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Barr starts by correcting himself that, yes, the Trump campaign did get a defensive briefing.
Kennedy asks about collusion.

The report says specifically it is not about collusion.
Barr claims that complaints about his efforts to spin the report is "mind-bendingly bizarre."

Can we talk about his even bigger attempt to spin, the press conference?
Barr now says that the new redactions in Mueller's stuff came from the intelligence community.
Kennedy now trying to misconstrue why Mueller didn't reach conclusion.

Barr claiming it was "unclear" why they didn't.

The answer is obvious: It's an impeachment referral.
Kennedy now accusing the Mueller team of leaking which is pretty crazy pants.
Klobuchar: I think your 4-page letter was clearly a summary.
Klobuchar: Did you know that White House prevented us from passing law on protecting election?

Barr: No.

[Dodge dodge dodge on whether he'll help on the bill.]
Klobuchar: I asked you if a President convincing witness to change testimony would be obstruction, you said yes. Cohen's testimony, Trump's threats to family--do you consider evidence to change testimony?

Barr: No. Public statements can't pass muster as subornation of perjury.
Barr says threatening a witnesses family public can't get someone to change testimony.

Barr thinks private stuff can't be either.

Klobuchar: You take totality of evidence.
Barr: By flipping he meant succumbing to pressure to lie.

Klobuchar doesn't follow-up to note that Manafort lied after that.
Klobuchar: Does getting McGahn to write a false report create a false record?

Barr: Unclear whether POTUS knew to be false.

Barr repeats again he had already given his evidence.

I'll say this for Bill Barr: he's a more effective defense counsel for the President than Rudy G.
Sasse asks Barr to talk about Deripaska.

Barr: I don't want to get into that in open setting.

Sasse lays out why he's a bottom-feeding scum-sucker.
Sasse asks if someone (Manafort) could just volunteer to work for a campaign in the US.

What is legal and illegal about foreign intel services in US elections?
Sasse had asked if someone could volunteer for a campaign while working for an oligarch.

Barr doesn't want to answer that, bc that's "collusion" and it happened.
Sasse is basically asking if Manafort was a foreign agent.

Barr is refusing to answer. "It's a slippery area."

Sasse: You're the chief law enforcement officer of the US G.
Note: this is one of the problems with the WikiLeaks and Stone stuff being totally redacted: No one knows that Mueller thought it was illegal, but not prosecutable.
One thing Dems are missing about Trump's order to McGahn to fire Mueller:

If I'm not mistaken, McGahn had ALREADY RECUSED from involvement.
Here's why Barr's excuse for not treating the order to draft false report on McGahn's firing of Mueller is BS:

McGahn testified about THAT after the instance.

Barr will ONLY say someone should call the FBI if a foreign intelligence service offers dirt, not if foreigners do.

The latter is also illegal.
Barr apparently doesn't know that FDR's VP was investigated.
Again, Barr has said the CI investigation started anemically (it did).

The reason it did is bc Peter Strzok lost the battle to investigate more aggressively.
Blumenthal suggests Barr was made designated fall guy for report, based on 4-page summary and press conference.
"The difference is I used the proper standard" on obstruction.

Blumenthal says that on four of the episodes Mueller found substantial evidence.
Shout out to @qjurecic whose graphics make Senate testimony.
Blumenthal: On remaining investigations, any communications w/anyone in WH?

Barr stops: I certainly haven't talked substance or been directed to do anything.
Barr: I don't recall having any substantive discussion.

Blumenthal: ANy non-substantive?

Barr: I Don't recall.
Barr says there are 12 or 18 cases spun off from Mueller.

Interesting number.
Blumenthal: Will you recuse yourself from those investigations.

Barr: NO.
Barr: I'm not in the business of determining when lies are being told to the American people.
Barr: When being asked about language that makes it clear Mueller found a lot of evidence against Trump, Barr said standard is innocent until proven guilty.

EXCEPT that evidence is proof that there was an underlying crime to investigate.
Barr: "We have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon."

Except that he's agreed to do just that.
Jodi Ernst: It is a fact that RU tried to interfere in election.

Me: No, it is a fact that they did so.
One of the Democrats should ask Barr whether he's investigating how FBI predicated an election year investigation into Clinton Foundation based off oppo research.

5 second question. Really important Q.
Hirono: American people know you're no different from Rudy G or Kellyanne Conway of people who sacrifice reputation for the grifter in WH. You've chosen to be POTUS' lawyer and side with him.
Hirono's leadup is a two drink question for Barr. Hitting him on his PR hackery.
Hirono accuses Barr of lying out right. keeps calling his memo a "so-called summary."
Hirono: You did exactly what I thought you'd do.

Now reviewing his past cover-ups.

Go go go Mazie!!!
Hirono: Now we know more about your deep involvement in trying to cover up for Donald Trump. You should resign.

Is WH exerting any influence over mueller testimony.

Hirono: You seem to think if it's not a crime then it's no problem. Do you think all the things Trump did are okay? Are they what POTUS should be doing?

Barr: I think report is clear ...

Barr: I do think it's okay to do what he did.

Hirono: OK to ask WHCO to lie?
Barr won't answer question about whether it's okay to float pardons.

Hirono: Give us some credit for knowing what is going on around here.

Lindsey: You have slandered this man.
While Blackburn is blathering let's review:

Barr says you only have to call the FBI if offered dirt by foreign spies, not just foreigners.

Won't answer abt whether threatening witnesses and floating pardons is wrong.

Won't answer if it's wrong to order WHCO to lie.
Barr won't say that Mueller's team is best and brightest.
Barr says again that Mueller canvassed the evidence exhaustively.

How can Mueller be said to have exhausted the investigation w/o interviewing Trump?
Once again, for the benefit of the Attorney General, the report is silent about the key incidents that raise questions abt Trump's relationship w/Putin.

Booker: You're sanctioning stuff. Lies, deceit misconduct, POTUS instructing people to lie & be deceitful, stuff that on its face is morally wrong, whatever legal standard. That is beginning of normalization I want to explore.

Excusing a campaign for failure to report contacts.
Booker: They seemed to capitalize on foreign influence. Illegal to sharing polling data w/SUPERPAC, sharing polling data with foreign adversary.
Should American people be grateful that campaign sought to benefit from stolen docs.

Barr: I don't know what you mean by seek to benefit. None that was criminal.

REminder: most of this was redacted bc Stone was at the core of it.
Booker: Should American people be grateful POTUS attempted to thwart investigation into attacks and his campaign?

Barr: I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Booker: Should American people be grateful that Trump people had more than 200 contacts and lied about them?

Barr: Foreign govts make a lot of attempts to contact.

Barr is pretending not to know abt Manafort sharing polling data w/Kilimnik.
Well done, Corey Booker.
Booker made the point, repeatedly, that doing what Manafort did -- sharing polling data -- would be illegal if done w/a SUPERPAC (which he also did, btw). But bc he shared it with a guy his own deputy believed was a spy, it's not illegal?
BREAKING: The AG made the exoneration about obstruction w/o knowing (at all, apparently) that one thing Manafort obstructed about in hopes of getting a pardon was sharing polling data w/someone his own deputy thinks was a Russian spy.
Barr claims he put in "the sentence" about the report not exonerating Trump.

He did not put in a single full sentence.
Barr says his people will be working closely with Horowitz. That's. ... a problem.
Barr, again, falsely claims that the report found no underlying crime.

That is wrong. Mueller said the campaign finance crimes were crimes, just ones he couldn't prosecute.

Also, the hush payments are discussed.
Harris: Has WH ever asked to open investigation into anyone.

Barr; Ummm. Can you repeat question?

Barr: Ummm. I'm trying to grapple with word "suggest." They've not asked.

Harris: Perhaps they've suggested?
Harris: In reaching your conclusion did you review underlying evidence?

Barr; no.

Harris: Did Rosenstein?

BArr: Accepted statements in report as factual record.

Harris; Reoprt=evidence.
Harris: Did Rosenstein?
Barr: not to my knowledge.
Harris: Did anyone in your office. Yet you represented that evidence not sufficient to reach obstruction.
Harris: If any USA when asked to make critical decision, would you accept them making a charging decision to you w/o referring to evidence. It was you who made the charging decision. You said it was your baby, what did you mean by that?
Harris: Who had the power to make decision about whether evidence sufficient to charge obstruction. I think you've made it clear that you've not looked at the evidence. Consult w/career ethics officials abt recusal?

Barr: I don't see any basis.

Harris: you have consulted?
Harris: Conflict of interest, clear conflict of interest.

Barr; I haven't been only decision maker, Rosenstein.

Harris; I'm glad you brought that up.

Barr filibusters.

Harris: In response to graham, you consulted constantly, but DAG key witness.
Harris: Did you consult w/ethics officials abt Rosenstein being involved in charging decision abt effort he was a witness. Flipflop in this case appears to be your refusal to answer a question.
Ted Cruz apparently missed all the discussion of Russia.
Ted Cruz apparently can read through redactions.
OMIGOSH Ted Cruz finally got someone to like him!!!!
Ted Cruz apparently thinks the Mueller report--which specifically said it wasn't about collusion--was about collusion.

But then, so does Barr.
Guy who just admitted Trump had suggested he investigate people says doing so is an abuse when it happens.
Cruz: DO we know whether Obama investigated any other candidate?

Barr notes he did investigate Hillary, wrt emails.

But apparently doesn't know about the Clinton Foundation investigation.
Leahy: Will you commit you will not interfere w/referred investigations.

Barr: I will supervise as AG.

Sort of not the right answer.
Leahy: you said Mueller didn't tell you he wanted Congress to decide.

Barr: That's not appropriate.

Again, there is ZERO question there was an underlying crime.

Mueller says there was.

Barr: The President does not have to sit there and allow investigation to run its course, bc he was being falsely accused. Most of obstruction do involve exercise of constitutional authority.
Barr keeps claiming that Trump was being falsely accused.

That's ... not what the Mueller report shows.
I really hope someone asks Barr what he thinks were the false accusations about Trump.
Criminal Division (Benczkowski), also a Kirkland and Ellis lawyer, asked Barr to get the waiver so he could oversee investigation into Kirkland and Ellis client.

Barr started making the decision on obstruction prior to seeing the report.
Barr got the report on the 22nd. Made final decision on 24th.

Admits he had started discussing it before he got the report.

"OLC had already done a lot of thinking about some of these issues."
Why hasn't any Dem laid out that there are underlying crimes?
Klobuchar: Are the President's actions detailed w/oath and requirement to Take Care laws be faithfully executed?

Barr: Evidence is conflicting, different evidence.

Klobuchar: And so you made that decision.

Barr: Yes.
Blumenthal: Can you tell us abt convo shortly after summary. He called you?

Barr; I called him. The letter prompted me.

Blumenthal: How long>

Barr: Multiple witnesses: DAG, [but not answering who]

Blumenthal: Who said what to whom?
Barr: Why not just pick up phone and call. He said THEY were concerned abt what the media was saying.

[Barr said he only talked to mueller but just said Mueller spoke for his staff]
Blumenthal: There's nothing in MUeller's letter that speaks abt the Press. In response to your question, why not just pickup the phone, a career prosecutor rebuking AG, memorializing in writing.
Barr: I don't consider Mueller a career prosecutor.

Blumenthal: I know of no other instance.

Barr: The letter was a bit snitty, I think it was written about one of his staff people.

Blumenthal: Did you or anyone on your staff memorialize. May we have notes?

Barr: No.
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