OK @bill1303 let me explain to you in detail why lexiters of the I voted remain but variety such as yourself make me monumentally fucking angry.

I don't expect you to agree just understand where I'm coming from so you dont unintentionally make angry people even more angry
#Brexit is far right project for every Tony Benn there are multiple nigel Farage's Rees moggs overt racists like Tommy Robinson yet alleged social justice warriors delight in lecturing remainers on the necessity of implementing the reactionary wet dream of Facists
Often lexiters pretend l there is some kind of choice between a labour government and stopping brexit this is totally false since 1 a general election must happen soon anyway and the tories would be destroyed by #Brexit being stopped
2016 #Brexit ref was tainted vote leave broke the law Cambridge analytica waged a military psyops campaign Theresa mays own barrister acknowledged fraud and criminality had occurred and had the referendum been binding as opposed to advisory it would have been declared void.
But the reaction of lexiters to all the criminality and abuse of 2016

to dismiss it like it doesn't fucking matter

To acknowledge it bitb but claim a 2nd referendum would only result in them doing it even more

Cos cheats can't be stopped from prospering
Lexiter claims that referendum cheating either doesn't matter or can't be helped fucks me off big time

Its rather like being assaulted and being told that A. It doesn't matter and B the person that robbed must be allowed to keep the things they stole from you but it gets worse
Lexiters claim that a 2nd ref would only result in even worse cheating and even nastier racism and this is a reason not to reopen it

yes you were assaulted but seek redress & you will be slapped harder & it will be your fault cos your complaint will make your abuser angry
It is also alleged thst trying to reverse #brexit will only make the far right angry

Since when is giving the far right what they want for fear of making them angry a good idea fucking ever

This is often accompanied by an insistence corbyn is the sole opponent of the far right
Lexiters love to call remainers extremist hence the term #ultraremainer . Since when the fuck do extremists of any kind in recorded history want to change sod all?

An extremist wants to violently smash the status quo not avoid a blind ideologically inspired leap in the dark
Corbynistas love to claim that the passionate efforts of remainers to reverse #brexit only result in leavers digging their heals in

A case of your totally shit and have nothing worthwhile to say

Well fuck them too
Lexiters and corbynistas have fully adopted the kipper narrative that remainers are arrogant self entitled cry babies whose contempt is the reason why people voted leave the implication being that brexit is our fault as opposed to the liars and criminals that pedalled it
The lexiter delight in lecturing remainers on how their arrogance put people off voting remain is complimented by the confident assumption that remainers have an absolute moral obligation to vote for Corbyn because failure to do so makes us even more evil
Lexiters also like to lecture remainers that their indifference for leave voters concerns is the reason remain lost

This sombre lesson is usually accompanied by a dismissal of any concerns remainers may have on the economy citizens rights the NHS trade or most other issues
So Labour message to remainers

1. We hold you in contempt but have a God given right to your votes

2. We are a pro #Brexit party ha ha suck it up losers.

3. If you don't vote Labour Farage will win which will be your fault and hel slap you around more which u deserve
And another thing remainers

there is one overwhelming reason these I voted remain but lexiter types are fucking gas lighting us

Its cos corbyn is a brexiter and corbyn is perfect and beyond criticism

Even when justifying his every fucking utterance makes u a total wank puffin
And yet another thing anyone had some lexiter nista saying

I voted remain and would vote remain again but You can't tell leavers they got it wrong

Really well if your saying you'd vote remain again then your not exactly saying they got it right are you
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