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@Shadowspectre01 I hope you can look at this thread to add to the research here. I truly believe there’s a connection, as their plan was very much part of a long conspiracy against our country. Q is correct. I found this a while back, hasn’t gained traction—yet. @intheMatrixxx
So I was looking at the Rothschilds and discovered the affair that Kate Rothschilds had with a rapper Electronica. That was the catalyst for her divorce.
So this is Electronica and Kate Rothschild. She was his manager.
Did you get that? Kate Rothschild was the rapper’s music manager. Electronica was at the time, and continued to be Nation of Islam, and later ended up working with Jay-Z. So that led me to Jay-Z. I noticed something that blew my mind. 👇🏼 As I lived in NYC at the time of 9/11
Did you get that? Days before 9/11, Jay-Z gets this incredible inspiration to produce an album. “The BluePrint” as we know... there was a blueprint to bringing down our towers, and trust me, it was expertly done. Only HOURS before the fall, Jay-z’s album was released. Renegade”
Someone might want to look closely to the music of The Blueprint. And keep in mind the magic spells that happen in these games these satanic people do to produce these events. Was that what happened here? Look at the coincidences—I will show you the songs—CONTEXT. Read lyrics!
Note Eminem’s song on album—“Renegade”-so I’m asking the sincere question: was Obama picking the name Renegade because he was mocking 9/11, or was he simply fulfilling his destiny. The lyrics👇🏼
So the lyrics of renegade describe the world in which the renegade comes from, spit in the face of the country, drug-user/abuser &deceptive loser, one who has been dismantled in order to dismantle society. And as heard on tonight’s program: renegade: Christian turned Muslim
So now let’s talk a little about Eminem working on Jay-Z’s song—the ONLY guest rapper—to THIS album. Keep in mind Electronica &Jay-Z hadn’t yet collaborated. Eminem &Rachel Chandler?We know they were connected. Here’s a very great blog on RC. blogarama.com/blogging-blogs…
Here they are together. She says she was 17 or 16. 2006?
Here’s Rachel Chandler with P. Diddy. As you know she was BFF with Paris Hilton.
So why am I going here? Back to Kate Rothschild. Nicky married Kate Rothschilds BROTHER. And Rachel, married a Guiness, which is the same family, married into Rothschild family for generations. And look at the mentions of Guinness again: Kate &James’s mother is a Guinness.
James married Nicky Hilton. So Nicky Hilton is Kate Rothschild’s sister in law. And it looks like Rachel Chandler, correct me if I’m wrong, is now also part of the Rothschild family through Kate and Jame’s MOTHER who is a Guinness. Cousin through marriage. Now back to Jay-Z.
Refresh. Jay-Z’s 6th album “The Blueprint” literally is released (4?)HOURS before the first tower falls on 9/11. I lost a family member in that, BTW. And the FIRST SONG of this album has severe satanic overtones to it—the whole album—Again—CONTEXT. Here’s the song title list:
It doesn’t take much imagination to read the titles of Jay-z’s “The Blueprint” & find suspicious parallels to the towers falling &the beginning of the fall of America &the real Renegade later coming to the White House.
Let’s look at how the album is presented before we look at some of the lyrics.
Notice it’s produced by Rock-a-fella Records.
Sorry—Roc-a-fella. (Rockefeller—again, Rothschild connection)
This is the FIRST song on the album. The Ruler’s Back. Satan?
And then, the SECOND song: Takeover. The lyrics here are troubling. Satan is back(first song) and taking over. Context. Yes, I know the song means specific things for the times, but if you read it as is, the song sounds like part of the cabal’s masterplan to destroy America👇🏼
Here, let me help. Think context: Satan.
I invite others to look at the other songs of Jay-Z’s album “The Blueprint” that was released hours before the first fall of the towers on 9/11.
Coincidence the shoes are business shoes? Coincidence Jay-Z’s smoking a cigar sitting on an old desk that would belong in a Rockefeller’s office, or Rothschilds? That the businessmen are waiting on his order? Art Imitates Life? Life Imitates Art? All one?
Here’s Renegade again: just so you can get an idea of the lyrics when sung.
Now, what does Electronica have to do with Jay-Z? It was back in 2014 they collaborate together “We Made It”
Lyrics of ‘We Made It”
So he says he’s the Farrakhan of rap, and “we” all came from slave ships. As Kate Rothschilds lover for a year, his Bio says the following:
Continued Electronica bio
And...he is a member of the Nation of Islam and the Five Percent Nation,along with Jay-Z.
The Five Percent operates under the belief that white people are weak,black women did not contain God, and their goal is to tell everyone the truth of their divinity.
Finally, note that they plan to work together again in the future.
As you know, Beyoncé is married to Jay-Z, another connection to Obama’s, Michael Obama LOVED Beyoncé. Beyoncé did work later on songs from The Blueprint, but I will end it here, and probably will continue tomorrow. ✌🏽
Here is what rappers are saying about the rap game & how it’s about selling your soul for fame.
The Illuminati in HipHop &Rap. Is it simply a way for a newcomer to gain notoriety? Sensationalism? OR is it true? As a musican/performer, I’ve heard the old legend of blues guitarist/legend Robert Johnson who sold his soul to Satan to play the blues. bestroadtripever.com/sell-your-soul…
Robert Johnson was a huge influence on modern day music: the idea ANYONE could become something greater than what they seemed to be has struck a cord with the rap community. From his Deal with the Devil to his death, all a mystery. Born 1911 Died 1938
Whether it’s true or not, it IS a legend that is regularly spoken about by musicians across the country, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Macon, etc small town big town, his style of Delta blues is haunting and otherworldly. Check out his story👇🏼
Highly possible the legend is self-perpetuated by the Illuminati to be used against the black community. “Here’s your chance to be famous, all you have to do is...Robert Johnson did. U can 2.” See 1966 when legend told?
6t6signman.typepad.com/signs_of_route… interesting article. Wonder if we can get someone whose good with numbers to look over any of this information and find Illuminati code? @andweknow
So the point of that was to explain how the black community—since music became prevalent in our modern culture to divide us, conspire against us, brainwash us, control us, abuse us and cheat us, well... we can go back to the original idea that Music frees our souls, but Satan...
who is purportedly the angel of communication used it to ensnare our souls. True blasphemy is human ego on the path for FAME. Rap was born out of the ghetto, the cry of the soul. Illuminati created the environment for their misery, exploited the genre rap. complex.com/music/2018/09/…
Beyoncé. She was born into the Knowles family in Houston, TX., performed all her life; groomed for a destiny beyond her all girlgroup “Destiny’s Child,” married Jay-Z, in 2018 she was worth $355 million; Her Ultimate Destiny? Fame/Fortune/Witchcraft/Obama-tweeting/Sasha Fierce
Interesting information on her ancestor from her mother’s side —Acadian leader Joseph Broussard which means “Beautiful Sun” en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Br…
Early Beyoncé, she performed “Imagine” by John Lennon. I always ignored the lyrics, but now it makes sense why it’s one of the most heralded songs of our times. It’s communism to the core, &exactly the ideology of NWO.
Beyoncé, 2017 Grammy performance. She adorns herself intentionally with designer Peter Dundas, her self-worshipping & representation of Oshun, African goddess.
Here is the information &video of what Sasha Fierce is: a demon that enters into Beyoncé during performances. The 2013 Super Bowl following Barrack Hussein Obama’s inauguration. The demon was worshipped at the Super Bowl. nowtheendbegins.com/beyonce-admits…
Video of Beyoncé introduced by beaming Chuck Schumer, kisses Michael & Pres. Obama, acknowledges Biden who creeps behind her, sings our National Anthem accompanied by the USMC band. As a performer, I hear subtle emphasis on certain lyrics—something’s OFF
We owe it to our white hats to have been able to keep the faith and stand through this incredible collision of God, Family, Country, Self and Satan. What they knew in their patriot hearts must have been tearing them up inside. I know it tore me up.
Here’s Biden thinking nasty thoughts checking out her as*
Listen to song, emphasis of words-CONTEXT-knowing what you know about 9/11, think “Renegade.” Ponder WHY Jay-Z would have pushed to meet the deadline of The Blueprint, hours before the first impact. Obama’s 2nd term was in the bag, their plan underway to implode USA from within.
Let’s go back to January 20, 2009 when Beyoncé sang at Obama’s first inauguration. Note stars.
At the end of Beyoncé’s rendition of America the Beautiful at Obama’s 2009 inauguration, the camera scans a slew of celebrities and chorus members on stage, says Beyoncé, “America, We are ONE.” You get a point if you can name them all.
Will. i. am gave his all for Obama to win election. He wrote and produced a song that showcased many talents including John Legend and others. See if you can name them all. Where are they today?
This is where Will. i. am stands on December 8, 2014.
The demise of the black family. This is a brief explanation of it. Wonder if Obama really cared about the black family, he did NOTHING but WIN for them. That gave everyone hope, but the proof is in the pudding, what did he do but win and get very rich?
SPLIT! If you notice this thread splits: I’m splitting off with this tweet to stay on topic, investigation of the idol Beyoncé & friendship with Michael Obama. The split divides into The Demise of the Black Community/what can POTUS45 do to help heal them. google.com/amp/time.com/4…
Michelle Obama joins James Corden for a carpool karaoke, singing a Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Missy Elliot song, halfway through after singing “Single Ladies” she talks about Secret Service name Renegade, &her name Renaissance, confirming Obama chose his.
How close they are
2018 Paris concert. Barry is in Kenya doing what he’s doing for Deep State, Michelle Obama is BFF with Beyoncé’s mother.
Michael is in France again—don’t know if @andweknow knows about Jay-Z “The Blueprint” 9/11 release hours before first impact, but wow SerialBrain2 covers the entire issue of 9/11 parallel w/the FF of Notre Dame, &link w/the Obama’s. LT plz see this thread!
The spoils for the Illuminati family. But what do they have to give up as sacrifice for all these riches?
Sacrifice for a satanic family comes in the worst way.
Who else may have sacrificed all to prove allegiance to Satan for the spoils of the Illuminati?
Beyoncé first child Blue Ivy, then the twins. people.com/parents/beyonc…
Links to Bronfman—NXIVM. Via M.I.A.
M.I.A. Link: Royal Family, Jay-Z, Madonna, Bronfman, NXIVM...Chandler, Rothschild.
Read on
Bronfman connection
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