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1) "What do we say to death?"
"Not today."

2) Who's ready for a midnight thread?
3) What did @POTUS say about the #PowaySynagogueShooting?
"Looks like a hate crime."

Why would he say "looks?"


Because there is no hate crime there.
Or at least, not the KIND of hate crime we've been told.

4) Some would say it's delusional to question what happened on Saturday.

"8chan: Just because the shooter was an 8chan troll who posted a manifesto full of 8chan things on 8chan does not mean 8chan is a toxic wastedump of racist hate. Fake News!"

5) That's how I know all this narrative building is just a bunch of BULL SHIT.
6) Let's start with the shooter himself, a Mr. John T. Earnest, talented piano player, nursing student, very religious family, age 19.
9) They can't seem to find A SINGLE THING ABOUT HIM.

All these talented journalists!
10) All we know is that Mr. John T. Earnest was "a very quiet guy."

They couldn't even dig up a friend!

Or a Facebook post!

Oh, and there's something else.
11) Mr. Earnest surprised EVEN HIMSELF with the shooting he committed.

“If you told me even 6 months ago that I would do this I would have been surprised.”

Funny, something else happened just 6 months ago.

Care to guess?

12) Why thank you Ilhan, for reminding me that the #PowaySynagogueShooting happened SIX MONTHS TO THE DAY after the Pittsburgh Tree of Life shooting

(also carried out, so we are told, by a white nationalist who hates @realDonaldTrump.)

your heart breaks
13) I am not suggesting that Ilhan Omar had anything to do with the Poway Synagogue shooting.

I don't think Ilhan Omar is the problem here.
14) I do think that SOMEONE committed a HATE CRIME against President Donald Trump, and they USED a synagogue to stage it.
15) What do you call a hate crime that is uniquely anti-@POTUS in nature?

Trump Derangement Syndrome?

They should put that in the DSM.
16) Now, let's put our thinking caps on.

How is it that a happy, talented, quiet young man from a faith-based home just "suddenly" decides he wants to kill all the Jews RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME as another guy decides he wants to do the same thing?
17) Let's look at the case of Robert Bowers for a moment - remember him, the guy who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

You know, the white nationalist.

Because Jews are on the run in this country...from muh Nazis.
18) Oddly, it seems that Mr. Bowers "heard voices" before the attack.

A Jewish doctor went to visit him, and apparently he "listened to noise and noise told him his people were being slaughtered."

Wow! I wonder how such a thing could happen?

19) I guess we'll never know.

The judge has sealed the evidence in the case.

21) The Christchurch mosque shootings took place on March 15, 2019.
The #PowaySynagogueShooting happened yesterday, April 27.
That is 42 days.
22) This story does not hold together.
23) Earnest says, in his "manifesto": “Tarrant was a catalyst for me personally. He showed me that it could be done. And that it needed to be done."

But Tarrant's "rambling manifesto is filled with confusing and seemingly contradictory assertions about his beliefs."
24) Earnest comment:

Tarrant manifesto:
25) Tarrant committed his crime 42 days ago.

But Earnest says this all began to occur to him **6 months ago.**

Again, Earnest committed his crime 6 months to the day after a synagogue shooting by another supposed Trump-hating Jew-hater.

It doesn't make any sense.
26) Both Earnest (Poway synagogue shooter) and Bowers (Pittsburgh synagogue shooter) can accurately be described as mentally inconsistent and/or confused.

Just like some other people we know of.
27) Remember David Katz, the Jacksonville, Florida gamer-shooter?

'was prescribed a number of psychiatric medications, including an antipsychotic, and saw "a succession of psychiatrists,'...experienced a 'psychiatric crisis.'"

Also "very quiet."

28) Remember Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

Couldn't keep her story straight.

29) Some say Blasey-Ford, who worked at Stanford, was used as a political weapon.

6 Oct 2018 - 3:28:45 PM
30) As it turns out, Dr. Ford was victimized and traumatized.
But not by Brett Kavanaugh.

31) At least one expert states: "Ford is not just a liar, she is a puppet."

The CIA creates puppets using MK-ULTRA.

32) #QAnon states, in question format:

"Ford herself coached by the C_A?
FARM (pre-family invite) w/ internship assignment (Stanford)?"

- Message #2319, 3 Oct 2018
33) Q continues:

"C_A-assisted 'sex assault' 'sleepers' who are targeted based on trusted family backgrounds, geopolitical location relative to families of power/influence, ability to harvest [control], etc.?
Fantasy or Reality?"
34) Let's read more.

"Normal-to- [self-induced] in stages to exhibit past trauma-level events w/ 'friendly' therapy sessions notated as undefined?"

Basically, a CIA therapist coached her to superimpose past trauma on an induced perpetrator.
35) How does this work?

"'Past trauma' exerted to IDEN 'mind w/ feelings' w/ TARGET INSERTION."

You bring up the bad memory, and then insert Brett Kavanaugh's name.
36) Here's another Q drop to explain Dr. Ford's "therapy."

(Just think for a minute how FUCKING CRUEL this type of "treatment" is.)
37) "Refused to hand over therapy notes to FBI.
Think WHY.
Justice K NEVER named.
[Mr X logged in book along w/ physical description during 'eyes closed' session = / = Justice K]."

- Message #2306, Oct. 1, 2018
38) Q goes on:

"Something did happen to Dr. Ford in her past.
Use of that 'something' to 'frame' Justice K.
Dr. Ford's family has strong ties to SWAMP."
39) As an aside, Q notes that

"FBI has expanded investigation into other suspicious acts w/ support of ABC agency as AUTH BY POTUS.
[RR] involved?

ABC agency = CIA
POTUS = Obama
RR = Rod Rosenstein
40) There is voluminous documentation of the CIA's MK-ULTRA experiments at Stanford. This is from 1977.

41) Always official denials.

42) The CIA has an online reading room where you can learn something about what they've done.

43) To be clear, it is NOT substantiated outside Q's statement that Dr. Ford is connected to the CIA.

44) However, there is this.

45) 1985 murder of CIA financier Nick Deak by Lois Lang, "A standout college athlete with an M.A. from the University of Illinois."
46) "Somebody did something and somehow" she became unwell.

Lang "was put under the care of Dr. Frederick Melges, a psychiatrist associated with the Stanford Research Institute. One of Dr. Melges’ main areas of research: drug-aided hypnosis."
47) Melges "was a senior figure at one of the CIA’s top institutional grantees (Stanford). He worked side-by-side with a self-identified CIA collaborator, and conducted research into the kind of drug-induced behavior modification that the agency is known to have funded."
48) "With the advent of MK-Ultra....Agency officials noted that LSD could be potentially useful in “[gaining] control of bodies whether they were willing or not.” - like for assassinations.

49) In 2009, a group of Veterans sued the CIA for performing mind-control tests on them - for 20 years.

50) The CIA has long recruited students to join the agency on campus.

51) They still go to America's top schools.
52) The CIA probably doesn't recruit nursing students at community colleges. But historically they have liked to do "testing" at "universities, hospitals or prisons."

53) It is plausible that Earnest was unknowingly used in a CIA MK-Ultra experiment, by a rogue agent, to assassinate the rabbi of a synagogue **six months to the day** (sending a message) after a previous synagogue shooting.

How do I know it's a message?
54) Read Ilhan Omar's tweet expressing her "condolences" about the shooting yesterday:

"Love trumps hate."


55) There are a lot of ways to manipulate a person's mind, and Omar (along with crazy-eyes AOC) is constantly saying wildly provocative things.

I believe they are mind-controlled without their knowledge or consent.
56) So yeah, this shooting looks like a hate crime - against the American people.

But 8chan you say! It's so racist!

Let's take a look.
57) Someone started a "John Earnest appreciation thread" on 8 chan.

How fucked up is that?!
58) Alongside the politically incorrect cartoon and obligatory nasty comments, the following statement is right up top:

"Seriously though, whoever falls for this second, although not so obvious as the first (((tarrant))) false flag is an idiot."
59) And again:

"True anons know this is a false flag. Its funny how the shills are propagating this MOSSAD retard because the first (((tarrant))) failed completely."
60) As a Jew who has lurked on 8 chan and 4 chan, and who has participated in Voat and Gab, for more than a year now --> I know that while a lot of people really cannot stand Jews and the "JQ" is truly a thing, most also know that flagrant antisemitism is a sign of clowns (CIA).
61) It is such an obvious ploy to be flagrantly antisemitic that to display it almost guarantees you will be suspected of being an undercover agent.
62) Which brings us to the next suspicious thing: The "warning" that was posted on 8 chan for LESS THAN 10 MINUTES before someone "magically" reported it.

63) "A person who describes them self on Twitter as a “Responsible Gun Ownership and Safe Shooting Sports Advocate” tweeted an urgent warning Saturday at 11:07 a.m. PDT time that a mass shooting was about to occur ."

64) This person joined Twitter in March of 2019 and has only 153 tweets as of this moment.

The account begins with 6 retweets.

The first actual Tweet occurs on April 14, just 13 days before the shooting.

The photo is obviously not real.

No header.

65) April 21: "Just because I don’t have any followers does not mean I’m a bot, screw you too man 😞"

66) April 24, three days before the shooting -- this person is now reporting "threats"
67) And then of course, the heroic screenshot.
Apparently this person CAN figure out how to find right-wing threats.
This person CANNOT figure out how to...call 911.

68) Interestingly, the first people followed by this account include the First Lady and Lauren Southern, someone with Hebrew in the name, and Democratic politicians.

Arik is a Hebrew name, but this person spells it Aric - German.
69) Nearly 500 followers.
70) But many of those could be recent...due to the name recognition on the account now.

Why hasn't the media questioned who this person is at all?

Why the overfocus on Mr. Earnest and his "manifesto?"

You know what? Let's talk about that.
71) I agree with the people who say not to give this thing airtime, but we also need to know what we are dealing with.

(Note: If you put the link on Twitter now, it gets flagged. So I won't do that - you can find it on your own - but will just quote a bit from it.)
72) OK. So do you remember when we had to deal with the false charges against Kavanaugh, and we read Blasey-Ford's letter closely, and it read like a foreigner speaking English as a second language wrote it - not like a Ph.D.?

Well, the #PowaySynagogue shooter is the opposite.
73) Just for reference:

Blasey-Ford letter

Analysis (h/t Mike Adams, who added to my review)

Politifact attempt to debunk
74) The letter by Earnest has impossibly perfect grammar for a 19 year old, unless we are talking about Doogie Howser, M.D.

I tell you this as an adjunct who has taught at the graduate level since 2012 and at the undergraduate level since 1999 in a number of schools.
75) How about we just do a screenshot of the beginning. You'll get the idea.
76) One of my jobs as a professor is to tell if someone is cheating or not. So I know when the language is too flowery to be someone's actual awkward writing.
77) But for a well-educated spy, this type of thing is no problem at all.
78) Do you see how all the clues, when you study them closely, lead us toward the same method of operation as we've seen all along, with the Cesar Sayoc case, the Robert Bowers case, the David Katz case, the Christine Blasey Ford case, and on and on and on?

Not right in the head
79) But what is the connection between October 27, 2018 and April 27, 2019 -- other than that it's 6 months apart to the day?

The answer may lie in who DIDN'T offer their condolences.

Not Hillary.
Not Obama.

80) The answer might lie in how this cartoon, inexplicably, got by the head of the New York Times and the head of the editorial board on the same day as the shooting.

A degrading picture of Netanyahu as a dog.

81) The answer might lie in this strange Tweet by James Comey, which actually spells JIHAD.

(H/t to the person who pointed this out.)

82) Pittsburgh syn. shooting October 27, 2018.
Hebrew date: **18 Cheshvan **5779.
Same Hebrew date:
* assassination of Jewish nationalist/Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane.
* Nazi Goering announces ghetto "solution" for Jews in Madagascar.
83) In other words, the first shooting was a gigantic "fuck you."
84) October 11, 2018:


85) What did Obama do just before leaving office?

$221 million to the Palestinians.

86) The fuck you in Pittsburgh was not to the Jews.

It was to @POTUS, who has tried to protect us.

Again, a hate crime against him.
87) That first shooting was, in other words, Jihad.
88) For Hillary, it’s just that she hates Trump so much.

But for Obama, it’s about a grudge that’s deeply personal.
89) How about yesterday’s shooting?

Where does that fit into things?
90) April 27, 2019 - 22 Nisan 5779 - Last Day of Passover - Poway Chabad Synagogue Shooting.

On what symbolic day?
91) “Nisan 22: In the Hebrew year 2488 (1272 BCE), Joshua began a seven-day march around Jericho in anticipation of the Jewish conquest.”
92) “The Jews circled the walls one time each day, for six days, and then on the seventh day marched around Jericho seven times -- until its walls collapsed amidst shofar blasts.”
93) Passover is the holiday of deliverance.

Yesterday, in Jewish history, was the holiday of conquering Israel - but more symbolically, of freedom from slavery.

The slavery is really global.
The global cabal.
94) Like I said, it’s not a hate crime against Jews.

It is a hate crime against the concept of freedom - the freedom to choose who we worship.


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