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A lot of people (men and women both) think I'm some womanizer playboy. Others view me as some sort of trad-con. New comers accuse me of being a pickup artist, or men's rights activist, or both.

And lets not forget the purple pill folk who view me as a traitor.
Others still view my actions as contradictory, and beliefs, and especially the combination of actions and stated beliefs.

None of these labels or accusations are accurate, and the contradictions are usually a projection of your own unresolved thinking about my behavior.
At 30, I have banged more than 1,000% of what the average American male will over a lifetime. Large as that sounds, this isn't anything sky high like what @GoldmundUnleash and others have done. It's simply what I've done, on purpose, based on my values, needs, and goals.
The women have been hot. I lost my virginity to a legit 8 and since then, absent a remarkable trait, it's difficult to shoot much below that line. I'll take a 7 any day. Beyond that my interest falls off a sharp cliff at light speed.
I let a fat girl blow me a few years ago, it was horrifying. The poor health marker grosses me out on a deep level. My DNA does not want to combine with your's, sorry not sorry. I have friends who like big girls, good for them and for you, I cheer them on. Not for me.
I keep high standards for my own health and expect the same. Genetically I'm prone to being fat, and my entire family of origin is obese, has been, or is prone to it. I've never been fat in my entire adult life and see zero excuse for it. I self-care and make good choices.
Back to the wahmen, I bang women because my libido is strong and I'm super horny all the time. Satisfying this desire with eager women is rational. Apologizing for it or denying it is absurd, ridiculous, and stupid IMO.
I've avoided relationships for over 3 years now for several reasons. 1) my SMV is skyrocketing as I age, mature, gain wisdom, experience, wealth, and reputation. I'm still years from peak. 2) American culture has become fiercely anti-relationship and there are few women...
worthy of a relationship or family formation. Your "good christian girl" is busy sucking my face at the redneck bar or looking to cheat/party through her 20s. Same is true for most every other faith in America.
3) I agree with @RationalMale that it's ill advised for young men sub-30 to seriously consider a monogamous relationship. In today's context there are many downsides and few upsides. It's a net negative, and worse now than it was even 2 years ago.
The best thing a young American man can do today is travel to a large pocket of feminine women. Eastern Europe, Japan, etc. This WOKE me the fuck up for what women can be at scale rather than just an odd duck in a sick feminist culture that teaches women to hate men & masculinity
With that said I'm VERY interested in building a family at some point in my 30s or 40s. 4-6 kids, maybe more if possible.

I view patriarchy as completely rational. I am 0% religious and believe this is a common sense understanding of human nature and male/female relationships.
I only support "traditional values" to the extent I believe they are rational. Some were, some weren't. Some of this lines up with religious faiths. If it does great, if it doesn't I don't care. I do not believe what you believe and your moral criticism means nothing to me...
because we hold different moral philosophies with different standards of value.

I'm an Objectivist. This is a formal philosophy that puts me at odds with almost everyone in morality, epistemology, and metaphysics. This should not be confused with worshiping rationality.
Rationality is a method of thinking. As per the name, in Objectivism, objective reality is king, and reason is the method of worshiping.
As for game and PUA, I strongly support men understanding women and applying it in the real world. How you do that is up to you. This is why The Red Pill manosphere being secular is important - truth is the goal above all, not dictating how it's used.
As for men's rights, I don't consider myself an MRA, but I do support individual rights and justice, to the extreme. There is a cultural war against all men and fathers in the west today. Female supremacism has gone mainstream. This is where the injustices are and the fight is.
If women in America were having their heads chopped off in the street - as they do in other parts of the world - I'd be just as pissed off.

The reality is American/western women are the most over-privleaged over-protected class of organism in the history of this planet @rnikoley
In summary, like many American men, I'm doing my best to rationally navigate a highly irrational environment, clown world.

To me that means getting laid, keeping my options open, building a new patriarchy, building a masculine future, and next year, Making Women Great Again.
If you don't like this, or find it confusing, I don't care. I'm a builder and a general in the #genderwar

My job is to win not to play professor untangling every bad idea you've ever had. That's your job.
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