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A Gallery of Demonic Possession

I have stated several times that demons are real and walk amongst us. They can possess the foolish and the unwitting. Learn to recognise the signs of demon possession in order to protect yourself from their insidious influence.
Demons are interested in you. They are many, they are legion, and they want to take back the Earth from God’s creation Man. Their most treasured prizes are the young and the innocent. These souls are tastier than the old and the rotten.
Just as Hell has many circles, so there are many different types of demon and levels of possession. These initial photos show full-blown, irreversible and total demonic control, but they are easy to spot. It’s far more important to be aware of early-stage possession.
The eyes are the window to the soul. Look for crazed eyes revealing soul deterioration in the young. Many first open themselves to evil influences by exposing themselves to dangerous forbidden books like “Das Kapital” or “Dreams From My Father”.
A person doesn’t always get fully possessed, but the wear and tear of immersing oneself in blasphemous texts ravages the face over time. Behold the wages of satanic feminism.
Demons, like angels, have no gender. One of the primary signs of malevolent entrapment is androgyny. Once the defences of the divine genders are destroyed, the sexless devil can enter through the now-impure orifices.
For some, control by diabolical puppet masters is temporary and intermittent. The body and face will undergo violent and unholy convulsions as the vestiges of the soul fight for control. Often they will babble arcane curses like “muhwhiteprivilege” and “heteronormative”.
We will now move on to more severe cases of demonic possession and provide you with warnings on how our elites are being controlled and wish to control you.
The majority of our leaders and celebrities are in fact either diabolically possessed or actual demons in disguise from the infernal capital of Pandemonium. Sometimes they can hide themselves under a glamorous facade, but the true nature will still leak out occasionally.
Again, look for the life-free eyes, the elongated faces, the deathly flesh and the mark of the androgyne. Even the very best pearls and designer clothing can not conceal their inner corruption.
Once you know who the demons are, look who they associate with. Identifying one demon can help you to identify others. Most prefer the company of other followers of the Lord of Lies and gather in well-known Hell Gates like Hollywood, New York and Washington DC.
A seperate class of demon prefers to travel the world looking for innocent souls to lure into their evil circle. Renowned demonologist @bronzeagemantis was the first to warn about the infamous Onibaba apparition that seeks to ravage purer lands.
The skill of abominations like the Onibaba apparition lies in walking amongst us. Always be vigilant for their careless signs! Here we can see the true nature of the apparition when its squamous leg emerges from beneath its robe.
Very high ranking demons (actual demons, not the mere possessed) are the most skilled in maintaining a normal appearance, but still cannot imitate the divine spark of God-given life in their eyes. The unholy hate all life: their eyes are cesspools of hatred and wickedness.
The high-ranking demons possess the ability to procreate with man and bring other demons in their image to this Earth. Such blasphemous spawn are easy to spot as their corruption manifests at an early age. This haggard ghoul baby is only 39 in human years.
The wages of sin imposed on those who mate with demons are severe and apparent.
Hell has completely colonised the music industry, the film industry, journalism, banking, government... anything where it can gain a hold over young and impressionable minds.
Even the traditional religions are not safe. This particular demon cannot even conceal its sulphurous brimstone-laden smoke.
Their control over our society has reached levels never before imaginable. If our God-fearing ancestors could see the blatant transparency of our Satanic elites they would weep for how far Man has fallen.
Don’t make the mistake that modern technology is the preserve of Man. It is not our defence or even creation. As their grip over all that was once holy increases, algorithms - modern day curses and witchery - are created to enchant and enchain us and rob us of life.
They try their upmost to convince you that they don’t exist. The daemonic and the eldritch want you to drown in anomie. The old protections of family, community, faith and loyalty have been slowly slowly dismantled in order to drive us apart and more vulnerable to possession.
“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.”
Sweet sounding lies like “love”, “truth” and “beauty” have been distorted so that they no longer reflect their original meaning. Only warped abominations remain in their place. Be wary of promises of greater sex, status and salary - this is how the demon enters your soul.
Hell ain’t half full. When there’s no more room in Hell, the fiends seek sanctuary on Earth. Their numbers now are great. Learn how to combat their baleful influence while you can, lest this be the world your children are plunged into.
Thank you for reading this thread. Stay safe, be vigilant, and don’t have nightmares.
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