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To be honest I am concerned about Maharashtra. I have no worries on Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Haryana, Delhi, Orissa, Karnataka, not even TN and UP but here something seems to be wrong, don't know what
More on Shiv Sena
Anyways we will see on 23 May
For them, ISL*MIC Ummah is the one and only truth
Religion before everything else.
Duffer Hindu named Communists should wake up, smell coffee and give up this degenerate ideology called Communism, which is a proxy of Isla*ism and come back to hindu roots
Aside, I think Kanhaiyya comes from a super rich family and not from poor family as projected by his media slaves.
Evident from the fact that he had enough money to purchase rental services of, for-hire Bollywood bhaands like Javed Hatkar, Sabana Ajmi, Sweara Baskhar etc.
'Chup Chap Kamal Chhap' is indeed the silent message that has crossed over to South Bengal.
BJP already assured of 5 seats in 1st 3 phases. Can they spring up a surprise on 23 May?
We will know the power of this silent whisper campaign in 25 days from now
Some journalists openly tweeting exit poll data and state by state predictions as a response to the fake survey planted and imagined by 1 Paid Congress spokesperson.
This is the BEST Election article I have read this season.
How OBC, Tribal, UC and Dalit Hindus have united to face TMC backed Islam*c Extremism.
Predicted by me earlier and my acquaintance Prof. Abhishek Chakraborty in below thread

The article link got supressed as I quoted my tweet.
Here is the article, by Swarajya Marg.
Do read and share this
Although I know most of it, it would be very revealing to many readers
I think a number of states today where BJP+allies is going to win every single seat going to poll in this phase. In others too, the strike rate would be pretty good, including West Bengal, despite TMC's booth capturing, open gundagardi and voters intimidation.
That's quite inaccurate.
I have seen Anti Modi voters to be equally vocal, maybe more than Pro Modi voters this time.
Perhaps they are embarrassed in admitting that they are Pro Congress/Raga/Kejriwal voters and hence the impression of silence.
That's an amateur, poorly researched and unprofessional article. His entire premise lies on turnout, which he himself admits is 1-1.5% higher than 2014 which was a wave Election with record high turnout.
If you want to trust him, be my guest.
Only question to answer.
Will BJP cross double digits today or will have to wait for the next phase.......in West Bengal?
BJP has already bagged 5 as per estimates and looks good to bag another 4 today.
Almost everyone I have interacted in Bombay, said he/she took 2-3 hours to vote. Why isn't the turnout reflecting that?
Something seems amiss.
Bombay should be crossing 48% turnout for sure.
Disgraced BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, who has 200+ Pakistani friends on his Facebook account, suspiciously ISI backed entities named Samajwadi's Varanasi Candidate. Evidently, he is a better candidate than Priyanka Gandhi.
Right question is, will Modi victory margin cross 5 lakh
BJP will win Begusarai
CPI will be 2nd
RJD will be 3rd and probably lose deposits.
Muslims have voted enmasse for the CPI candidate
I give post poll analysis here.
Please pose questions, seats by seats details you may want to know for any phase.
Muslim turnout in Bombay has been lower then usual.
On the contrary Hindus and productive classes came out in vengeance, braving scorching heat and 2-3 hours queue despite Summers.
Mumbai would be 6-0, not 5-1, not 4-2 but 6-0
I am calling
So total 9/18 so far.
Anyone from Birbhum who can confirm if the booth capturing by TMC Gundas was to what extent?
That would determine if at all BJP has some chance.
Smriti Irani ahead in Amethi as of now with thin margin of 30k votes.
Not sure why Rajnath Singh committing harakiri by summoning Rahul Gandhi for his Italian citizenship, 4 years later, with no possiblity of him losing Indian citizenship, which will only help him gain sympathy
I don't do seat by seat analysis usually, but for 5 high profile seats.

Varanasi - Modi ~5 lakh votes
Amethi - Smriti ahead unless last minute deal of BJP top leadership with Raga
Kannauj - BJP with slender margin
Begusarai - BJP with decent margin
Azamgarh - Dead heat, SP ahead
So now mainstream media wakes up to sudden wave of 'Nationalism' in Haryana, Rajasthan etc and giving 24/25 in Rajasthan and 9/10 in Haryana as I gave weeks back 😁.
Earlier these guys were giving fake narrative of close fight in these states
Outside UP, WB , Orissa
AP (-2)
ArP (+1)
Ass (+2)
Bih (-6)
Ch (-9)
Hr (+3)
Jh (-4)
Kar (+3)
Ker (+1)
Rj (-1)
TN (+2)
Rest all same
Net loss of 10 seats. How's it 80%?
210 becomes 200
+ UP (52) + WB (12) + Ods (15)
Total 275-285 as of now
Already tweeted about Maharashtra a few days back. It was only AFTER that Huffpost and then others started peddling the Rural Maharashtra narrative.
I will repeat Maharashtra for NDA is 32-37.
BJP 21- 24
Shiv Sena 8 - 16
सपा-बसपा को लगा झटका, वाराणसी से मोदी के खिलाफ तेज बहादुर की उम्मीदवारी रद्द
This is what happens when you field disgraced ISI rats for elections in India.
Varanasi opposition mayhem so far in 2019
BSP - Vijay Jaiswal flipped to BJP and avoids nomination
Congress - Priyanka Vadra chickens out sensing heavy defeat of 5 Lakh plus margins
AAP - Kejriwal Bowed out before the battle
SP - 1 candidate scared, another disqualified
The way Kejriwal has sacrificed 6 Delhi candidates in Delhi to the extent of them losing deposits just to support Naxalite Atishi Marlena is stunning. Just like Desh Drohi Naxal Kanahiiya, she is getting unprecedented support from Media, celebrities etc.
Absolutely stunning!
Someone should advise @GautamGambhir on how to deal with this sadakchhap naxal Gunda element @AtishiAAP.
Atishi has entire media might, loads of hawala funds behind her. Gambhir should be advised well to speak, campaign carefully to counter these Gundas.
Dear @GautamGambhir
Stop being humble & humane. Just a positive vision won't help. You are fighting dirty pigs. Inorder to defeat @AtishiAAP whose family celebrated death of Kargil martyrs & raised funds for terrorists like Afzal Guru, you need to get into mud and respond in kind
Case in point this article timed to Elections is a doing of @AtishiAAP's Gunda network. Start questioning her on stand of National security. Ask her if she supports the action of her Naxalite friends in Maharashtra who murdered 15 Security officials today.
Funny that @RahulGandhi, his minions and media Barbies abuse BJP for having no famous forefathers pre independence. Talk about current situation.
All Congress heros
Arun Shourie
Yashwant Sinha
Raj Thackrey
Shatrughn Sinha
Are ex BJP/NDA.
Talk about talent bankruptcy
So after Vladmir Putin, Xi Jinping also got access to exit poll data of Indian Elections.
Sarad Pawar, Akales Yadav already have them.
18 days to go!
Modi added 5 more rallies for West Bengal before 5th phase. He senses huge churn there. Reason why I am so bullish on WB is also because my friend from Jangipur (near Malda) says there is huge anger wave against Mamta and BJP could win 30+ if no rigging is done, 15-20 otherwise
Got info from a few Journalists of an leading Hindi daily.
As per them BJP figures:
UP 50+
Gujarat 23+
Rajasthan 20+
Bihar 16+
West Bengal 15+
Chhattisgarh 4+
Overall BJP alone 260+
It seems game over for Congress and its sick allies.
Task cut out for Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua in Azamgarh. However caste calculus and arithmetic stacked against Akales Yadav.
Azamgarh is not a safe seat for SP anymore but a toss up seat and I can't think why Nirahua cannot upset Aurangzeb.
Good narrative by both Modi & Sah.
TMC Gundas are threatening non TMC voters with rape and murder.
So they need to feel secure in voting out this terrorist organization and have the assurance that post Lok Sabha this evil party will be kicked out of power.
Already downgraded BJP from 25 to 22 in Madhya Pradesh 4-5 days back.
Don't think it should go below this.
There's is still huge anti incumbency against Kamalnath and he won't win more than 7. Some Foolish voters still hopeful of karzamafi
Arshad Khan is fictional name of the voter and the real name is 'Shivam Vij'.
Vij fudged a news report to produce his own opinions as voters mood.
See the language, 'Dadri', 'intolerance', 'pretence of being moderate'. Would subaltern Muslim use it?
Will Narendra Modi's "development bubble" burst in the 2019 elections the way Vajpayee's "India shining bubble" burst in 2004?
Read my old answer, as to how Modi's decisive leftward shift and focus on Housing, Kisan Nidhi, Ujjwala etc avoids 2004 repeat.
And then read current post.
Why 2019 doesn't resemble 2004?
As per BBC, @AmitShah's ancestry is from Deoghar, Jharkhand
Do note that General Bikram Singh is 1st cousin of Mutie Manmohan Singh and yet he exposed @RahulGandhi's lies.
Not sure why that on rent Hooda guy supporting Congress lies on fictional surgical strikes which even Army men are questioning.
#ModiOnIndiaTV will have much bigger impact than his interview with Akshay Kumar.
India TV has major viewership in North India and tonight's interview is going to break all TRP records.
Modi named/praised only 1 BJP leader during the entire 90 minutes interview.
Signs of things to come, post 2022 once Modi retires?
Fascinating read
How Much ensured China bends is knees in Asood Majhar
I mean Masood Azhar, 2 years after giving them a meaty blow in Do Ka La.
Yet another reason why Congress-AAP scum should be kept in check and out of power
Modi to do a rally in Azamgarh.
Do note that this season he has not focused on seats which are a lost cause or seats which are sure shot win, only on swing seats.
Nirahua has converted Azamgarh to a swing seat via his fiery speeches and ground connect
What's the fuss about Chitu?
Nothing wrong in shredding Halo of a high profile Weapons Dalal masquerading as a PM, who btw also murdered 10000 people of a patriotic community after demonizing them, formed a terror outfit LTTEand also shackled Indian Army
You are as much mistaken of ground reality as much of Modi supporters.
As a Modi supporter, I totally endorse shredding of Halo of weapons Dalaal, Terrorist organization LTTE originator and mass murderer Rajiv Gandhi.
Not sure why you want truth be covered
In a major relief for Manoj Sinha, SP Yadav voters churn towards BJP due to presence of BSP's Musl*m extremist candidate Afzaal Ansari.
A few days back, I had said that Yadavas and Muslims do not 'usually' vote for the same candidate in Azamgarh belt.
BJP won't offer a single seat to Congress on platter, including Punjab where the fraud Captain will have a field day repeating Assembly performance.
Modi's comment on Weapons Dalaal was well timed for Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh.
CC - Twitter Moral Police.
Just what I told @abaranwal1802 earlier today. BJP risks Amethi which has less than 24 hours to spread Congress propaganda (remember that couldn't spread NYAY) and makes a mincemeat of Congress in 21 seats of Punjab, Chandigarh and Delhi for next 2 weeks
If you see my pre Elections tweets, I usually am a fierce @narendramodi
Critic. Just that I criticize on genuine issues and not fictional issues like Dadri, Padri, beef, mob lunch, intolerance etc.
And as an analyst I never indulge in bias
If Narendra Modi Says he is coming back to Power then Don't Take Him Lightly as, He Doesn't Say Without Substance. Perfect Example is Mah, Jh, Har, Assam, UP, Gujarat & 2014 LS Results. Many Outside Factors which works in Indian Elections which are beyond reach of any analyst.
So there's no deal.
Pappu losing.
End of a Draconian era.
And thus went down @RahulGandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi, the biggest and most oppressive dynast, this country saw, since the fall of tyrannical Mughals.
Check my Phase 5 estimates here
Difficult to comment on such funny forecasts
Can't say much but I think that it is not a good sign.
Ideally it should be going up and up.
Sir Meri team, aapke har tweet par camera se Nazar rakhti hai.
If anti BJP pollster Sanjay Kumar CSDS gives 14 seats to BJP in West Bengal, the actual BJP tally will be higher than that for sure.
My assessment so far for BJP in WB.
Phase 1: Rahul has come of age

Phase 2: Alliances in UP, Kar, TN, Bihar, Jh will stall Modi

Phase 3: NDA needs more allies

Phase 4: NDA majority

Phase 5: Mahagathbandhan has failed

Phase 6: Balakot hai hai

Phase 7: Bloody majoritarian country

May 23: As expected Modi wave
Vir Das Uncle has already jumped to Phase 7.
They are just hedging bets.
Nothing else.
Wait for 23 May, all of them will fall in line.
Dynastic Pappu will lose from the very place that gave birth to Dynastism.
Smriti Irani will get a week deserved win of 15k-55k votes.
Cambridge Analytica, Rahul Gandhi and his bitter Troll lying, dishonest journalists thought that Twitter would set course of 2019 Elections and focussed all comm. Strategy of lies and propaganda over here and ignored that info wars has advanced.
Both campus are nervous and why shouldn't they be?
BJP nervous as it is assured of 250 but wants 272+ as SS & JDU are unreliable. Hence it would give final push.
CONGRESS nervous if it crosses 54, else will be major embarrassment.
Doesn't mean anything else what you guys think.
Opposition plan on 23 May.

Digital Strategy - Bitter Trolls like Sagarika, Rajdeep, Sekhar, Siddiq, Tufail, Behrupa, VOR, Swara, Vir etc will run #NotMyPM campaign.
Ground - Gundas of Congress, AAP, SP, NCP, TMC, CPM, RJD, NC, DMK and maybe even TDP will unleash Carnage.
I think @narendramodi should NOT use airstrike, in Delhi speeches. Such things won't strike a chord with Delhites. Better to talk about low Income Taxes for middle classes and how GST reduced charges for eating in restaurants and many others. And yeah ignore B***h @ArvindKejriwal
Check last 5 tweets.
I had warned @GautamGambhir that sadakchhap Gunda @ArvindKejriwal and @AtishiAAP are capable to go to any dirty disgusting extent to win Elections. Evident from the fact that they have given up other seats and pumping all money/resources here
Extremely bad news for Mahathugbandhans.
SP-BSP had 42% vote share in 2014. A mere 85% transfer means their combined voteshare is 37% which is way too less than BJP's 45%.
If this data is true, it's a bigger sweep than 2014 for BJP in UP.
It's a simple calculation. BJP got 6% Dalit votes and 20% UC votes last time. Fall of 15% SC votes means 6% gets down to 5.1%. Rise of 15% UC votes means 20% goes up to 23%. Net gain of 2.1%. Plus 19% OBC votes. Total goes up to 47.1% ad per NDTV.
Jai Shri Ram vs. La Illaha Illalah in West Bengal.
Nice commentary on West Bengal by Sagarika Ghose on how BJP is rising a Saffron mini. Wave in a dark green state.
As I said, there is only 1 silent wave in 2019, a silent wave for Modi. Many those attending RJD, SP, BSP, CPM, DMK, JDS etc rallies attend the rally and would silently go on to vote for Modi. These few people expressed before camera, as they were asked.
Why would I take views of a 3rd rate Dalal, Sonia's Godi journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, 1 bit seriously?
He remains a bigot, hate monger and his coverage remains as 3rd class as his political commentary. Worst of the pidi journos to follow anything.
As said, Azamgarh is not a 1 sided seat for SP d projected by Media. It is going down to the wire.
By all means it is a toss up seat but more difficult for BJP to win, than Amethi or Rae Bareilly.
Here, Dalits (not Muslims or Yadavas) will decide winner.
BJP ahead in all 7 seats.
AAP losing deposit in 6 seats, except EAST Delhi where Mar Lena despite drama losing with big margin.
I do hope Sheila wins North East, and teaches arrogant Tiwari a lesson, also because she is necessary to weed out this disease called @ArvindKejriwal
Check my tweets
I never said Vasundhara should be defeated. She was right if the centre in Economic policies.
Also Sheila has been mistreated and abused by Congress.
She will join BJP if she wins.
DON'T forget she sabotaged AAP-Congress alliance.
Delhites have passed this round of IQ test with flying colors.
However the real test if grit, compassion and most importantly their IQ would be in Feb 2020.
Let's see if they are up for it.
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