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I knew it! James Comey is a White Hat. Too tired to post the info tonight, but WOW, this movie is AMAZING. 🍿🍿
Comey, Mueller, Wray all took stand against gov't tyranny

-Post 9/11 mass surveillance
-John Ashcroft was ill, Comey Acting AG
-Bush wants it reauthorized
-Ashcroft defers to Comey
-Comey refuses to sign
-Mueller threatens to resign in solidarity w/Comey

If you think Rod deserves an Oscar, wait until you see Comey's role in our movie.
This is Trump's doing.
People we think are black hats, are Patriots.
People we think are white hats, are Traitors.
It's spectacular.
Remember me? I'm a great actor too. Theatrics for the press. Did you really believe I could secretly tape people in the White House and play those tapes on National TV? Our enemies are STOOPID.

Every part of this is precious. Red Meat for all their delusions.

Listen to the tape Omarosa brought for audience of The View.

🤭😅So Trump got that clip played to millions of people.
Hillary, Russia, Law Firm paid $6M for fake report, Illegal...

B4 going further, IMPORTANT distinction: Different roles in cyber warfare.

Big accounts shouldn't out Comey, Pence 'til Trump does.
Small accounts get to dig, banter w/theories.

I'm a #Dilley300. Damn, nearly gave myself a hernia going thru videos.🤣

I ❤️💕 Q posts. My theories only make sense to Q followers who "get it," not lazy-ass sheep who haven't bothered to read them.

These people are dangerous. Comey worked hard to get "cred" w/enemies, so he could be a double-agent.
A friendly reminder of who we're dealing with.

Q drops tells us they've threatened people's lives & their families to get compliance. Do U really think Comey had a choice in clearing Hillary?

Did Comey alert White Hats behind the scenes?

Some things have jumped out over the past year:

- Comey's book was full of fluff and 💩
- His central claims are ridiculous
- His victim role played out on TV, Trump bullied him
- Similar to Omarosa's TDS fodder
- Fed MSM best Barium Meal: Pee Dossier

Brett Kavanaugh was in White House on 9/11. He knows about Vince Foster's murder. I assumed he was dirty until we watched hearings. My teenage son said, "WOW, this guy is like next to Jesus in purity!" We were blown away by Brett's impeccable integrity.

Kavanaugh comparison to Comey: Psychopaths like Bush, Obama LOVE to use good guys as cover, then play dirty behind their backs.

McCabe was the dirty cop.

RELAX, the truth will come out. Some like to solve puzzles. Others wet themselves when alternate theories are presented.
James Comey was U.S. Atty under Guilani in SDNY, helped take down Mafia. Trump helped w/those investigations. These people all know each other.

"He was like a choir boy who turned into a devil" said Guiliani.
Another great Actor in our Movie. 🍿👌🏼

How many twists and turns have Q followers observed? We've come to expect them.
Wray worked for Comey. Interesting.

If working for Criminal Deep State automatically makes U a black hat, put Bill Barr in that basket.

Comey LEAD rebellion against Cheney/Bush abuse of power, illegally spying on Citizens in violation of 4A Rights.

Mueller & Wray backed Comey.
It's a THRILLER. Kek! 👌🏼
Who can forget this shot? We assumed it was a signal, standing underneath Lincoln. Was it a warning to Trump from inside their circle? 🤔

September 17, 2018
Wow! Crazy times! Article from 9/18/2018.

Sept. 8, 2018 "Brazilian Trump" Bolsonaro was stabbed, lost 40% of his blood. He won the election on October 28.

Were there any attempts on POTUS after Comey's post? So many. Let's see what we can find.

1000 Words. Inauguration Day, January 1, 2019.
These men put their lives at tremendous risk.
Beautiful. 🙏🏽
Honey, you trying too hard for me. White Hat or fly trap?
Trumps keeps his enemies closer.

Remember when Trump asked Bill Gates to be his Science Advisor. 🤣
Who was in London at the time? Gina. Think she didn't know?


Hope we're all confused. That's the point. So is the enemy.

Shall we play a game?
How about a nice game of chess?
Double meaning.
We know all.

You keeping up?
We're just having fun.
We trust The Plan.

Ever wondered if this guy is an actor? Would joining the TDS crowd keep their 4 kids safer? 🌊🌊🌊Genius if true.

What?! Someone doesn't like my stories?
"Many fakers are pretending to lure away from pepe's research."

WTF is pepe's research? 🤣😂😂😂No Anon is above the other. That's the beauty of Digital Soldiers.
Back to Comey. Mt. Rushmore post Monday, 17 Sep 2018, 3:52 PM - Mountain Standard Time.

Irrelevant, but South Dakota spans 2 times zones. MST and CST. 🥴
Q post next day. Were [They] considering 187 for Kavanaugh? Did Kavanaugh and family get extra, extra security? This was at the height of the frenzy.

Trump also held rally in Vegas on Sept. 20, 2018.
Not all Q posts are for our benefit. Codes are known by insiders, many posts are messages for the enemy.

We're just spitballing.
3 minute clip from The View. They're having orgasms. 🤣😂
Yes, his book talked about Orange Man, and hand size. 🤚🏽
Pretty funny, if you believe he's a White Hat.

1 min clip with George Stefanuffleupagus

Now MSM can report Trump had an evil look in his eyes.
Comey dropping massive insider intel!
Oh, the horrors. 😱

Leveraged black hat, grey hat, white hat, flipped hat 🤠 -- doesn't matter.
Trump isn't an idealogue; he utilizes anyone who can help win this WAR.

Lindsay Graham, once an enemy, now a true WARRIOR. 😎

Remember no one is perfect.

What are the chances
are all playing important roles in Draining the Swamp, and James Comey isn't?

👉🏽Guiliani's quote, "He was like a choir boy who turned into a devil."
Truly historical. Humbling to be witnesses of The Storm, each making small contributions to The Plan. 🙋🏽‍♀️
Chapter 1. You're watching a movie.
Chapter 2. Timeline
Chapter 3. Peter Schweizer - a WH backchannel, and Q drops

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