I tried learning #Telugu script and found it tricky. The methods I used to learn #Tamil did not quite work here because there are several alphabets with very similar "designs".
న is Na
స is Sa
ప is Pa
ష is Sha
వ is Va

Bad news for bad memory guys likes me.
So what I did was to reorganize all alphabets as per similarity of design and then use the #Tamil learning technique in even more crazy way. Now I have an emotional story for each alphabet - mostly illogical. Hence it somehow it worked. Am still building muscle memory...2
Would love to share how I went through learning #Telugu script. I hope at least some will find it useful - those with bad memory like me...3
My goal at this stage is NOT to WRITE #Telugu by hand but be able to READ or TYPE it out. If you can practice writing, nothing like that. But many working adults like me may have only mobile screen or laptop to silently learn without announcing to peers and be discouraged...4
The first alphabet to learn in #Telugu script is ల or La (ल)
Imagine a Lotaa (लोटा) with an Eye that Looks from Left
Now lets learn త or ta (त) of Tridev (not T ट of Tata)

త is just a complete (Total) LoTaa with eye on left + right. A Tick on top to Tell completion.

Since Ta completes Lotaa, త is Ta.

Dont worry on telling t of Tridev from t of Towel. Will manage when we learn t of Towel.
Now we deal with అ A or अ

Look carefully, it is like a small baby with head on left and feet folded inside like in a womb. Since baby is first phase of life, this must be first letter of any alphabet series అ
Now the baby has grown up. Womb is small and hence has to stretch his legs in weird ways. It now looks like ఆ (Similar to అ but legs different). This is the next alphabet Aa आ
Let us learn Ta ट of Tata टाटा now.
It is ట in #Telugu.
You clearly see a drop of water on left dripping from a Tap. And letter looks like W of WaTer.
Since you already have W, what remains for WaTer is Ta.

Hence ట is Ta.

Moment you see a drop (of water) and w, remember Ta.
Another w looking alphabet is ఱ (Ra). This symbol adds a Rod to Right of ట.
We have Wa already, and ట was Ta. Hence what remains to make it Water is Ra at end. Also no Tap needed after Rod.

Hence ఱ is Ra in #Telugu.
(Actually there are 2 Ra. But it doesnt matter for now)
Now that we know some alphabets, we must learn two important symbols in #Telugu.
A circle after an alphabet is Am. Consider the Bindi in Devanagari on side.
అం is Am like अं

And two small circles is Visarga (aH) just like Devanagari.
లః is Lah like लः
In #Telugu, Na न is given by న .
Very easy to remember as the alphabet itself looks like a Nose नासिका which is essential to pronounce Na sound and also starts with N.
A similar letter is స.
Notice that the tick mark is now not on top of Nose. Hence it looks like an inverted S lying flat on ground. Thus it is Sa or स

Thus, when there is a well developed Nose like న it is Na.

If its a broken nose, it looks like an inverted S and is స
Since Sa స looks like inverted S or a Snake, we can also easily learn శ or Sha श.
It is just a more cursive loopy variant of స. Hence pronunciation is when you curve your tongue a bit. You get Sha or श or శ
One easy letter to learn that has no other similar shaped alphabet is గ. Don't you see a Gumbaz like in medieval architectures?
Hence, గ is Ga of Gumbaz (ग) in #Telugu
Ka क is క in #Telugu. It is almost the Devanagari क rotated 90 degree and vertical line removed.
If you equate క with English S, you will get shocK!
Once you know క, observe this letter:
క్ష - It is a Ka sitting over a weapon with pointed edges. You must be a warrior who can bear such pain and carry such weapon. A warrior is Kshatriya.

Hence క్ష is Ksha or क्ष of Kshatriya or क्षत्रिय!
ఖ is a stylish 2 (Two, Do, दो) with a dot below (in some fonts vertical line replaces dot).

Whatever be it, it's painful to sit on it. Pain is Dukh दुख.
Du (Do, 2) is already visible. What is missing and you must speak out is ख or Kha.

Hence ख Kha is ఖ ఇన్ in #Telugu.
As a rule, if there is a vertical line or dot below an alphabet, it adds the sound of Ha due to pain of alphabet sitting on pointed stuff. We will thus see how by adding dot/ line, we get Bha from Ba, Chha from Cha, Gha, Dha etc in #Telugu .
You remember that ల is La of Lotaa. Right?

When this Laadlaa Lotaa sits on another Lotaa, it produces a deeper La ळ given by ళ in #Telugu. Take your tongue further backward on palate. Almost where your pronounce Da or Data. Try pronouncing La now. This Double Lota is ళ
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