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conjunction: with a sun moon conjunction the innate way of being is aligned with the higher self. The person's purpose & past are exactly uniform. The sun-moon individual either came from a home with divorced parents, a single parent, or a home where the

parents were similar in parental approach & attitude. Another potential is that they spent part of their childhood at boarding school, in foster care, or entirely away from their parents.

Those with this placement often felt as though there wasn't anyone to hear their side of the story. Since they didn't have an alternative source to hear their pleas, the sun-moon person became very self reliant, relying entirely on their own sense of

authority. In adulthood, sun-moon individuals can struggle with accepting the advice and guidance of others. Since their emotions & logic are aligned, they tend to have little regard for differing opinions or views. One of the biggest issues that can

arise with sun-moon conjunction is the lack of understanding for other people's needs. While they might have a deep grasp of their own needs, sun-moon individuals can struggle with relating to and fulfilling needs that contrast theirs.

sun-moon conjunctions may have an internal alignment of their feminine & masculine principle, yet it is common they faced oppressive views on gender.

since the conscious & the subconscious are identical with the conjunction, it is the this persons aim to acknowledge their subconscious & bring it to the light. sun-moon individuals have the capability to blend the past & future, giving them unique power

opposition: unlike the sun-moon conjunction, the sun-moon opposition lacks decisiveness and focus. Since their conscious & logic (sun) opposes their subconscious & emotions (moon) they often have an internal battle of head vs. heart.

since they have internal opposing forces within themselves, they may struggle for a time identifying who they are and what they want in life. often times, these are relationship dependent people. due to an inner insecurity of the self, these individuals

often look outside themselves to seek better understanding of themselves. As a result, sun-moon oppositions can hold a great deal of self-awareness and awareness of others. Due to their understanding nature, they do make quite good partners.

part of their compromising nature often stems from the childhood home life, where parents were seen as polar opposites. Maybe one was quiet, and the other loud. One kind and one cruel. One domestic and one social.

There is also the possibility that this persons parents were separated or divorced, and this was actually quite upsetting for the child, since they longed to be a unified family. Whatever the cause, the sun-moon opposition has to decide between

two very differing role models; who is the better leader? And this is an issue that will follow them into adulthood. These individuals have a gift of seeing the many point of views and objectives of every side of a situation. As a result, when it comes

time to decide a career, a partner, a home, or any decision, this person can struggle to do so, afraid of making 'the wrong choice.' There are two distinct personalities in a sun-moon opposition. To be truly happy, these individuals must take the time

to fully integrate BOTH sides of themselves. There are great paradoxes that lie within the sun-moon opposition, and they have a truly gifted perception of the world, if they can learn how to honor & blend the differences.

square: sun square moon shares a lot of similarities with sun opposite moon. The difference however is that sun-moon square feels more tension and inner restlessness. The sun-moon square often feels that there is a conflict between their environment

and who is in that environment. like the opposition, the sun-moon square individual will feel a battle between what they want (sun) and what they need (moon). It seems like every time there is something that will finally propel them towards their future

something arises from the past to block it. Whether that be their own habitual ways, family ties, or other commitments. It seems that every time this person expresses their desires and attempts to take action, something arises to block the blessing.

The reason this person may face so many 'setbacks' is because they are learning to release the hold of the past. For these individuals the past is a chain and ball, holding them prisoner forever to their circumstance.

With the square, the parents of this person were likely in constant battle, rarely seen working together as a team. With an opposition there is sometimes a battle over the child, but with the square, it is common that one parent was the main

caretaker, with the other parent having a minimal role, if any. As a child they probably tried to stay quiet, out of the way, creating as little of a burden as possible. With parents in constant conflict, it is likely the child didn't receive the amount

of attention that was needed, and as children, it is common for these individuals to feel like their parent(s) were not proud of them. These people truly desire to make something of themselves, to be someone worthy, and create something of equal worth.

In order to rise to their full potential, sun-moon square chart holders must release limiting beliefs, habitual ways of being, and most importantly, the paralysis of their past.

trine & sextile: those with a trine or sextile between their moon and sun are typically self assured, confident, and relatively know who they are and what they want. Unlike the opposition or square, the trine and sextile do not have an inner battle

between their conscious and subconscious identities. As a result, these individuals typically do not struggle with self expression and emotional relation. Typically the parental relationship was good, or at the very least amicable and the parents or

guardians were able to work somewhat harmoniously. Those with the trine or sextile will often have a happy and accepting attitude about themselves. This innate confidence can lead them to success, opportunities, and a positive social standing

since they don't have to work as hard at overcoming limiting self beliefs (does depend on the entire chart, however). The only downfall with this placement is too much complacency. Their approach can make it difficult for them to do internal work

unlike the harsher aspects, where tension or discord will eventually force change. If these individuals use their natural ease, while still continuing to push and challenge themselves, they can accomplish much towards a happy life.
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