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#Breaking: just in - interim president Juan @jguaido is asking the Venezuelan military to join him to overthrow the Maduro regime as of from today! And calls for every citizen of the country to join with him in #Venezuela.
#Update: Just in - speculation in #Venezuela that around 10.000 to up to 15.000 military personnel have sided with, interim president Juan @jguaido to overthrow the Maduro regime today.
#Update: Just in - Reports that the defected soldiers and police officers who defected across the border to #Colombia and #Brazil, are willing to return back in #Venezuela to help to overthrow the Maduro regime.
#Breaking: Just in - The opposition faction of Juan @jguaido, has most control over the freeway interstate in #Caracas in #Venezuela, and leading to the airport. Says situation is under control and more troops are joining in the fight for #OperacionLibertad.
#Update: The troops of interim president Juan @jguaido, says they have the military La Carlota Airbase under their control in #Caracas. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Some rumors says in #Venezuela, that the complete Venezuelan National Guard members have defected over to interim president Juan @jguaido. Cannot confirm this yet but i am on it. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - More Venezuelan National Guard members arriving in armoured vehicles in #Caracas in #Venezuela, to support interim president Juan @jguaido. There are more expect to arrive throughout the entire day. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Multiple gunshots are being heard of 2 miles away from the military La Carlota Airbase in #Caracas in #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Colectivos pro Maduro Gang members are holding a shootout between Venezuelan Nation Guard troops who have defected over to Interim President Juan @jguaido, two miles away from the military La Carlota Airbase in #Caracas in #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Venezuelan National Guard troops who have defected over to Interim President Juan @jguaido, 2 miles away from the military La Carlota airbase in #Caracas says they have repelled the attack of the Colectivos Maduro Gang members. #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - Some lone Venezuelan National Guard forces surrendering towards Venezuelan National Guard troops of Interim President Juan @jguaido, at the Francisco Fajardo highway in #Caracas in #Venezuela, #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - The military La Carlota airbase in #Caracas is now being overtaken by protestors supporting interim president Juan @jguaido. #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - Hundreds of Thousands of protestors are expected, and heading towards the Las Mercedes square in #Caracas to protest and to oust the Maduro Regime in #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Protestors occupying and blocking the front side of the, #Maracaibo military fort in #Venezuela, and are calling the military troops inside to join interim president Juan @jguaido for #OperacionLibertad "Operation Freedom"
#Update: Just in - Video of more and more Venezuelan National guard troops defecting over to interim president Juan @jguaido forces in #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - According to interim president Juan @jguaido, are now all states in #Venezuela participating in the protests of #OperacionLibertad, and is urging more military support to stand behind him and the people of the country.
#Update: Venezuelan government officials are joining with interim president Juan @jguaido, and are urging the military and police officer to do the same thing. #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Maduro regime forces have announced to suspend all public transportation services in #Venezuela due to security reasons... #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - A pro Maduro regime force Armoured vehicle just ran over protestors in #Caracas the capital of #Venezuela. There are casualties reported. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Horrific video of when a Pro Maduro regime force Armoured vehicle ran over protestors in #Caracas the capital of #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad These contain shocking footages.
#Breaking: Just in - State run media outlets and radio stations in #Venezuela have been ordered to stop broadcasting the #OperacionLibertad "Operation Freedom" in the country by the Maduro regime, multiple radio stations in #Caracas who are owned by Maduro stopped broadcasting.
#Update: Just in - Mario Abdo Benítez president of #Paraguay encourages the "brave people of #Venezuela" to take back their freedoms in its uprising. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - All international news outlets in #Venezuela have been cut of in the country from showing footages from the protests. #OperacionLibertad.

- US News outlets.
- Brazilian Outlets.
- Colombian Outlets.
- Argentinian Outlets.

This is still ongoing...
#Breaking: Just in - Reports of up to at least 1 to 3 people believed to be dead, when a Armoured Pro Maduro regime force vehicle ran over protestors in #Caracas the capital of #Venezuela earlier and 4 or 5 others injured. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - Hundreds of Thousands of civilians gathering and dozens of more military personnel are heading in droves westwards in #Caracas in support of interim president Juan @jguaido in #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Unconfirmed reports that a bomb just went of in a Pro Maduro government building in #Caracas.. #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad. still trying to find the source and reporting of it.
#Update: Just in - Pro #Guaido Venezuelan protesters in front of the #Venezuela DC Embassy now singing the national anthem, and confronting @codepink anti Juan @jguaido protestors at the building.
#Update: To be clear these @codepink protestors are not US-Venezuelan people! They are US born citizens and have not a Venezuelan background or relatives living in that country who protesting at the the front of the Embassy of #Venezuela in DC only those who are on the other side
#Update: People in foreign countries now protesting and gathering to support Juan @jguaido and the people. #OperacionLibertad

- US
- Argentina
- Spain
- Ecuador
- Colombia
- Paraguay
#Update: Some news outlets are claiming this is a "COUP" in #Venezuela, i say this is not! This is to strengthen military bonds in the country and between interim president Juan @jguaido. This protests is scheduled to go on through tomorrow. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: WTF twitter won't let me post videos or upload them...
#Update: American president Donald Trump said and tweeted that he is monitoring the situation unfolding at #Venezuela today! #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Video of Large protestors and Pro-Guaido soldiers marching through the streets of #Caracas towards Miraflores where the royal palace is located at in #Mirande #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Interim president Juan @jguaido troops says, they have taken control over the military La Carlota airbase in #Caracas just recently! And protestors are holding the perimeter in check. #OperacionLibertad #Venezuela
#Breaking: Just in - Leopoldo López requested protection as a guest at the Embassy of #Chile in #Caracas. His wife Lilian Tintori and her daughter also entered the building recently. And it is suggested that interim president Juan @jguaido has sheltered at the La Carlota airbase.
#Update: Young female supporter of interim president Juan @jguaido, got shot with a pellet shotgun in the back and the arms and is bleeding badly at the state in #Carabobo in #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: The government of #Brazil has announced that it will grant asylum to 25 Venezuelan soldiers who have defected at its embassy in #Caracas in #Venezuela
#Update: Just in - Interim President Juan @jguaido seen marching in #Caracas towards Miraflores where the royal palace is located at in #Mirande #Venezuela. together with troops and police officers and protestors.
#Update: Protestors at the highway of #Caracas are arresting soldiers who are still royal to the Maduro regime! Up to 8 Venezuelan airforce military personnel arrested at the the Cagua-La Villa highway #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - American president Donald Trump urges Cuba military personnel to go back to their country. And urges Russia to not get involved in this conflict. #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Just in - Venezuelan people on the streets in #Barcelona in #Spain, in support of the people and Juan @jguaido for their mission to #OperacionLibertad in #Venezuela.
#Update: Just in - Violent clash in the city of #coro between protesters and Pro-Maduro Venezuelan national guard members in front of the Girardot Battalion military base in #Venezuela. #OperacionLibertad
#Update: Press secretary of Juan @jguaido assure that he is well and will speak for his further announcement at nightfall, and not at 6:00pm as he had planned to give a press conference. Via: @ginettegm #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Just in - Argentinian government police officers pushed protestors back in attempt to overtake the embassy of #Venezuela in Buenos Aires #Argentina. Journalist @SebaSalgadoOk says. #OperacionLibertad
#Breaking: Pro Maduro Chavistas protestors were trying to breach into the embassy of #Venezuela in Buenos Aires #Argentina, but police officers in the capital pushed them back and failed to enter the building. says Journalist @SebaSalgadoOk #OperacionLibertad
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