The Poway synagogue shooter said he hated Jews for their role in "cultural Marxism". So, who spread the conspiracy theory concerning "cultural Marxism", which claims it's a Jewish conspiracy against Western Civilization?

Who popularized that? Donald Trump knows the man...
2) I revisit this every few months, when a new act of foreign or domestic terrorism happens and the perpetrator cites "cultural Marxism" as a reason. Back in '016 I wrote this piece which listed some of the then-current examples.… There are many more now.
3) "cultural Marxism" is now the grand unifying narrative for the hard, fascist & neo-Nazi right. It does the same work as did the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" forgery did, a century ago, to inspire Hitler & his Nazis. In '016 a book with a section on "cultural Marxism" was
4)...circulated within the Trump campaign and Trump himself got a copy. He didn't read it, because Trump does not read. But some in his campaign team likely did read it. Many takes purport to unpack the CM conspiracy theory, and almost all of them are bad.…
5)...only one scholar, to my knowledge, has plumbed the depths of "cultural Marxism"'s origin, in the obscure fever swamps of the Lyndon LaRouche cult (see:… ) going back as far as the 1970s. But how did it become so ubiquitous on the right?
6)...that is where things get interesting. Now, the following may well not be the last word on this, but it is the best information I currently have. Many takes include people such as William S. Lind & Pat Buchanan as early peddlers of the CM conspiracy theory. But the evidence..
7)...suggests Buchanan got it from Lind. Buchanan began using the CM conspiracy theory in speeches in 2000, but Lind was on C-SPAN expounding at length on the theme back in 1998, and it was clear that he was very well acquainted with the subject.
8) Then, Buchanan put the CM conspiracy theory into his 2001 book "The Death of the West". But Lind was one of 5 advisers Buchanan consulted for his book. Now, when Trump began his 2016 election campaign, Buchanan was thrilled, because Trump was running on the platform...
9), paleoconservatism that is, which Buchanan had run on for the '92 election. Buchanan's epic "culture war" speech at the '92 Republican National Convention () was a striking moment. The internationalist wing of the #GOP, had prevailed under leadership
10)...of George H. W. Bush. But the #Republican Party could not take the presidency without help from Buchanan and his nativist, cultural conservative (and racist) "Buchanan brigades". Now, two months after Trump launched his presidential campaign, Buchanan & William Lind spoke..
11)..together in Cleveland, OH to former "Buchanan brigade" members, under auspices of the Rockford Institute. Also speaking was Peter Brimelow, founder of the white supremacist webzine VDARE.…
12) Now, it is extremely unlikely that there were not quiet channels of communication open between the nascent Trump campaign and Pat Buchanan, who was probably the most prominent leaders of the paleocon tendency whose platform Trump was running on.
13) We may never know for sure, but we do know that by early 2016 Buchanan's ally and friend William S. Lind had met with Donald Trump and gifted Trump a copy of the 2009 book "The Next Conservatism" co-authored by Bill Lind and Paul Weyrich, a top founder of the US new right.
14) I covered that meeting, at length, back in July 2016 :… & subsequently @4GWDOTDOTDOT James Scaminaci & @PaulHRosenberg covered it too…
15) I still think it's utterly remarkable how obscure it is that Trump personally met such a key strategist of the far right who, as it happens, had recently published a race war novel (see my big story linked above), especially in light of the claim...
16) put out by Pat Buchanan's magazine American Conservative that multiple copies of "The Next Conservatism" were circulated in the Trump campaign team.… The book, I'd add, includes a section with the "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory.
17) which (the conspiracy theory, not the book) by this point has probably inspired literally dozens of acts of hate crimes and far right terrorism around the globe (but mostly in North America). While it's become widely accepted on the left and to an extent among centrists too..
18)..that Trump actively works to incite domestic, stochastic terrorism against his political enemies, his connection to Lind is almost unknown. Other than Paul Rosenberg, and the American Conservative magazine piece I just linked to, nobody with any media reach has noticed my..
19) July 2016 piece or James Scaminaci's subsequent writing on this. But I had refrained from drawing out the ways in which Trump could have implemented a native American form of fascism. For one thing, I didn't want to give his people ideas. But they probably knew already...
20) Because the ideas are in The Next Conservatism, and because of this:…
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