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For the past decades most of us have no idea the plot to enslave every man, woman & child began with Lincoln's military coup (1861-1865 & Reconstruction Act of 1867) to hijacked our republican form of government to unlawfully ratified the 14th Amendment by military officers.
This created a new government, putting people of the several states under totalitarian rule.

President Andrew Jonson warned us about the new government we have to this day in his veto speech.
In President Johnson's veto message regarding the Reconstruction Act of July 19th, 1867, he pointed out various unconstitutionalities as follows:

The veto of the original bill of the 2nd of March was based on two distinct grounds - the interference of Congress in...
...matters strictly appertaining to the reserved powers of the States, and the establishment of military tribunals for the trial of citizens in time of peace...

A singular contradiction is apparent here. Congress declares these local State governments to be illegal...
...governments, and then provides that these illegal governments shall be carried on by federal officers, who are to perform the very duties on its own officers by this illegal State authority, it certainly would be a novel spectacle if Congress  should attempt to carry on...
...a legal State government by the agency of its own officers. It is yet more strange that Congress attempts to sustain and carry on an illegal State government by the same federal agency It is now too late to say that these ten political communities are not States of this...
...Union. Declarations to the contrary made in these three acts are contradicted again and again by repeated acts of legislation enacted by Congress from the year 1861 to the year 1867. NOTE: Congress collapsed on November 1860 when the southern nations seceded and Congress...
...no longer had the votes or authority to do anything. We are still under martial law since 1861. Martial law was never lifted, there was never any peace treaties with the Independent Southern Nations after the international war of 1861. This prevented to restore congress...
...from the southern nations & northern nations.

During that period, while these States were in actual rebellion, and after that rebellion was brought to a close, they have been again and again recognized as States of the Union.  Representation has been apportioned to them..
...as States. Footnote: Rebels. A term loosely but INCORRECTLY applied to the Confederate Forces engaged in the international war. (30 Am J Rev ed insurr  § 2)
They have been divided into judicial districts for the holding of district and circuit courts of the United States, as States of the Union only can be distracted. The last act on this subject passed July 23rd, 1866, by which every one of these ten States was arranged into...
..into districts and circuits.

They have been called upon by Congress to act through their legislatures upon at least two Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. As states they have ratified one Amendment, which required the vote of twenty-seven States of the..
...thirty-six then composing the Union. When the requisite twenty-seven votes were given in favor of that amendment, it was proclaimed to be a part of the Constitution of the United States, and slavery was declared no longer to exist within the United States or any place...
...subject to their jurisdiction. If these seven States were not legal States of the Union, it does not exist in these seven States, for they have abolished it also in their State constitutions; but Kentucky not having done so, it would still remain in that State. But,..
...in truth, if this assumption that these States have no legal State governments be true, then the abolition of slavery by these illegal governments binds no one, for Congress now denies to these States the power to abolish slavery by denying them the power to elect a...
...legal States legislature, or to frame a constitution for any purpose, even for such a purpose as the abolition of slavery.

As to the other constitutionals amendment having reference to suffrage, it happens that these States have not accepted it. The consequence is,...
...that it has never been proclaimed or understood, even by Congress, to be a part of the Constitution of the United States. The Senate of the United States has repeatedly given its sanction to the appointment of judges, district attorneys, and marshals for every one of...
..these States; yet, if they are not legal States, not one of these judges is authorized to hold a court. So, too, both houses of Congress have passed appropriation bills to pay all these judges, attorneys, and officers of the United States for exercising their functions in..
...these States. Again, in the machinery of the internal revenue laws, all these States are distracted, not as " Territories", but as "States". 

So much for continuous legislative recognition. The instances cited, however, fall far short of all that might be enumerated...
Executive recognition, as is well known, has been frequent and unwavering. The same may be said as to Judicial recognition through the Supreme Court of the United States. To me these considerations are conclusive of the unconstitutionality of this part of the bill before...
...me, and I earnestly comment their consideration to the deliberate judgement of Congress.

(And now to the Court.) Within a period of less than a year, the legislation of Congress has attempted to strip the executive department of the government of its essential powers.
The Constitution, and the oath provided in it, devolve upon the President the power and duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed. The Constitution, in order to carry out this power, gives him the choice of the agents, and makes them subject to his control and....
...supervision. But in the execution of these laws the constitutional obligation upon the President remains, but the powers to exercise that constitutional duty is effectually taken away. The military commander is, as to the power of appointment, made to take the place...
...of its President, and the General of the Army the place of the Senate; and any attempt on the part of the President to assert his own constitutional power may, under pretense of law, be met by official insubordination. It is to be feared that these military officers...
....looking to the authority given by these laws rather than to the letter of the Constitution, will recognize no authority but the commander of the district and the General of the Army.

If there were no other objection than this to this proposed....
...legislation, it would be sufficient. Footnote: 14 State., p. 814

No one can content that the Reconstruction Acts were ever upheld as being valid and constitutional. They were brought into question, but the courts either avoided decision or were prevented by Congress...
...from finally adjudicating upon their constitutionality.

In Mississippi v. President Andrew Johnson, (Footnote: Mississippi v. President Andrew Johnson (1867), 4 Wall. 475-502.) where the suit sought to enjoin the President of the United States from enforcing...
provisions of the Reconstruction Acts, the United States Supreme Court held that the President could not be adjoined because for the Judicial Department of the government to attempt to enforce the performance of the duties of the President might be justly characterized...
...in the language of Chief Justice Marshall, as "An absurd and excessive extravagance.". The Court further said that if it granted the injunction against the enforcement of the Reconstruction Acts, and if the President refused obedience, it was needless to observe that...
...the Court was without power to enforce it'd process.

In a joint action, the states of Georgia and Mississippi brought suit against the President and the Secretary of War. The Court said that:
The bill then sets forth that the intent and design of the Acts of Congress,
...as apparent on their face and by their terms, are to overthrow and annul this existing stste government, and to erect another and different government in its place, unauthorized by the Constitution and in defiance of its guarantees; and that, in furtherance of its...
...of this intent and design, the defendants, the Secretary of War, the General of the Army, and Major General Pope, acting under orders of the President, are about setting in motion a portion of the army to take military possession of the state, and threaten to...
...subvert her government and subject her people to military rule; that the state is holding inadequate means to resist the power and force of the Executive Department of the United States; and she therefore insists that such protection can, and ought to be afforded...
...by a decree or order of this court in the premises. Footnote: 6 Wall. 50-78, 154 U.S. 554.

The application for injunction by these two states to prohibit the Executive Department from carrying out the provisions of the Reconstruction Acts directed to the...
...overthrow of their government, including this dissolution of their state Legislatutrs, were denied on the grounds that the organization of the government into three great departments - the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial - carried limitations of the powers...
...of each by the Constitution. This case went the same way as the previous case Mississippi against President Johnson and was dismissed without adjudicating upon the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts.
To be continued...
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