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#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #DeepStateAttacksAmerica

The map has push pins for where the Deep State has been responsible for attacks on Americans.
1) Oklahoma City Bombing
2) New York on 9/11
3) New Orleans for Katrina
4) Gulf of Mexico for Deepwater Horizon
Its Deep State plans & shows 9/11 in detail and what caused the attack. You just need to know what to look for. This is the freedom of mankind (represented by the apple) and any wealth (the gold circle) about to be taken away. This is not a group of sad of children.
It is what depleted uranium looks like under a microscope. Its also been hiding in plain sight in front to the world trade center and again when it was repaired. the fist is crushing the atom. There were also depleted uranium tanks under the towers
This represents the petawatt laser splitting the atom and creating nuclear fusion. you see that flash at the toe of the boot to signify the firing of the laser. Also notice the gold coin under the boot.
They even put another clue in this video. The steam explosions coming out the side of the towers as they fell
they correctly have osama bin laden with a CIA badge. i went thru the video and have around 70-80
screen shots explaining what each one means.
Dont think this needs any explanation
California, the one on the chalk board is for you. It has a shark blowing towards a house on fire. #californiafiresrevealed. That is not a shark though, that is a satellite using its direct energy weapon.
The second pic has the owl and the "man becomes god" meme,

The dick pissing from above is the second part of their plan for CA and what i quickly mentioned last night. I will have this in detail later today under the #'s.
The Christ looking figure is actually representing the antichrist. Its a modern version of Signorelli's Sermons and Deeds of the Antichrist
This represents 5G and how they will constantly be inside your head tormenting you.
This one also represents 5G and how they will constantly be inside your head tormenting you.
Here is how the mechanisms that brought down the towers on 9/11 relates to I, Pet Goat. They showed us how it was done.
The gold coin under the boot represents the gold hohlraum used with the petawatt laser being fired at the D-T targets
The center of the bloom represents the release of energy. Its an exact copy of the picture published in the experiments
The figures behind the girl are what spent nuclear fuel and depleted uranium look like at an atomic level.
here is the clip showing the laser being fired and the nuclear reaction that caused the towers to collapse.
Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you the GNU Project. This should scare the living shit out of all of you!!


This is really what they are planning to do with us!

This is what they want to turn you into. Individualism is completely taken away. Everyone is connected for the benefit of the "collective" Except that the elites will not be plugged into the system like you and I would be.
Just the Borg from Star Trek. They will be above the system. We become like drone worker bees and they are the queens of the hive
This is how they want to control reproduction.
They know that many people will resist this new age they are trying to bring in. Notice the tattoo on her check. (Anti-5G and the nuclear developed energy they cast out to implement it) This is them medicating you into submission.
And Californians wake up!!!! This is coming for you. Please open the link below. It shows how they are going to bring an ARK Storm to melt the snow packs and flood the valley


Several more items have been added so hit refresh at the end of the feed for more info
This is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's contribution. This is already written in the United Nations 2030 Global Plan. Any woman in a refugee camp or on government food and shelter assistance will be forced to sterilize before any of that is given to her
they really love being clever don't they. always hiding in plain sight. but i'm sure this is just my tin foil coincidence hat just like the atom being crushed as shown in the koenig sphere
the towers were designed and built to do exactly what they did on 9/11.

ill show you the timeline and people involved that ties it all back to the beginning
The opening frame shows barbed wire tied around a doorknob. "Hung on doorknobs...means choked for speaking out against the cabal"
I slowed down the scene of the Towers exploding and added text so you can see what is happening as they fall.
this isn't just an animation, it's a recreation of the events on 9/11. everything described in that video happened on the real towers.

Blast wind of negative pressure
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