame. I still have a long way to go baby. I want to do it by myself. I just need you to be by myside." Jeongguk finishes. Taehyung can't help but nod.

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11. Jeongguk kisses him. It's one of the sweetest kisses he ever received from Jeongguk. Whenever they talk about this issue, they always fight. But soon enough, they matured. They try to understand each other and they never fight.

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12. Instead of fighting, they kiss. Because a kiss shows how much they love each other. Even if they argue, they know. They're in love and that's the only important thing. Because Jeongguk is Taehyung's world and Taehyung is Jeongguk's life.

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13. "I do understand why you want me to move to yours. I understand that you want to take pictures with me all the time and the most convenient way is when I work under you label. Am I right, baby?" Jeongguk smirks. Taehyung rolls his eyes.

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14. "Speaking of that.. You should stop flirting with me on every award show. I was there support Jimin."

"And me." Jeongguk smiles.

"Secretly. Because if your fans know that I'm married to you, they would probably kill me and ruin my company."

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15. "They won't. And Yoongi's there to fix everything."

"Yeah, well, I think Jimin will lose it one day and just break everything. He snapped at me earlier because I'm making Yoongi work overtime."

"They're not even together."

"You know he's whipped."

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16. "Just like I am to you."

Taehyung snorts. "Sap."

Jeongguk just smiles before giving Taehyung another kiss. He loves being on Jeongguk's embrace. He always enjoys this warmth. So one thing's for sure, he will never get tired of loving Jeongguk.

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17. Jimin's pretty mad.

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18. YoonMin

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19. Taehyung woke up from the sunlight shining across his bedroom and the morning kisses he keeps getting. He giggles as Jeongguk showers him with those flowery kisses. It's been so long ever since he woke up like this. He surely missed it too.

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20. Ever since Jeongguk broke out with his song Begin that was released two years ago, he's been very busy ever since. Waking up earlier than the sun, going on every vocal training, dance practice and composing his songs. And before comeback, it gets worse.

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21. Every training is longer. Dance practice is longer. Jeongguk comes home at night and leaves early in the morning. He also have to do filmings, and take photos for his album. Every comeback, Tae can't feel Jeongguk. He's always gone. Always busy.

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22. But it's alright because after every comeback, Jeongguk is also back with him. Showering him with these featherlight kisses, giving him the warmest hugs. And he always appreciates them because it's not long enough until Jeongguk starts his tour.

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23. "Good morning gorgeous." Jeongguk greets as soon as Taehyung kissed him back when he gave him a peck on the lips.

"Good morning handsome."

"I made breakfast for you. Just wait here while I go get it." Jeongguk stands up, kiss him again, then he exits.

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24. Jeongguk maybe not is the best chef in the world, but he is to Taehyung. He love every breakfast in bed, every lunch and dinner Jeongguk prepared because he knows that put such effort on it. And he's proud because he's such a husband material.

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25. "You have your day off, right?"

"Yeah, why'd you ask?" Jeongguk said as he drinks from his coffee.

"Let's go shopping. I want to buy some new clothes."

"Baby.. I thought no public interactions for now? Remember last night?"

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26. "It's fine as long as it's not in Korea. I also want to go back to Paris anyway."

"Tae.." Jeongguk was about to object but when Taehyung looked at him, with those pretty brown eyes, he's gone. He's so beautiful. He looks like a puppy and it's cute.

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27. "What Ggukie?"

"Let's go shopping. In Paris, right? Yeah, we can do that." Jeongguk said, voice a little lost as he watch Taehyung smiles at what he's saying. He's seriosly gone for Tae.

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28. Taehyung and Jeongguk rode a private jet going to Paris. You know, the riches. And even if Gguk done this a several times already, it always feel new every time he does. The fact that it was owned by Tae makes it more nerve-wracking.

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29. But Tae.. He makes everything better. Just that smile from him makes Jeongguk enjoy everything they does, even if it's new to him. He remembers the first time he rode this jet, or Apce according to Tae. He loves naming things and it's cute.

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30. Tae just finished closing a deal. It's about his rental for his agency. Since their current office was small, Tae wanted to move in to a bigger place and that's why he's here, closing an agreement. Jeongguk is waiting for him outside.

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31. Tae ended it in a rush. Even Gguk ended his training in a rush. Today was Jimin's first day going on tour, abroad. And since they're best friends, they want to support Jimin. Gguk thought they can't with all these schedules but Tae really wants to go.

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32. "Is everything settled?" Tae asked to his driver. His driver answered yes. Tae let out a smile and a sigh of relief.

"How are we going to make it on time? It's only five hours before Jimin starts. Korea to Singapore takes almost 6 hours to travel."

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33. "Don't worry baby. I have everything planned. We'll get there before Jimin starts, okay? Just trust me." Tae smiles. Jeongguk does. He always trust Tae. It's what they've got ever since they entered this relationship. He always trust Tae.

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34. When Taehyung said everything's planned, it never occured to Jeongguk that he planned riding a private jet. It looks luxurious outside but it is more luxurious inside. It's his first time on a private jet. And it's even owned by his boyfriend.

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35. He's aware Tae is rich. It's also the same reason why his family doesn't like Jeongguk. He's just an average guy, a newly debuted idol from a small company, what's a big thing he can offer? But Tae.. He loves Gguk despite being just a commoner.

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36. He saw Gguk as the perfect man for him. He loved him for who he was. Even when he was still a trainee, Tae was already there to support him. He even started his own agency for Gguk because "If they don't debut you right now, I'll debut you on my own."

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37. So believe Gguk when he says he's the luckiest man on earth. He is because he have Tae.

"Ggukie, we're here."

Gguk opened his eyes before looking to Tae. His husband is smiling at him. He then reaches out to give Tae a kiss. "I love you so much Tae."

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38. Tae smiles at him before he pulled him into another kiss. "I love you too Ggukie, so much."

They shared another sweet kiss before they decided to leave. He's holding Tae's hand tightly, never letting go. Just like how Tae never let him go.

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39. A French Golden

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41. Of Course They're Fast

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42. A French Peach

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43. So here's Jimin mad again

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44. Kboo works fast but Yoongi works faster

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45. Told you Yoongi works faster

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46. "I think that's all." Yoongi yawns before he pushed himself away from the computer. He's been working non-stop since last night since he wants to protect Taehyung and his secret. Good thing he's good at his job even if he hates it so much.

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47. Don't get him bad. He loves Taehyung. He might be a handful but they've also shared some happy moments. Plus, he knows he's Tae's favorite so he enjoys some privilege other employees don't. That's also why he's doing his best at his work.

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48. And who wouldn't love to work in this company with a good pay, some privilege and Park Jimin. Yoongi's not naive. He knows Jimin is flirting with him. And despite being annoyingly clingy sometimes, he grew fond of the boy. Who wouldn't?

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49. Jimin is a total sweetheart. He's Yoongi's type. But even if he wants to flirt back, he just can't. He's too awkward and what is he even good at? Being Tae's nanny and cleaning all his mess? Well, who would get turned on with that? So he just stays put.

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50. "Hyung, you should do some protest and tell Tae to act his age, not like a teenager in love or you'll end up loaded with all these works. You're older than him. He should follow you."

"He's my boss Jimin. I have no right to talk back at him."

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51. "You can. I know Tae will listen to you. You've been a good hyung to him."

"Thanks for the concern Jimin but I'm fine. Don't you have practice?"

"I want to eat lunch with you. Since you're done now, maybe you can spare me sometime?"

"Yeah. Okay."

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52. "Which do you think looks better?" Tae swaps the two suits he's holding while looking at the mirror.

"I like the pink one but red definitely suits you too. Maybe you should try them both?" Jeongguk says as he watch Taehyung switching suits.

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53. "Okay. Can you stay outside the fitting room for me?" Jeongguk nods. They walk towards the fitting room. Jeongguk looks around as they were walking, checking if someone's watching them. When Tae entered the room, Gguk followed before locking the door.

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54. "Ggukie, what are you doing? You're not allowed in here. Only one person is allowed inside."

"No one's watching tho."

"It doesn't mean-" Gguk didn't let Tae finish his sentence anymore. He pulled him towards him, capturing his lips as he does so.

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55. "Ggukie.. I need to try this on." Tae breathlessly said after Jeongguk lets him go from that heated kiss. Jeongguk just nods before giving Tae some space. Tae then turned around to face the mirror as he slowly took off his shirt.

"Stay like that."

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56. Taehyung turned to Jeongguk. He's already feeling the cold temperature of the room as he's already half naked.

"Ggukie, it's cold."

"I know but.." Jeongguk walks towards Tae, hugging him behind and giving small kisses on his nape. "You look gorgeous."

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57. "You always say that." Taehyung said as he rolls his eyes.

"Because you always are." Jeongguk keeps giving him small kisses starting from his nape travelling through his shoulder blades. "I just missed you so much Tae. I really missed you."

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58. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk's eyes in the mirror. He knows that look. He loves it when Jeongguk looks at him like that. Like he's the most beautiful man for him.

"Let me just get dressed and pay for these then we'll go to our penthouse." Gguk nods.

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59. Taehyung feels so hot. Everything feels like burning. His head is clouded, there's not a single thing on his mind. All he can think about is Jeongguk. Just Jeongguk. His lips, his eyes, his hands. He wants Jeongguk. He wants everything from Gguk.

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60. Of course Tae missed this. It has been so long ever since they made love. They're too busy with their work, they barely got time for each other.

"Gguk.." Taehyung moaned as Gguk leaves kisses on his body. On his neck, down to his chest and going down.

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61. Gguk parted away from Tae to take his shirt off, quickly, then going back to claim Tae's lips again. He's been watching Taehyung walk all day, or maybe strut at the mall and he can't help but notice his perky ass. And Jeongguk, he's a man with needs.

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62. Jeongguk was too busy touching Tae, everywhere when his husband's phone rang. Tae groaned in frustration, grabbing his phone to answer.

"What the fuck do you want?" He screamed after accepting the call.

"Ooh. Snappy. Who ate your cake?" Jimin giggles.

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63. "Jimin.." Tae breathes. When Gguk heard it, he continued what he was doing. Touching Tae, and kissing his neck, leaving marks that he wants to see for the following days.

"I was just checking out on you. Have you ever been on Twitter?" Jimin asked.

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64. "I haven't. I'm with Gguk all day. Is that why you called?" Tae wants to end this call already. He has a business with Gguk.

"No. I'm here to snap at you just like how you snapped at me. What even happened to you? Why are so you in a bad mood?"

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65. "You know when you have an important business and you were disturbed in the middle of it? I'm sorry I snapped at you. It's just... It's so frustrating." Gguk laughed as he listened. Oh yes, he is frustrated too. But Taehyung is cute while explaining it.

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66. "Is that Gguk I heard? Wait.. Are you in the middle of..?" Tae just hums. "Oh shit. I'm sorry Tae. That's why you're so snappy."

Tae just breathes, heavy. "I thought you went shopping tho?"

"I-" Tae was going to speak when Gguk got the phone from him.

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67. "Hey Jimin, it's Gguk." Gguk winked at Tae.

"We're fine. Tae just wanted some new clothes so we bought some."

"Yeah. Tell Yoongi hyung I appreciate his hard work and that I'll visit him some time." Gguk gave a quick kiss to Taehyung before he smiles.

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68. "Ah, don't be. Tae loves you. He forgot about it already so don't worry."

"What?" Taehyung whisphered when he heard his name. What are they talking about?

"That's fine. Thanks for the talk. I'll go visit some time so we can catch up."

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69. "Yeah. Bye Jimin." Gguk ended the call before throwing Tae's phone beside them.

"Now.. Where were we?" Gguk said as he lowers his head on Taehyung. He kisses Taehyung again, bringing back the heat they're feeling earlier. Well, not for long.

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70. "Oh for fuck's sake." Taehyung sighs as he grabs his phone again. He looked at the ID registering Yoongi. He quickly accepts.

"If this is about the articles then just do-"

"Your father was here."

"What?" Tae pushed Gguk softly so he moved away.

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71. "He was looking for you and Gguk." Tae gulps. He took a sit, looking at Gguk before taking his eyes away from him.

"Did he told you why?"

"He didn't. Just told me that he wants to meet you tomorrow and eat dinner with your family and Gguk."

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72. "Did you told him I'm in France?"

"Yeah, and he doesn't care." Taehyung huffs. That's his father alright.

"Okay. I'll be back before dinner. Tell him that if he ever comes back."


"Is that everything? I'm going to hang up now."

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73. "Well, as much as I want you to take a vacation for a while, I arranged you a lunch date with your lawyer. BigHit got some issues against you. It's about the contract you signed with them three years ago."


"It's about your marriage with Gguk."

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74. "Okay. I'll go back now. Just text me the address where I'll meet him tomorrow." Taehyung ended the call before sighing.

"Baby, everything alright?"

"My father wants to meet us and your label.. I think they're trying to file a case against me."

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75. "Why would they do that?"

"I think I know why. Yoongi said it's about our marriage and I only have one contract with them. I'll meet my lawyer tomorrow to discuss some things."

"I'll go with you." Taehyung smiles at Jeongguk.


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76. "I'm really sorry about this. We're supposed to have our little vacation. It was time for us to relax but I kept causing these issues."

"It's not your fault baby, come on. I still enjoyed Paris with you, don't worry." Gguk kisses him. He just smiles.

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77. As soon as they land in South Korea, they went home just to take a bath and change some clothes then proceeded to their meeting place, where they will have lunch with Tae's lawyer.

"Do you remember this contract from BigHit?" The lawyer showed Tae.

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78. "Yeah."

"I reviewed it again and you really broke what's said in here."

"I know. I made a public interaction with Gguk and it caused issues. I almost ruined my husband's image."

"We can counter this. We can say that you were forced.."

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79. ".. tell them that a cameraman forced you to take a picture with Jeongguk. You just need to pay someone for this."

Tae looked at the corner of the restaurant where Jeongguk was sitting. They can't sit together because that's another breach of contract.

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80. He saw his man, watching them. Even if he's wearing a mask, Tae knows and he feels how concerned Gguk is. He knows that Jeongguk is always there for him. He grew from that shy trainee to this man with love, sense of responsibility and is always caring.

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81. He knows Gguk was fighting for him, for them. Even if the training was hard, he still went on. Even if he failed after he debuted, he still fought. He fought for their love. He fought for their marriage. He fought for Tae. Tae is ready to give it back.

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82. "There's no need to do that."

"Mr. Kim, if we don't do this then you have to pay the fine written here."

"I will. I can."

"Mr. Kim.. That's 1 million USD and Mr. Jeon will have to leave the company." His lawyer carefully said. That's a big amount.

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83. "I know. I want that. I'm willing to pay 1 million dollars if it means they'll kick Jeongguk out of their company."

"But Mr. Kim-"

"Please. I'll double pay you if you arrange me a meeting with them to pay the fine and kick Jeongguk out."

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84. "How did it went?" Jeongguk sits with him at the back seat while they're on their way to the Kim's house.

"I made my decision."

"And that is?"

"Gguk.. Do you really want to finish your contract with BHE?"

"Why are you asking me that?"

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85. "I just want to know if I made the right decision."

"Tae, what is that decision?"

"Gguk, I broke the deal. I had a public interaction with you. I almost ruined your image to your fans.."

"And the lawyer didn't come up with any solution?"

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86. "He did. He told me that I should-"

"So why are you asking me this?" Tae noticed how Gguk's tone went a little higher than usual. Gguk haven't used that tone on him for so long now. He only hears that when he's frustrated and mad.

"Are you mad at me?"

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87. "I'm not Tae.. I just don't get it why are you asking me such thing if your lawyer proposed you something."

"Because I declined his offer and I accepted the fine."

"You what?" It's obvious Gguk is frustrated but Tae is frustrated too.

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88. "I asked him to arrange a meeting with BHE so I can pay the fine and they will.. fire you."

"You didn't.. Tae, you didn't."

"I did. I can pay them that 1 million USD and you get to leave that company-"

"What the fuck Tae! Why did you even do that?"

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89. Tae flinched. Never did Jeongguk screamed at him like this. Even if they're already fighting, he might have his tone higher but never did he shouted at Tae. And he feels awful. He feels like crying.

"I-I just thought it's better if you will get-"

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90. "You fucking didn't understand a single word I said to you!" Taehyung closed his eyes. He can't look at Jeongguk. He's not the Jeongguk he loves. He's not that sweet, loving and understanding husband he loves.

"Stop the car." When it stopped, he left.

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91. Kim Seokjin

#taekookau | #taekook
92. Two golden people in their respective fields

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93. "So you're telling me that you fought with Taehyung and that's why you're here?" Jeongguk nods.

"That's alright Gguk. Couples fight. It's a natural thing."

"I shouted at him. I never shouted at him before. And that look.. He looks really hurt."

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94. Jeongguk isn't on his mind. It's running a thousand miles from where he is. He's frustrated. Maybe on Tae, maybe on his self.

He looks at Tae. And even though he wants to stop whatever's coming out of his mouth, he can't. He just can't.

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95. He never shouted at Tae before. They never fought like this before. And Tae's face showed how much surprised he is with Gguk's reaction. Even he was surprised with his reaction. And it's suffocating. He knows he's not himself earlier, guilt eating him.

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96. "No offense but I think you're both wrong." Hoseok started. Jeongguk just looks at him. "Tae decided things on his own without confronting you and you didn't let him explain why he did that. If you just let him speak, you won't end up leaving that car."

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97. Hoseok was right. He never listened to Tae. It was always Tae listening to him. And he realized his fault when he saw Taehyung's face after he said those last words. Because Tae always tries to understand him.

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98. And it's too late. He already threw the words. It stabbed his lover's heart. And he can't watch when Taehyung.. He's always been confident about his self, but he looks so small and vulnerable during that ride. And Gguk knows it's his fault.

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99. Guilt ate him and that's why he decided to leave. He can't apologize for bursting like that because he wants Tae to understand him. But he also can't watch him like that. Gguk supposed to protect Ta. He shouldn't be a reason he'd cry silently.

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100. "You should talk with him Gguk. You can't solve anything if you keep on running away from him." Jeongguk nods.

"Look. I know you love him so much so fix this, yeah? Taehyung might seem tough but we all know he's a softie."

Jeongguk smiles. "He is."

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101. Taehyung took a deep breath before he entered their house. It's been months since he last went here. He's not that close to his father and it got worse ever since he judged Jeongguk for being an average. Everything's not settled until now.

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102. Maybe it's too much to say the he doesn't want to see his father. Or if you know their story, you would also think the same. Not that Tae hates him that much, he became a father to them anyway. Maybe he's not used to having his father around right now.

#taekookau | #taekook
103. Afterall, he almost kicked Tae out of the family when he married Gguk. That's why he's also thankful to his brother Jin and Namjoon for helping him build his own agency. They helped Tae make a new life, together with his husband Gguk.

#taekookau | #taekook
104. Gguk. Everything just leads to Gguk. Even now that he's thinking of his father, his thoughts always diverts to Gguk.

He lets out a shaky breath. He was still shocked from what happened earlier. Gguk walked out from him. Is he that mad to Tae?

#taekookau | #taekook
105. "Taetae!" He was greeted by the voice of his brother. He immediately smiled, greeting him, hugging him. "Jin-hyung."

He turned his head to see Namjoon, a glass of wine on hand. "Namjoon hyung."

Namjoon raised his glass as he smiles. "Hey Tae."

#taekookau | #taekook
106. "Glad you're already here. I was a little worried when the sun set and you're still not here."

"Sorry. I was stucked in traffic."

"Hmm? There's no traffic today Tae. What are you saying?"

"I came from a meeting far from here so I was stucked there."

#taekookau | #taekook
107. The truth is, he waited for Gguk that's why he's late.

"Should I follow him sir?" His driver asked.

"Just park somewhere near and let's wait for an hour. He'll comeback."

But Gguk didn't. After an hour, they hit the road again while Tae is crying.

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108. "Where's mom?" Taehyung asked his brother.

"She's in the kitchen making your favorite."

"I'll go-"

"Taehyung." Tae stopped midtrack to turn around the stairs where he saw his father standing. "Father."

His father smiled before he went to Taehyung.

#taekookau | #taekook
109. He's still not used to this. Maybe never will he get used to his father smiling at him. He always nag at Taehyung. Taehyung should do this and that and Tae will always obey. So when Tae 'broke' his father's trust by marrying Gguk, he wasn't delighted.

#taekookau | #taekook
110. "Good thing you're here. I was about to send someone to that office of yours. I thought you wouldn't come."

"I received your message so I came."

"That's great. Anyway, where is Jeongguk?"

"He's busy with work so he wasn't able to come." He lied.

#taekookau | #taekook
111. "But didn't he finished his promotions already?" Jin asked. Thanks hyung.

"Yeah. But his agency thinks they could give.. I mean.. Prepare him for his tour."

"Such a hardworking man." His dad beams. And right there, he saw why Jeongguk didn't stop.

#taekookau | #taekook
112. His father really seems happy for Gguk. His mom will always say his father is proud of them but he doubted that. Now he sees that it's real. And that's why Gguk can't leave BHE because that's where he grew and made his accomplishments to make this.

#taekookau | #taekook
113. Gguk is still earning his father's trust. What will happen if he knew that Gguk left BHE? His father again will judge Gguk. And even if he gets Gguk under his agency, that won't save him from his father's words. He might even call Gguk names he hates.

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114. "Well, you should just bring him again sometimes."

"The helps said Taehyung is here. Where is my-" Taehyung's face lit up when he saw his mom walking towards them.


"My baby." His mom opened her arms as Taehyung runs to her embrace.

#taekookau | #taekook
115. "I missed you mom." He hugged her tighter. His mother just laughed.

"Let me take a look at my baby." Tae removed his hug and look at his mom, smiling.

"Look at you. You got prettier." His mom's hand on his cheeks. "But I think you lose some weight."

#taekookau | #taekook
116. "You're not starving yourself, are you sweetheart?"

"No. I'm just busy with work. I sometimes forget to eat but I'm not doing it on purpose."

"You should always have a reminder for yourself. Where is Jeongguk?" His mom looks around for Gguk.

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117. "Uhm.. He's at work today so I'm the only one who was able to go."

"That's too bad. I made his favorite dessert."

"I can give it to him when I get home. I'm sure he'll love it."

"You're such a good husband to him." Tae thinks he's not.

#taekookau | #taekook
118. "Oh well. The food is ready. Let's proceed to the dining room to eat." His mom said, guiding them towards the dining table. She's holding Tae's hand. He missed his mom so much. Missed her touch and hugs especially when he's sad. Just like today.

#taekookau | #taekook
119. After dinner, Taehyung had a little talk with his mother and brother. You know, catching up on things.

"Tae, dad wants to meet us at his study." Namjoon said. They excused theirselves and went upstairs where his father's study is located.

#taekookau | #taekook
120. "Dad, Taehyung is here." Namjoon announced when they went in the room.

"Great. You two take a seat." His father gestured the two seats in front of his table.

"Want some wine?" His father poured a glass for Namjoon while Taehyung declined.

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121. "I'll be straight with you Taehyung. I want you to merge KTH Ent. to our family business."

"Excuse me?"

"You know. Let Namjoon help you in managing your business while you also help him in our other businesses." His father explains.

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122. "Why do you want me to do that?"

"It's obvious Taehyung. This whole music industry is a trend. A lot of people likes this, what do you call those people?" His father asked Namjoon.

"Idol." Namjoon supplied.

"Idol." His father repeated.

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123. "And I heard from my secretary that you own this.. Park Jimin?"

"Jimin is not a thing. He's a person and nobody owns him."

"You do, my son. Isn't you his boss? You basically owns him, including all the people working under you in that company."

#taekookau | #taekook
124. "What do you even want from Jimin?"

"It's simple. That Jimin is famous. I've heard that mostly of your profits came from him. And if you merge your business with our family business then you can help our little business to bloom too."

#taekookau | #taekook
125. "You can even make Jimin promote them so people will buy them. And also Jeongguk."

"What about Jeongguk?"

"Taehyung-ah, do you know how proud I am of you?" Tae frowned. His father never told him that. And even if he must feel happiness, he can't.

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126. "You got these two idols with you. One is under your agency, the other is your husband. I saw Jeongguk's status, saw that he's earning a fortune by being an idol. Imagine the fortune when you bring them together for our business." His dad stated.

#taekookau | #taekook
127. "So you're basically telling me to use Jimin and Jeongguk for your own selfish goals?" Taehyung scoffs. "You really think I would do that huh?"

"Tae.." Namjoon softly whispers. He's shaking his head, telling Taehyung not to talk like that.

#taekookau | #taekook
128. "No hyung. This man.." he pointed his own father. ".. wants me to use my bestfriend and my husband for his selfishness." He looks at his father, rage obvious at his face. "And I won't allow that."

"KIM TAEHYUNG! You are in my house!" His father shouts

#taekookau | #taekook
129. "So what? Are you going to kick me out again? Why don't you just kick me out of your life just like what you did when I married Jeongguk."

"You have no respect to your father!"

"You never treated me like a son. You treated me as investment."

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130. "Why you.."

"Dad.. Let me handle this. Let me talk to Tae." They both look at Namjoon. Taehyung frowned at him. Is he on his dad's side now?

"Please. Maybe go to mom and drink tea with them." Namjoon said.

"I trust you Namjoon." Then his father left

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131. Namjoon walks towards the door to lock it. He then walks back to his seat with a sigh.

"So you're with him now, huh?" Taehyung asked, feeling betrayed. He always trusted Namjoon. Always believed in his words because was good with him.

"Tae, I don't."

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132. "I only said that so he will leave and we can talk."

"I'm not merging with any business."

"I know. I'm currently meeting some investors to bring money to those failing businesses so you won't be forced to merge KTHE with it." Namjoon explains.

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133. "Pretty good. I managed to get 13 signatures. My goal is at least 25. That'll be a great help already."

"You're managing a lot of businesses."

"Yeah. Though I might use some help from you, I don't want to force you in it." Namjoon smiles.

#taekookau | #taekook
134. "I really would want to help you but father.."

"I understand you and that's why I'm not forcing you to join his plan. I'll just tell him even I can't convince you and that I'll look for a solution in exchange of that." Namjoon says with a shrug.

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135. "He'll be very disappointed with you if you tell him that."

"I know but maybe I should disappoint him sometimes. He always have this high expectations of me, it's kind of suffocating. Maybe disappointing him will lessen those expectations."

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136. "Thank you for not forcing me hyung."

"We're still not finish talking tho, and this one, I might force you to talk about it." Taehyung heart beat faster on that. Namjoon looks serious right now. "Remember that deal you told me about three years ago?"

#taekookau | #taekook
137. "I don't think I remember.."

"The one you have with BHE. You discussed it with me, right? Told me you were afraid to make a decision so you asked for my help."

"Oh.. That."

"Yeah. And with the recent news, and if I remember correctly, you broke it."

#taekookau | #taekook
138. "I did."

"So.. Did BHE contacted you now?"

"I actually met with my lawyer earlier to talk about the possible solutions we can do."

"How did it go?"

"I declined. Now I have to pay 1 million USD and Jeongguk will get kicked out of the company."

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139. "And did Jeongguk agreed on that?"

Taehyung just looks at Namjoon. He didn't asked Jeongguk. He just decided on it without telling him first.

"You didn't." Taehyung breathed. "Is he fine with it?"

"He's not. He was mad at me. I thought I did it for him but he.."
140. "He wad so mad earlier that he walked out from me." And that's when Taehyung started to tear up again. "I just did it because I want him to move to mine so we can be together, work together. I've been asking him to break his contract with BHE."

#taekookau | #taekook
141. "He always say he won't. Even if he explains, I honestly find his reasons ridiculous. So when I realized he can get away from BHE, I grabbed the opportunity. He didn't like that. So on our way here, he left me. It's a lie that he's working today."

#taekookau | #taekook
142. "So that's why you were down today." Namjoon says.


"I understand how you feel. I do that too. I make Jin endorse some of our products just so he can work with me. So I get an excuse to watch him shoot, just monitoring, things like that."

#taekookau | #taekook
143. "So if I was in your position, I might be doing that too. But now.. I think it'll be better for Gguk to stay in BHE. If he's with KTHE, it'll be easier for your father to reach out to him and use him. And you know Gguk, he wants recognition from dad."

#taekookau | #taekook
144. "He'll probably do whatever you father ask him. But if he's in BHE, their management will have to decide first and Gguk won't have a say on that. He will follow them."

Namjoon was right. Gguk is better to be at BHE than his dad using him for his own.

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145. Taehyung decided to take more time with his mother since he missed her so much. He lose track of time when he noticed that it's quarter to 11.

"I should get going."

"I thought you're staying the night sweetheart? Your father said so."


#taekookau | #taekook
146. "Your father said you were staying the night so I asked the helps to clean your room.. Aren't you?"

"Of course he's staying mom. Tae must have forgotten it but he is." Jin said

"That's great. I'll make you some pancakes with strawberries tomorrow."

#taekookau | #taekook
147. "Please Tae.." Jin beg when Tae went upstairs to his room. "Mom missed you so much. This is the only day I saw her that happy. Please, stay the night for mom."

"I need to go to Gguk."

"Maybe you can just call. I'm sure he'll understand."

#taekookau | #taekook
148. "Taehyung.. I know you missed mom and she missed you too. You never visited her for so long. You were always busy. Just give this night for her, please."

"Alright.. Let me just change my clothes then I'll join you again."

"Thank you." Jin smiles.

#taekookau | #taekook
149. It's already 11:30PM and Tae isn't home yet. He knows he's probably in his parent's house but he still can't stop worrying. He's trying to contact him but his phone was off. Maybe he turned it off or it was low on battery. Either way, Gguk is worried.

#taekookau | #taekook
150. When he got home earlier, there was no Tae who welcomed him. Not a kiss or a hug, nothing. Thinking back.. This is the first time something like this happened. Tae, no matter how busy he is, comes home before Jeongguk just so he can welcome him.

#taekookau | #taekook
151. That gesture always made this place warm and he realized that Taehyung is his true home. This place is huge and he only felt that today, him alone in this house. Taehyung always made this house welcoming. But now, it's just a space with furnitures.

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152. "Mr. Jeon." He's thankful when Tae's driver answered.

"Hey.. I know I called too sudden but where are you?"

"I'm at the mansion sir. Do you have anything you need that you want me to buy?"

"No, no. I'm just checking up on Tae. He's okay, right?"

#taekookau | #taekook
153. "He is sir. He's with his family right now."

"Do you know when will he go home?"

"Mr. Kim hasn't given me any orders yet."

"I see. Call me when he tells you when. I'm just a little worried."

"I will sir. And you don't have to worry. He's okay."

#taekookau | #taekook
154. Jeongguk laid on the bed while waiting. It's already past 12 and the driver hasn't called him yet. He wants to wait for Taehyung but his eyelids are getting heavy. He's too tired afterall. He still got some jetlag and then walked his way home earlier.

#taekookau | #taekook
155. Jeongguk snaps his eyes open when he realized he fell asleep. He was supposed to wait for Tae. He hurriedly check on his phone if there are any missed calls from the driver but there's nothing. He then looked around, hoping Tae was there but he's not.

#taekookau | #taekook
156. He groaned and checked his phone again for the time. It's 3:23 AM. Not to be inconsiderate but he's just worried, you know. It's the first time he's not sleeping with Tae ever since the day they got married.

"Hello?" A groggy voice answered.

#taekookau | #taekook
157. "Hey. I'm sorry I disturbed your sleep. This is Jeongguk."

"Mr. Jeon." The driver seems more awake now than earlier.

"Tae hasn't tell you anything yet, has he?"

"Sir, I think Mr. Kim stayed the night at the mansion."

"Ah.. I see. Thanks."

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158. "Mr. Jeon?"


"I know I'm just a driver and have no right to ask you this but please fix this. Mr. Kim waited for you. He was crying yesterday."

"I'm sorry. And I will, I promise."

"Goodluck sir."

"Thanks. Sorry for disturbing your sleep."

#taekookau | #taekook
159. Jeongguk was trying to sleep more after that but he can't. He knows Tae will come home but he still can't just wait so he stood up and went to take a shower. He made up his mind. He'll go to the Kims'. At 4:54 AM, he hit the road.

#taekookau | #taekook
160. Taehyung loves flowers and Gguk hopes there's an open flower shop at this time. So yeah, maybe he searched a near open flower shop and thankfully found one that's on his way.

"A flowery morning, how can I help- Jeon Jeongguk?" the staff said, amazed.

#taekookau | #taekook
161. "Good morning."

"Uh.. G-good morning." He noticed the blush on her cheeks. Maybe she's a fan? "A-are you going to buy some flowers?"

"Yeah." He's at a flower shop afterall. "Do you have sunflowers?"

"We have plenty. Right this way sir."

#taekookau | #taekook
162. "Sunflowers are commonly given to tell the person you love that they make you happy and that they make your life bright-" Jeongguk watches as the staff paused in arranging the flowers.

"Is there's something wrong?" Jeongguk asked.


#taekookau | #taekook
163. "You're dating someone?" The staff was wide-eyed and Jeongguk was also caught off-guard with the question.

"Uhm.." Jeongguk cleared his throat.

"Oh. I-I didn't mean to intrude. I'm s-sorry."

"That's okay." Jeongguk smiles even tho he's nervous.

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164. Jeongguk paid the flowers after the staff gave him the arrangements.

"Thank you sir." The staff gave him a bow.

"About what happened.. Can you keep this a secret?"

"No worries. No one will even believe me even if I tell anyone."


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165. Where is Yoongi

#taekookau | #taekook
166. It's 6:34AM when Jeongguk arrived at the Kims.


"Mrs. Kim."

"Oh honey, call me mom. You've been married to my son for three years and you're still very formal to me."

"I'm sorry... mom."

"That's better." Taehyung's mother smiled at him.

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167. "Uh.. Is Taehyung..?"

"Yes. He's in his room sleeping. Do you want to go to him?"

"No. I'll just wait for him to wake up."

"Is that for me?" He looked at what she was pointing and saw the flowers on the table. Oh shit. He forgot about Mrs. Kim.

#taekookau | #taekook
168. "Yes." He gave the bouquet to her. Well, so much for a surprise for Tae. What matters is that Gguk's there to apologize.

"Thank you. Let me just bring this to my room."

When she came back, they were just chatting when Gguk's stomach growled.

#taekookau | #taekook
169. "I'm sorry about my insensitivity, you were so early here, you probably haven't eaten breakfast yet."

"No. It's fine."

"It's also past 7 and I promised Taehyung I'll make him pancakes. You should eat with him. I'll make you those pancakes now."

#taekookau | #taekook
170. When Taehyung's mother was done, she called Jeongguk to the dining table.

"Thank you."

"Enjoy your food and eat a lot. You need to gain some weight."

"Yes Mrs.- mom."

"Good. Now let me just call Tae-"

"Mom, why are there sunflowers on my bed?"

#taekookau | #taekook
171. Jeongguk looked at the direction of the voice. Tae was standing there, looking at the sunflowers on his arms. His hair is a little messy from sleep, and he's wearing his cute tiger pajamas matched with his cute tiger slippers. Gguk can't help but smile

#taekookau | #taekook
172. Tae looks cute and Gguk misses him so much. If he could, he would shower him with kisses, right now.

"It's from your husband. Jeongguk came here early to give that to you."

Taehyung looked at their direction. His eyes went wide as he sees Gguk.

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173. Taehyung averted his gaze away from them. "M-mom, I'm hungry."

"Oh. Let me prepare your breakfast baby." But before she leaves, she whispers to Gguk. "I know those are for him. You should've been honest with me."

"Yeah.. I'm sorry."

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174. Taehyung sat at the opposite part of the table, the seat farthest from Gguk.

"Aren't you a little far from me?"

"I know."

"Do you want me to move there?" Gguk was about to stand up from his seat but Tae stopped him.

"No. Stay there."

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175. "Tae.. Baby.."

"I called my lawyer last night. I told him to talk with your management about the fine. He's trying to reach out to them so they won't kick you out. That's what you want, right?"


"Don't worry. They will never fire you."

#taekookau | #taekook
176. When Jeongguk was about to speak again, Taehyung's mother came in with his breakfast.

"Taehyung, sweetheart, why are you sitting there? Come sit beside your husband. Are you in a fight?"

Gguk was nervous thinking Tae told his mom but he didn't.

#taekookau | #taekook
177. He wonders if maybe Taehyung is not that mad at him to tell it about his mom. Or maybe he's really mad and he knows it'll upset his mom when he told her. Either way, Gguk was relieved a little. He can't afford for Tae's family to hate him too.

#taekookau | #taekook
178. "Come sit with Gguk, honey. He surely woke up early to go here. He even brought you flowers. Isn't sunflowers your favorite?"

Taehyung slowly stood up, walked towards Gguk and sat beside him.

"Great. I'll leave now. I'm sure you missed each other."

#taekookau | #taekook
179. When Tae's mom left, no one had spoken from the two of them. Gguk was about to eat his breakfast when he heard Tae sniffing. He turned his head towards him and saw him crying.

"Baby.. Are you crying?"


"You are."

"You don't care!"

#taekookau | #taekook
180. "Taehyung.." he holds Taehyung wrist but the other tries to remove it. He only hold him firmer, still making sure that he's not hurting Tae with his grip.

"Let go of me." He can hear the pout in Taehyung's voice.

"Baby, come here."

#taekookau | #taekook
181. He softly pulled at Taehyung's wrist so his husband was dragged to sit on his lap. When Taehyung was seated, he put his other hand around his husband's waist while the one holding Tae's wrist went to his cheeks, turning Tae's face to him.

#taekookau | #taekook
182. "Baby, don't cry. I don't like seeing you cry." He says as he wipes the tears on Tae's face. It's useless because Taehyung won't stop crying.

"You made me cry."

"I know and I'm sorry."

"You shouted at me."

"I'm sorry baby."

"You were mad."

#taekookau | #taekook
183. "I was and I'm sorry." Jeongguk's hand that's holding Tae's face went down to his waist so now he's embracing Tae.

"You told me I didn't understand a word from you."

Gguk sighs before he buried his face on the space between Tae's neck and shoulder

#taekookau | #taekook
184. "I'm really sorry baby."

"And you left me at the car.. Alone. I cried."

Gguk hugged Tae tighter. "I'm really sorry."

"And I can't sleep last night because I already miss you. And I'm very guilty for making that decision. I'm sorry too Ggukie."

#taekookau | #taekook
185. "Hush baby. That's fine now. I know you have your reasons why you decided on that. And I'll listen to you baby. I'm sorry if I didn't do that yesterday but I'm ready now. Tell me everything to understand. And I'm sorry that I'm not that understanding."

#taekookau | #taekook
186. Gguk wiped the tears away from Taehyung's eye. He's not crying anymore.

"It's not your fault. I should be the one doing that. You also have your reasons and I know you just got mad because of what I did.. Like I didn't listen to you at all."

#taekookau | #taekook
187. "And I'm sorry because I thought they're ridiculous but now.. I understand why and I'm really sorry for ruining it."

"Well, you told me you called your lawyer to fix this so you don't have to worry now." Gguk smiles softly at Tae who's still pouty.

#taekookau | #taekook
188. Gguk took a strawberry from his plate before leading it outside Tae's mouth. "Knock knock."

Tae slowly opened his mouth, taking the strawberry from Jeongguk's fork and chewed it, still pouting. And Jeongguk.. He finds it cute and adorable.

#taekookau | #taekook
189. When Taehyung finished chewing, he opens his mouth again and Jeongguk is eager to give him another strawberry. He watch as Tae chews it again. He can't help but smile and sigh. "God. You're so adorable, baby."

And that's how they had their breakfast.

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190. And so they spent the whole morning sleeping out since Tae wasn't able to sleep last night. His thoughts was occupied by Jeongguk the whole night and you know how Gguk did. One thing they realized, they can't sleep well without each other.

#taekookau | #taekook
191. "What time did you get here?" Taehyung asked while cuddling with Jeongguk on his bed.

"Around 6 or 6:30, I guess?"

"That's early. And you even got those flowers."

"Yeah. Good thing there's an open flower shop on my way here."

"Thank you Ggukie."

#taekookau | #taekook
192. "Anything for you baby."

"You spoil me a lot." Tae said as he giggles.

"After everything that I've done, you deserve to be spoiled."

Tae turned his head to look at Gguk. "I thought we're done about this guilty phase already?"

"Yeah.. It's just.."

#taekookau | #taekook
193. "I'm still mad at myself for making you cry."

"This is the sixth time you made me cry after our wedding. You don't have to feel guilty about it."

"Those five times I made you cry was because you're happy. It's on your birthdays and our anniversaries"

#taekookau | #taekook
194. "On our wedding, I promised you that I will never make you cry of hurt, just pure happiness and love. I broke that promise and I'm really sorry."

Taehyung wasn't a cry baby so even if they fight, he doesn't cry. This one is different from all that.

#taekookau | #taekook
195. "Promises are bound to be broken. That's how we learn. We're not perfect. We make mistakes. Breaking a promise once didn't make you any less than my husband that I want to spend my whole life with." Tae carressed Gguk's face before giving him a kiss.

#taekookau | #taekook
196. "I'm so lucky to have you." Jeongguk showered Tae with kisses. He pulled him closer to him, kissing Taehyung's forehead and resting in that position.

"Ggukie, you are best husband. I won't regret marrying you. I'll always love you."

"I love you too."

#taekookau | #taekook
197. That afternoon, they've decided to go home and spend the rest of the day together at their own. Gguk drive for them.

"Can you do something for me Tae?"

"What is it?"

"Go in first and do that usual welcome thing you do."

Tae smiles before going in.

#taekookau | #taekook
198. After a few minutes, Gguk entered to passcode to unlock the door. He opened it and was about to speak when he felt the weight of Taehyung on him, hugging him.

"Welcome home Ggukie." Tae gave his brightest smile.

"I'm home baby." And then they kissed.

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199. It's been three weeks when everything happened. Taehyung is currently in Jimin's shoot for a new MV they're releasing. Serendipity is a side track in his album Promise but they've decided to make an MV for it too.

"Okay. Let's do 'just let me' again."

#taekookau | #taekook
200. "Hey.. How's it going?" Taehyung walked towards Jimin and Hoseok who's practicing the choreo.

"Pretty tight. I never learned a choreo within that short amout of time." Jimin exhales.

"Sorry. I really want to release this soon."

"I can handle it."

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201. "Of course you would. Hoseok is here to help you out."

"Tae, you made me make a choreo for a whole song in just a week. And have to teach it to Jimin after that, for just a week again. You're mean."

"I know you can and you finished it right on time."

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202. "We always do this on every comeback. You're probably used it now."

Hoseok sighed. He is. For four years that he's been working with Taehyung, he already coped up with the pressure of coming up with choreos in a short notice of time.

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203. "Can I see the choreo now?"

Hoseok nodded. He looked at Jimin who's obviously nervous. Tae is strict at this kind of things. If Jimin messes up, they're both doomed.

"Jimin-ah, I'm at your back. Just dance like you mean it." Hoseok cheered.

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204. Taehyung looks serious when they finished the choreo. No one was speaking. They're both nervously waiting for Tae to speak. Hoseok, nervous if Tae likes the choreo and Jimin, nervous because he made this one mistake and it's eating him up now.

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205. Even if Tae is his bestfriend, he's also his boss. Inside the company, at work, there's no term as bestfriends between them. They're professionals, afterall.

"That was-" Tae started.

"I'm sorry I made a mistake." Jimin blurted out. Taehyung huffs.

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206. "I was going to say it's perfect but you said that."

"I-I'm sorry."

"Let me see what you did and what was supposed to be done."

"Well, on the 'just let me love you' part, I should bend but I swayed my hands instead of bending." He showed it.

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207. "It's my fault. I think the first choreo doesn't have an impact on it so I changed it this morning. I just finished teaching it to Jimin." Hoseok defended.

"Can I see the choreo you changed? Jimin, sing it for Hoseok." So Hoseok danced the choreo.

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208. "I see. I like both since the new one really got the impact but the old one isn't that complicated. How about you include them both? If Jimin will do the new choreo twice, he might lose his breath before he finishes the song." Tae suggested.

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209. "Of course, it's Hoseok's decision. I'm just suggesting it."

"No, no. It's Jimin's decision. He's the one who's going to perform it. What do you say Jimin?"

"I think I'd like to consider that. I think it's also better if I build up before the drop."

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210. "Then it is decided. We'd do that." Hoseok smiled. "Or.. you'd do that."

"Or you can just sign to us as an idol and you can also do that." Tae smiled at Hoseok.

"You know I don't do that Tae."

"Well, at least I tried." Taehyung shrugs.

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211. Taehyung took a deep breath before he opened his car. Right after he checks on Jimin, he left for an important meeting.

"Don't wait for me." Tae said to his driver before he leaves the car. Another deep breath before he walked towards the elevator.

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213. He can feel his heart hammering inside his chest. It's been long since he ever got this nervous. He walked towards the front desk, greeting the person in charged.

"Kim Taehyung."

She smiled before making a call telling that Taehyung is there.

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214. "I need to pee." Jeongguk said to his instructor before he hurriedly ran out of their practice room. Taehyung just texted him that he's here. Gguk made a run to the elevator and clicked for the lobby. As the door opened, he saw Tae at the front desk.

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215. He composed himself before he walks out of the elevator, heading straight to where Taehyung is.

"Mr. Kim, Mr. Choi will meet you at the conference room on the 7th floor."

"Thank-" Jeongguk coughs. Both person turned to look at him.

"Hey Minjoo."

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216. "I ordered some jjajangmyeon and told them to deliver it here. I'm just checking if it's here already."

"No one has delivered anything here yet."

"I see." Jeongguk slightly turned his head to Taehyung who was looking at him intently.

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217. "Mr. Kim! I didn't notice you there."

"Of course."

"What are you doing here?"

"He has a meeting with the executives." Minjoo answered.

"You do? What is it about?" Tae opened his mouth but Gguk stopped it. "Ah. I think I'm not in the place to know."

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218. "Shall I escort you then? I think this is your first time here."

"It's actually my second." Taehyung said smugly, which made Jeongguk's smile fade, before regaining it again.

"Still.. Let me escort you as it's only your second time." He smirked.

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219. When Jeongguk knew the floor, he insisted to escort Taehyung.

"I thought you're waiting for your jjajangmyeon?" Tae asked.

"Minjoo will tell me if it's here."

"I will." Minjoo said.

"See? So Mr. Kim, let me escort you to your location."

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220. "What are you doing?" Tae asked as soon as the elevator closes.

"Escorting you."

"I know. I mean, why are you escorting me?"

"Because it's your second time here."


"I see you're not nervous anymore, baby."

"You.." Gguk presses 6F.

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221. "Gguk, my meeting's on the 7th floor." Tae said as Gguk drags him out of the elevator.

"I know. But we should take the stairs."


"Because.." Jeongguk opens the door for the stairs before dragging Taehyung in and closing and locking the door.

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222. Taehyung was about to walk the stairs when Jeongguk pulled him into a hug.

"I missed you."

"We saw each other at our house."

"I miss you every second of my life Tae, what do you expect?"

"Oh god. You're so sappy." Tae said as he rolls his eyes.

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223. Jeongguk just chuckled at that before pulling Taehyung in a quick but sweet kiss.

"You can do this baby. Don't be nervous. Call me when you need me. I love you."

"I will.. I love you too." Taehyung whispers before pulling Jeongguk to another kiss.

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224. They were holding hands when they opened the door to the 7th floor. The elevator dings so they hurriedly let go of each other. A staff named Kino went out from the elevator. And since the stairs is just beside it, he easily saw Gguk and of course, Tae.

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225. "I'm escorting Mr. Kim. He has a meeting with Mr. Choi."

"And you took the stairs?"

".. yeah."


"The elevator isn't working well."

"What? I just used it and I don't think there's a problem with it." Taehyung silently chuckles beside Gguk.

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226. "Oh.. Well.. Mr. Kim is getting late with his meeting. Excuse us." Jeongguk turned to Taehyung who was biting his lip to stop himself from laughing. "Mr. Kim, this way please."

Taehyung slowly walked to the direction Gguk pointed. His face is purplish

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227. When they turned to the corner, checking if there's anyone who's there and finding out no one, they both let out the laugh they were holding. The normal color of Tae's face coming back from letting go that laugh he's holding for a minute now.

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228. "You should've told me the elevator's not working well, Ggukie. I could've sent you funds." Tae joked when they calmed a little.

They looked at each other again before bursting into another laugh. Childish, but it's laughable at that moment.

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229. When they've finally calmed down, Gguk told Tae where the meeting will be held.

"I can take it from here. Go back to your practice."

"Good luck baby."

"Thank you." Tae said before turning around to walk to the door. And Gguk watched him enter it.

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230. When Taehyung entered, his lawyer was already there, Mr. Choi and another man in suit who he assumes is Mr. Choi's lawyer.

"Mr. Kim, it's nice to have you here again." Mr. Choi offered a handshake as Tae accepts it.

"It's good to be back."

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231. "As you can see, you're here to fix the issue you made against our contract and with the request from your lawyer."

"I do."

"You already admitted it so we don't have any problem with that. The only problem is the punishment for breaking the rules."

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232. "You're married with Jeongguk for three years now. In those years, you haven't done anything. Why did you do this now?"

"I don't think I need to justify my actions to you. He's my husband, afterall."

"Okay. I guess you're ready for the consequences."

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233. "As per our contract, you have to pay a fine of 1 million USD and we will fire Jeongguk."

"And I thought my lawyer told you that I'd pay any amount you want just to not fire Gguk."

"That's why we're here Mr. Kim, we will discuss about that."

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234. "Can you tell us why do you want Jeongguk to stay here?"

"Or maybe you should answer mine. Why would you fire Gguk?" Tae smiles. "You see, we're both small companies from the start. We don't have anything. But look at us now. Rivals, aren't we?"

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235. "Of course, I'm thankful to the person why KTHE grown like this, our very own Park Jimin. And how about you? Aren't you thankful for Jeongguk for bringing this fortune to you?" Tae raised a brow. "So I don't see a reason for you to fire him."

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236. "Well unless.. you're not thankful at all. And that's why you're okay even if you fire him. Such a shame tho, I've always looked up to you because you were taking care of my husband's career very well."

"You broke our contract. You made this."

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237. "I know and that's why we're here, right? That's what we're going to do. Talk about it and fix this issue."

"Mr. Kim-"

"Listen." Mr. Choi closes his mouth. Taehyung smiles before continuing. "I think I'm good enough to let you have Gguk."

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238. "Come to think of it, what would happen to you if I didn't let Gguk stay here and make him debut on my own company? You're probably not here now."

"You don't have the resources that time Mr. Kim, and that's also why we gave you a small fine."

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239. "Or do I?" Mr. Choi shut his mouth. "I'm Kim Taehyung, son of Kim Taejoon. You've probably heard about my father, right? Or, let's not go that far. You've probably heard about Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon. They are good brothers to me."

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240. "Even in those time, I can pay you 10 million dollars if you like."

"You talk like you're ready to pay 10 million dollars." Mr. Choi smirked.

"I see. Then it is settled, 10 million dollars in exchange of not firing Gguk."

"I never agreed on that."

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241. "It looks like you just did."

"Taehyung." Taehyung raised a brow at that. Mr. Choi Minho is a good friend but today is about work. And Minho, as the CEO's representative needs to do this.

"It's only seven months before Gguk's contract expires."

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242. "I know. I'm aware of it."

"Our CEO received your request ahead of time and even if he didn't agreed on that, he has another thing on his mind."

"Let me hear it then."

"We won't fire Gguk but we will not renew our contract with him. And.."

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243. "You still have to pay the fine."

"So you're just gonna wait for his contract to expire? And then it's done?" Minho nods.

"Gguk is turning 27 now. Soon, he'll be joining the military too."

"Of course.. Of course, he would."

"Do you agree now?"

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244. "Can I call him? This isn't just about me, it's also about Gguk. I want to make this decision with him."

"Okay. It'll be better if you talk to him personally. I think he's on his practice today at the 5th floor, 3rd door to the right of the elevator."

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245. Taehyung left the room to go to Gguk. When he arrived at the room, he knocks softly. The supressed sound of Gguk's song stopped and the door.

"I thought the sign here said no distrubing, can't you rea-" Hyunwoo, Gguk's dance instructor, said.

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246. "Hi. I'm Kim Taehyung and I wish to talk to Jeongguk."

"I-I don't think you're a-allowed to be here Mr. Kim."

"Please. It won't be long."

"Taehyung.." Tae looks at the owner of the voice. Gguk was standing behind Hyunwoo, concern present on his face

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247. "You know him Gguk?"

Gguk went closer to Tae to pull him inside the room.

"I'll explain everything to you later but let me talk to Taehyung first."

"You're on first name basis?!"

"I'll explain later. Now, can you please leave us first?"

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248. "It's fine Gguk. I won't take long."

Jeongguk nods before he closes the door. Hyunwoo's just watching them as they sat in the corner.

"Now tell me what happened?"

"They wouldn't agree to my request.. But they also said something to me."

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249. "What is it baby?"

"Baby?!" Hyunwoo exclaimed. Gguk just glared at him before he looked at Tae again. "Go on babe."

Tae explained it to Gguk. As he expected, he's just silent like he's thinking really hard.

"I'm going to find another way." Tae said.

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250. "I'll go to Bang and talk to him personally. Maybe through that, I can fix this."

"Tae, you don't have to. You've done enough."

"But this is where you started. This is your life."

"You are my life, Tae. I'll be okay. I just need you to be okay too."

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251. "You don't understand. I don't want to force you into this. I made this mess. I'm the one who should fix."

"We both made this mess, Tae. I interacted with you too so let me face this consequence with you."


"Baby, listen to me.."

#taekookau | #taekook
252. "It's alright.. Yeah, you're only the one who has that deal with them but I helped you breaking that deal. That's part of our marriage and I won't let you face this alone."

"I can't let you do that."

"You can baby, just look at me."

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253. Jeongguk held Tae's face, turning it to look at his eyes. Tae was shaking as he reached for Gguk's hands to hold it.

"That's right baby, just look at me." Jeongguk smile, calming Tae a little. "You trust me, right?" Tae eargerly nods.

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254. "Accept what they said. I'm fine with that. I won't renew my contract with them. I'll just enlist after that. And when I come back, I want to marry you again. This time, it's not going to be a secret."

Taehyung can't help but cry on that.

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255. "Baby.."

Jeongguk pulled Taehyung to his lap before he hugged him tight. Tae cried harder while he hugs Jeongguk back. It took him a lot before he calmed down again.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Then Tae leaves. He heard Hyunwoo scream after that

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256. Everything was settled. Tae paid the fine while Gguk is now waiting until his contract expiration. He also announced his album tour after that, his last one but of course only people involved knows. He will start his tour on two weeks.

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257. "Where are we going?" Taehyung asked. Jeongguk is guiding him, telling him instructions so he won't stumble. "I've been wearing this blindfold on for a day now. I'm going to be blind."

"You're exaggerating too much. It has only been 30 minutes."

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258. Taehyung giggled. When they came to a stop, Taehyung felt Gguk's hands on his shoulders before they go up to his blindfold, taking it off.

"Open your eyes now baby."

Taehyung opened his eyes not needing to adjust to the light since it's night already

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259. "This.. This is where we first met." Jeongguk said as Taehyung wanders his eyes around the place, Naksan Park. This is where Jeongguk would practice singing every night when he was young and where Taehyung ran after a huge argument with his father.

#taekookau | #taekook
260. Taehyung bit his lip to stop himself from crying. He can still remember that time he was very upset with his father but the soothing voice of Gguk calmed him. And after that day, he would go back here everyday to listen. And Gguk, he was always shy.

#taekookau | #taekook
261. But Taehyung will always say he's a good singer and that he loves his voice. And they would always spend the night here, singing together. When they turned 18, Tae enlisted to the military. Jeongguk was back to singing alone, still singing for Tae tho.

#taekookau | #taekook
262. That's also when he was scouted by BHE and started his training at 18. He never thought he'll be a singer. He just wants to earn enough money so he can propose to Tae and marry him. Being a singer is the fastest way to do so, right? So he trained.

#taekookau | #taekook
263. At 20, he was still a trainee. He's losing hope from debuting. His company isn't even that big to debut him. But Taehyung, he came back from the military and they were reunited. He supported Gguk thinking he really wants to be a singer.

#taekookau | #taekook
264. They're both 21 when Jeongguk confessed to Tae, and it was on Tae's birthday. It's the same place as today. They were celebrating Tae's birthday when Gguk said how much he likes Tae. Tae smiled the happiest that night before telling he likes him back.

#taekookau | #taekook
265. At 22, Jeongguk hasn't debuted yet. He's really losing hope but Tae.. Tae would always joke around and say.. "If they don't debut you right now, I'll debut you on my own." That's supposed to be a joke but two months later, Tae built his own agency.

#taekookau | #taekook
266. He even managed to sign Park Jimin under him, a child star and has been actively promoting until they were 18 when apparently, Jimin enlisted. He met Tae inside, became good friends, best friends even. Jimin helped KTHE get the fame they needed.

#taekookau | #taekook
267. Tae managed to get Min Yoongi who helped him a lot in the company, doing every work since they were shorthanded. And so with Yoongi's help did Taehyung got Hoseok, assigned to producing and choreographing. He's basically what Tae needed.

#taekookau | #taekook
268. At the year where Gguk will turn 23, he was given a 5-year contract to become an idol. He accepted it and in 4 months and 2 weeks, after all the preparation needed, Gguk made his debut. He thought, he can finally save money to marry Tae.

#taekookau | #taekook
269. When Jeongguk turned 24, he was very insecure of himself. Especially when Tae's father found out about them and been openly objective about their relationship. In addition to that, he still doesn't have enough to marry Tae. He feels like a loser.

#taekookau | #taekook
270. Tae turned 23 when he said the words that flipped Gguk upside down. "I don't need someone rich to marry. I'm already rich. I need a guy to love me because my money can't buy that. And you Mr. Jeon is the perfect person for that. So, will you marry me?"

#taekookau | #taekook
271. Of course, Jeongguk said yes. He loves Taehyung so much. Although he's bitter at how his gorgeous boyfriend proposed to him first. It should've been him who did that. If only he got enough money and is already stable to sustain their needs.

#taekookau | #taekook
272. BigHit Ent., Jeongguk's management, learned about the proposal and they weren't about happy about that. But since they aren't heartless people, they proposed a deal to Jeongguk's fiance, Tae. Namjoon helped Tae to decide, decided to agree on it.

#taekookau | #taekook
273. It was on April 5, 2016, the year where the both of them will turn 24, that they got married. It was a simple wedding, having only their family and closest friends invited. And it's like a lucky charm, June 2016 when Jeongguk released Begin.

#taekookau | #taekook
274. It's the breakout for Jeongguk, gaining a huge amount of fans, charting high enough so people will recognize his name. He's not on top of the world yet but he's close to it. And Taehyung's company too, thanks to Jimin who continues on gaining fame.

#taekookau | #taekook
275. "Why did you brought me here?" Tae asked when he finally turned to Gguk.

"Because I want to spend the first hours of my birthday in our special place."

"We're two hours late tho."

"It's fine, as long as I'm with you."

#taekookau | #taekook
276. Tae encircled his arms around Gguk. "Happy birthday Ggukie."

He leans in for a kiss while Gguk meet him way. "I love you Tae."

"I love you too."

They kissed for a little longer before Gguk broke it off and took his huge bag down.

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277. "I brought us some food."

"That's the food you bought at 7-11 before on our way here."

"I'm sorry. I didn't have the time to cook. You know I have practice earlier."

"That's fine. As long as we're eating this together." They both smiled at that.

#taekookau | #taekook
278. And so they spent the evening just like that. Two hours later, they left the park. It's 3AM and people will start to wake up, the park will also have more people around it which means higher possibility that someone will recognize Gguk.

#taekookau | #taekook
279. They reached their home an hour later. After changing into their pajamas, they cuddled together on their bed.

"It's your birthday but it feels like I'm the one who received a gift."

"You still have 19 hours to give me one though."

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280. Where is Yoongi pt.2

#taekookau | #taekook
281. As planned, Jeongguk went on tour two weeks after his birthday. He went from places to places, having only three days to rest. He isn't even getting that rest because he's practicing. It's exhausting but thinking this is his last, he wanted to do more.

#taekookau | #taekook
282. The days went by so fast, and the year is close to its end. It's December 29, Jeongguk was invited to perform at KBS Song Festival. As much as he wants to go home early, he can't. He is the last person to perform. Good thing is, Jimin is there.

#taekookau | #taekook
283. And if Jimin is there, Taehyung will be there too.

"I'm sorry about the late start. We just had some technical difficulties."

That's when Jeongguk realized that he'll be performing when Tae's birthday comes. He kind of hated being the last to perform

#taekookau | #taekook
284. Jeongguk knocks at Jimin's dressing room. He wanted to see Hoseok to ask him some help. Unexpectedly, neither Hoseok nor Jimin opened the door.


"Hey.." he looked at the people inside the room. There's a make up artist and other staffs.

#taekookau | #taekook
285. "Mr. Kim." Jeongguk smiles a little.

"What are you doing here Jeon Jeongguk?"

"Uhm.. I'm here to say hi to Jimin.. And maybe ask for Hoseok hyung.."

"Why are you asking for Hoseok?"

"I will be performing a routine he choregraphed for me."

#taekookau | #taekook
286. "I think I forgot a little so I'm just going to check it out from him."

Taehyung frowns. He knows the setlist. Hoseok did once choreographed for Jeongguk but that song wasn't on the setlist now. Oh well, maybe he'll ask Gguk later about that.

#taekookau | #taekook
287. "Come in then."

Jeongguk bowed before he goes in.

"Jimin, you're friend is here. Hoseok, he's also looking for you." Tae then went to the couch and grabbed his phone. He's obviously pouting.

"Hey Jimin."

"Hey Gguk."

"You're next right? Goodluck."

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288. "Gguk, you're looking for me?" Hoseok went to him.

"Yeah. I need some help. Can you go with me in my dressing room?"

"It depends on my CEO." They both looked at Tae.

"Just go. BHE might blame me if their idol fail on stage."

"Thank you." Gguk said.

#taekookau | #taekook
289. "So what routine did you forgot?" Hoseok asked when they entered the room. Gguk checked that no one was following them before he locks the door. He knows those two.

"It's not a routine. I need help for something else."

"What is that?"

#taekookau | #taekook
290. "I made this song and I need to post in when 12 strikes but since the event started late, I think I'll be performing during 12."

Gguk gave his laptop to Hoseok. Soundcloud opened, Hoseok looked at it.

"You just need to click Post and it's done."

#taekookau | #taekook
291. "Is this a birthday song for Tae?"

"It is. It's my birthday gift for him."

Hoseok read the title. "Only Then huh. What is this about?"

"You'll know after listening to it. I'll give you the key here, along with the password of my laptop."

#taekookau | #taekook
292. "Okay. I'll do that. Good luck Gguk."

"Thanks hyung."

After that, Gguk called his staffs to prepare him while Hoseok went back to Jimin's room.

"You don't look like you taught him a choreo." Tae suddenly said.

"It's too easy that I didn't sweat."

#taekookau | #taekook
293. Gguk was right. He was currently changing outfits for his second song when the 12 struck. He's just hoping that Hoseok has already posted it.

"Let me do something before I sing again." He told one staff of KBS. "Please."

"I'll tell them."


#taekookau | #taekook
294. "Make some noise!" Jeongguk started as he walks toward the stage.

"Hi. I'm Jeon Jeongguk." He looked among the crowd. It's beautiful.

"Woah. Look at this crowd." He then hears cheers everywhere. "I want to do something with you. Can you help me out?"

#taekookau | #taekook
295. "That's great. Okay, so I want to sing a happy birthday song for everyone who's here. 2019 is ending and I wasn't able to sing a happy birthday to you that's why I want to do it now. Will you join me then?" People cheered that made Jeongguk smile.

#taekookau | #taekook
296. "Let's sing together. One, two, three. Happy birthday to you~ Happy..." And Gguk sang that birthday song ending it with an "I love you" to which people cheered louder.

"This next and last song I'll be singing is called Euphoria. Come sing with me."

#taekookau | #taekook
297. When Gguk finishes his stage, he just gave back his microphone before walking towards his dressing room. He stops midway when he saw Hoseok and Jimin waiting for him outside.


"Hey, what's up? Why are you here?" It's making him nervous.

#taekookau | #taekook
298. "You might want to enter your room alone.." Jimin said as he looks at the staffs behind Gguk.


"Just.. Lock the door after entering." Hoseok said.

He then turns to the staffs and said he'll enter first.

"Our things are there."

#taekookau | #taekook
299. "I'm going to pack them for you."

"You don't have to. They're already packed. We just need to get them."

"I'll get them for you."

When they all nodded, Jeongguk slowly entered the room before he closes it then lock. He turned the lights on.

#taekookau | #taekook
300. That's when he felt a weight on him. Taehyung was hugging him and he can feel his dress soaking.

"Baby, why are you crying?"

"Because of you."

"What did I do?"

"You're really asking me that?" Taehyung parted away from Gguk. "What you did on stage."

#taekookau | #taekook
301. "I know you said it's for everyone and that includes me. You sang a happy birthday song to me when my birthday dropped. And you even said I love you and it feels like it's directed-"

"It really is directed to you."

"See? And that song.. Only Then."

#taekookau | #taekook
302. "It's so beautiful Ggukie." Taehyung cried again. Gguk pulled him to another hug as Taehyung cries.

"Happiest birthday baby. I'm glad you liked your gift."

Tae nods as he hugs Jeongguk tighter. He then showered Tae with kisses to calm him down.

#taekookau | #taekook
303. Where is Yoongi Pt3

#taekookau | #taekook
304. Jeongguk last month on BHE came. It's on January 7, 20 days before his contract expires, that he held his final meet up and this that is also where plans announcing his leave.

"Are you all ready to go home?"

"Not yet." His fans answered.

"Me too."

#taekookau | #taekook
305. "But we all need to go home, right?"


"Before that, I want to say thank you to everyone who supported. Even if your new or old, I'm really thankful for supporting me."

"Jeongguk-ah, we'll always support you!" A fan shouted.

"Thank you."

#taekookau | #taekook
306. "I'm pretty sure you know this but for anyone who doesn't know, I signed a 5-year contract with BHE on January 27, 2015. The year now is 2020."

"Why are you telling me that?" A fan from his left shouted.

"It's because.. I won't renew it with them."

#taekookau | #taekook
307. The room is now full of whats and nos. People started crying as Jeongguk speaks.

"What am I doing after this? I'll enlist. After two years, I don't know."

"Why?" Fans everywhere shout.

"I'll tell you on my concert. It will be aired so check it out."

#taekookau | #taekook
308. A week before April 26, Jeongguk's final concert
[I'll be posting their dm rather than to put it in jeonjeonhoe's thread, it's for you to read them too. References of the photos will be included.]

#taekookau | #taekook
310. miyahyah's dm

#taekookau | #taekook
312. Gguk's fansign pic

#taekookau | #taekook
314. PART IV

#taekookau | #taekook
315. After the thread:

#taekookau | #taekook
316. "Oh fuck."

"Yoongi hyung?" Jimin said as he walks towards Yoongi who's too focused on his computer.

"Fuck. It spread like wildfire."

"What is?" Jimin looked at the monitor. He read the first tweet of the thread. "What's that?"

"An expose thread."

#taekookau | #taekook
317. "Is it what I think it is?" Jimin asked.

"Shit. Taehyung will fucking kill me."

"Hyung, this is not your fault. I'm sure Tae will understand. We just have to explain-"

"Understand what?"

They both looked at the door. Tae was standing there.

#taekookau | #taekook
318. "Tae.."

"Understand what, Jimin?"

"Just give us some time to fix this please. Give Yoongi some time.."

"Fucking answer me! What is it?"

"Tae, we'll fix this, I promise-"

"I DON'T CARE! JUST TELL ME WHAT IT IS!" Taehyung shouted.

#taekookau | #taekook
319. "They already know." Yoongi quietly said.


"It's out Tae. People know you're married to Gguk."

To say he's surprised is an understatement. There's no word that can explain how Taehyung feels. He's scared but happy at the same time.

#taekookau | #taekook
320. "How?"

"This is my fault. There are tweets last year about you. They didn't blow up so I wasn't able to find them. But someone sent those tweets to this huge account. Even if I suspend it now, many people have seen it already."

#taekookau | #taekook
321. "And you're telling me you'll fix it?"

"I can only try Tae." Yoongi said.

Taehyung huffed. He walked to Yoongi's desk, setting the paper bags he's holding, getting a chair for him.

"If I were you, I won't try anymore." He took out what's in the bag.

#taekookau | #taekook
322. "Tae, don't tell me you're going to fire-" Jimin nervously asked when Yoongi suddenly stood up, dragging his chair to the desk where Taehyung was seating.


"Well, if I'm getting fired then I'd get to at least eat all these foods he brought."

#taekookau | #taekook
323. "This is not the time for eating. You're getting-"

"Yoongi, give Jimin a chair so he can join us."

"He can sit on my lap."

"Why. Why are the two of you so calmed?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"For fuck's sake Tae. Everyone knows your secret now!"

#taekookau | #taekook
324. "Let them be. Gguk's contract will end on the 27th so I have no problem with that anymore. BHE takes a month to process issues like that. By the time they finish, Gguk is already out."

"And Yoongi hyung?"

"Tae will throw this away if he's mad."

#taekookau | #taekook
325. "Since he didn't do that, I'm sure he's not mad."

"Hyung, if there's anything I'm feeling right now. It's happiness and nervousness because I don't know how will I go out after this."

"This is the first time you called Yoongi, hyung."

#taekookau | #taekook
326. "What? I always call him hyung."


"We're outside work Jiminie. I call him hyung. I'm also not the type to bring lunch to employees. This is a friendly lunch. And Yoongi hyung is a friend."

"I thought I already know you." Tae winks at him.

#taekookau | #taekook
327. It's the day of Jeongguk's last concert. For the past week, he never entertained any interview requesting for him. He plans to let everything out today and he'll still do that even if everybody already knows.

#taekookau | #taekook
328. After what happened, he's expecting people to back out from his concert. It happened so tickets went on sale again. But what's cool is that it sold out again. And when he's expecting a half full stadium, he was welcomed with a crowded, full seated one.

#taekookau | #taekook
329. The screams and cheers are loud. His heart beats faster than it should be. He's excited. He's happy. He's proud. One by one, he looks at every eye, trying to remember them all.

"This is my last concert." Jeongguk started his ending ment.

#taekookau | #taekook
330. He sang two songs after his ment and then ended the stage. When he was changing for the encore, he saw Taehyung running towards him, hugging him.

"Hey baby. Why did you leave your seat?"

"I want to see you."

"Great. Then stay with me at the encore."

#taekookau | #taekook
331. The Goldens waiting for Gguk suddenly sing his latest song which was Only Then. Gguk just watch them behind the curtains. Just when they finished the chorus, the whole stadium dim out, and a video which Gguk edited by himself played.

#taekookau | #taekook
Credits: taekookilicious

#taekookau | #taekook
333. When the video ended, the instrumental of the song started and Jeongguk went up on stage, holding Tae's hand. People started to scream louder when they saw Tae. Tae looked around him, afraid of how the people will look at me. But everyone was in awe.

#taekookau | #taekook
334. People started singing the song while Jeongguk was only looking to Tae. He started feeling like crying again.

"If you start to like someone else
If I get used to not being with you
When that time comes, when it’s that time
Only then we can break up"

#taekookau | #taekook
335. "Whether you want it or not, I’m going to hold onto you
When I get too tired that I can’t even walk
When that time comes, when it’s that time
Only then we can break up
Only then we can break up"

Jeongguk's voice was shaking as he ended the song.

#taekookau | #taekook
336. "Kim Taehyung.. I want you to meet my Goldens. My fans who loved me for my music. Supported me all the through out my career." Jeongguk lead Tae to the center of the stage and made him look around the crowd. Almost everyone is crying like him.

#taekookau | #taekook
337. "Goldens.. Please meet Kim Taehyung. He's the one who loved me for who I am. He supported even before I became a trainee, never stopped until I'm here. He is my life. I know I've kept this for so long but we're married for almost 4 years now."

#taekookau | #taekook
338. Jeongguk held Tae's hand up, the one with their wedding ring, while he held his own hand beside Tae. The camera focused on it, making the people see it clearer on the screen. That's when they heard loud claps from the crowd. Taehyung sighed.

#taekookau | #taekook
339. "I know everyone of you knows Tae. He's that one CEO who has a crush on me." Taehyung elbowed him while Jeongguk chuckled. "I mean, they're not technically wrong. But if I can choose a proper term for that, it should be CEO in LOVE with Jeongguk."

#taekookau | #taekook
340. After Jeongguk's concert, he went to an interview and there, told their whole love story. After that, he enlisted for the military while Tae continued managing his own agency. For two years, he busied himself just to not miss Gguk.

#taekookau | #taekook

#taekookau | #taekook

#taekookau | #taekook

#taekookau | #taekook
------- END -------
And there it is. Thank you so much for reading this AU. I'm really happy to know that someone reads my work. So thank you for giving your time for me. I'd like to write more in the future if time would let me. I hope you'll still support me on that. Thank you. 💜💜💜
Hello. I'm doing this AU next. Given that you reached the end, I'm here to ask for your support again. Thank you so much. 💜

#taekookau | #taekook
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