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@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders 1. Debunk the myth of “decentralization” (ES&S & Dominion = 80 % US election equipment).
2. ES&S donated $30K to help elect Republicans.
3. Dominion just hired Pelosi’s former longtime aid as a lobbyist.
4. Equipment overview

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders 5. Vote tallies CAN be hacked via the internet due to centralized election mgmt systems & online reporting system.
6. ES&S installed remote access software in election mgmt systems in 300 jurisdictions it won’t identify. Diebold, which ES&S acquired in 2009, did this too.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders 7. Dominion won’t say whether it installed remote access, which suggests it probably did.
8. ES&S installed cellular modems in ballot scanners in WI, FL, & IL starting in 2015, an invitation to man-in-the-middle hacks (per IT expert Appel).

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders 9. The greatest threat is from corrupt INSIDERS. Diebold, which ES&S acquired in 2009, was founded by white collar criminals under the name “Global” and hired a convicted embezzler as its senior programmer.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders 10/ Global/Diebold’s President at the time was Bob Urosevich, who also founded ES&S.
11/ When the media started asking questions, Diebold claimed the embezzler was no longer with the company.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders 12/ But author/advocate @BevHarrisWrites obtained his court file, which shows the embezzler remained as a consultant.

13/ Per the Guardian, the embezzler programmed the central (county or state) tabulators used to count 1/3 of the votes in 2004.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites 14/ Experts say the only way to know if electronic tallies have been hacked is to forensically analyze the equipment or hand count the paper ballots.

15/ Courts routinely block forensic analysis bc the vendors claim proprietary ownership of the software.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites 16/ Most states don’t require manual audits at all, & (per experts) only 2 or 3 conduct manual audits sufficiently robust to detect hacking.

17/ Even robust manual Audits are meaningless if the paper audit trail has been corrupted so that it does not reflect voter intent.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites 18/ Cybersecurity experts explain that hand counting & hand audits can confirm voter intent & the legitimacy of electronic election outcomes only if HAND marked paper ballots are used, as opposed to the machine-marked kind from hackable machines. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf…

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites 19/ But many jurisdictions plan to have hackable machines (new ballot marking devices) mark paper ballots for voters in 2020. This has cybersecurity experts very concerned.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites 20/ Most of these new ballot marking devices (BMDs) include both text (a summary of the voters’ selections) and a barcode. The barcode, which voters can’t read, is the only part counted as their vote.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites 21/ The “Hybrid” versions of these barcode machines are even more concerning. (“Hybrids” combine the BMD and scanner into a single unit.)

22/ The most popular Hybrids are the ES&S ExpressVote XL and Dominion ICE.

@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites These Hybrids include an AutoCast option that lets voters cast their votes without inspecting the paper ballot, & they don’t mark the paper until this choice is made. Thus, bad actors cld hack the machine to mark fake votes only 4 voters who choose AutoCast, a perfect crime. 13/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites Even if AutoCast is disabled, experts say the Hybrids can fraudulently fill in undervotes (races voters leave blank) bc, even if the voter chooses to inspect the paper ballot, the machine routes the paper under the printer head AGAIN after its cast. 14/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites In sum, requiring robust manual audits and paper ballots in 2020 won’t suffice to protect our elections. We must also ensure that the paper ballots are marked by HAND, not by a machine. 15/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites And we must also ensure a secure and transparent chain of custody for the paper ballots between election night and the audit. 16/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites These are daunting challenges because the vendor lobby is strong, and there are concerns about potential corruption of election officials as well. Moreover, the EAC is a toothless organization whose guidelines are voluntary. 17/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites If we want #HandmarkedPaperBallots (counted publicly by hand on election night or on scanners with robust hand audits), the change will have to come from the grass roots. The time to organize is now. 18/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites .@CoalitionGoodGv is doing ground breaking work, especially in Georgia, to promote #HandmarkedPaperBallots through litigation. cc: @MarilynRMarks1 19/
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites @CoalitionGoodGv @MarilynRMarks1 20/ I’m also really excited about the new #SmartElections project founded by @LuluFriesdat, @FilmsForChange and @JimSoper. I’m a member of the project’s outreach team. smartelections.us
@TLBsStory @lizlhoward @eddieperezTX @philipbstark @umbernhard @mcranechilders @BevHarrisWrites @CoalitionGoodGv @MarilynRMarks1 @LuluFriesdat @FilmsForChange @JimSoper 21/ And I will continue writing about election-security developments and Calls to Action on my Twitter account and the #ProtectOurVotes website, which we hope to update soon. protectourvotes.com
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